Mako Reactor 3_1, ultimated!

Posted: September 4, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Map Update, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor, ZE Last Man Standing

Hi all! I know that the waiting was long, but this is the only way to upload something without bugs.

This is the v3_1 and last version of Mako Reactor. The map will never been updated or modified again (but in case of extreme fail I will make a fix like in Minas Tirith). Thanks to ZaN to help me with the texture problem of Bahamut πŸ™‚

“Yeah, now I’m red, like my ultima”

About Minas Tirith, I don’t know what to do. If you won, it’s done, you will be recognized, but when, this is the question. After this, I can finally start Last Man Standing (the last map), so, I think is better to put my 90% of time in LMS and the 10% at Minas Tirith (of my computer time). I think that everyone will prefer to play another map, but don’t worry, I will update Minas Tirith for sure, with the winners.

Now, it’s time to Last Man Standing.

As you see, new amazing games (like BF3, MW3, CS:GO, ME3, AC:Revelations,…) are coming, but this is not a reason to stop making my last map; in contrast, this is the reason to finish my time at CS:S with a nice map, and maybe (that is not my intention) giving a ‘end’ to the zombie mod. The plot of the map is simple : during all these years, the surviving humans (from italian villages, space stations, islands, artic, Raccon city, London,… ) as well as other characters have been fleeing to the safe point as well as the many zombies that have been following them. They have found a way to put an end to the zombie worldwide infestation . The survivors must work together to detonate the Cure bomb, which will kill all the zombies around the world.

So, the map will follow a post-apocalyptic theme as well as cross-over of other games and maps. Your mission is to survive at the last round, to activate the bomb. 4 teams that must work together to make it work. 4 stages to beat, but a non repeating of them. So, how it works? I found the Minas Tirith system a bit excessive (8 stages = between 1 hourt to 5 hours to beat the map); I find this system much better: to beat the map you need to play 4 stages (and not more), you will pass to the next round even if you fail. I will save this information to modify the next stages.

The 3 first stages are supposed to happen at same time. The last one will depend absolutely on the previous results. If you played bad, your last mission will be very hard and unexpected, if you do a good work, the last round will be different! I will explain more of this the next days.

Now, I would like to give the thanks to all the donators; and this map (my last) will materialize them with console commands, planks, and more. This map is (like Paranoid) an open map where I want to put many easter eggs/extras as possible. I would like to give you the opportunity of take part of this map (with a donation : ) ) , so, if you or you clan want to be part of the map, stay tunned for the next post, where I will explain this feature (I’m sure that lot of you will find it interesting).

have been fleeing to the point

  1. Metro says:

    Omg a new Mako reactor Wouw mate i cant wait to play it after sometimes with Minas time to make Mako a famous map πŸ˜‰

  2. Luffaren says:

    I’m really interested about last man standing, it sounds like you’re going out with a blast!
    Anyways i tested mako V3 a few days ago. Simply awesome update! πŸ˜€
    Can’t wait to try out the final version of it with all the fixes.

  3. We are the ones who can help Counter Strike zombie mod! We must end like a beast. I want to play your new one too.

  4. Riperzz says:

    Cant wait for last stand πŸ˜€

  5. sebaKa says:

    gj hannibal. keep it up

  6. Burnout says:

    I am unfortunately unable to make a donation but I would like to make a contribution, not in the form of money, but over all this time, all these maps I’ve played I’ve been inspired and have begun maping myself, my first project that has been started is ba_jail_blackmesa and the 2nd I have started in google sketchup is ba_jail_portal jailbreak is a slowly dying mod that I’d like to revamp, much as your maps have brought such an interest to zombie escape as one great mappers journey is coming to an end so many more have spawned in your wake, so many first time mappers have appeared out of the plaguefest server, I was hoping to give back to the community with time and dedication rather than with cash, I was hoping to accomplish even more with some help from you, tips, tricks or tools you use, any secrets of the trade per-see, anything that would help me become an even better mapper, tutorials, ideas and especially texturing which i’ve never done before.

