ZE LOTR Minas Tirith V2.1 – RELEASED!

Posted: July 20, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, News, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

EDIT: Looks like one of the Forced-Settings of the map (Teleporting the Mother Zombies Back to Spawn) got moved to Only-Extreme by mistake.
Feel free to include that setting manually in the map configuration for your server: zr_infect_mzombie_respawn 1
(Also, as a reminder, don’t use spawning timers bigger than 10 seconds; but the map includes that config already).

———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

So here it is! After a fail V2 version (which included too many bugs to be a proper version) here is finally V2.1!
This version also starts the two World Challenges (a Server and a Player one) ending the Augusth 31th!

Hopefully everything wrong that was found within both V1 and V2 is now completely fixed and improved, without creating new problems! Let us know if you find new (or old!) glitches and problems within.

Check the map on GAMEBANANA: Gamebanana (Still not ready, old flagged version)
Download from Hannibal’s DROPBOX: Download
Download from Kaemon’s DROPBOX: Download

(The Gamebanana download link will take a while before being ready, we need to un-withheld it. XD)

Gandalf feeling the Extreme

Gandalf is feeling the Extreme. Looks like a challenge is approaching.


Now, in case you didn’t read the edits Hannibal did on one of the previous posts (Link Here), this version of the map will finally have 2 contests, a Player Based Contest one, and a Server Based Contest one.

Both contests will have 5 winners (5 Players and 5 Servers) without any particular order (all equally rewarded). On both contests the quality of the victory will be taken into account and the time of the victory (date of the demo) will be ignored (if within the contest date). Obviously, the demos need to be from the V2.1, and not previous ones.

The last date to send a demo entering the contest is August 31th.
Demos with not enough players will be less epic and unlikely to win.

(To save a demo in Counter-Strike:Source, type “record name” on console (without quotation marks, and “name” being the name you want the file to be called), it will be saved on your cstrike/ folder)

———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

Player Based Contest

Short Description:
– Level up to Lv5 (500 points) and get the “White Knight” special human item. Use it!
– The last date to send a demo is August 31th.

– You must reach Lv5 (500 points) and get the White Knight Item, and use it.
– You cant (obviously) cheat in any way; including (but not limited to) things like having Friendly Zombies or using the Admin Room.
– The demo MUST include (at least) the two full rounds of when you leveled up from Lv4 to Lv5, and the round where being Lv5 you got the White Knight. You can send a demo from the start to the end of the map, no problem.
– There will be 5 winners; if they are ordered in any fashion (from best to worse) it will purely depend on the quality and efforts on their rounds, not on the date they sent the demo.
– Send the demos to: mako_reactor2010@hotmail.com with the title: “Player: Name“. (Example: “Player: Kaemon“) This name will be the one rewarded if turns out a winner. (Include your clan name if you want it to be included in the reward, example: “Player: Kaemon, Clan: Nomeak).

– The reward for the 5 winners of the Player Contest will be 5 White Knight Statues (one for each one) in the spawn room; labeled with the player’s name, clan (if he has one and desires it to be included) and a sobriquet given by Hannibal based on your actions within the demo.

What Happens if…
– The map ended before my first round as Lv5 or I was turned into a zombie before getting the Lv5 item —> Sorry, you need to pick it, try again next round.
– Another Lv5 human beat me getting the Lv5 item —> Sorry, you need to pick it, try again next round.
– After picking the White Knight, the round ended (they killed the zombie in spawn) —> You picked the item, so it counts, but looks like you have small chances of winning the contest unless your previous round was really good.
– An abusive Admin picked the item instead of me because he used NoClip/Freeze/Kick/Slay/AdminRoom —> In this case Hannibal will assume you were the rightful owner of the item, but the same as previous situation.
– I don’t have demo for both of the required rounds, only one —> I’m sorry, we require both, to see how you managed to go from Lv4 to Lv5 and to see what you did with your Lv5 item.
– The map kept going and I played many rounds with the White Knight —> Just keep the demo recording and send it all! No problem with that. You can send a full demo since the very begging if you want to. The more footage, probably the more chances of you doing something really epic awarding you with a winning position!

Your server banner could be in this map! Feel free to have someone in your community to design it if you win!

Server Based Contest

Short Description:
– Win the Stage 4 during Extreme Difficulty.
– The last date to send a demo is August 31th.

– The Server must win Stage 4 during the Extreme Difficulty.
– You cant (obviously) cheat in any way; including (but not limited to) things like having Friendly Zombies or using the Admin Room.
– There will be 5 winners (servers), chosen based on the quality of the victory and their efforts; not on the date they sent the demo.
– The demo MUST include (at least) the full winning rounds on both Stage 3 and Stage 4 on Extreme Difficulty. You can send a demo from the start to the end of the map if you prefer, no problem.
– Send the demos to: mako_reactor2010@hotmail.com with the title: “Server: Name“, being “Name” the name of the server as it should appear/be mentioned in the blog/reward.

