The situation with Minas Tirith V2.1: Bugged Physics?

Posted: July 23, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hi there beloved followers and that guy that came here by mistake googling for LOTR!
So, the V2.1 of Minas Tirith has been out for half a week (looks like more with the overplaying, doesn’t it? XD) and lots of new things had been seen going on with it.

As soon as he realized that he messed up the default built-in-the-map configuration for forcing the Mother Zombies to go back to spawn, Hannibal started to think about doing a fixed version.
It was many hours after the release; and after all servers were able to fix it manually, so I convinced him it wasn’t necessary (not wanting many people wanting to “suffer” the download again).

But now we have been seeing more things going on; and we really start to think a fixed V2.1 may be necessary.
There are some minor issues, like “Nazgul Boost” not being completely fixed, which makes Stage 1 (particularly in extreme) way harder than it should; the “Ignited Oil” lights some areas outside the Dark Room (destroying FPS while doing so), or even the Meteors (from Extreme) not showing the “Red Warning” properly all the time.
There are some other minor things planned; including increasing the number of Trolls from 2 to 3; and allow Zombies to get a new troll every time one gets killed (probably decreasing the trolls HP so we see them going down more often); or maybe tweaking the numbers of The White Knight or reducing further the HP on the Balrog.

But the big deal; the thing that makes this future fixed version somehow a must; is the Bugged Physics.
The map, you all know it, it’s damn hard. And some glitches (like Nazgul Boost or Meteor Warning not appearing) don’t help with it at all… Still, many people, enjoying the challenge or up for some hardcore gaming, had been advancing on it. But is still hard and takes time…
So nothing is more frustrating that after being played the map for two or more hours, to get Bugged-Physics; breaking the Stage-Engine; the map not knowing any more what Stage or difficulty you were in… Trust me; I was on Stage 3 Extreme (and we were getting the hang of it) after 200 minutes, and when we were going to go to Stage 4, the physics bugged and it was over… All that effort went wasted… And I heard about some guys that had a 10-80 Teams Score, playing Stage 4 Extreme, when physics bugged.

Anyway, Hannibal is out for the weekend; so if the fixed version happens, it won’t be out anytime sooner than Tuesday; and probably later.
The idea is to make some changes to the Stage-Engine; so even if physics get bugged, it still keeps track of the Stage/Difficulty properly (we have some ideas here, but it may not be possible or not work perfectly).
There will be probably going to be a couple of changes making the map a little easier; like fixing the Nazgul Boost, adding one or two new Red-Warning-Entities to the Meteors (in case one fails), and maybe even increasing the cooldown between Meteors; as well as minor fixes.

Now: I would like you guys to help us with something!
I just mentioned that Hannibal will try to update the Stage-Engine so it keeps working even with bugged physics; but that’s not the ideal solution. The ideal solution is to make physics stop bugging… But we don’t know what is bugging them on the first place! And thats why we can’t fix it.
It’s probably something within the map itself; some entity that, on a particular moment or interaction with other entity, breaks the physics. It could be anything… It could be the Zombie Ladder item; it could be trying to block X door with X barricade item; it could be the Nazguls going somehow out of the map at X place; it could be something as twisted as “Using Gandalf Push when a Trol is Climbing a Ladder while carrying a bugged torch that he didn’t drop while getting infected”. It could be… To be honest; I don’t know, it could be anything… It could even be a couple different things, both crashing the physics.

So far it looks like the physics bugging is more likely to happen on Stage3/4; and that it can occur in both Normal and Extreme. So guys, any info you can give you about it, will be really appreciated.
Ideal thing being to discover what exactly bugs the physics; but any information can help; like the exact moment if you see it happening; or what stage you were in when they bugged; or if you saw something “unusual” going on during the previous round to physic bugs… Anything.

It would be perfect if someone discovered what’s causing the physics to bug (becoming “Bouncy Physics”) for the fixed version.

If we don’t find what is causing them; there will be probably a new Warning-Entity include within the map that shows a quite visible Message the exact moment the physics break; so it’s even easier to spot the exact moment and what was going on.

