The end is near! Minas Tirith, Mako Reactor and Last Man Standing

Posted: August 9, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in ZE FFVII Mako Reactor, ZE Last Man Standing, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hi all dudes! Sorry for not posting so much, Kaemon still without computer… . I will try not to repeat the same as the post before. Thank your all for your bug repots and suggestions. And thanks for keep posting on these days!

First of all, about the Minas Tirith Contest (the last contest):

After see the votation, I decided to make it earlier . The new deadline is : 19/08/2011

Someone will hate but I have enough demos of players and servers. This is not a real life money based contest, so keep onΒ  your chairs and don’t blame please πŸ™‚ I made this contest finish earlier because:

  • I will be out of home soon (day 26), I would like to release it before leaving.
  • I have enought player and server demos
  • I’m a bit worried about some servers that can being killed by overplaying this map.
  • 1 month and 10 days was too much for a contest , sorry for not calculate fine the days.

About Mako Reactor update (the last map real update):

Danielot told me not to reveal no more about this version, and I think the same. Would be better not to disclose the map. When you play it, you will play it from 0 (without extra information about the changes).

The update time will be before day 26th of August.

About Last Man Standing (the last map):

I already started it a bit. I have all my ideas on my mind, and I decidedΒ  to make it all by my own. Kaemon may not return here anymore, I hope to find him again at Skype, I find it a bit empty these days 😦 As well as Mako, I won’t reveal nothing about this map. This is because I think that the end is near! I can’t hold this blog without Kaemon’s help; I want to keep editing but by my own, without feeling the preassure of putting a release date or thinking that ppl is waiting a map which I promised to make it the best at the date and I don’t want to reveal things of the incoming update and the next and last map (but dont worry, I have another things to say).

I am not saying goodbye, but there are many personal things that are starting at the same moment, and the temporal (I hope) lost of Kaemon doesn’t help. I must confess that I’m waiting for the release of Battlefield 3 game, which will be my return to serious gaming (in fact, the name of Hannibal was born at Battlefield Vietnam; I was the leader of a clan of friends called [A-Team]). But I’m not quitting mapping before finishing Last Man Standing (NO WAY!), that map will be the real Thempest.

P.D: I met Viggo Mortensen (aka Aragorn) yesterday and I made a photo with him; holy… shit… I can’t believe it yet xD

P.D2: I’m going to be out for 5 days, the blog will not be updated (well, maybe I will have some little time to connect and answer comments πŸ™‚ ).

  1. Riperzz says:

    Will minas have any updates?

  2. The one from the contest, but I will put only the names. I wont change nothing more (I have only 2 easy bugs at my list)

  3. Deathrowz says:

    Put only the names?

  4. fuckballs says:

    Hello Hannibal, a couple of guys and myself included decided to come up with the name for the new Mako reactor difficulty, I hope you haven’t named it yet! We call it…


    I think anyone who has ever played there might agree with me on this lmfao

  5. Deathrowz says:

    You can only win if you know how to do “The PlagueFest”!

  6. Jeong Hoon says:

    Contest standard is….??

    EXTREAM clear?

  7. Deathrowz says:

    Can you make the End Bunker on Mako a more larger space? Its quite annoying how its too crowded and you die from getting your view blocked by some guy’s arse…

  8. sebaKa says:

    for last man standing are you putting any items or special power ups?

  9. testin says:

    well thanks for the ignore on the post before comment. I don’t know why spent time reporting bugs, most of them won’t be solved by what I see and I even get ignored there.

    Now you’re gonna ruin mako, great.

    See you.

  10. sebaKa says:

    lol u mad bro?

  11. Riperzz says:


  12. DeepInferno says:

    He won’t always to reply to every single bug you point out. He probably saw it and may fix it for future versions. Chill…

  13. Deathrowz says:

    Why so mad? He did say his busy, not like his gonna look at every post.

  14. Agent Wesker says:

    Trolls can boost like nazguls by turning around, you gotta fix that exploit.

  15. DeepInferno says:

    What will happen to the blog after your Last Man Standing map? Will you stop posting blog updates all together?

  16. fuckballs says:

    It was a joke, sorry you couldn’t catch it there, though.