– The reward for the 5 winners of the Server Contests will be 5 flags (one for each) in the spawn room. Those flags will contain whatever motive (picture/logo) the server desires to contain (assuming it’s appropriate and references the server somehow). If no picture/logo/motive/image is given, Hannibal will make a probably less cool version including the server’s name.
– If a winner server wants the IP of their server to be shown in the flag aswell; please contact Hannibal for details. (Don’t contact him IN CASE you win, only after you have been posted as a winner in the blog, if you do so).
– If you have a “better” idea as a Server Reward, let us know; we are open to suggestions, even if we may ignore them.

———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

Now, for those of you that are interested, here are the listed most (I did my best with Hannibal poor written notes) changes from V2 to V2.1. Apart from balance changes and bug fixes, some parts were made a little more human-friendly; the idea is the map to still being hard and require team work; but without the 1-15 winning ratios you see on most servers (hopefully), specially before Extreme.

Normal should be less hard and stressful and more enjoyable, making the change to the Extreme difficulty more noticeable.

Changes from V2 to V2.1:


– Started the Minas Tirith World Challenge. There are two contests, a Player Based one, and a Server Based one.

– Dynamic entities (causing the server crash for No Free Edicts on big full servers) had been reduced arround 100 (from 1450 to 1350 on the most expensive part). Hopefully this should avoid the map crashing on big servers (50+ players).
– Included a “Stage 1” button in the Admin Room, to go back to Stage 1 if desired.
– Now the map features 60 Spawns (30 CTs and 30 Ts) instead of 63 CTs and 1 T spawns. It was a unsuccessful test; now half the server should not longer appear inside each other (the whole Terrorist team).

– Zombie Forced Respawn is no longer forced in normal difficulty (it gets enabled for any server on Extreme).
– EDIT: By mistake, the “Teleport Mother Zombies back to Spawn” was moved aswel to only Extreme; please feel free to add it on your custom server configuration for Minas Tirith: zr_infect_mzombie_respawn 1
– Zombie Spawn Timer reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
– Spawn Area Doors to the Stage (the Teleports) now open 10 seconds faster.

– Spawn Area now has some grilles; the idea is to reduce the fail-rounds (too many infected at the begging) not to make it more human friendly; reason being that infestations near the teleports meant most of the time the round to had been already lost, not just harder.
– Removed the doors that were included in V2 to the shops; they are not longer needed with the earlier Zombie Spawn. (They were there to avoid humans getting zombie items and vice versa). (DONT USE CUSTOM SPAWN TIMERS LONGER THAN 10 SECONDS)
– Removed the trigger hurt behind the items on the Human Shop to avoid campers; now instead humans can’t go so far inside it: zombies still can’t enter due to a needed push, but will be able to infect camping humans easily.

– The “Nazgul Boost” glitch has been fixed (or at least has been reduced).
– Nazguls now properly damage Horse Riders, Gandalf and the White Knight (they did no damage to any of them before).


– Most Barricade items had their resistance increased arround +50/75% (not the already strong enough ones like the stone blocks).
– Barricade items immunity after being placed reduced from 4 to 2 seconds; making them faster to break by zombies if placed in their faces, and faster to break by humans if someone got stucked by it. (2 seconds is still plenty to stop shooting at it if you see it being placed).
– The Bench Barricade Item now breaks properly (it was unbreakable at some points).
– The Stone Block Barricade Items (both Medium and Big sized) can’t be placed floating in the air anymore and will fall forever until they meet solidity; it was too easy to make stairs with them.

– Fixed an issue when many people selected the Human Armor&Shield at the same time that granted immunity to all of them, even if only one was able to get the Item.

Human Armor&Shield has been reworked:
—– Increased hits again from 1+2 (Shield/Armor) to 4+2 (Shield/Armor), from a total of 3 to a total of 6 as in V1.
—– Now the set is properly knifeable by zombies, giving it the desirable survivability it was originally intended and not the prolonged immortality it granted even when facing many zombies.
—– Now the armor makes a metal-breaking noise when it gets hurted by zombies.
—– While the Shield is still active (the first 4 hits) the human also has a minor pushback against zombies (in front of him) effectively stopping them (but beware of showing them your back!)
—– Now also grants the human 275 HP, making him able to survive a single Troll or Balrog attack at full health; or giving them more survivability against gravity and falling stones in general.
—– The set now reduces the human speed from 100% to 92% while he is still wearing any pieces, making it sightly slower.
—– When broken, the armor gives now a +50% speed buff (to escape zombies) for 2 seconds; human is still immune to being zombified during those 2 seconds. He regains a normal 100% speed after its duration.
—– Those changes should encourage using the Armor&Shield to defend the team instead of trying to be the last survivor.