Also, on a related note; Hannibal got a suggestion (and we both think about as not a bad idea) to include in the Admin Room a “Crash The Server” button (in case we don’t find out what is causing the physics to break) so an Admin can use it to fix the physics on the server forcing a server restart. The button would show a warning about it being pressed; telling that the map/server is going to crash within 20 seconds if not aborted (with another button); giving 9999 points (for example) to the one who pressed it; and maybe the button being only available after the physics crashed (since we kinda can detect them bugging, even if not avoid them).
Any thoughts about this button idea? Any Admin (or concerned player) thinks is a bad idea?

I know the map is quite hard and long to play throught (it can take up to 1 hour to win it without losing a single round!) and it’s frustrating when all your effort gets lost on a Broken Physics; or to keep losing because minor bugs like the Meteor Warning or the Nazgul Boost… We are working on it.

Any other suggestion for a fixed version? We got some bugs, changes and glitches written down, but we may have not seen some; or some suggestions could be taken into consideration.

  1. Frosti says:

    When we had 10-81 physics didn’t bug, admin just woudn’t extend anymore.
    Today we had a meeting (all pro’s) when we were playing we had a score of 4-2 or something and won stage 4 but then physics crashed. So I think it has something to do with zombies at the ending room and getting slayed by admin.

  2. Cazador says:

    Today we had a score of like 5-4 (counting Warm-up as ct win), being in Stage 1 of Extreme and physics bugged, so the meeting we had planned for today got fucked xDD

    Good luck with this, I hope to see the fixed version sooner or later but with those fixes that the map needs.

  3. Metro says:

    well u indeed need the fix the normal stage 1 people keep get zombiefied quick but i like the way u did with meteor in extreme ;D

  4. sebaka says:

    not a bad idea on the admin room idea. just hope a admin doesnt abuse it since he doesnt like the map

  5. adam says:

    you could just make solid hold points

  6. Kaemon says:

    I don’t think so; since crashing the server makes it possible to play Minas Tirith again. But then again… It’s suposed to help to fix the physics; but we don’t want neither that people RTV to Minas Tirith again just after playing 200 minutes and crashing the server because of the bugged physics…
    A though call imo… XD

  7. Kaemon says:

    I’m not sure of what you are talking about; but if it is what I think it is… You need to enable the “Teleport Mother Zombies Back to Spawn” setting on the server settings for Minas Tirith.
    Usually map should do that, but it was moved to “Only During Extreme” by mistake; next version will have it fixed.

  8. Kaemon says:

    Thats quite a radical option… XD

  9. Kaemon says:

    Physics bugged during Stage 4 and you played Stage 1 Extreme with bugged physics; or it was fine during Stage 1 Extreme and they bugged at some point of it?
    So far I thought they could only bugg on Stages 3 and 4.

  10. adam says:

    ok you can hire a super nerd to find the problem

  11. Kaemon says:

    Oh, I thought the 10-81 had broken physics aswel, my bad. 91 rounds without the bug appearing… That’s something.
    Right now my bigger suspect for glitching physics is the door with the lever on Stage 4, near the end.

  12. Kaemon says:

    Thats exactly what I’m trying to do here. But with many super nerds at once šŸ˜›
    Just telling some people to try to pay attention in case someone finds out what bugs the physics, or when (like: always during the Nazguls; or when the door is closing, etc).

  13. Deathrowz says:

    You think trolling to have just a “solo epic win” is pro?

  14. Kaemon says:

    Not really. More like… “Trolling”. XD

  15. Rubber Johnny says:

    I have noticed in round 4 that it initiates fine and there are no problems until the hold area at the start of the Ghost Army timer, the props like stone blocks begin pulsating up and down when placed.

    I’ll try to be a bit more helpful, but I think the problem can happen around that point.

  16. Agent Wesker says:

    It is some interaction at stage 4 at the elevators, all the entities need to be double checked and if possible remove some barricades because there are too many at the end. Nobody uses them all anyways.

    I have a feeling it has something to do with the wooden door closing on a prop or something of that nature, which means you would have to change or remove the door.

