Project J revealed: ZE FFVII Junon!

Posted: October 15, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Junon

Yesterday in the morning I was playing some Mako Reactor on a server, chatting with the people there.
Then, this guy I don’t even remember the name mentioned how a friend of him bought CS:S just to play that very map (he was a big FFVII map apparently), and then I felt like revealing one of those projects of mine that has being in hiatus for a while: I’m doing a FFVII ZE map.

I already mentioned it once the blog, where I addressed it as “Project J” (you can check that post here).
I started this project some time ago; but then, as I always seem to do; I kinda stopped; and then I got my computer crash that lasted for arround 2 months.
So… Why reveal it now? Well… I’m getting back into mapping; and I’m going to force myself to map X hours a day at least; starting with a playable Alpha or Beta of the MG_2D (so people can at least try it and give opinions/suggestions) and then go into Junon (hopefully).

Unlike Hannibal (who hasn’t played Final Fantasy VII at all) I played it many times, and I’m a big fan of it; and I can easily consider it the best game I ever played. So when Maese Danielot (another big FFVII fan, IRL friend of Hannibal)ย forced him to make Mako Reactor, I was really happy about it.
But it wasn’t until it was on the servers with everybody playing, that I realized how much I love playing this map.
Some people may hate it; others may like it but grow bored of it because its kinda overplayed; but I still love playing it myself and I really enjoy it’s playability.
So I decided to make a FFVII map of my own; andย copy many of the aspects Hannibal & Maese Danielot used for Mako Reactor; since I want my map to be as close and relatable to Mako Reactor as possible; like if they were two maps from the same game; but specially because how much I enjoy playing Mako myself.

Many things will be different and change, obviously. And I will give my own point of view on some aspects; but mostly it should play a lot like Mako Reactor; so I guess that gives you an idea if you are going to like the map or not.

Now… Don’t get your hopes to high yet… For those who know me are aware that I tend to drop my maps easily, getting bored with them and feeling like starting a new project rather than investing more time on them…
I will really try to make this map come truth (and if I advance enough on it; I’m sure Maese Danielot could “force” Hannibal to finish it if I slack again, XD) but for the moment, just don’t think it’s a 100% sure thing, or that it’s coming anytime soon.

Anyway, here you got some screenshots of what I have done so far. Nothing is on “final status” so far; I mostly got the sizes and shapes; centered the map which is huge and almost doesn’t fit on the Hammer Grid, due to the longitude of both the Junon Streets andย Sister Ray (the Junon Cannon). Nothing is detailed so far.
If the map is ever released, it should contain Materias (similar to Mako ones, but with a different way to upgrade them), Difficulties (with different paths) and “Boss Battles” of some kind.

Junon Skyboxes. Most of the visible areas will be part of the Skybox.

A vision from inside one of Junon streets. This one will probably be the only one players run throught. It's really long on it's own. You can notice the amazing size of "Siter Ray" (Junon Cannon).

A picture of the whole place. The White Squares are the actual maximum size a map can have due to the Hammer Grid size. Notice how long the cannon is. Highwind (FFVII airship) is on front of it.

Now I’m going to have dinner, and see if I can manage myself to do something with that 2D level… Wish me luck!
Another day I will talk to you about some of my other dropped projects. XD

EDIT: I included the screenshots! XD

  1. ZaN says:

    well HOPEFULLY, we’ll see some more screenshots of the progress of Junon, after we played ( like 3-4 month ago? ) the map in it’s alpha stage it was rather interesting, really long, but i hope it will get released ( before we all die in 2012, hurr hurr )
    The only difference i see is 4 white boxes since last time i played the map?

  2. Kaemon says:

    The newest things aren’t visible from there; since that part was mostly “done” (shape/size/etc). There are inner rooms and corridors.
    Also, those “4 white boxes” (8 really, but only 4 visible) are a reference; marking the corners of the Hammer Grid; trying to make the map fit in.

  3. Riperzz says:

    No idea what that is but it looks cool.

  4. Kaemon says:

    I’m pretty sure you could have known form the title alone. It’s from Final Fantasy VII, and it’s called Junon. XD

  5. teckei says:

    omg, if this map actually gets done, I think I may never stop playing CSS xD

  6. Deathrowz says:


    I want to pwn that Sapphire Weapon, and it would be so funny if you see Tifa and that Shinra lady bitch slapping each other like in the game >=)

  7. Metro says:

    Kaemon you should start make 3D maps in future all turn into Digitalism

  8. Blue Dragon says:

    Oh, i had really fun on that particular day / night we played that mako.
    My friend nearly jizzed in his pants when i told him about this. :]

    ~Blue Dragon

  9. Ned Flanders says:

    i dont think i can wait for this without spontaneously combusting.
    kaemon, make this map and i will hate this map.

  10. DormantLemon says:

    1 word: intense.
    Anyway this announcement ties in nicely as i just finished another playthrough of FFVII and also FFVII crisis core

  11. GE | Roflcopter says:

    @I don’t know if you know this or not, but i think because of the update, if you play on mountdoom, and you get to the stage were your on that big wall thingy thats swinging from side to side – you get stuck inside of the big wall thngy now :/

    Also, a new FFVI is awsome ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Kaemon says:

    “And you get to the stage” in Mount Doom?
    “Big wall thingy thats swinging from side to side”?
    What are you talking about? XD

  13. BotoX says:

    The Bridge. People get stuck in it if they aren’t the first and jump to the other side. When the bridge moves it eats all humans which are standing on it and makes it impossible to jump over it with full speed. Most of the time people fall down. There is also a place where you don’t get teleported or killed, but I don’t want to tell this here :>

  14. Kaemon says:

    That’s Mines of Moria, not Mount Doom! XD
    And yes, I know about that place aswel; if a new version is ever released (not planned right now) that spot is getting removed; and the bridge probably improved.

