V2_2fix version

Posted: July 30, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in News, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hi all, sorry for not posting (I was in a holiday trip). Today we tested the v2_1 fix, and this is my impression: the map is stable. There is only one important bug, but we didnt notice any other. No physic glitches, non-opening doors. The list of changes from v2_1 is quite long, but this is a thing that will be changed from v2_1fix to v2_2fix:

– The meteor will have 10 s of timer, it will hurt 80 of damage, wont appear at spawn, and will be activated after 40 seconds of round start.

We were like 45 players, the 4 stages at normal were perfect (excellent teaming, fun, etc.) The challenge started on extreme, everyone was excited but suddenly we noticed that we were stuck on stage 2, and the ***ing meteors were screwing all the rounds. The non-appearing mark bug isnt fixed, and it seems that can’t be fixed… nobody likes to be killed by a random meteor, that causes rage quit.

So, I hope to upload the v2_2fix version tomorrow. See ya dudes.
” I have balls of steel”

  1. ZaN says:

    only major from what i saw when we tested was the troll carrier not getting killed when troll is killed and meteor buttfucking every CT from spawn to end of round, both when you don’t want nor when you don’t expect them, other then that it was quite fun.

  2. Jordi Morell says:

    Parodia Minas Tirith (Español)

  3. Jajjajajajajjajaj tio, you made my day, ya me has dejado contento todo el dia xD no me esperaba un video de estos de uno de mis mapas xD buena tio, va para favoritos directamente. “No se puede pasar si no es congelando a los zombis o haciendo teleports”. Voy a bajarmelo para mi pc tambien xD

  4. Anonymous says:

    Me ponen de hilter seran cabrones xD

  5. Metro says:

    hehe gonna be great 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    The problem with a physics meeting is solved?

  7. bLack_lol says:

    Pues yo me lo he pasado con todos los bugs y los meteoritos aleatorios:

    I have beat the map without teleports, freeze zombies and at lvl 1 (No armor, no horse, etc)



  8. Jordi Morell says:

    CTA is the best server xD

  9. thelastsucker says:

    great to know that you implemented our idea with the meteor delay and damage
    the instant kill with the missing red light for the warning made it almost frustrating every time

    thanks for everything