And … what now? About contest DATE and updates

Posted: August 2, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Uncategorized

While Kaemon is looking for a new PC, I will be the only one who will post. So, prepare yourself for short rants and full of gramatical mistakes 🙂

So, let’s recap a bit:


  • Minas Tirith has reached its final version until de final update with contest names : no bugs! I just can’t believe it. The only thing is that if you receive the extreme meteor and touch the func_tracktrain (a 2 cm cube!), it will stucks you; but i’m not afraid of this, at previous version it’s supossed to kill you. Anyway, this thing will be fixed. The last version will be called the v2_3 and will be published after finishing the contest (but after two weeks after finishing it).
  • The contest is going well, I made the map easier because at previous version the difficult was, sincerely insane, and Minas Tirith was a server killer. This is the last time I will do a contest! (I made it because the map was delayed a lot and I wanted to take the players back to Minas Tirith). I received lots of demos from the main servers; people has the skill to beat it and this number will increase for sure… During these 10 days, I received demos from 6 players and 5 servers. It’s a nice ammount of servers. I thought about advance the deadline of the contest, but it’s  better not to do it; anyway, there are some reasons to put the deadline earlier: the contest is killing the servers (and the map) a bit, I will be out the day 26 of August in ERASMUS at Ireland (I will bring my new laptop with me, there will be time for all : D ), there are many winners already, etc.. , I added a poll about it next to this paragraph. Remember that the current deadline is 31 of August.

Like a boss


And now, let’s talk about another things:


Mako Reactor:

Who is the king of the world, baby?

I’m currently working on the update of this map. I already fixed all bugs and I’m currently working on the new difficulty. The changelog is not as big as minas Tirith:

  • A new difficulty after ZM
  • Only one round of ZM
  • Electro and Ice affects Bahamut (at core)
  • You can’t use EARTH at elevator (but yes at final defense)
  • Difficulty system works even if physic crashes
  • Sephiroth bug fixed
  • Reduced IN (lag)
  • Materia elites have more ammo
  • Heal des-ignites the ignited humans.
  • Reduced the electro particle (now it is less lagging)
  • Updated the  blog panel
  • Fixed ZM holding spots
  • 10 more seconds at the part of core, when Cloud is planting the bomb.
  • Ice un-ignite zombies. Fire unfreeze zombies.
  • Materia nerfing (i’m not sure about this, I didn’t make this yet)

Mako version will come this month.



 “-Dude, looks like I will never be improved” “-Sorry bro”

No plans for this map yet.


Last Man Standing:

My desire of making this map is increasing every day. After this map I will stop mapping.

I want to make it with Kaemon, but I won’t wait him to finish the details. I will do the map itself, meanwhile Kaemon helps on detailing.

I hope Kaemon to come back soon!

  1. Metro says:

    WOUW Dog in paranoid? cant wait to play that LOL

  2. It’s like a comic xD There are no plans for Paranoid.

  3. LeGrem says:

    Even to fix bug from the reverse mode ?

  4. testin says:

    Nerfing materia in mako? not needed at all, and less if you’re going to add an extra difficult after extreme…

    Also one thing, I know ‘easy’ level on Mako was too easy, but it has the original FF7 music and actually that’s more valuable that the “normal” difficult itself. I’d add those music to the normal level or add it on the extreme-extreme level, but the music has to be on the map to motivate!

    Imho taking out the music after taking out easy diff was the biggest error you’ve ever done mapping 😛

  5. Mr.HotDog says:

    Hanni i got a nice idea now u got lots of skins of LOTR and they realy work why dont use them in your other versions of the ZE_LOTS? 😀

  6. Luffaren says:

    You made a sitting animation for the pyramidehead just for that pic? xD
    Anyways i’m really excited about the minas contest altough i’ve been really unlucky trying to achieve the lvl 5 items, mostly due to failrounds and maptime running out.

    Thanks to this i’m feeling like making a contest for my upcoming map, it really spices things up if that’s how you say it. 😛

  7. Deathrowz says:

    First of all… DONT QUIT MAPPING!! >='(
    Second of all.. using Ice Materia will un-ignite zombies and using Fire Materia will unfreeze zombies if used at the same time.. well thats what it does but no more raping the zombies D=
    And third of all.. I dont think nerfing will be needed, maybe like about 1-3 seconds on Wind++ but all of them is fine.