  17. Rubber Johnny says:

    Yeah I was thinking something similar, the wooden door seems glitchy as hell sometimes.

    Can screw over team-mates with it too :3

  18. Anonymous says:

    Physics bugs the difficulty?
    Im going to guess that you are using rolling props and triggers for it then! o;

  19. Alonso says:

    This is just a suggestion for a new lvl item possibly (lvl 4) Sword of the king this would also look good if it came with Aragorn (like Gandalf) and the powers could Summons a little ghost army which pushes the zombies back a few feet and the other power freezes zombies for a few seconds cool down between 30-60sec maybe and for another lvl 1 item The Ring which makes CT turn invisible for X Amount of time. These just a couple of suggestions you’ve done great work on the map just don’t rush the next update. =]

    I’ve notice the physics bug when you complete stage 4 normal seen twice on SteamGamers but doesn’t happen all the time.

  20. Deathrowz says:

    You cant be fully “invisivible” while you got guns equipped.

    Though is it possible to make the barricades to only block zombies, not CTs? Like the CTs can go through the barricades if been used and only the zombies gets blocked? I find it really annoying that when someone placed one on me, I cant even break it and left to die..

  21. dormantlemon says:

    i did find another bug in stage 1 extreme. I don’t know if this was intended, but meteors can fall inside one of the buildings (I mean really inside the middle of a tower?!). I was killed twice by this meteor as it also gave no red warning. its about 20-30seconds after cts leave the riverside through the top exit after a run across a bridge like structure.

  22. Frosti says:

    Well thats not it I think bec. we were on stage 3 once (on sG) then physics crashed and we got an in-game message that the stage would be 2 forever until server restart. Also we coudn’t go through the portals and got teleported 20 seconds after into the water of the first hold of stage 1. There was also no landscape on the background, everything was just black lol.

  23. Agent Wesker says:

    If you think about it, a level 3 item could be causing it because you only get that on stage 4. Perhaps when the trolls attack something ( a trigger_hurt used incorrectly can cause problems )

  24. Kaemon says:

    The red warning fails sometimes, aparently when it needs to appear inside other props (it’s a prop itself).
    About it apearing inside buildings… It can appear anyway where it’s trigger it’s placed; and that may include (not on purpouse) some buildings (or roof-safe zones) here and there.

  25. Kaemon says:

    Yeah; just like Mako and Predator.
    We take advantage that the Func_Brushes keep their toggling ON/OFF between rounds; so if the prop is abble to go throught, and touch the trigger bellow, it activates the needed stage.

  26. Kaemon says:

    Thats a possibility. Will mention it to Hannibal when he gets back from his weekend outside.

  27. Kaemon says:

    There are two similar doors in Stage 3. So far I only saw glitch happening while playing Stage 3 or 4.
    You let me know if it ever happens while playing Stage 1 or 2.

  28. lool says:

    So far I’ve seen that bug 3-4 times, and we were always on stages 3-4..

  29. Alonso says:

    Still gives you a bit of an advantage but I’m sure you can make them invisible seen it happen on other maps but I know nothing on making maps so maybe an expert opinion can comment on this matter.

    Just want to know what people think of my ideas personally I would love to see them in game but just up to Hannibal/kaemon if they can be bothered really since this could possibly cause tons of bug/glitches and stuff.

  30. Frosti says:

    Extreme or normal?

  31. Kaemon says:

    You can’t really make weapons a player is using invisible; you only can give him invisible weapons; but that couldn’t be done with enable/disable the ring.

    I don’t think Hannibal is really up to add anything right now.

  32. lool says:


  33. Frosti says:

    Btw is there gonna be another version during the contest? Because those invisible meteors are pissing me off everytime.

  34. Kaemon says:

    Thats the idea. (To release a new fixed version of 2.1 during the contest).

  35. Deathrowz says:

    Umad? Just move around everytime..

  36. Agent Wesker says:

    Ok just tested again, its not any level 2 – 3 zombie items causing the physics bug because there was none when it happened.

    I spawned like 5 big rocks on the guards and the physics bugged, but somebody else could have been doing something as well.