– Human Ammo Barrel grenades now spawn constrained instead of dropping to the world.
– Fixed a glitch that made Ammo Barrel to stop spawning grenades after the first use.
– Human Flammable Oil now can only be ignited with grenades (or explosive damage), it was possible to ignite it with bullets previously.
– Gandalf’s knife is now invisible.
– Fixed a glitch that was making any of the Gandalf’s abilities to reduce the cooldown of the other one.
– Gandalf’s cooldowns increased from 40 to 75 seconds for both abilities (37.5 secs between abilities if you alternate them).
– Gandalf is now immune to any damage (including the Balrog) while channeling any of his two spells.
– Human White Knight “Defensive Stance” now protects him properly from all damage (including Meteors).
– Human White Knight “Defensive Stance” cooldown increased again from 3 seconds to 6 seconds.
– Human White Knight total amount of health reduced from 3.500 to 1.000.

– Zombie Explosive Barrel damage to humans has been reduced to 90. Humans at full health can now survive to one explosion (maybe 2 with Kevlar if they are lucky?). Remember that the cooldown was reduced on V2 from 50 to 30 seconds and it still rapes barricades.
– Troll “Head” health sightly increased, “Body” health remains unchanged.
– Troll damage to breakables increased from 50 to 80. (Hurts 250 to humans).
– Balrog health has been reduced from 50.000 to 37.500.
– Balrog is now a Lv5 item like The White Knight. There are no Lv4 items anymore.


– Blocked one of the doors in the lowest floor of the first area; it forced centering the holding just arround it. Is no longer a usable escape.
– Removed some floor debris that stucked players in undesired places.


– Fixed a completely black model in the Plaza Area (in front of the main door).
– More human friendly structures on both the “Breakable Bridge” and the “Final Hold” holds.
– Reduced the hold time on the “Last Hold” by 15 seconds.


– Included a teleport that should help anyone that gets stucked on the stone borders on top of the elevator.
– The “Falling Statue” (after the elevator) that falls crushing everyone beneath takes now one second longer to activate it’s damage factor, to be more accurate with the animation.
– Reduced the hold time on the “Two Breakable Bridges Inner Room” by 10 seconds.
– Added a second corridor (that splits from the main corridor with the 6 soldiers) to the final room to avoid massive barricades of that entrance or reduce the problem of zombies knifing each other while trying to knife the soldiers and barricades on that corridor.
– Fixed the Stage 3 Nuke Trigger Hurt killing humans that were hugging the doors on the safe room.


– The top paths of the library are no longer connected in the library room itself.
– The holds of those two paths are still connected, but it’s now easier (or possible?) to defend against zombies incoming from the other path.
– Added a new door that connects those paths (if you open the turning metal gate) and one of the spawning areas with the cellar room; this doors opens automatically on a timer and humans on the cellar room are interested in defending it against possible zombie invasions.
– Changed the automatically opening turning metal gates before the Dark Room with two visible breakable wood planks; not only were the previous doors opening to late for anyone to use; but this should allow humans (if they desire to do so) to go get some of the 3 torches of other paths.
– Increased the Light Radius of the torches in the Dark Room from 600 to 850.
– Improved the physics of the pillars and ceiling models used on the Dark Room; now they should not longer be passable while on the dark room, nor stuck people while on the upper floor.
– The “Light Zombie Pushing Aura” that surrounds the escape route from the Dark Room is now sightly bigger.
– Included a teleport that should help anyone that gets stucked on the stone borders on top of the twin elevators.
– Now it should be impossible to use props and climb them to reach some un-reachable places in the final area of Stage 4. (Like the King’s Palace).


– Forced Server Respawn (as Zombies) is now an Extreme difficulty feature; instead of a map feature; shouldn’t be disabled by admins.
– The Forced Server Respawn (as Zombies) is now every 10 seconds instead of every 3 seconds.
– Meteor now produces less debris, reducing less FPS and looking more realistic.
– Meteor falling timer has been reduced from every 10 seconds to every 8 seconds.
– Meteor falling timer has been further reduced (from 8 seconds to 4 seconds) during the final stand on Stage 4 Extreme.
– Reduced the amount of particles going on during the end of Stage 4 to improve FPS (it’s still quite FPS expensive).
– If Balrog is still alive during the end of Stage 4, now he activates his dead animation upon dying by the Final Ghost Nuke.
– Being a Human winner of Stage 4 on Extreme Difficulty now grants an extra of 1.000 points (1.100 with the normal 100 ones) and grants directly Lv5 to the survivors… So if you are a zombie… Don’t let them win! >:)

Gandalf isn't getting any younger.

"I'm getting old... I cant spam my skills as I used to..."