  17. Maese Danielot says:

    hannibal is at barcelona right now, doubt will reply to anyone during the next week lol

  18. Deathrowz says:


  19. dormantlemon says:

    i guess you chose plaguefest because they are incapable of winning Mako on Normal most of the time?

  20. Chaparro says:

    I like the name of the level! hahahahha Plaguesfest ftw! xDDD

  21. Anonymous says:

    i’m so sad for the end of map from hannibal πŸ˜₯
    So many idea but i can’t map…. The world of the escape will missing you hannibal, we will never forget your work

    Escape from the hell
    Escape from the paradise
    Escape from a ghetto or a city like in resident evil 2
    Escape from a nightmare with a lot of strange thing, strange tree, dark monster fly in the purple/black sky or red/orange/black sky or green/black sky


  22. DeepInferno says:

    Some of those have actually been done πŸ˜‰

  23. dormantlemon says:

    A nightmare escape sounds like an interesting concept. Contact me on steam:

  24. Anonymous says:

    Where can I report bugs?

  25. J73 says:

    OMG. You met Voggo Mortensen? Did you ask him to come and take a look at yr blog and the LOTR maps?

  26. lulz says:

    U can’t report bugs, maker is not interested in solving bugs.

  27. sebaKa says:


  28. Deathrowz says:

    The fuck is wrong with you? o_O
    Of course his interest in solving bugs of his own map, derp.
    Just report them here, his out atm.

  29. CNe says:

    I can agree with this cause its true. XD

  30. Maese Danielot says:

  31. Maese Danielot says:

    the first zombie is riperzz xD

  32. Agent Wesker says:

    Get ready to remake all your maps, Counter Strike 2 (Global Offensive) was just announced.

    Will probably use Portal 2 / Dota 2 source engine.

  33. kurojed says:

    Watch my tutorial about Minas Tirith! If you want more (next parts) RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!

    PS: I am missing some information, so if you know them, tell me and I will add them (for example: WK combo cooldown, Gandalf health etc…).

  34. lool says:

    Okay, PLAGUEFEST just completed the first 2 stages at first attempt with 50+ online.

    But you won’t still admit that you RUINED THE MAP making it extremely easy. Even for PF.

    It must suck to make such a map and instead of making it better with the newer versions, taking it back to something even worse than v1, or in a special stage, worse than b2.

  35. | Scottz125 says:

    Hannible i just wanted to ask you something, before you leave. like the last day. Will you upload the mapping files for the maps so people may improve them? Or atleast leave a contact so that we could explain how we wanted to change the map. And if in your best interests give u the file via email ect?

  36. Deathrowz says:

    You must be retarded or something, Stage 1 and 2 is not surpose to be hard. It would be stupid for it to be harder than Mako on Extreme. Everyone can beat it on the first attempt, though pF sucks in defending.

  37. lool says:

    You have to be idiot (and maybe retarded, now that u talk about it).

    The map was nice, it was a CHALLENGE to team in order to win. Now like no teamwork is needed to win 1,2 and barely 3,4.

    If you like playing on very easy maps its ur problem. The map was supposed to be hard as hannibal said on b2. And even being hard, even with stage4 being haaard on the dark zone, a lot of servers completed it and have demos of it. Now the map sucks to be completed, if you start as zombie on stage1/2 you are fucked and have no chance to keep at the same level than the others. I highly doubt thats the point of the map.

    Also, EXTREME MODE lv1, lv2 are EVEN EASIER than normal ones. 2 horses? WK and gandalf? come on, Zombies only have trolls, slow and useless most of the time, they got the PRO STAIRS that were sold in the promo video as the awesome new item system DELETED, the barrel is rarely profitable, while cts get a loot of profit and can easy evade meteor falling.

    Thus, it’s really easy to complete the map, it’s not a challenge anymore. It’s not a hard map (MAKO extreme level is way harder than the 4 normals + 4 extreme here).

    I am not trying to troll or anything, so go call retard someone else (maybe yourself, and get some manners also), this map got ruined in the way from b2 to v2.2. Han has put a ton of work here to make the map challenging and he has changed things later to make things eaaaasier.

    The name should be changed to “Walking around minas tirith”, cause the map is good, but the difficulty is not noticeable.

