V2_2fix released!

Posted: July 30, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Map Update, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hi all! I will be brief: this is the v2_2fix which contains all bug fixes and adjustments. The map will not kill any server again with its unbalance problems and annoying bugs (as well as the annoying meteor). Let’s the contest continue! (I will count both versions).

Link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2134370/ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith_v2_2fix.rar

  1. Metro says:

    I Am uploading it to my server right now mate good job πŸ˜‰

  2. Alonso says:

    Great job wish i could map like you cause i’ve thought of a brilliant idea for a map. 😦

  3. lool says:

    I’m kinda deceived at how you’re ruining some things in your map. Meteors damaging instead of killing? starting 40s later? that’s like 1/6 round for stage1…

  4. Yeah you are right. It was lot better when the meteors kill you in the freeze time, when entering a build without any warning or when defending in hold spot. Way better!!!

  5. lool says:

    You didn’t read his post?

    The warning won’t still appear, he can’t solve that. Killing u in freeze time means in 0s, not 40s, Freeze time is ~5s, not 40s.

    Also a meteor should kill yes, damaging has no point.

    Han you’re following bad guidelines and making your map way worse than v1 is. You probably are tired of your own map and are blindly follow whatever you hear first to change, but imho to make those bad changes let them be like it was. I’ve tested it and now it’s worth holding an spot and letting a meteor fall into your head because since they ever fall every 10s, you have 10-19s that you can be holding without worrying, thus ruining the purpose.

  6. Really? Here I was just trolling your post,but instead just saw that you don’t understand the meaning of sarcasm.
    If you really want me to make point about the changes here it goes.
    First: Quote “You didn’t read this post?” Yes I did.

    Secondly; Quote “The warning won’t still appear, he can’t solve that. Killing u in freeze time means in 0s, not 40s, Freeze time is ~5s, not 40s.” you could so easy kill my “argument” by only saying that the spawn area doesn’t have the meteor no more.
    Btw the 40 seconds thing is probably to avoid spawn>tele kill by meteor and to avoid kills in hold points like stage 1 and 2 that both start in open areas with hold points. And again before you start pestering, that is what I think.

    Third “Also a meteor should kill yes, damaging has no point”, ok let’s think about other stuff that damage you:
    Fall damage;
    Troll damage;
    Zombie explosive barrel;
    Human explosive barrel;
    Other tips of meteors;
    Ok so there aren’t that many, but still damage has no point?

    These things are secondary, the only killing should be done by zombies. I don’t forget that meteor were capable instant kill Gandalf and armor guys.
    I note that you never end justify my last trolli… I mean argument of the meteor was capable kill inside SOME, note I use caps on some, buildings.

    And last, I think and again it is just my opinion, be free to correct me, that hannibal (full name), is making this adjustments to make that map quicker and less “rage quitable”, so that went the contest ends, people will still play it, something you can see in the amazing map of luffaren, predator, that sadly, is currently very underplayed since the contest.

    Final thought about the map. The map looks amazing sadly people give gameplay too must attention, and don’t note the masterpiece that map is. Since that giant fortress to the lookalike models that probably took hundred hours of hannibal’s, Kaemon’s and S-low’s (correct me if wrong) life. The creators of the movie and the author of lotr would be proud.

    BTW i don’t know if anyone already report this bug but you can stop the second siege tower to touch the wall by standing between the two, thus stopping the trigger that opens the soldiers doors.

    Ps: lool note that I copy your writing style by starting argument with question marks and use the last paragraph to say things to other people just because I made some points trolololol, have fun writing your comeback.

  7. | Scottz125 says:

    He be trolling… “Human explosive barrel;” <From "Trolololollololololololololol "

  8. trol brother says:

    human’s explosive barrel,
    zombie’s explosive barrel,
    Since the and not that

  9. Deathrowz says:

    Stop trolling, let Hannibal do what he wants to do, just suggest some stuff and he might put them in but theres also a chance he wont.

  10. Deathrowz says:

    I came to say sG has beaten Stage 4 on Extreme with 3 survivors =P
    Gratz to them, a demo should probably come.

  11. Agent Wesker says:

    You should make it so people who use other peoples props are marked so they can be kicked.

    You could do:

    On Use > !activator > set color red

    so whoever used it is now obvious for all

  12. Alex says:

    At an extreme bug! Everyone gets 100 points, regardless of the person or not …
    And the store people can take only a flag, even if you have a level 5 …

  13. lool says:

    Yeah I see u made an effort just to play with words instead of getting the point of what I said.

    Won’t even make the effort lol, keep your trolling to someone else.