If you are wondering what happened with V2, check the previous post: “Minas Tirith V2.1 is Comming Soon!“.
If you missed the changes from V1 to V2, check this older post instead: “Minas Tirith V2, Feel the Extreme!“.

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  4. Vovan says:


  5. FiXi says:

    ^First 😛

  6. Name says:

    Do you earn something with mapping?

  7. Kaemon says:

    Nope, but you are free to donate, there a nice button there on the top-left 😛

  8. Mr.HotDog says:

    For each donate Keamon will slack less :p

  9. Hekjuh says:

    Great news, thanks Hanni!

    Added it right away to NovaGaming #1 | Zombie Escape – Custom skins and NoReload (

  10. Kaemon says:

    Thats what the legend says.

  11. Kaemon says:

    People, and Server Admins specialy: looks like the Teleporting the “Zombie Back to Spawn” forced-setting doesn’t work in this version.

    Not sure if it was disabled by mistake, if it was moved to Extreme along with the Forced Zombie Respawn or what happened; but with the 10 seconds less of Spawn Area Zonning its survibable. (You can also hide and wait for the forced teleport).

    However, feel free to set manually it for this map (set teleporting spawning mother zombies back to spawn) if you want. We personaly recomend it to avoid nightmares.

  12. Hekjuh says:

    I use for NovaGaming the same settings as you recommended for v1, teleport back to spawn after 12-15 seconds, infection rate 1 zombie for every 8th player.

    By the way, thank god for FastDL 🙂

  13. Kaemon says:

    Use 10 seconds maximum on zombie spawn; or you will have humans with zombie items and vice versa.

  14. Hekjuh says:

    Ah yes it was 5 – 10 seconds 🙂

  15. lool says:

    Han, you didn’t correct that the song you say that is from FFVII is From Chrono Cross, two people posted about it already….

  16. Frosti says:

    Extreme = hard I ragequit at 4-41

  17. lool says:

    Strage stuff on the map:

    On extreme mode:

    The debris from the comets wasn’t dissapearing, the red light that announes them didn’t happen 90% of the times, sometimes when there was few people alive there were 20s without a comet then 2 in less than 8s…

    Also zombies with the ladder had problems because the ladder was going through the floor when u put it, so only half the ladder was climbable… this happened on stage 1,2,3.. on all kind of surfaces.

    Not to say the zombie barrel, it was strange, when you threw it, it wouldn’t stand on the ground but get under the ground a lot of the times and apparently don’t do any explosion. Also sometimes it sounds like you had the barrel but you were not able to throw it, it worked way more bad than v1/v2 so far.

    We still saw fps -> 0 when a comet fell on the shop city, only two times when it fall like in the center, but it was terrible for fps :S.

    Also one thing about the “contest”: most wins I’ve seen today were because the terro team started with very few zombies, they were mass shooted by all cts and so mostly all cts won, even if they didn’t use much furniture or anything, a very easy round due to noob zombies, or afk zombies with only a few knowing what to do apparently… I don’t know if the purpose of the map is to make a big chunk of cts win the entire stage just because zombies COULD NOT DO ANYTHING AGAINST THEM. On mako you always had the cance to catch anyone, here it may be impossible.

    Well overall, great work for the map Hannibal and Kaemon, thanks a lot for it. In my opinion, this is better than v2 in some thing but worse in others, specially with the comets on extreme, even if there are not all those fps=0 moments (or way less… still some), you ALWAYS saw the red light before, and now it just sucks to die by a comet that you weren’t warned for :S (if you’re quiet you have low % of seeing it, if you are running or climbing a stairs, 0%).

    Good work mates. You both did an EXCELLENT JOB so far, I hope you still have motivation to solve all those issues and leave this masterpiece as the best ZE map ever, and you’re not in a hurry to stop changing things. You spent a lot of time on the design and implementation, you know, this is the testing, some things needs to be changed, its impossible to do all good in such a big and innovation scenario!

  18. lool says:

    How? Stage 1 is realy easy now, even in extreme.

  19. fuckballs says:

    Worst thing that has happened ever: Getting buffer overflowed as level 3 on stage 4 on steamgamers.

  20. lool says:

    I got “unable to contact steam servers to verify some steamID crap” when lv4 on stage1 extreme few days ago…

  21. Deathrowz says:

    -getting ready for epic laginess-

  22. Luffaren says:

    Yes! Thank you Hannibal for making the extreme-mode kinda blue-ish instead of dark red-ish! 😀

  23. lool says:

    That was in v2 already 😛

  24. anne says:

    I love you so much Rafuron (L)

  25. an0n says:

    plz upload the map file somewhere else, the link doesnt work anymore, thanks.