  37. Frosti says:

    I found another bug at stage 1 extreme. We were winning with 5 players but 1 nazgul entered and killed 3 players. I was hiding with another player when a meteor hit us and we died it gave a message that the stage was completed and the nazgul became level 5 (switched to CT I think) lol… Getting levels as zombie hmmmm..

  38. CNe says:

    U made guize? anyways sometimes we try to lure the meteors so the nubs don’t die and we don’t have more zombies than we should have. I can tell you that there are areas you can use that cause the meteor to target only you when you stand still and no one else is moving. It doesn’t happen all of the time but it increases the chances that it targets only you plus the red light is visible most of the time. Key word is most though. =/ Anyways good luck on finding the main problems. I’ll see if I can find some too.

  39. LeGrem says:

    i think there is a link with the zombies level, because yesterday i play the map on level 4, i make 2 rounds and i leave the map continues 20 minutes after, and no glitch apparently but i know that the max level player was 2 so no troll and other items ….

    Btw i found some maybe glitch :

    Level 1 with 5 nazgul on normal o_O don’t know if it suppose to be like that, and the nazgul aren’t knock back when they are next to the ground
    Nazgul can pass the trigger_push from the ending doors with a little grenade and kill all CT

    Level 3 : the barricade items can be activated by noob spammers and CT pass under the elevator and die, maybe remove barricade at the beginning of the round …

    Level 4 : The torchs was suppose to push zombies into the darkness no ? because it doesn’t work or i misundertand a post

    Also all barricade items could block the bullets, it’s a problem with the large crate, rocks or the trainning support (for archer) with a target (don’t know how to call this thing) ^^

  40. pff says:

    The Balrog kinda sux han, extremely slow, attack is little more than troll and extremely high cooldown per attack.

    It either needs more speed, some attack like white knight’s lighting or something, cause slow as it is.. it’s useless most of the time.

  41. Frosti says:

    I agree with you, in stage 4 The Balrog only faces the CTs at the 150 second ghost army door. And mostly they close door and use the combo of gandalf. Then hes also pretty useless.

  42. Kaemon says:

    You forgot to mention he is kinda unstoppable… As soon as he comes close; he can kill everyone in mere seconds. Everyone. And killing 10 zombies with White Knight Ultimate makes 10 zombie respawn; if Balrog was killing (by time to time) 10 humans, he could instant-win.

    Also, he just kills (and destroy barricades and soldiers) just by stepping on them; he really doesn’t need to attack.

    He also buffs speed with his yell to all trolls and zombies. I don’t think he needs any kind of buff; but then; I haven’t seen him in action as much as you have.

  43. lol says:


    Balrog should have a fire magic like the white knight has for lighting, killing a lot of cts in his front area (maybe a super flame that reaches a lot of area), THAT should have cooldown, the normal attack should have the same cooldown like WH.

    Actually TROLL and even BARREL ZOMBIE are WAAAY better than Balrog.

  44. lol says:

    Kaemon he’s always back of all zombies, he has not any time to buff em on any stage.

    Unstoppable and so ok, but thats useless if he NEVER mets the enemy.

  45. Kaemon says:

    I also saw many Nazguls on Stage 1 Normal. Not sure if bugged physics enabled the Extreme Counter (6) or it was just that 3 people touched the door at the exact same time for the last Nazgul slot (dunno how Hannibal made this engine; maybe it can be glitched like that).

    The Stage 4 Torches do push zombies…. But not a lot, and only zombies in front of the guy with the torch (not arround).
    However the pushes stack; 3 torches give the zombie allready a bad time trying to get to the humans; and 4-5 torches probably push them like Gandalf’s Light.

    And yeah… We know the Barricade Items block bullets while not used… Right now that can’t be fixed without increasing by 1 (at least) the entity count for each barricade; not sure the map can afford it; but will comment it to Hannibal.

  46. Kaemon says:

    Yeah; I know that can happen… Will remenber Hannibal in case he wants to improve the system; or add a push (like on the end of Stage 3) that makes sure that zombies can’t get into the safe zone.

  47. lol says:

    There’s a trigger “counter” on the ground that counts the zombies and activates/de the entity teleport.

