See you soon!

Posted: August 26, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in News, Special

Hi all! This is gonna  be a short post.

I’m going out for ERASMUS for the next 4 months at Ireland (in some hours I will be at airport). This is not a goodbye, I’m bringing my super laptop with me, and I just ported 20 GB of Counter Strike Source maps/sounds/materials/models from the PC to the laptop, the editing must continue!

I compiled the Mako Reactor update, and I spotted one  bug that   prevented me to release it yesterday; moreover , I was busy on saying goodbye to the ppl around.  Anyway, I will be at my brother house at Ireland, updating my laptop. I will organize myself to keep mapping, but the first movement I will do is to release this map.

About the Minas Tirith contest, just be patient, you must understand that these lasts days at my home were not for stay watching replays. The map will be updated, but not now.

Kaemon still dissapeared, I would like to see him writting here.

And I have another question for you: what will you do with the new incoming games like CoD MW 3 and Battlefield 3? Are you going to stay playing CS?

The next post will be very interesting, stay connected and see you soon!

  1. lolol says:

    We will be playing cs go beta in october.

  2. Dr. Rontti says:


    Also, waiting for the mako update 🙂 really nice to get a new diff 😀

  3. Dr. Rontti says:

    someone posted just before me 😦

  4. lolol says:


  5. Riperzz says:

    Luff already released pred v3 so you must release mako soon too.

  6. Maese Danielot says:


  7. Chaparro says:

    Well tomorrow EPT Barcelona will start so i wont have too much time for play css it means that now im not hurry for see new mako version hehe. About new games hmmm im sure i will buy BF3, still thinking for what platform (ps3 or PC) im not sure if my pc is good enought for run the game on high resolutions also i have toons of good friend on ps3 so more probably i will buy it for ps3 and stop to play css.

  8. Deathrowz says:

    Nah, but yeah I will get those 3 games, as well as Dota 2 and CS:Go

  9. Hey all! How can I play the CS:GO beta??

  10. DeepInferno says:

    It may be on the steam store when it comes out. But I’m not very sure as it hasn’t officially been confirmed what they will do with the beta. 🙂

  11. Rubber Johnny says:

    I don’t know yet, just that it’s planned for October 😀

    Here’s some gameplay and news XD:

  12. ZES - ProVeN says:

    Well, yea… i’m looking forward to mako, expecting a nice challenge. 😉
    You’re doing a great job Hanni, take your time and keep up that work.

    I’ll, download a cracked version of MW3 and play the SP(MP sucks), buy BF3 and probably play it sometimes with friends but surely stick to CS:S ZM/ZE. I’m not sure about CS:GO yet. I think i’ll buy it but i won’t be active on there until ZM/ZR is ported for CS:GO.

  13. Deathrowz says:

    I just hope that the next version of Mako will be released on the weekends… T_T

  14. thegregster101 says:

    Ireland ey! thats not too far from england, stop in at mine for cake on the flight over xD

    also any idea when kaemon will be back? i miss him 😥

  15. Burnout says:

    CS:GO is a possibility but I hope I come across you in BF3, CS:S won’t be the same without 😉

  16. Masak Is Soldier says:

    COD MW3 can go die. COD 4 below were much better than the next lot after. MW2 / Blackops just failed. BF always gunna be way better than COD anyway well new cod games anyway.
    CS:GO looks alright. but you dunno until the game comes out. should be decent like the last CS games have been. well you could see CS:GO kinda being screw up like with CSS and that stupid orange box engine update. which is true. if them little updates can even break things which does kinda suck.

  17. SunDayZ says:

    lol for me simple:
    -MW3 = MW2 the same so i will not buy it
    -CS:GO = Shit its like condition Zero
    -Battlefield 3 = PWNAGE OMFG I BUY IT
    but i will stay in css too 😀

  18. England was my second option 🙂
    Kaemon… I talked with him yesterday and I told him to post here, at least to show to the people that he is not dead, he said that he had nothing to say… what a bastard, I see he didn’t write nothing. I told him that some ppl miss him, he said: “nobody misses me” , damn!

  19. I will have the same nickname: Hannibal[SPA] , see you then 🙂

  20. I hope not too late, I would like to taste the hammer editor.

  21. I see that all we think the same: go go BF3!

  22. Maese Danielot says:

    We are sorry for the delay of mako v3, as soon as hannibal sorts his new life we will play it. For those who cant wait, we deeply sorry.

  23. Deathrowz says:

    At least its released on a weekend, I’m fine with the delay xD

  24. Anonymous says:

    how is the mako v3?

  25. dormantlemon says:

    england too? where do you live gregster? lincolnshire is mah luvly home.

  26. dormantlemon says:

    goddam awesome i expect

  27. ASDFlanders(aka STFU Ned Flanders) says:

    Lets not have a flamewar here.
    Both Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 will be good games.
    I mean, I have to come to terms with the fact that Battlefield 3 will be more exciting for ME and not for everyone else (ie my opinion) but i think that Modern Warfare 3 will be good as well and not fail as *everyone* (fanboys) predict.
    Hannibal, either you add me on Origin or something bad will happen.
    Very Very bad.

  28. dormantlemon says:

    hannibal can you add me on steam? I would like to talk to you regarding some mapping issues. Thanks

  29. Deathrowz says:

    I hope “that map” turns out good, it looks really promising =)

  30. Deathrowz says:

    Ohh pleeeeeaaassseee!! New Mako version be release on weekends >_<
    Its near completion!

  31. Riperzz says:

    Any News Hannibal?

  32. random nublet around says:

    where is teh new map han? sux to wait.

  33. CNe says:

    This place needs moar birds and cowbells =3

  34. Deathrowz says:

    In my opinion… I think the bunker door in Extreme II should delay more till it closes…
    Some players like to be at the far back coz of delays to dodge, once they kill Sephiroth the door closes way too early.

  35. ZaN says:

    Extreme II is suppose to be Impossible, according to Hannibal, and making it close slower, would make it too easy, just because some people can’t win / survive, doesn’t mean Hannibal should help them……

  36. Deathrowz says:

    The thing is, the attack Sephiroth does doesnt damage zombies + we gotta defend zombies coz bridge wont break. If everyone is just dodging we will get rape by zombies and if everyone is defending and some players are dodging they will be the only ones to win which the others who is defend wont have time to get to the bunker which is already closed. As soon as Sephiroth is killed its already nearly a quarter closed.

  37. ZaN says:

    use gravtiy / fire++ / electro++ / wind ++ or anything to keep them busy, or make a strategy with 20 % of your team backpedalling against the zombies and 80 % focusing on Bahamut

  38. Rubber Johnny says:

    I don’t think the team could afford to have 1/5 not shooting Bahamut, but if someone uses Gravity/Wind when you leave the final room zombies probably won’t catch up to you anyways.