  26. sebaka says:

    wow very impressive with the amount of fixes. you worked very hard i would say kaemon too if he did type all that. or did he? xD

  27. sebaka says:

    link is underneath the 1st picture

  28. Kaemon says:

    I did type it all… If it was for Hannibal it would be some text like this: “New version is here, lots of changes, last version ever!”.
    And then he would had released 2 versions short there after, because I made him test every “final compile” and he found non-fixed things in all of them (he did arround 4-6 compiles in a row) except the last one. XD

  29. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, I checked, and seems like Dropbox stopped traffic through Hannibal’s dropbox (too much trafic on his account).
    I included a link to my Dropbox; but it will take several minutes before being ready.

    Gamebanana link isn’t available yet because submission was withheld because of how buggy V2 was. Will try to contact some Gamebanana admin tomorrow, or something.

  30. Kaemon says:

    Will try to convince Hannibal to check those problems for a future (non-rushed) version.
    I noticed the meteor-warning no showing up a couple of times myself, but more like 5-10% of the time than your 90%.
    Maybe it would be worth adding two different warning entities, in case one fails.

    Anyway, one thing is sure: Meteor + Force Respawn as Zombie to the Death, brought the “extreme” back to Extreme Difficulty… big time. XD

  31. lool says:

    Okay, thanks 🙂

    I mean, you both put a TON of effort here, why not put a bit more to complete the stuff :D.

    Something that han consider “non importance”, like for example a very bad lighted building infront of minas tirith door (specially a white column wtf), orcs can be seen through the fake part of the city (skybox) if youre over the gate at the start (after the guarded door, you can see the entire orcs through the building..). Also seeing the last line of orcs OVER all the rest is like WTF.

    Those details are HIGH important imho. Such easy things to corrects can make a very worked-out map to look worse than it should!

    Making is good, but you need to sell it good too 😀

  32. Deathrowz says:

    Will the flag be like on top of a pole? Or like on a wall?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if someone has mentioned it, but Orphan of Flame is incorrectly attributed to FFVII when it’s in Chrono Cross.

  34. Deathrowz says:

    I mentioned that like 2 weeks ago on the previous post that Kaemon put on the blog.
    And I dont know if you know this, I am just seeing things but theres a person with 800 points?
    I asked someone and they said it was a glitch and they are still on Stage 3 (Normal).. it happened on pF.

  35. Agent Wesker says:

    Extreme mode past part one is impossible, here is why;

    -You have all the CT getting hit by meteor and spawning as zombies

    -You got zombie ork / troll everywhere that 1-hit’s barracades / gandalf / horse

    -You have the unstoppable balrog that kills everyone and destroys all barracades any hold point is useless against it

    -I’m not really sure but I think you removed stuff to make it harder for CT so that too

    You need to add pushback to balrog or make it so gandalf freezes him for X amount of seconds and trolls need to do less damage to guards / barracade

    Its easy on part one because you are always moving so the trolls cant get you

    That being said I came really close to winning the white knight contest yesterday which is cool.

  36. Kaemon says:

    Trolls have quite a high knockback if you aim at their head.
    And Balrog is Lv5 now; which means you have the same chances of having a White Knight with humans than a Balrog with Zombies (bigger chances of White Knight until people start Meteor diying).

    Anyway… Yes; Meteor + Deads Spawning as Zombie = Extreme. XD

  37. Kaemon says:

    The Orphan of Flame issue has been noted down on the “Bug List” now; Hannibal will fix it on the next version.

    About the points; I don’t know why happens, but looks like people can get extra points.
    However; I think they always level up the correct +1 Level, not extra levels. Can you confirm this?

  38. Kaemon says:

    The problem is that they are not so easy to fix. The prop-lightning has never been good in Source; specially for big props; and most of the map is made out of custom props because the engine has a ridiculous low limit of brushes/vertex/faces/planes.

    Also, the seeing-through problems are because of the intereaction with the 3D Skybox.
    Solving them will include things like remaking the size of the areas; lowering FPS, etc…

    They can be fixed, yeah. But don’t get it wrong, with many many hours of work; when most of the players don’t care.
    I care, you care, some other mappers/players care. Most don’t. Most are just useed to play to BoatEscape, a square map with a square river that does five 90º turns…

    Also, can be noted that Hannibal its quite bored right now of Minas Tirith. Not only has he spent hundreds of hours on it already (more than many players will play it), but he also has made everything for no reward at all.
    Even the comments like “Nice job!” or “Best map ever!” get countered by all the bad comments or critics, that are often as numerous.

  39. Kaemon says:

    Right now I think Hannibal’s idea is to put them arround the statues, on the center of the spawn plaza. But it will depend of how they end up looking.

    Anyway; I commented to him that since including the texture (and maybe the flag model) was the hard part (and what increases the map size); he could repeat them at some places; even along the playable stages.