    NOW, its on the ground, so people can JUMP and maybe ignore the trigger.. I reported this back on v1, it passed completely ignored :S

  48. Frosti says:

    Ye hes also pointless at the top of Minas Tirith you can just dodge him T.T only the nazguls are a problem.

  49. Metro says:

    On stage 3 there is a bug on Stairs U cant get up from it

  50. Kaemon says:

    What stairs? What bug? “U can’t get up from it” doesn’t really make any sense to me.

  51. LOOL says:

    He means the 1st “attack tower” after u pass the yellow door (after activating the 2 catapults), you can’t get up (or its veery haaaard) on the first tower, something blocks you up.

    Also reported this on v1..

  52. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, I chatted with him and explained. Thanks.
    I remenbered it to Hannibal. But the engine just doesn’t like ladders that are turned the way that one is. (It likes them straight with the grid).

  53. dormantlemon says:

    kaemon this might be something to look at, but on sG the physics bugged when i managed to place a prop inside another prop. It happened the instant i did it, at the final hod of wave 4, there were like 5 people placing props at the same time. however it may just be coincidence, and something that simple shouldnt cause a failure. I only considered this as it involved physics objects..

  54. Deathrowz says:

    What stage, where, Extreme or Normal? What’s “Final hod of wave 4”?
    You gotta give more specific details =S

  55. dormantlemon says:

    apoligies for my fail typing. r4 normal. At the base of te stairs thattake you to the top of minas tirith

  56. Ned Flanders says:

    some servers, like the STFU server, give members the ability to restart the server if the physics crash.
    Coincidentally, how would the ‘crash the server’ button work? would it spam a lot of things at once, or what?

  57. dormantlemon says:

    my guess would be it would do something like spawn many many entities or something. I know that crashes clients, not the server, but something like that i guess. Simply perform a function that requires too much processing. hmm reminds me vaguely of the ancient ping of death DOS attack…

  58. UNREAL says:

    I never had those physics problems on the map, atleast that I noticed!

    But I’ll point out some possible problems, because I had some maps bugging physics too, my guess is – button parented to gun not being “tool/blocklight” (maybe you forgot some, since there are so many?)
    Usually it will happens when someone drops a pistol with a parented button to it that is not Blocklight, but you know that. You might have just forgot one possibly? (and maybe that’s why it rarelly happens, people don’t usually drop items)

    Another possibility, and I’m not sure about this one would be you may have forgotten to make some gun start frozen. Yet again, not sure if this would cause such problem.

    Now, about the admin room, I wouldn’t do that. An admin might rage quit, presses it, and all players who invested time to win lose what they got there, I mean, yeah, probably the admin wouldnt be respected anymore but still, its a pain in the ass for the players.

    Bugs not mentioned here (or that I didn’t notice) that I know so far:

    1. This happened today, in the first Stage, we beaten the level with only one zombie alive. Although the zombie died when the double doors were closing and smashed him, causing all the players inside the fort to not get leveled up and victory not counting because zombie died a bit earlier then he should.

    Possible soluction: Cover the double doors with trigger_push only for zombies, so they never get smashed by the doors.

    2. Nazguls getting teleported all to the same location, and extremely close to humans! You also might wanna use a local destination landmark instead of a remote destination and probably move it away from humans destination. I know you probably don’t want to extend the map too much, but in this case, I find it kinda necessary.

    3. Can you actually kill Nazguls? If not, then you should allow I think. If yes, maybe you should lower their HP because I’ve never seen one die. :3

    4. In the second stage, zombies get the hard task of jumping to the windows, which is in my honest opinion, REALLY HARD. Specially if there are only a few zombies. Maybe you should had an alternative way to invade the fort? Dunno.

    5. WHAI DA FUCK DO YOU STILL USE THE BARREL METHOD!?!?!? It pisses me off. Sorry! xD Does it have any advantage to env_global?

    In adition, I think in a later version, you should worry a bit about some “visual aspects”, some stuff looks weird, like overlaping brushes and etc… I know it must be hard to do that in such a big map, but atleast the bigger ones should get an improvement. I’m sure this was discussed already here in the blog.