    Anything you think could help me, I’d love to learn more, where better to get expertise from than from the experts. If you find anything that could help me, not even from just yourself but any1 else that does mapping that visits hannibal’s site could be sent to

    I can’t wait for the new maps, but I’d prefer not to call last man standing the end of ZM/ZE but a new beginning, a fresh start in CS;GO


  7. Maese Danielot says:

    We apologize if some of u got frustrated by bahamut and sephiroth.

  8. Deathrowz says:

    I am frustrated that it has to be release on Monday for me… the start of the week!! T_T

  9. Rubber Johnny says:

    That was because someone tried to change the difficulty to Extreme II but we won Normal anyways, not a bug, don’t be alarmed O.o

  10. null says:

    released today fuck decision

  11. Thanks for you comments.
    Specially for this one : ) Thank you, but for the Last Man Standing nobody can help, everything is very planned in my mind, as well as the method to do all the custom stuff (3d max, textures, etc…) I want to do it myself; it was supposed to be a map done by me and Kaemon, but we can do a map, he is without PC, and the times he had one he was veeery slow! , so I prefer to do it myself πŸ™‚

  12. Maese Danielot says:

    I expect too much from your maps too.

  13. Frosti says:

    Damn I had a big chance to solo on i3d (if ulti was casted 1 second earlier) also I’m wondered that i3d actually managed to hold this time and not noob nade like always. Anyways Hanni the timer is fucked up we usually reach the core at 4:10 and kill bahamut at 2:00. It takes 130 seconds for the explosion and mostly we activate the trigger at 1:50 which means we got to end it before it says 20 seconds left otherwise the automatic win system will be activated. So maybe do it like predator what Luffaren does with mp_roundlimit 9 or something.

  14. Chaparro says:

    Imo Bahamuts are fine now (finally!), fisrt baha forces you to use ultima 90% of time so it makes map hard and a good challenge, last baha is perfect now (not easy not hard), but sephirot… omg my dear sephirot (i mean last sephi), u said this map was going to be rly hard, but not imposible xD
    200hp/each the last sephi with zombies behind you… its a bit imposible to beat it i hope u can see it soon with your own eyes πŸ˜›

  15. Deathrowz says:

    Not really, if everyone stays off the slashing part after Bahamut and stays to defend that bridge (In which it use to falls) while one person dodges it, but though majority of that person will just full on rush in the bunker and dont jam the door for the others to just have an “Solo Epic win”.

  16. Hekjuh says:

    My favorite ZE map updated! What a great day, first the start of the new college year and now this. Oh wait, only the last one is great πŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait to play it for real. Of course updated the map on NovaGaming as well: [NL] #1 | Zombie Escape | Skins | gameME

  17. Deathrowz says:

    So.. once you triggered Sephiroth, the bunker door starts closing…? How in the hell can you kill Sephiroth in that amount of time when theres zombies behind our arses O_O
    Why not just make it close once a person has reach there?

  18. Epic says:

    ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v3_1 win in CTA ^^

  19. Anonymous says:

    as called 2 songs that play on the 2nd level?

  20. Anonymous says:

    as called 2 songs that play on the 2nd extreme level?

  21. Cazador says:


  22. thegregster101 says:

    very nice you bothered to update your popular mako reactor map. you realy set the standards with your maps both detail and game play. i look forward to your new map and what the future of “ze” holds for us all.

  23. Deathrowz says:

    Thats one of them.