  40. It is not announced anything about 2D MG?

  41. Agent Wesker says:

    All the white knight seems to do is “slap” zombies a few paces away and that’s it. It does not balance anything out. The zombies raped it every time.

  42. Agent Wesker says:

    Try using wuala to share the file

  43. Kaemon says:

    His special move kills anything with less than 10K Hp.
    Trolls, Nazguls and most zombies are under 10K. It’s dodgeable (like a mini-Ultima), but he can repeat it many times in a single stage.

    On the worst scenario, forces them to go back to avoid it; instead of keep advancing into the humans.

  44. Kaemon says:

    Not for the moment.

  45. lool says:

    Bad comments? critics? hey hold on.

    Like EVERYONE that played the map said NICEJOb, AWESOME JOB, THANKS A LOT HANNIBAL, etc. LIke 99%.

    Others are BUG REPORTING. Yeah this is testing, and you have the luck to have a ton of player feedback on the bug reporting stuff… that’s valuable.

    Others are making PROPOSALS, for example me with the images on teleports things, those things are not BAD comments but just proposals, ideas or bug reports o.O

    What do you say that you receive the same BAD COMMENTS than NICE COMMENTS? a bad comment is “OMG YOUR MAP FUCKING SUCKS”, “YOU IDIOT LEARN TO MAKE MAPS”, etc, which I counted like ZERO (or one, acehigh idiotic comment on banana), not only on this website but also ingame.

    Come on, dont tell us that you receive more bad comments than good comments. That’s not true at all!!!!!!!!!

    Also you should consider something. The fact that there’s always a full server with minas tirith on is more valuable than words ;).

    Seriously, I feel that, as you said, Han is quite ‘burned’ with this map, but I think he doesn’t recognize the value of the great bug reporting, proposal, ideas, playing time, acceptance, best map voting, first map that got extended for more than 6h on some servers.

    Yes that is not MONEY if you’re only interesting at that. If you’re not, then you’re getting A LOT :).

  46. lool says:

    He also can nuke lol XD

  47. LeGrem says:

    Bug spotted on Supreme-elite server : on level 4 (normal) we make 1 fail round … 😦 and on restart the teleporteur doesn’t work o_O and we have been all teleport in the water of the 1st stage, i don’t know if it will reproduce again i’ll tell you if it’s the case
    I’ve also see a console message with “difficulty stage 2 will be set for ever” something like that, it’s a special mode when the levelling system crash ?

  48. Kaemon says:

    The Stage System uses physic objects and toggable brushes that save their status between rounds.
    If the physics glitch for whatever reason; the server will remain with “bouncy bugged physics” until it’s reseted; making the Stage-System to break; being unable to select properly between the 4 Stages or the 2 difficulties.

    Hannibal made some kind of “detecting if physics bugged” system; that I believe is the reason that you got that message: Since it detected the physics being buggeg; unabble to select the propper level; it got stucked on that and you got that message.

    However; we have a hint about what could be causing the physics to bug; if it’s what we think it is (we still have to test it) it will be fixed in a fix-version (still 2.1, and still a good one for the challenge).
    We are also checking about doing the system in a way (with bigger brushes/physics) that could maybe work even when physics get bugged; today I played for more than 3 hours on ZM Corporation; and physics bugged on Stage 3 Extreme; going back to Stage 2 Normal… That killed the mood of everyone. XD

  49. Kaemon says:

    Thats what I meant with “His special move kills anything with less than 10K Hp”. XD

  50. lool says:

    That is common on stage4.

    The teleports get blocked, the auto-teleport gets everyone (including cts) to the water on stage 1 and so on (on the water zone, you can’t see the normal skybox around, you see where the normal screen ends and nothing else..).

    Apparently what happens its that the map kills the server entities, so no entity appears and thus any map becomes unplayable until server respawn.

    I’ve seen this at SG and at other servers which I don’t remember now (one was spanish, I think CTA). And if you saw it on another server..

    Han this is a BIG BUG, it fucks up the entire server!

  51. Kaemon says:

    I’m not talking about “Glitchers”, or “Fucking Bugs”; but the Zombie Mod player base is as it is, and everyone has his own preferences and favourite maps/settings; not allways the same.
    And there are tons of people that like and enjoy the map; but there are also lots of people that go “RTV this shit”, or “Fucking map, I’m leaving”, etc. Even if they have nothing special against the map; they can prefer the playing style of other maps (more soft, less hard, more simple).

    And there is nothing wrong with that; but yeah; no matter what map (from Mines of Moria to Minas Tirith; including Mako and Paranoid) there are always hatters; and depending on the server/time they are as numerous as the lovers.
    People are free to love/hate the map; of course. Just mentioning that when you are burned with a map; and your only reward (the “thanks!” comments) is eclipsed (even if not totally) with whatever ammount of bad comments (and no, I don’t mean bug reports or people hatting the glitches); well… it doens’t help making you feel like keep mapping.