    A new mode? Maybe its Extreme with no Materia xD
    And I dont want the deadline for the contest more earlier T_T

  8. :S says:

    There’s a big bug on the map, on SG, its stage 2 extreme (without beating extreme before, 5 CT wins), and a lot of people (some lv0s and others that are not lv0..) are getting +100 score every round, and +200 score if they win (but some strange rounds they dont get any points.)

    The scores are totally fucked up, people with 1400, 1800, 1100, 900 and lv0s or 1,2; and so on.

    With this noone knows the real levels :S

  9. sebaKa says:

    lol dog is already in paranoid noob.

  10. sebaKa says:

    is that original m249 skin in 1st pic. cause it looks alot sexier 😀

  11. Battler says:

    Some ideas for Mako Reactor:

    -add some barricades at tunnel between wagon depot and three ways to sup. door, but make new portal zone to exit of the tunnel (let it portal T/CT from the dpot f.e. on 20 sec before sup. door opens)
    -fix gravity, sometimes it let zombies jump right away and eat humans
    -forbid/kill CTs from leaving a bunker on extreme when Sephiroth does final attack (because it is not fair to people who dodged the attack).
    -remove a lattice on normal difficulty over the door to the bridge, sometimes CTs not having time to get inside, they becoming zombies when climbing through the pipe and eating every nearby humans.

  12. Of course not! Pyramid head uses the normal npc animations from HL2. Believe me! When he attacks, he plays the animation throw_grenade or something xD
    I think that contest are nice for the experienced players, but for the almost of players who don’t visit forums, they just want to play a map during 30 minutes.

  13. It’s the original skin 🙂 but I was reloading (no hands on picture)

  14. Uhm, I think it is not a bug: I give 1000 points when you win extreme. And at extreme, all lvl0 ppl goes to 1 autmatically.

  15. Paaf_^ says:

    Ohhh nooo, so bad for paranoid !!!
    I expected a new version of it, at least, a fixed version of the last one !
    I would never forgive you ! :p
    I love your work and I’m so gratefull for all of your maps but paranoid is awesomee !!!
    Don’t give up that masterpiece. 😀

  16. sebaKa says:

    no what he meant was every time zombies would win they got 100 points and some ppl got more than 100

  17. :S says:

    Yeah, everyone (not only zombies) was getting extra 100 score per round, even if the round failed.

  18. Deathrowz says:

    I think he meant White Knight.

  19. Deathrowz says:

    I am not sure about this.. but I saw one guy getting 100 points every round on SG, he was on 600 points when we are only on Stage 2 Extreme.. he was always specing I think.. not sure..

  20. Anonymous says:

    Noooo! Don’t stop mapping! It would be a pity, if person like you is at the top of his mapping skills and he stops mapping!

  21. dormantlemon says:

    aye, as its based on dog. Mind you not many people do know dog is in paranoid, as its rarely got by someone so noone sees it

  22. sebaKa says:

    if you have a trail on starting from extreme. everytime you die/ round end you get 100 points. but it doesnt change you lvl (personal experiance)

  23. testin says:

    no answer? :S

  24. Rubber Johnny says:

    I do miss the original FF7 music in Mako, it felt awesome, and a lot of the beauty of that map is how close it is to the game!

    I also think you should make it so CT’s at the end of extreme (Or maybe just the new mode) are forced to have to dodge Sephiroth’s final attack. After all, only the chosen may survive :3

    Looking forward to the changes Hannibal 😀

  25. Deathrowz says:

    Yeah.. I find it quite annoying how some dont dodge the final attack and goes like “LOL! NOOBS DIED!”

  26. Metro says:

    Hannibal in your Mako reactor u should add another extreme but call it Ultimate and the boss u gonna fight is agains Sephiroth just like in minas tirith make a level4 😉

  27. Deathrowz says:

    Sephiroth Safer Form =D

  28. dormantlemon says:

    if paranoid is finished will you ever release the source? Its a phenominal piece of work and i would love to learn from it

  29. Agent Wesker says:

    It would be nice if he could publish some basic tutorials on this blog, like how to make your map use less resources with templates and how to make weapons from entities.

    That would help mappers and mean more fun maps.

  30. Ki11eR says:

    Hannibal, you should add teleport for zombies back to spawn so servers dont need any special mod. Its almost impossible to do minas without this… I mean same teleport as ze_voodooisland have, its teleports right after zombies are chosen.

    I also have a question why at first stage after gandalf there is no floor texture? And in second stage, why is the horde image and animation so weird? Are both of these things normal?