  38. lool says:

    just decompile them lol

  39. lool says:

    Minas is not protected, others are (for example mako). Get some hacked decompiler to get the .vmf and have fun πŸ˜€

  40. Deathrowz says:

    You are the one who seem to not quite get it. What Hannibal wanted was to make alot of people reach Extreme easily, since betas – v1, hardly anyone reached Level 4, it was all the time 2-40.
    If your saying you are fucked from becoming zombie at Stage 1/2 then you must either: The server you play in has a shitty zombie and human ratio or that you just completely suck being zombie. Extreme Mode Stage 1, really? Easier than normal one? A shitload of Nazguls and horde of zombies tend + meteors is easier? Level 2 is easier? Getting killed by a meteor when you are shooting that damn door?.
    You must been playing on a server with less than 20 players.
    I had a laugh when you said Mako Extreme is harder than Stage 4 Extreme. Nazguls + Hordes of zombies + Balrogs + zombies. While Mako is, Ultima > Grav > Wind = win. People can even solo Extreme on Mako when in Minas on Stage 4 Extreme you cant.
    And first of all saying me to get manners, why the fuck would you think the map maker wont fix his maps and wont even bother with bugs? His doing it right now. So I would call you a troll.

  41. lool says:

    A shitload of nazguls and meteors have nothing to do against 2 horses, gandalf and maybe WK if its the 1st extreme stage after beating extreme mode. Zombies can’t do shit with ct having all those, Troll just sucks and only is useful to destroy cades so useless on stage 1 and 2, balrog is way too slow to be useful in any single stage (apart from boosting zombies the first 20s), barrel is only useful on the hand of masters.

    No man, I am not a noob for starting as zombie on stage 1 and not being able to do anything. ITS IMPOSSIBLE to win as zombie if cts do it “normal” (not even impressive I mean), you just need 2 cts per nazgul and its done, the difficult dissapeared long ago on stage 1. And if you have horses or gandalf.. difficulty is 0.

    Mako? easy? You can solo the END of the map, like in stage 4 of MT. Yeah and u need wind and so materias, while on MT u need gandalf / horse / WK. And yes, WK and others have also soloed like half of the last part of stages 3 and 4 extreme.

    I know youre not new, so I don’t know why are you saying things like that. Maybe you have fun trolling and calling others trolls, actually everyone is gonna agree that MT extreme is easier than mako extreme (the proof is PF server…), and THIS IS THE REASON WHY HANNIBAL IS GONNA NERF MAKO NOW.

  42. Maese Danielot says:

    Looks like u now more than me or hannibal about mako and the new version You are so clever, congragulations lol

  43. Maese Danielot says:

    Looks like u know more than me or hannibal about mako and the new version You are so clever, congragulations lol

  44. Nameless says:


  45. Deathrowz says:

    LIke Maese said.. I never seen pF beaten Stage 4 Extreme and never heard of anyone playing there has. On the other hand, Mako has been beaten alot of times.
    Alright let me tell you this. How can a WK defend against 6 Nazguls + zombies annd zombie weapons? He cant win at all.

  46. lool says:

    And how could someone alone beat mako extreme since the start? he can beat the fight and going up, maybe the going down if hes good and zombies arent good going down, but he’s not going to beat every section, he isnt going to defend the 30 sec door against a lot of zombies (because to have 6 nazguls and zombies running you need also 6+x zombies..).

    Anyway just check today what is harder on sG/SG/CTA/other decent servers with 40 or so people: mako in hard (yes hard), or the first 4 levels on MT. Then join a server on stage1 extreme MT, and check how many rounds they take to win. It will probably be 1 for stage1 and 1-2 for stage 2, and if there are no blockers / nade purpose failers they wont take more than 2 tries ton stage 3 either.

    The “difficult” left on MT is just that its long and that you can commit fails because you eventually get tired of it. I am not sure that MT is going to be overplayed like mako is right now some time after the contest finishes, it is not as fun, tbh is way more frustrating because it depends more on

    a) luck to see if you’re chosen zombie
    b) the skill of the zombie team
    c) the skill of the ct team
    d) idiots on ct team (a good idiot can fuck every round with an high %)

    And I don’t need to be a genious to know ur going to nerf mako, han admitted he was going to change things, and since long ago, every change han has done has made the target map easier, so we can conclude that it will be the same this time.