  52. Kaemon says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s the bouncy physics (physics get bugged until server restart).
    You don’t see skybox/anything; because the engine crashes at 2048 entities (and players use arround 650 on a full server), so the map entities need to be under 1400.

    With the size of the map, barricades and soldiers; it’s imposible to make it like it is with all the entities spawned; so the map starts with a minimum number of entities; and then, based on what the Stage/Level System selects; it spawns the entities of the round that is going to be played.
    If the physics bug (and get bouncy), the selection will fail; sometimes the map system will detect that it failed, selecting Stage 2 on Normal, and showing a warning about what happened. But sometimes even that check-if-selection-failed fails; and then, the AFK-Teleport of the Spawn (an entity that allways exist) will end teleporting you to Stage 1; but without any of the needed entities/events spawned or going on.

    (You can’t see the Skybox neither because Source engine doesn’t support multiple Skyboxes; so there is a special Skybox Prop spawned while playing Stage 1; that gets removed as soon as Gandalf shows up with his light flash and everyone gets teleported to Minas Tirith (if it wasn’t removed, you would be abble to see Osgiliath floating far away in the middle of the sky).

  53. Kaemon says:

    We know it’s a BIG BUG; but it’s hard to make a physic-system (and as far as our knowledge goes it needs to be physic) that still works with Bouncy Physics (that are hard to emulate).

    Hannibal is going to try to change/improve the system; so it works even if the server physics get bugged; but it might not work…
    The ideal solution would be to discover what exactly bugs the server physics (probably something within the map). Right now we have a hint about what exactly could be; but I prefer not mentioning right now, because Hannibal goes out the whole weekend and a fix-version wouldn’t be out until Tuesday; and I don’t want people discovering if it really was what we think it is, abusing it.

    If you discover exactly what causes the physic error, let us know.
    And yeah; you don’t need to repeat me is a BIG BUG that fucks up the entire server; I was playing for 200 minutes straight on the same server (we were on Stage 3 Extreme, legit, with something like 9-40 score; and a Lv5 player since Stage 2 Extreme), and then the physics bugged and everything was worthless… We couldn’t progress to Stage 4 Extreme, much less try to win it, we got stucked on Stage 2 Normal.

    Hannibal plans to do a “fix” version of v2.1; but will do it for sure if we find out exactly what causes the bugged physics.

  54. lool says:

    Okay Kaemon, thanks a lot for your explanations. Real appreciated :D.

    Sorry but here there are a ton of bug reports or so and by far this is the most important one, so I considered important marking it in some way, as a “BIG BUG”, just in case you didn’t know (we posted before at the same time, didn’t know you had answered till I did..).

    In the case that Han or you never saw that bug or never got told about it before, you’d like someone doing it and marking it as big right? that was the intention :P.

  55. lool says:

    What’s the point of that attack? everything dies, including him :S, never saw a point for that xDD

  56. lool says:

    You know, that when you are ok with something, sometimes you will say it, but mostly times you will shut up cause everything goes ok, so nothing has to be changed.

    If something goes bad (in your consideration), you WILL talk.

    So haters ALWAYS talk. People that love the map rarely does. This is usual on everything on this life :P.

    I for myself, love the map and yeah, since I always join a server at the exact moment people wins the lv1 round, I am mad and sometimes I did a joke rtv, this map sux!! GRR IM LEAVIN!! xDD, just as pure joke and ppl know it lol.

    On minas a lot of ppl get mad for the level system “FUCK THIS ONE ROUND IM ZOMBIE THEY PASS IT GRR”, not because they hate the map. And if the map is on stage 4, and you are still level 0, you may want to rtv even if you love the map lol.

    Make a vote here, do you love the map? (or an entire rant with comments! XD)

  57. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, thanks. We apreaciate it :-Pr

  58. Kaemon says:

    Killing (or at least stopping, forcing them to go back if they want to survive), Zombies, Nazguls and Trols.
    It also hurts Balrog for more than 1/4 of his HP.

    Also, he doesn’t die anymore on his own attacks (he used to suicide even with his normal sword attacks on previous versions, XD).

  59. Kaemon says:

    You have a point there. I already thought about changing the poll of the “month” with Minas Tirith Liking Levels; but I didn’t want to eclipse the news about the Map Patches and the Contests.
    Will do it at some point.

  60. Agent Wesker says:

    The physics bug seemed to happen somewhere after the elevators on stage 4, something to do with all the props there. Also how to use white knight special attack.

  61. Deathrowz says:

    I wasnt on the server, just checked the list and someone had 800 points, I asked Airshakeoutu what Stage is he in, and he said Stage 3 (Normal). And then i asked why a person had 800 points and he said its a glitch, well I wont expect much details from him since his Japanese. Maybe they restarted the levels? I dont know, sorry T_T

  62. lool says:

    Yeah, after pressing the door switch we got killed then the bug was on already.