  14. I have never seen this bug. If this happens after finishing extreme, then it’s okay… πŸ™‚

  15. And… what happens with the original prop carrier? It doesn’t work. To make something similiar to Mako materias, I would need to use an extra entity, I cant use more.

  16. Aqua says:

    Just won Extreme! Awsome thing!

    Hope u get my Mail

    Thank you for your effort in making this awsome hard map!

  17. I’m sure that some of you are thinking: “Where is Kaemon?”. He is … editing!!!!!! (joke), his computer exploded, maybe for playing LoL! , maybe something about CPU, motherboard or GPU warming.
    He may have lost some data like the 500.000 mapping test or models, but at least he send me a lot of unfinished maps or tests. He could recover all this data by connecting the hard drive (I hope he will); oh man, I would like to be your neighbor to help you to fix that. I will send him some budgets for a new PC.

    PD: I will write an important post tomorrow.

  18. Another winner :O Must check these demos! I will do all at same time.

  19. Aqua says:


    Several people @ I3D recorded.

    I posted my demo as Player Contest and Server Contest.

    It is pritty big so I hope you wont get bored. Sometimes I stand still because I tabed out to write with my GF xD.

  20. Aqua says:

    I am good in fixing computers too.

    If it does not turn on, then most likely the motherboard is damaged.

  21. Brawl says:

    What did you say?

  22. Alex says:

    Then another error, when some people get 2 or more levels, some can not take things (except the flag), even if came first! As a result, no one can take things 2 or more levels, even if the level is consistent …

  23. Deathrowz says:

    So… so far only sG, i3D and ZM Corp had submit a demo for the Server Based contest? I heard CTA has beaten it but I am not sure…

  24. Brawl says:

    The bug you have mentioned of the siege tower, is still in the v2.2fix.

  25. Anonymous says:

    The problem of the trails persist, is your server running with this plugin?

  26. Jordi Morell says:

    V2_2 is too easy… all servers are winning.

  27. Agent Wesker says:

    If the original prop carrier uses it, he gets color red or whatever and if someone else uses it, they get color.

    If someone just blocked, you know who it is. If nobody did anything wrong you still see them but its fine.

    You can set their color back to normal after a 15 – 25 second delay.

    This would help to ban the people who always use other peoples props at elevator or whatever.

  28. Agent Wesker says:

    Unless he had a hard drive failure then he still has all of his data.

    He just has to take the hard drive out and move it to working PC.

    If he can get to working BIOS, then it may be a hard drive failure, but if he can’t then he may need to replace some parts like the GPU or CPU (from over heat failure)

  29. bLack_lol says:

    I have beat the map (v2_1 , yes v2_1) without teleports, freeze zombies and at lvl 1 (No armor, no horse, etc) two weeks ago!!


  30. True, now its a bit more easy, but still difficult as hell. The contest was damaging the servers… I needed to make it easier.

  31. Yeah they won. It will be funny to check the ppl playing : D

  32. lool says:

    I know, Han is not solving those bugs even if we reported them in v1 :S

    Sometimes I wonder why im reporting bugs if they’re not being solved. I think han doesn’t know how valuable is to have people reporting things freely, for more work he has put on his map.

  33. lool says:

    NO. Its eaaasy. WAY too easy.

  34. Brawl says:

    At least we tried.

  35. Deathrowz says:

    I would say.. Stage 4 Extreme is easier than Stage 3 and 2 in Extreme…

  36. Greg says:

    Hannibal[SPA] score: -4 πŸ˜€

  37. Cazador says:

    Just won @ zm corp. 8 or 9 ct survived πŸ™‚ Vid soon

  38. Agent Wesker says:

    Its possible to get under the map and avoid all zombie / nuke.

    On stage 2 place a bench on the guards heads at the second hold point (where the meteor falls) then crouch directly under where the meteor falls and it will push you under the map without doing any damage.

  39. billy says:

    hi friend, i was wondering how i can buy items @ the shop, and how to pick up and drops?

    sorry for noob question, but I wasn’t sure where to look for the info (and players often too busy to reply)

    thanks πŸ˜€

  40. dasdasdasdaszombiekiller says:

    i have same question as billy πŸ˜› this mod looks really nice, just need to understand it!

  41. lala says:

    to buy items, you need to have won a round as human. to put props, look at the bottom of the prop and press twice “use”. πŸ˜‰

    Hey Hannibal! I think there is a bug in the map, that lets humans win, although they are all dead. Saw this twice today, stage 3 and 4 in extreme.
    Stage 3, one human entered the tunnel to the end but was killed, terrorists won, stage was completed.
    Stage 4, one human was killed only a few seconds before end, terrorists won, stage was completed.

    Any chance for fixing this? πŸ™‚