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Posted: August 18, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

Hi again! Oh jeez, maintaining the blog was easier with Kaemon!

I read all the bug reports from the previous posts. Thanks to all you, they will be fixed for the next and last version of Minas Tirith!

Tomorrow will be the last day of the contest, this is the re-count: 15 different players won the WK, 10 different servers won the extreme. Nice numbers to both things, I find them okey 🙂

There are no new about Last Man Standing at the moment.

About Mako Reactor, the next version is going well. Maese Danielot forced me to add the new things/adjustments, and testing will be soon, and uploading will be next. He doesn’t let me  to tell nothing about it.

“I’ll see you again”

Moreover, I’m losing the contact a bit with other mappers, but I know that nice maps are currently being made, so prepare for new incoming maps. I don’t want to tell mappers names because privacity (I think they are making them in secret). Anyway, I must add that a close friend of mine, who have played CS:Source and Zombie Mod during months (and 1 or more years but no so much) under the name of Tron[SPA] started on mapping (testing Hammer) like 2 months ago, and he is currently making a ZE map based on Tron movie. I must admit that I didn’t expect to see nothing good from him at the first day, but the same evening he installed Source SDK, he made a zm structure, with displacements, doors, props, and lights : D.

Thank you all to keep reading the blog. Sorry for not being like Kaemon, I prefer editing than posting 🙂 (Damn I miss him, did you notice?)

PD: Thanks to the two donators of the lasts days! I have no words to thank you this, I would like to send you the thanks individually but PayPal doesn’t let you message. You make me sleep better 🙂

  1. Deathrowz says:

    Lawl! So did you got the demo me and Matsuri send yesterday?

  2. Riperzz says:

    When are you releasing new mako version?

  3. Agent Wesker says:

    Hannibal, I’m trying to make a 3D skybox but if the map geometry goes around it you can see it through the skybox and into the other part of the map, how do I fix this?

    You have minas tirith curved around the skybox but it displays properly.

  4. says:

    You make me sleep better

    or party better maybe ;D

  5. lool says:

    MT has different skyboxes. It also has “static” versions of minas tirith and osgiliath so you see them at the skybox instead of the normal MT. Maybe you’re trying to define everything into one skybox?

  6. bLack_lol says:

    Remember me plz

    Ademas en la version 2.1 XDD

  7. Agent Wesker says:

    Ah, it’s possible to have multiple 3D skyboxes?

  8. Deathrowz says:

    So is the contests finish? Its Saturday at your time, but Friday on US… was so pissed when SG reached upto Stage 3 Extreme and some faggets didnt extend… ==
    All that effort to waste.

  9. sebaKa says:

    last man standing or new mako version? which is first?

  10. lol says:


    You were lv1 at the top of MT and survived together with a lv0 because we were following and killing Gandalf and the WK and you were lucky your hiding was not perceived.

    So you got +1k points for surviving stage4 extreme, but you didn’t get lv5 in the normal way, you didn’t win any contest at all. Why should you be remembered? for not being able to be more than lv1 until stage4 extreme and then just running and hiding on the end of the stage??? LOL

  11. lol says:

    Now you understand why MT is not passed as much as Mako? ^^

    I won’t keep the previous discussing here, but that was my point there hehe.


  12. Deathrowz says:

    No.. it was overplayed. What point did you said about it?

  13. Riperzz says:

    Mako obv… He just started last man standing.

  14. Riperzz says:

    BTW hanni any progress on last man standing?

  15. Chaparro says:

    You only will write the name of the guys who won extreme stage 4 with WK? and what about the others¿ (I’ve won sometimes extreme 4 but never with WK :S)

    And about new mako lvl: songs!!!? xD

  16. Deathrowz says:

    When did he say that? o_O

  17. Chaparro says:

    dunno, just deduced it…

    Then it means that you will put the name of all players who won the map until today? “Tomorrow will be the last day of the contest”

    And if we dont appear in any of the demos (dunno if someone was recording when my server won) how we can prove you about our win?

    About Mako: Tarantula for new lvl¿ 😛

  18. Rubber Johnny says:

    You won’t be able to receive credit if no one recorded and submitted their demo 😦

  19. bLack_lol says:

    First, i played a lot this map, a had no lucky in that game, but I won the first, If your jelous its not my fault. I beat the map at extreme difficult with random meteoros that killed me in other levels. I think that will be fair if my name and the other mate appear in the map, and server name to (CTA server) If you have a different point of view its respectable like mine. But this its like the true life, only friends of the mapper will appear. Just saying

  20. Chaparro says:

    Well i know one time Fabio (zm corp admin) was recording it, but dunno if he submitted it, steam SS doesnt count¿ 😛

  21. Deathrowz says:

    No, his judgings are fair, not all of the names on Mako are his friends. Heck, he probably didnt even know half of them.

  22. Deathrowz says:

    Of course it doesnt count…

  23. teckei says:

    maybe u can name new level of Mako Crisis Mode to play off of FFVII Crisis Core and have like crazy lighting to make it look high tech or something

  24. Deathrowz says:

    It wouldnt make sense then..

  25. teckei says:

    just a suggestion, even though Crisis Core does come before the actual FFVII.

  26. Deathrowz says:

    Neeeeed…. reeessuuuulllltttsssss…

  27. Chaparro says:

    Then i hope that Fabio have submitted his record 😛

  28. lool says:

    You don’t understand, the CONTEST is to get lv5 level per level, not by beating extreme lv4 and getting 1k points when being lv1 (facepalm).

    You have not beaten any contest at all.

  29. Deathrowz says:

    Check the Contest tab and THEN come back.

  30. It’s impossible to have multiple 3d skyboxes, I use models for Minas Tirith. If I want to play at rounds 2,3,4 I dissable Osgiliath and mountains models. At Round 1 is not necesary to hide Minas Tirith (func_detail and displacements) because its under the osgiliath floor. So, use prop_dinamic

  31. Picking all survivor names is difficult, but I may pick these names (I’m sure they are few)

  32. There is no difference between a spanish winner and an english winner for me. But I will probably make something like Mako and put the last survivor names (they are few)