  63. lool says:

    ah ok, that has more sense xD.

    But then he still keeps the 2 attacks, or you deleted the nuke and you’re talking about the lighting one?

  64. Epic says:

    the white knight is awesome!! Congratulations Hannibal&Kaemon

  65. on stage1 when you run to horse on Minas tirith when you look down floor u can see sky bug i just notice it yesterday just wanted to tell

  66. Metro says:

    and in extreme stage 4 u did it great with Pendulum Music ;D

  67. Anonimous Editus says:

    There are already a few players that I know who got the white knight.

    Epic|Cabo|, Patrao and FrostiNLD.

    We just got to stage 4 on extreme with 2 lv5 players but kept failing after like 30 rounds (10-80 in total). We were near, though. Like white knight getting killed after the ghost army arrival counter has gone to 0…

  68. anonymouse lmao says:

    Lol email in name :/

  69. Kaemon says:

    You managed to play 90 rounds without the Physics Bugging? That’s something! XD
    And that White Knight getting killed after the ghost army arrival counter must had been epic… Too bad those slow ghosts start with the bottom of the city and take their time to get to the top… XD

  70. Anonymous says:

    Can u tell me the name of the last song (4rd stage/extreme mode) please? 🙂

  71. Vandeam says:

    check this out :

  72. GE | Roflcopter says:

    = Winning

  73. lool says:

    wayyy too overpowered. WTF. He didn’t do anything special but spam the attacks and owned all the zombies.

  74. Kaemon says:

    Pendulum – Encoder

    I can only imagine how many Pendulum fans Hannibal and Maese Danielot have created with Mako and Minas Tirith. XD

  75. Kaemon says:

    Not sure what server it is; but I know the damage The White Knight does on his attacks, and those zombies seem to be under 3K HP (too low for ZE imo); so no wonders he kills them so easily (most of them before they can touch him).

    Also, all Trolls and Totems Zombies (which can be a danger to The White Knight even on a 1v1) were killed during his special move (nuke).
    And as a last complain; there was a Balrog (sometimes White Knight could be the only player with Lv5 but he wasn’t this time) and he didn’t face him. White Knight vs Balrog it’s quite similar to Dog vs Titan Monster; White Knight can win the fight; but only if he is really really skilled, and after some time fighting (he can’t put it down fast). Most times Balrog will result victorious.

    Anyway; I will show this video to Hannibal in case he thinks it’s worth changing some values.
    I for starters thought about a “Tired” setting for White Knight that could increase on every attack; and will stop him for attacking (until rested) if he spams attacks too fast.
    Also, we are planning increasing the number of Trolls from 2 to 3; and respawn the Troll object every time it gets killed during the round. (And probably nerfing their HP)

    For a moment I thought the video was going to be about Dog being unreachable if he stayed in that first corridor where he saw the Balrog; which already made me think about including this “Tired” setting. XD

  76. lool says:

    me, for example lol

  77. lool says:

    The troll idea is awesome! go for it!

    The “tired” setting is not ok at all: ok if he is using it on a corridor then is abusing, but if he is vs a balrog or surrounded by zombies then he NEEDs to spam and he should be able to..

    You must thing in some condition where he should get tired (maybe if he doesnt move x feets in x time?) or something. You must let the spam go if the player need it on an open fight…

    And yeah, I noticed that it seems to be nubfest.. I mean, plaguefest, where zombies have 2,5k hp and are always killed like 3-4 times per round lol…

  78. lool says:

    That would be awesome if the fight started after the teleports, so in stage 2 terros would be attacking ct fortress lol, in stage 1 they would land in some ct base, in stage 3 they would face a castle, and in stage 4 they would attack that kind of church lol.

  79. Frosti says:

    Server was ZMCorp and HP was 5k per zombie

  80. Deathrowz says:

    I dont find this epic at all.

  81. Deathrowz says:

    I like The Tempest better, its more epic and gives the feel of that epicness xD

  82. Kaemon says:

    Then it looks like WK could be doing double of the intendeed damage.
    It should do 1.X00 per Strong-Hit, and was 2-Hitting most of those zombies… Or maybe the trigger hurt is getting activated faster than the animation, on multiple uses. Will take a look at it.

  83. Frosti says:

    Yep because Patrao was WK sometimes in stage 4 and when he used that attack I got insta-killed (1866 HP) but anyways I think the nazguls are too OP because yesterday we playing like 7 hours on that map 😀 and I was WK all the time and when I came at the top nazguls can kill you with like 2 hits.

  84. Cazador says:

    ZM Corp won
    I was there until stage 4, then I had to go >.<