Post Number 100? No way!

Posted: October 27, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News

So this is our 100th post in the H&K Blog so far; and looks like it won’t be the last!
I haven’t posted anything in a while; and once more there is just my laziness (and some video games) to blame for it. But at least I worked a little on ZE FFVII Junon.

I was just going to post something fast and get back to mapping Junon; but since I realized this was the 100th post I decided to write a little more, and explain a little what “everyone” is doing lately.


Hannibal himself is still on Erasmus; studying and partying a lot; so he has not a lot of mapping time; however he has already started with Last Man Standing on Hammer (aswell as doing a great 3DSMax model for it).
The map will probably end having 4+1 stages instead of 3+1. The 3+1 layout wasn’t giving enough room for everything Hannibal wanted to include; and taking in mind that you change stage also when losing one, doesn’t make it that long to get to the final stage (just 4 rounds, even if you lose all 4).

I don’t know when I will start helping/mapping for Last Man Standing myself (since I promised him that I would help him with it; and I want to make sure he doesn’t screw visuals in a rush), but lately I had been having some troubles communicating Hannibal.


Luffaren is now one week off, apparently to Egypt. When he is back he will keep working on his own “Secret ZE Project“. It’s a really big project and whats to include lots of things on it (maybe too many). I’m usually trying to convince him to drop some stages/ideas, because he is risking on overdoing it; and looks like the more we discuss/comment on it, the better is looking while getting a more defined shape.
There is still a freaking lot of work to do before the map is even properly testable (talking about mappers-alpha here, not players-beta); but Luffaren keeps advancing on it, mostly doing models and having/changing ideas of how the map layout will be and how everything will work. One of many big points he wants to include, is original holding spots based on doing things in order to advance (on all of them if possible) instead of waiting for a “Door Timer” until they open.

On the other hand; we were seeing a map the other day; and Luffaren was surprised by the mapper releasing that map so shortly after his previous map, and I commented to him that “This kind of map could be done in a single day“. This idea amused Luffaren and he decided to give it a shot, and he did in fact made a ZE map in a single day!
The map is called ZE_Halo_POA (Pillar of Autumn) and is already “done“. However he is not really happy with the results; and the map needs some tweaking, balancing, testing, fixing and detailing if it wants to become worth playing. Luffaren himself is not sure if he will spend a couple extra days improving it, or if he will just drop the project as it is and don’t even bother to release.
We will probably know more about it when he comes back in a week; since he will have a lot of time to think about it.

As a last thing, Luffaren has also another ZE map queued for when he is done with his secret one; but that’s looking too far into the future. I believe I’m allowed to reveal the theme on this one; but I won’t just in case. Anyway he won’t even be working on it any time soon.


Eddie has been working on many things. On one hand he is working on a MiniGame that could prove itself quite fun to play, that uses the 2D system. The map gave him some problems, but he managed to work arround them and fixed almost everything. I believe that he is now giving the last touches and including some extras before releasing the map, and we even tested it online the other day. I will let you know as soon as it’s released.

He has been working aswell (not sure how much) on a new ZE Map. I don’t really know all the details (since even if he shared some thoughts with me, those didn’t seem to be final decisions yet, just ideas) or even if he has spent a lot of time on the project (but I know for a fact that he spent some time on it). If the map is ever released, it won’t probably be anytime soon. But if you want to get a close idea; he believes itself that the map will be more close to Paranoid than to a normal map.

Eddie has been also thinking that it’s about time to release a new version of Hypernova; fixing some glitches (including the infamous Cargo Lift abuse aswell at its killing floor) and improving some aspects of the map. He may include a “ranzomizer” than opens only one of the two possible paths when there are few players in the server. When they are enough, both paths will be open, but some tweaking (like shared-timers on the doors) will make sure that people on X path won’t arrive late (allowing you to choose between paths without having to pay for it) and other additions (like connecting the paths on at least one point before the Cargo Lift Room) will make it more interesting, allowing players to change to other path if they need to.

On a last note; Eddie has been working on a course for my own 2D-MiniGame. It’s almost done, and I will put myself into making it playable as soon as I get it (I didn’t forget about the 2D-MiniGame, I’m just slow and lazy). So I have to thank him for that.


Lately I had been talking quite a lot with Freekheid; a mapper that did ZE_Resonance_Cascade some time ago (a map based on the very start of the original Half-Life). The map was outdated and had some problems, specially huge lag spikes and crashing issues; all due to the IN and extra entities caused of the many humanoid-models he was using.
I learned him how to get rid of that problem and is doing a new version that should be released soon enough (I think he is looking for a server to test it right now), so if you liked this map and were missing it, you have reasons to celebrate!


As last… Myself, Kaemon.

I had been a pretty big slacker those last years… Not sure of the reasons. I like starting projects and thinking about original ideas and concepts, and try if they are doable within Hammer when they are weird ones; but as soon as I find a way to make them possible, I kinda lose the interest on making the rest of the map and release something playable.
Still; I’m really trying hard to start focusing and releasing some maps; and even if I had been doing it way too slow; I’m still planing on releasing the 2D MiniGame map (which BTW, it’s supposed to be a platformer like Mario or Sonic with multiple courses; not different MiniGames using a 2D view as some people seem to think) and now the ZE FFVII Junon map. My next rant may be about details on Junon, and I’m going back to keep mapping it as I post this rant.