  24. The first win for the moment πŸ™‚ a bit cheap due the combo

    (Remember that there is no contest, just for fun πŸ™‚ )

  25. That’s the meaning of the cowbells!

  26. CNe says:

    This should have been a contest since its so impossible….. πŸ˜† Also ya hiding is cheap should make an “afk teleport cage” for hiders πŸ‘Ώ

  27. Metro says:

    Lol Sephi so powerfuld haha hannibal gj πŸ˜‰

  28. Deathrowz says:

    Wait until we try to beat it “legitly”! NO HIDING! >=)

  29. Epic says:

    Now at the moment, there are a lot of pussies here -.-

  30. People are covering up, look there’s more to come at the end.

  31. fgddso says:

    So much lag on 3_1. No optimization?!?!

    Serevers playing 2_1 for that reason.

  32. fgddso says:

    LOL, zombies just won extreme II (HAHAHAHA)

    How can you leave such an elemental bug there?

    Also normal mode with FF original music (easy level before) = thanks πŸ˜€

  33. ZES - ProVeN says:

    The “pussies” are those who can’t accept a different tactic than their own.
    Why would you try to defend against 20 zombies with 6 cts alive?
    If you, the “pussies”, fail so much at bottom part, climbing, running, what ever, it’s not the fault of the hiding people.

    As the mighty Poopmaister once said to me “mako is boring, you could be also a bot to play it”. Yes, actually he’s right, because you “pussies” play like bots doing exactly what you always do, take the lift and wait upside to get owned by 4x zombies as humans, instead of being smart and try to avoid them, use tatics and time your materias to win the map.


    You should start blaming the fail bobs, standing on rails when baha use wind or those who climb into the sephi laser even as they know they are to dumb to make the jump in time or the materia spammers and fail materias without any + on higher stages, for the team to lose every fkn round.

    This map is possible as nido and frosti has proven. No doubt it needs teamplay and skill to win but remember “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” you CAN NOT win it with a full house of “pussies” mainly because they try to nade baha at end or run into the laser without thinking.

    The chance of winning this map duo is 100x higher than winning with 20 alive CTs.

    Well! apart from that i’m sure i’ll take another donation to hanni because he simply deserves it for his awesome work and i want an easter egg in LMS. πŸ˜‰

  34. Deathrowz says:

    I do agree that hiding when theres at least around 6 CTs alive will be the best thing to do, but people like Frosti does it all the time even if there is 20 players in the last room to just want a
    “Solo epic win”, mostly he has to troll everyone to achieve that. I think that was what he meant.
    And yes… a duo win will be much easier with more CTs, but having more CTs is probably now more epic since its nearly impossible to do in my opinion.

  35. Metro says:

    I must say i am impress with the way mako has gone Hannibal i hope last man standing goes much better and they should give you a Oscar for all ur map shame that doenst exist in CSS but valve should give you a SDK Award or something cus u wont find better mappers then ur self this days πŸ˜‰

  36. dormantlemon says:

    LMS sounds.. interesting. Im sure it will be brilliant, and i love the idea but i think its success depends on the chosen locations. Loving the mako update too a great way to finish. Couldnt have chosen a better soundtrack for extreme2 either. Kudos hannibal.

    Also hannibal i hear that you will very unlikely release any update to paranoid from now on, if you read this, would you ever consider release the source of it? I would love to learn from it or talk to you about some of the ‘things’ in it

  37. Deathrowz says:

    I think you seriously got to delay that bunker door T_T

  38. luklz says:


  39. luklz says:


  40. CNe says:

    CONGRATZ TO THEM. Gotta check again but it looks to be 1st legal win in my book =)

  41. loklz says:

    NO LOL, 4 servers have won it so far and its not that hard once u reach sephi :P. Its OK. If PF did it, we need to make that door close faster!!!

  42. urruti says:

    WTF? Why are u trolling han now? o.O

  43. teckei says:

    that’s not pF server, that’s ZombieMod Corp, only the player is from pF

  44. Deathrowz says:

    That win was like only 15 players, And no one has beaten ExtremeII with over 30 players without hiding of course, and you said theres 4 servers thats beaten it?
    Care to tell me the others besides ZM Corp and CTA?

  45. Ned Flanders says:

    Hanninbal, you have to include Witchcraft by Pendulum in Last Man Standing.
    It is a must.