    Thanks, Ki11eR.

  31. lol says:

    I reported those and others 1000 times, he doesn’t have time or he just don’t wanna solve those “looking” bugs… a shame since it make a like-perfect map way look more bad that it actually is.

  32. Belafarinrod says:

    I just played like 4 hours of mians on i3d and i have to say:No other map can entertain that long,good job hannibal!
    First i thought the map would bore me fast,but the race/challenge to get the levels make it more fun:zombies attack much harder and cts learn to defend earlier ect.

    Btw: Idk if it is only i3d,but extreme was much easier to win,because we had very many winners in the first rounds and could almost use everything(wk,2 horses,gandalf,barrel,oil,ammobarrel ect.),even balrog,the trolls and lv2 2 tools couldn’t balance that power.Well but these rounds in extreme,with many 300+ tools ,were really funny.Again:good job 🙂

    Some bugs to make this comment usefull:
    -if a ct(in the beginning a t) is fast enough,he can get the troll and teamkill
    – the physiks bugged in the end.After 1 slay @all we were in the warmup round again,after a 2. try we were 3. stage extrem again(the correct stage 😀 )

  33. Chaparro says:

    Agree, force the noobs to make the dodge!

  34. Chaparro says:

    Agree, force the noobs to make the dodge!

  35. Deathrowz says:

    You used to be one of them..

  36. dormantlemon says:

    by looking you mean appearence? I havent seen these issues before. The horde animation is extremely impressive in my opinion. It is weird how you can see other layers of sprites directly through them about half way up the sprite, but im not complaining.

    The only graphical bugs ive seen other than that anda few crossed brush faces resulting in glitchy textures is that sometimes at the end of stage 4 the water pools surface isnt there (much like when you compile a map with a leak). This rarely happens, but it fixes itself at the round end.

  37. I made the last point, but not the others. i.e. , gravity is really hard to fix, it works the 85% of times at least.

  38. I noticed this, but it has no sense! really. Anyway is not a very hard glitch.

  39. Well, if you dodge this, you earn 100 points. Thats a nice reward, really. It is not annoying to die the last 2 seconds of the round 🙂

  40. I will give the .vmf of that map. I also would like to give .vmf with some of my “tricks” like levels, stages, materias… I could do this during erasmus.

  41. Uhm…. that problem was from v2_1 (at spawn) , I fixed that for v2_2fix.I don’t trust on teleports at spawn at the first infection time (sometimes server doesnt allow changing the spawn time, and would be totally screwed).

    About the looking bugs. I had a problem with the army. At first, I made it with particles, but some servers crashed badly…I decided to remove it and put a brush. Moreover, it increased like 30 or 40 fps, it worths. There are many graphical bugs that I won’t solve, because I’m really tired of improving Minas 😦 I lost the patience with many things (hammer crashes, bad illumination of some models, different illumination of a model and real brush…), I blame the engine sometimes. I need to improve my graphic skills, but with a huge map like Minas Tirith, I can focus on it.

  42. Thanks dude 🙂 I’m happy to see that you like the map. Extreme is more funny than normal, thats something I checked (specially since I nerfed the meteor).

    The first bug you says scares me : O . The second one… uhm… I dont know why the physics bug, I think that the engine can’t hold lots of physics (moreover I used a trick to make the barricades passable). The stage systems works if physics bug.

  43. Ki11eR says:

    Thats sad about the teleport… It would make the map perfect. Lot of people on my favorite server rtv after few rounds becuase dont even know good the map is because we are stuck at stage 1-2.

  44. I will not nerf materias at all. 🙂 About the songs I found it okay, I may put them back to normal.

  45. [pF]Kyron the Legendary Ganderp says:

    We are really enjoying your map over here at plaguefest. Really good job on it. We even would have had a BA contest entry with Gandalf and WK fighting back to back encircled by zombies on stage 4 extreme, but a nub gave our camera guy buffer overflow.
    Anyways, two things I wished to point out.
    A.) it is possible, with no fall damage, to jump of the edge of the very last hold area on stage 4 and just stay down there until round end. Maybe you should implement a death field around there.
    B.) I’m not quite sure how I did it, but in my player contest entry, I managed to survive WK death and continue playing, tho I was invincible. Won the round too.

  46. [pF]Kyron the Legendary Ganderp says:

    An afterthought. Add Earth materia to Minas 2v3. 😀