  47. Deathrowz says:

    Okay let me tell you this: How come SG / sG / CTA has only won Minas around 1-5 times?

    You still dont get the point WHY does Hannibal nerf these stages down. from beta versions to v1 it was always 2-40 hardly anyone pass Stage 3 Normal and never got to Extreme. Since Version 2 he had to remove things to make it playable such as the ladder (which highly is useless imo)
    Check Predator; if you had seen the beta versions it was far different from what it is now.

  48. Chaparro says:

    @maese: Your yuotube link means that this fkn awesome song will appear on new lvl? say yes pleaseeee, all pendulum lovers are waiting for see if there is any pendulum song on new lvl, or it will be a surprise…? xd

  49. Anonymous says:

    Can you please remove the hide place at the end of lvl 3?

  50. Maese Danielot says:

    :D. Shooter! hitter! serial killer! get ready for new action xD

  51. Deathrowz says:

    But Tempest owns all =P

  52. fuckballs says:

    those guys cheated, they had infinite ammo

  53. fuckballs says:

    (they only ran out at the end because of ammo bug)

  54. lool says:

    You’re mixing up things.

    The map was HARD + had BIG BUGS that fucked up playability, bugs that were solved OKAY. But, he also made map easier in all stages (moving where nazguls appears, teleporting faster, less waits, more objects to block, more hp on items, etc…) AND deleting the ladder item, the only item that was really useful for zombies, which made zombies attacks really fun cause one with a ladder could fuck you in every single spot :D.

    I’m up for the big bug solves but not for the difficult nerfing that was also done with it. It came to the point that it didn’t make easier NORMAL, but it also made easier EXTREME, to the point that stages 1-2 extreme, as I said, and as u can check on ANY server on extreme, are beat easilly at 1st or max 2nd attempt.

    That’s the problem of this map, it isn’t a challenge anymore. It requires few CT attention to complete it, while before it required a lot more so it was a loot more interesting.

    If you deny the point that diff (not bugs) has been nerfed, it has no sense to continue this discussion.

  55. lool says:

    He can also make so if you get to the lift at the start you win, easy right?

    Fucking noobs, stop asking for an easier map.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I think you dont understand me.
    If you buy amour you can easy hide at the end of lvl 3 and then run to the end. (while the whole team are zombies)

  57. Deathrowz says:

    No… the point on what you talking about is how Minas Tirith is “way easier” than Mako Reactor.

    Yes, he has to nerf some parts as Minas wasnt balanced in that time (and it still isnt in my opinion). He had to nerf some difficulties otherwise it will be a Fail Fest. The teleportation between the Nazguls and the Humans were too close on the early versions.

  58. Deathrowz says:

    And stop asking for a hard map that cant be beaten with 2-40.

  59. Chaparro says:

    Yes, tempest >all, but encoder on minas is fkn epic and now… what for new lvl?? i cant wait more time for know it!! xD

  60. lool says:

    Too close? We managed to pass over it almost everytime (unless when the server started that people was nub and there were 70% zombies, or when zombies discovered lower door was faster.. but when everyone learnt how to pass it, it was passed in 1-4 tries, which is how it should be, not ONE-TWO MAX).

    And I remember when Mako came out, I played it on most of the same servers where I played MT, and I remember the failratio being higher on MT just due to the bugs, people learning the way, dark zone, bugged items, etc. Mako was a chaos too, I remember when the 30sec door lagged you to death XD. But overall, Mako was stabilized (bugs off but mantain diff) better than MT (bugs off, diff lowered..). Minas Tirith is not harder than Mako, it’s just longer. The only problem of MT is a noob crowd getting zombified = hard to win if cts don’t know how to do things properly). On mako it’s shorter, but its hard also.

    Yeah, a dude can win the final (boss>end) part on extreme, true, due to 2 things:

    – People didn’t know anyone would move to stairs and would start dribling zombies.
    – Wind is way overpowered, some of us are complaining from this since a year ago.

    As soon as people realized the stairs shit, noone has managed to finish it alone on extreme (I mean on a decent server, on pF its another history).