  15. GE | Roflcopter says:

    Ah- My bad! Yea would be awesome if you look at that, it makes it impossible to survive sometimes if you don’t jump straight away :S

  16. BotoX says:

    Oh s***, but fix that aswell xD and the glitched spot.

  17. Burnout says:

    Alpha and Beta testers wanted??? *Grins*

    I think I like you guys better than myself, if only I could import stuff from google sketchup to hammer, I’m too lazy to learn how to use a new program ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. BotoX says:

    And please fix the Mako Extreme II (and Extreme) Bug that zombies can win…

  19. Kaemon says:

    Will mention it to Hannibal.
    Mako it’s maybe worth a new version at some point; since we may be abble now (still needs to be tested online) to keep the Materias Leveling System -AND- filter them at the same time so only the owner can use them; removing not only the second-hand-griefers; but also the need to ignite people using someone elses materia; specially by mistake while trying to press a door’s button.

  20. fuckballs says:

    Any music plans? Pendulum I hope.. hahaha

  21. Kaemon says:

    I will probably ask for help to both Maese Danielot and Hannibal on that matter; since I’m not a big music fan myself.
    However I got a couple themes I would like to include if they fit; aswel as many Final Fantasy Music as possible; including original Junon music for at least the first round.

    I doubt Pendulum will make it; since their “best” songs seem to have been taked already and I’m not sure repeating them would be a good idea; but nothing is clear yet, nor set in stone.
    I may aswel ask for suggestions in the forum at some point; right now I’m more worried about managing myself to start working on the map again. XD

  22. Kaemon says:

    Hammer is not that hard if you are really up for it. Also; I don’t know what your skills are like; but if they happened to be really good and you feeled like it; I’m pretty sure you can import stuff from Google Sketchup to 3DS Max, and I can import stuff from 3DS Max to Hammer (as models).

    If you feel like giving a try to Hammer; ask any (reasonal) doubts on my Mapping Forum. I can give you a nice list of Youtube Tutorials to get started aswel.

  23. Deathrowz says:

    I think you need to also change the Sephiroth’s HP formula (at the bridge on Extreme2). Its pretty much impossible with over 10 players there..

  24. Metro says:

    Kaemon sorry i dont speak about Junon here but i keep see people Glitch at Minas tirith on stage 4 and suddently diffuculty change to extreme 4 dunno how they do. but somehow , people knows how to glitch it and then diffculty change to stage 4 extreme hope hannibal can see what he can do thats all ๐Ÿ˜‰ thats why i asked here ofc this case is about FFVII Junon ;D

  25. Kaemon says:

    I have no clue about that glitch. Are you sure is people doing it, and not the map glitching?
    Knowing how its done would help fixing it if there is something to fix.

  26. BotoX says:

    The right side on Stage 4 at the last part. You can jump down when you got gandalf, horse or wk. The trigger_hurt isn’t at the ground so it hits you only once and you survive it. When you win alone and get switched to team red you get teleported to spawn and don’t earn a Level and the Stage wont change because noone earned a Level but the difficultity changes to extreme because the time is over ๐Ÿ˜‰ But please don’t remove the Bug that you can fall down without dieing xD

  27. furious_D says:

    This is my first time that I checked out the blog and I have to say I’m glad I did! New ff7 map? Fucking love it. Mako is one of my favorites so Im excited to see how Junon will play out. I would certainly love to beta test it too.

  28. Burnout says:

    That’d be great! Tutorials I’d need:
    -The basics
    -Moving entities (A bridge that extends)
    -Importing Music/Trigger Activated
    -Tecturing/Importing Textures

    As well as importing models like props, I was gonna use the tram from ze_blackmesa and the blast doors from ze_deathstar for the armory door, the other props would be like benches for the cafeteria.

    I started the project with a friend awhile ago all we ever got done was a non textured version of the cellblock. He said I had too many triggers or something like that so I’ll need a 2nd opinion. I can send you the sketchup model, it’s fully detailed, I also had a 2nd file with a more detailed cellblock that I’ll have to find I might not have it anymore.

  29. Burnout says:

    Accidentaly deleted something, I more need generalities than specifics and how to use the program, if I you’ll let me I can message you if I get stuck for help.

  30. Burnout says:

    I more need generalities than specifics, and also how to use the program, if I get stuck I can just pm some of my mapper freinds, get help on the plaguefest forums or send you a pm.

  31. Burnout says:

    Sorry for the double post :/

  32. Deathrowz says:

    Double!? More like quadruple.. xD

  33. Kaemon says:

    Go aks any Mapping related question to the forums; I won’t be answhering them here.

  34. FreeZe says:

    this is new and interesting to me. plz continue on this map kaemon.

  35. thegregster101 says:

    when i read it at first, i was like cool, then read on. them when i read “The White Squares are the actual maximum size a map can have due to the Hammer Grid size” i was like whaaaaaaaaaaaat o.O. that is pretty fat map. also the 1st image spins me out. what part is the 3d skybox?

  36. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, it’s a pretty fat map, but I think I will manage to make everything I need/want fit.
    And you can see the 3D Skybox in fornt (same thing but smaller), and the 3D Skybox being projected in the sky behind (everything).
    Most of the map visuals will be visible in the Skybox, keeping the real corridors/streets to a minimum; and I’m even thinking about toggling ON/OFF some details in the Skybox (usind Prop_Dynamics) to save FPS when they are not needed; since when you load the Skybox you load all of it, not only the parts you are seeing.