  46. thegregster101 says:

    on that building you pass on the normal ze route that leads to the boxes with planks, why does it break? or is it only ment to break on extreme II for effect from explosion?

  47. Goku says:

    Can you remake it so that there’s no(or less) explosions in extreme 2. Yah I admit that my computer is not the best around but my fps drop by 10 for every damn explosion. I’m also having a hard time climbing the pipes.

  48. thegregster101 says:

    where are you kaemon!
    i want a kaemon rant!

  49. thegregster101 says:

    lower all your settings inculding you res. maybe 800×600

  50. dormantlemon says:


  51. gellait says:

    Hey guys, I’ve a question.

    I’ve trying to find the admin room or whatever are the switches to change diff anytime being admin with noclip but have had no succes :S

    Where are they?

  52. gellait says:

    Edit: I found it on the source:

    Why did you only add triggers to change diff to extreme, zm and extreme II, and not for normal and hard? I don’t see any reason 😦

  53. kakekek says:


    You know not everything is coding. Maybe you’re the one doing the big job, but Kaemon just helped u to delete useless or problematic stuff, to change things that were really bad, things that u maybe didn’t notice, etc.

  54. BotoX says:

    Extreme II is lagging badly. On many servers even unplayable. This needs a fix! I talk about serverside laggs, zombie mode is also lagging like shit but the worst laggs are at baha fight at extreme II.

    Anyways fucking great new mode! I was so near to win extreme II and then I got cought by a zombie at the end 😦

  55. Anonymous says:

    Its gonna be pretty damn epic & i agree with ProVen , if u are not pretty good at ZE
    listen to what the others say and don’t try to do ur own stupid thing that fails the map.

  56. xStuffz. says:

    Its gonna be pretty damn epic & i agree with ProVen , if u are not pretty good at ZE
    listen to what the others say and don’t try to do ur own stupid thing that fails the map.

  57. Astornauta says:

    Mako reaktor map is very dificult because IS 5 LEVELS and map is very perfect… Soy espaΓ±ol y se me da fatal el ingles esta muy bien hecho sobretodo el extreme 2 k ya me e pasado… Me ha costado pero lo e conseguido… Molaaa muchooo!

  58. Deathrowz says:

    Maybe its just you, I am fine with Bahamut with over 300 ping

  59. AnalGorilla says:

    What’s the name of the song that plays at this part? Sounds like a live version.

  60. bor3d says:

    Hey guys,

    I am not sure where to post this but on our server the bosses are very hard. I mean abnormally hard. I have had players who have been on various other servers complain to me that for some reason our bosses are extremely difficult. Has anyone else come across this? Is this a bug and if so, is there a way to fix this? If anyone has any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me on my site. Thanks all!

  61. bor3d says:

    Ever since the update this thing has been crashing non-stop. Sorry but I think the latest CSS update really forked this map.

  62. ExoP says:

    Can you give me the title of all the sounds in this map ? I love it !
    Very good job !

  63. Kaemon says:

    I guess that by “sounds” you mean “songs”. Anyway, all of them are listed in the last room; so go there in spectator (or survive as a human!) and just read them there.

    Most of them are from Pendulum or from Final Fantasy itself.

  64. Kaemon says:

    I haven’t seen a single crash on this map since update and I play it on multiple servers; so its probably a problem of the server you were playing on. Bug I guess it has been fixed already (I don’t usually look for comments on old posts).

  65. ExoP says:

    Yes,sorry i have a bad english. I know they are listed in the last room but they are illegible !

  66. What admin room?Pls normal screenshot
    P.S Sorry is bad English

  67. bor3d says:

    Doesn’t seem to be crashing as much now, not sure why. But still have the issue where our bosses are grossly overpowered. I don’t know what could be causing it, but many players say our servers bosses are MUCH harder than any other servers running Mako. We have the latest 3_1 running.