  61. Deathrowz says:

    Replying on lool’s comment below you:
    WellI got to agree, that Mako was really hard on their early versions especially v1.3 (which ICannt, the server that I first started playing happen to be the only one who beaten it which even Hannibal thought impossible!)
    There wasnt any Gravity or Electro. Though it was hard because it was new, no one knew about difficulties. Mako isnt stabilized yet but “near-stabilized”.
    But that you still didnt answer my point on saying: How come SG / sG / CTA has only won Minas around 1-5 times? While those servers had won Mako at least more than 50 times?

    As for you saying “noone has managed to finish it alone on extreme” after everyone knew about the stairs or w/e (didnt quite get the point on what you meant by that one). You gotta see Vandeam and FrostiNLD, they have done solo wins and have done it successfully a lot.

  62. I will put many things. I want to thank this people who put its efforts on winning that map.

  63. Nice joke xD but I wont do that. I will probably call it Extreme II.

  64. Repeat question, I didnt understand u.

  65. I could but i like it small. I don’t want to make architectural changes for this update.

  66. Sorry if I didnt answer you, sometimes I’m busy/tired of having many things at comp. I read your bug/tips: I won’t nerf materias, because it’s difficult to balance that thing. Moreover, as you said, with the new difficulty materias should keep as powerful as the current version. About the songs, Maese Danielot told me the same, I put some of the songs of easy at normal difficulty.

  67. Hard to fix that… really hard.. near impossible because I must apply a force to a direction when a bullet hits the nazgul (I use two brushes for the corpse, but when the nazgul is over you, you can shoot both… thats a problem

  68. Counter Strike: Global Offensive announced. We will meet here again πŸ˜‰

  69. Yeah, some of those have been done already πŸ™‚ Anyway, I hope to see a Counter Strike: Global Offensive zombie mod (or I will do it by myself)

  70. Report them there. I want to read all these bug reports but without Kaemon it’s harder. He read the blog constantly and told me that (and then adding it at my .txt).
    About the “I’m not interested in solving bugs”, it’s possible I didn’t read a bug report post but for now I will keep my eye in all post; but sometimes I don’t like the bug/tip for the next update, or I think that it doesn’t matter if I fix that bug or not. And.. sometimes I forget to fix that bug, because my Minas Tirith bug list had something like 300 lines.

  71. Stop the discussion, and read this.
    lool, the map was fixed, but not as nerfed as you say:
    – “teleporting faster”: false, I don’t teleport them earlier, moreover, there is a new zombie teleport at stage 4 ending part at v2_2.
    – “more objects to block”: false, I removed two types of barricade items, removed some soldiers too, and I keep the number of barricades.
    – “more hp on items”: false, the most of CT items were nerfed about HP: armor from 12+ hits to 6 hits, Gandalf from 60 hp to 40 hp, horse from 200 of hp to 150 or 125 of hp, WK from 2250 of HP to 1000 of hp.
    – “ladder item useful”: false, I have never seen a nice useful of this item, the zombies barely pick up this item and all the times I saw a set up ladder, it was badly placed. I removed it because I thought that it was causing the physic crash problem. I will put it back to last version.

    Moreover things like double Nazguls, 1 more troll (and respawneable), less coldown to explosive barrel, more cooldown and less time to ammo barrel, make it harder.

    I fixed all bugs, that thing made the map easier, but the real problem is the same as Mako: the people learn to play. People can win mako extreme with ultima and 1 wind++ (two ppl only), at least this is not possible at Minas Tirith.
    Yes, I changed some things at Minas Tirith to make it easier, like less defending time at stage 2 and 3, and the meteor is not a killing machine, but the respawn it’s important at extreme. The map have to be enjoyable for all people, because they all are not hardcore like you can be, that is better. Previous versions were near killing the servers (people rage quitting, etc.), I have to make a map to all types of players, do you think that all players are as good as you? without them, zombie escape wouldnt be such a nice mod; zombie escape is a mod made for non competitive players, a funny mod, simple, etc. Complexity and challenging are features of the new maps, but if I can exceed with this, or people will stop playing zombie escape..

  72. Oh my god that was a perfect video. You may miss something but noting important, everything is okay, you made it perfect πŸ™‚ Thanks for making this, I really like to see videos about my maps πŸ˜€

  73. You can decompile the map if you want. I dont care, and it’s interesting if you want to learn things. But uploading a decompiled map or a map with things changed without my permission, that it is not fine : ) I will do things before leaving.