    I’ll post more issues when I find more. Sorry if I’m over criticizing, just trying to give my best feedback to help you guize improve the map the best. :d

  59. Alonso says:

    2. No need to move nazgul back on normal but maybe on extreme move them back since there is 6

    3. I’ve seen where a nazgul got in and the CT’s shot him up and over the castle gate which killed him.

    4.The zombie still get in if not defended correctly.

  60. lool says:

    Lol, stop crying about the nazguls. They can die if the zombie gets to 0hp (and it happens it there are a lot of cts), and they start close enough to fuck the cts if they dont protect themselves, its perfect.

  61. lool says:

    Another one crying. Its EXTREME!!!

  62. Kaemon says:

    1 – All maps are like that, you kill all zombies, you win. It’s not really an Stage win. Next time you may be interested in shooting them back; they can even enter the place if they manage to kill the soldiers.

    2 – There is no problem with that. Being teleported more far away would make it just too easy, and that’s not fun. The Teleport Landmark can’t be used with a trigger teleports that gets enabled when you are inside; also, even if decided to use it, it could only be used on the humans in front; since zombies are all arround in a bigger area than the destination.

    3 – You can; their HP however seems to be too high. It’s getting highly reduced on next version.

    4 – And yet, humans lose sometimes defending windows. Not a big problem if a part of the Stage is easy; since overall it’s still hard.

    5 – Env_Global doesn’t reset between map changes. You leave the map on Stage 3, you come back in Stage 3. That’s why we don’t use it for this. What pisses you off? Seriously…

    And I mentioned Hannibal the visual glitches tons of times; but to be honest; he doesn’t feel like doing all the hard work when only half of the mappers (a non numerous group) and 2 more guys care at all about it.

  63. lool says:


    Stage 4. We touched the door on the 150sec time, door closing, zombies trapped, next round PSYCHICS GLITCHED.

    It’s the door, I knew it šŸ™‚

  64. lool says:

    3) Nazguls HP reduced? WTF? its the zombies HP and if there are 30 CTS nazguls must have CHANCES to win the round too, or now its auto win if there are few CTS shooting?

    Seriously I’m deceived with the last changes you’re making on the map. You’re turning this onto a very easy map, if you didn’t notice, people is playing way less on this map now because stage1 is being won in THE FIRST ROUND always, so they dont want to start with lv0 on stage2 and they dont join the map.

  65. Kaemon says:

    Nazgul HP (the Nazgul has an HP value, not only the zombie one) is being reduced because they are suposed to be killable when shotted by many CTs at some point (not like we want them to die everytime); but right now I never saw a Nazgul diying, even in 30 CTs vs 2 Nazguls situations.

    Also, I highly doubt (but I may be wrong) that people don’t join a server that it’s on Stage 2 because they missed a level… Anyway; no matter the situation with Stage 1 (even if it took 10 rounds to be won) it would be the same…

    BTW, dunno if Hannibal included it (he is almost done with the fixed version as far as I know) but we talked about leveling everyone that was still Lv0 to Lv1 during Extreme; so people that were unlucky (or joined late) can get at least 1 free level.

  66. Kaemon says:

    You mean the lever door I guess? I had many thoughts about it being one of the glitchers, but I couldn’t reproduce the glitch while testing.
    Anyway; it was getting removed. It looks weird in the Physics-Vision (compared to other doors) and many times it was closed on team mates (and is not like it stops zombies that long).

    Thanks for the info.

  67. Deathrowz says:

    If you think about it.. Stage 2 or 3 (Normal) is already harder than Mako in Extreme. Kaemon and Hannibal wants to make the Normal Stages more easier so Extreme can be reached instead of ratios of 3-25.

  68. Thanks, I noticed that physics glitched near this point, but I wasn’t sure that it was the door šŸ™‚

  69. So then, v2_1fix is ready to test. I nerfed some holding points and fixed the annoying bugs that screw the entire round. I would like to say that this is the last one version, but I need to test in a private server.
    One important thing I did is that I deleted the round 1 at extreme, because:
    – Nazguls glitch is near unfixable
    – 6 nazguls spawning behind you with this bug makes the round impossible
    – I need to make the arrival to stage 4 extreme shorter (it takes ages!, it is not good for the server and the player, and I will prevent rage-quit coz nazgul glitch at round 1).
    I will add the oficial list of changes, but I must add that at all versions there are 2 horses, and coz a bug, you can’t pick up the second one!

  70. lool says:

    Round 1 on extreme was never a problem :S, always passed on 1st-3rd attempt and let people have the WK or balrog in stage2 extr. A bad move.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I see now. It pisses me off because a little variation such as sv_gravity or some other server-sided cvar can fuck up physics causing it to don’t work as it should some times. Many admins don’t know that and might fuck up the whole thing. :3

  72. UNREAL says:

    Thats me btw

  73. Deathrowz says:

    Noob nazguls.

  74. lool says:

    Not at all, it’s just that cts with barrels and horses/gandalf can take rid of 6 or 50 nazguls there. The cts must do very bad to lose that round.

    I’ve completed 1 extreme in SG, sG, pf, cta, etc, most servers, and never saw a single problem (is way HARDER on normal dif).

  75. Deathrowz says:

    pF? REALLY!? I can hardly believe that. They can barely pass Level 2.

  76. LeGrem says:

    You can block horses of stage 1 if you are in front of them

  77. lol says:

    Yeah, I have to admit it was really strange, but they made it to stage 2 extreme at least (had to leave at that point).

  78. lol says:

    REALLY? I reported this on b2 and v1 :S

  79. Rubber Johnny says:

    If Stage 2 Extreme was build with the White Knight in mind then removing Stage 1 Extreme could cause problems šŸ˜

    Understandable if the bugs on stage 1 are un-fixable, but there are tons of noobs on sG and we still beat Stage 1 Extreme easily. Even with just a good Gandalf the ending of Stage 1 is easy, as long as you have a decent number of humans along with it.

  80. Deathrowz says:

    Compare sG and pF.. Lawl.. at least sG knows what they are doing and dont follow this tactic:

  81. dormantlemon says:

    aye at sG we did r1 extreme second attempt when i was playing early evening. Got raped by metoers first attempt at that round. But seriously r1 extreme is not very difficult, when it comes down to it, there are pretty much no holds.
    Admins can enforce the no nazgul glitching if they so desire, such as kicking/ banning those who perform it, assuming one is around.

    Stage 2 extreme is far too difficult imho. On the whole its pretty fair, but after you destroy the bridge, its actually possible for the zombies to get ahead of the cts and kill any who take the bottom route in the alleyway (i have no idea how they get there though). Also the final hold’s guards are effectively useless as you can jump around them as a zombie. I know you shouldnt hold that level for more than a few seconds and should move up to the final platform where the end is, but well they may as well be removed as they dont do anything at all.

    And nice pic deathrowz. pF fail so bad at ze. server is great fun all the time, but i dont play there if i actually feel like winning as a ct. I remember playing a full length of predator ultimate and they couldnt even finish r1 a while back

  82. Riperzz says:

    Nooo don’t remove round 1

  83. ZaN says:

    Well played XD
    love that picture, but yeah that’s pretty much how they play on Plaugefest

  84. Cazador says:

    There’s something u might want to fix for next version.
    This sidewaywhere the zombies can kill some edgers from:

  85. LeGrem says:

    something strange, after playing the map on the next map of the server all props were fcuked and flying …. ?

    also i remember one thing, the torches in the turning stairs should be better without physics, i’m stuck with it at every turn some times.

    and to finish, on Level 3 when you defend the 2 explodings bridges, when you go on top there is a soldier but you can easily pass him if you walk on opposite, i’ll to do a screen shot

  86. Deathrowz says:

    Just to let ya know, I didnt make that picture, someone called [pF] Mckay made it.

  87. Chantelle says:

    The saga or problems continues !
    If we donate loads of money will you fix the map properly for us ?

  88. dormantlemon says:

    we finally won r4 extreme at zmcorporation. all thanks to frosti. shame i missed the eariler rounds. shows its winnable