  74. Which place are you talking about? Lower part corridors?

  75. Chaparro says:

    What about the songs!!!!? xDD

  76. Anonymous says:

    This Place

    People with armor camp there and then run to the end.

  77. Deathrowz says:

    So are you saying you gonna add all the names of the survivors like Mako? =O

  78. Anonymous says:

    Ok there is a bug where you get invisible as zombie.
    You must take Troll and then go slowly to another zm item until your weapon get stripped and then you are invisible.

  79. Deathrowz says:

    Lets just hope there is ZE… =O
    And we will be playing your maps =)

  80. DeepInferno says:

    I hope so. I would like you to make more maps for that πŸ˜‰ Of course if you feel up to it πŸ˜€

  81. BotoX says:

    I won this stage many times only because of the side ways…
    And many people with me πŸ™‚

    So it’s really useful and cool!

  82. lool says:

    That is new true, you added a TON of blocking props for example on the end of stage 4 (before opening door to the top) and few noticeable on stage 3, at least since first version.

    The ladder? The ladder was AWESOMELY used at end on stage 2 and before entering the “church” at stage 3, I’ve seen over 5 rounds completely fucked due to a zombie placing a master stair there and letting zombies climb up fast in the uncovered zone and pwning everyone even beforethe door opened xD. The stairs is the best item by zombies, but people don’t know how to use it yet. It’s like wind on mako.

    You didn’t make MT easy you say? Then why you made meteors to make 80 damage instead of killing? Ive seen cts getting quiet with a red light on them just because meteor wasnt killing them and so they didnt risk getting infected. Also, why does rock start spawning after 30-40s have passed instear of the start? Having to be careful at the start was extremely fun lol.. the bug was the red light not appearing, and you destroyed most all difficult with the meteors, and the red light still doesn’t appear, that’s what I mean.

    Do you think that freezeing the zombies on the dark zone (S4) isn’t nerfing the difficulty? A “normal” solution would be for example opening the ladders, instead on a wall of the cave, in the top of the boxes, so cts would have to climb AND defend at the same time, being a “normal” diff challenge and not making zombies look like idiots while mostly all ct make it to the next part. But you had to freeze them which is the lamest thing you’ve done to this map (its my opinion).

    Or the pre-end of the stage 3, zone you completely modified making it really hard for zombies to pass (and added 2 barrel explosive things) while it was well covered most of the time how it was before. That made cts survive that point MUUCH easier and it was not needed at all.

    Things like those are what I mean. What I don’t like is the FEELING of starting as zombie and having ZERO, ZERO chances ot making cts lose the round, unlike you can see on mako on normal/impossible.

  83. lool says:

    You don’t care, thats good, but you put a very though thing to bypass on mako map.. (a bad property on a texture that fucks up all other properties if you try to decompile..). It’s hard to bypass (you have to change the decompiler by yourself, and it is not a minor change), so most of the people won’t be able to decompile it. U’d take it out :P.

  84. Deathrowz says:

    Cant be help then T_T
    Guess I have to bother with an arse on my face and time it…

  85. Deathrowz says:

    You seem to think your the one whose making the map. Hannibal knows it all, his the creator of it and he knew what he changed. You probably had never seen the beta versions.
    The Ladder is still useless overall, only useful on One part of the 2 stages? What else is it for?

    I think Hannibal made the meteor 80 damage its coz the red light doesnt show sometimes and it may be a huge disadvantage for people with high ping (yes I am one of those with high ping)

    And now you gotta correct yourself on “freezing” in Stage 4’s Dark Room. Since when did he “freeze” the zombies? They can move perfectly fine.

    You said “a lot” of people will agree on you saying Minas is easier than Mako? I asked some people and they all somehow respond something like this: “WTF?”

    Oh yeah.. you still havent answer my part: How come SG / sG / CTA and any other servers has only won Minas around 1-5 times? While those servers had won Mako at least more than 50 times?

  86. Metro says:

    Hannibal i must say it has being honor playing on ur map and well i know u gonna retire after Last man standing but i hope u keep thinking about return cus mapperz like u should be credit for all the busy times using and ur the best and hopefully u get a Emmy or Oscar haha just kidding u know what i mean πŸ˜‰

  87. lool says:

    About sG/SG/CTA winning few times MT: The map is newer and most important, is waay longer. Playing on mako is ok because iis waay faster than MT, that takes a really lot if people fails hard like it uses to happens, or people likes rtving on stage2-3 extreme like a lot of times has happened.

    About MT: I’ve seen b2, v1 and so on, so I can know the changes that have been made on those released versions lol πŸ˜›

    Stairs can’t be useful in any point of the map, but if theyre useful for destroying cades or jumping over ANY cade (in every cade block of every stage), then its really useful.

    Freezing = Slowing, I failed there lol, I mean the 1/2 or so speed reduction which is epicly lame.

    And the meteor, slowing damage to 80 is not the solution at all, it just makes cts being able to eat a mateor just to not move and mantain the position at one point of the stage (and this has been abused HARD on every server)

  88. Agent Wesker says:

    If you like Hannibal’s style of maps, just take the items, maybe change them up and put them on a new map that you made yourself. Don’t re-upload his map because every map maker hates that.

  89. Deathrowz says:

    No, I gotta disagree, the part that those servers won it a few times is not coz its long. If it was easy wouldnt they have won it in around 1hour and a half? Mako has been won many times that still doesnt say why Mako is easier, your stating that its just long.

    “Stairs can’t be useful in any point of the map” < Theres stairs now?
    And the other 2 points you said, I somewhat agree, the Gandafl's Light radius should probably be more bigger so that it can actually save most of us, its too small and some people dies even from sticking to him. And yeah, Meteors doing one hit KO made it more epic and more harder but some are on disadvantages like I said..

  90. Deathrowz says:

    Are you going to do something about people hiding in Mako just like in Minas? Or leaving it?

  91. Maese Danielot says:

    for all the questions about mako. We would like to keep all in secret till the release, we want that ppl finds the way to win after some tries (if its posible to win). Anyway u are still able to hide

  92. Deathrowz says:

    …. I am not too much of a fan on hiding (though I do it sometimes if there less left) theres some people that just hides to just want a “solo epic win” with a valuable Materia such as Wind.. even though theres enough players to win at the end

  93. ZaN says:

    Can you two jackasses, get the sand out of your vaginas?

  94. Only if the editor is being improved! Because the last updates are very annoying. (it crashes randomly between 10 minutes to 2 h)

  95. Annoted, thx. It will be fixed.

  96. Okey, I added it to my list, It will be fixed for the last version. Thx.

  97. I will leave it, it’s a kind of victory. All the winners I saw at youtube (solo win), had lot of luck, and they made it well, they deserve to win.

  98. Name songs? new sngs? πŸ˜€

  99. Haha thanks dude, i know what u mean. I would like to keep mapping forever, but I got tired of mapping with hammer editor. I would like to map at CS:GO, but if I see the same same same editor, I will say: “fuck you hammer!”, and close it.

  100. BotoX says:

    Noo please not :/
    This part makes solo wins able.
    And make it harder for zombies.

  101. Riperzz says:

    For somereason (glitch?) when you win extreme round 4, everyone can pick white knight and (maybe) all items.

  102. Deathrowz says:

    I think its surpose to be like that? Or not? Maybe its the “reward” for beating the highest difficulty like how we get the Red Speed Buff on Mako..

  103. Riperzz says:

    That reward is just for ppl who won the round not for everybody.

  104. Rubber Johnny says:

    No I believe the points are to indicate the victors, but it says in chat “All weapons for all players”, or something along those lines.

  105. Chaparro says:

    well, in extreme of mako we have awesome songs like voodoo people,the other side, the tempest, all from Pendulum (also i love encoder on minas), what about new mako level? maybe tarantula from pendulum? πŸ˜€

  106. Anonymous says:

    you can do the same as ct. Take horse and then something what is sold (oil or flag)

  107. lool says:

    ur fucked, consider it ruined now.

  108. Anonymous says:

    lool, go play with some lego.

  109. IDarkI says:

    Hey Hannibal! Just wanted to tell you how much i love your maps, like ffvii mako reactor for example. though on te v2 version theres this song in the hard mode, just when the elevator goes back up after beating bahamut, it has this epic guitar solo in it. i just absolutely love the song. but it wasnt named in the musiclist in the end of the map. and i didnt find it after browsing your website for an hour, so PLEASE whats the name of that song? thanks ❀