About other projects I would like to make (but are completely ignored until at least a MG_2D beta is released, and probably until Junon is playable on servers) would include a couple minigames map (“Coliseum” and “Bunker”) and a couple of ZE maps (one being based in the original Starship Troopers movie; being a quite simple and mostly old-style ZE map).

As a last point, I have a big note on my To-Do-List of doing a Paranoid Remake. I (and many people I know) love playing Paranoid. However I must admit that there are many problems with the map right now.
On the latest versions the map lost “something“; and there are many minor glitches and some major balance problems. Also, on full servers (or during certain “Map-Mods”) the map seems to be crashing every time…
I don’t really want to make a new version, but a full remake from zero. The main reason is to get rid of lots of badly-done basic things within the map. Some were rushed, others fixed twice or more times due to engine updates, other are outdated but still have some entities lost in the map, and some were just made when we had less knowledge of Hammer and how to face its limitations… Also, making a new version from zero would allow me (or us if Hannibal joins) to make some drastic changes within the map itself that couldn’t be done otherwise, because a map with so many things as Paranoid, anything you add/change can glitch/conflict with other things/mods (a clear example is the current Reverse Mode nuke not working properly).
I will do a specific rant about this subject sometime when I’m done with at least one of my current projects; including some of the major changes I think the map could get, asking for people opinion on them.

So… That’s it. Going back to Junon now; and to the 2D_MG at some point after I get Eddie‘s course for it; will try to release an open Alpha or Beta soon enough so you can play/test it yourselves!

Wish me luck! I just hope that if I manage to release this map, is as fun (to me; I know many people don’t like some map styles) to play as Mako Reactor!

  1. Mr.HotDog says:

    Gratz Hanni and keamon i made a cake for you guys.
    (btw i ate the cake sorry make 1 yourself :D)

  2. Kaemon says:

    I would have expected a hot dog from you instead, to be honest.
    Also, once more, the cake proved itself to be a lie; may that meme never die.

  3. ZaN says:

    With the amount of ideas you had for Junon and what you wanted to have it included and how much of a slacker ( no offence ), i don’t know if i should have faith in you or have my doubts on you, but i’m hoping ( i think ) your ideas will become real

  4. Agent Wesker says:

    Last Man Standing better not have player levels like Minas did because then everyone who didn’t play from round 1 and win every time will be screwed over. It would be great if everyone had fair chance on the items.

  5. Kaemon says:

    Nah, it won’t have player levels. But you may get a special thing (maybe only visual) if you are the last man standing on a round. XD

    However, what you do on the 4 first stages will be taken into account for the final stage. So if you (for example) manage to get a Flamethrower and bring it to the end of Stage 2; it will be available on Stage 5.

  6. Cazador says:

    If you want my opinion, I think you are planning to do too much by yourself.

    CS:GO will be released next year I think but you want to make MG 2D, Paranoid from scratch, Junon, and help hannibal with some parts in LMS.

    It’s true that CSGO might fail but maybe not XD

  7. fafa says:

    ya ofc it will fail u nooooooob,back to Junon

  8. Luffaren says:

    Make Junon now!
    Going out, bye.

  9. Deathrowz says:

    Calling Caz a “nooooooob” is unacceptable.

  10. Agent Wesker says:

    You probably already know this but if you release another version of Paranoid, fix the Vulcan / Minigun glitch that crashes the server.

  11. Kaemon says:

    Are you sure? Because I try to do so as many times a day as possible. XD

  12. Kaemon says:

    I honestly don’t know what you are talking about.
    As far as I’m concerned, none of those weapons crash the server; so if they really can do so; I want to know all the details.

  13. chet says:

    actually minigun can crash the server today I think it was 4 pm I play at DKfun zombie escape server and at the end before ct get teleport to room to choose the final mod to win some one was spam minigun for like 20 second and when we get teleport to chose the mod to win server crash I was think that it was me because sometimes I lagout so I ask him server crash he say yes(I will go to spactate and record demo)and you relay need to fix the Turtle sound I mean someone get it and keep spaming it for no reason at all and sometimes it very annoying

  14. Kaemon says:

    Yeah… So far, my personal biggest concerns with Paranoid include The Turtle Launcher (annoying exploitable glitch), The Crow (too easy to abuse/win with), The Destroyer (Orange version fo Annihilator, has a too big radious), the nuke of Reverse Mode not working; and obviously all the things that may cause a crash …

    Oh, and probably Zombie Weapon Yellow Jumper could get a nerf.

  15. chet says:

    I forgot something I saw for first time that I see there was human that win and next round he was invisible and he can do high jump just saying its not fair since the door get block and he can jump over it

  16. Anonymous says:

    Deleted by Kaemon.

  17. Kaemon says:

    Thanks dude; will check it. I deleted so griefers/trolls don’t learn about that. XD

  18. Wesker says:

    I was planning on making a maze map (like paranoid) but themed completely as silent hill, with both a foggy area and a rusty hell area. It would have items and multiple stages but have a classic gameplay feel. SG Rippers was going to help me make it and if he does decide to then we will start making the map.

    Problem is I get bored doing a lot of brush work which is why im trying to get at least 1 other person working on the map as well.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Kaemon are you gonna make a new paranoid i mean the one like hannibal did from ur own idea or u will copy some of hannibals work just wanted to ask thats all i like paranoids maps

  20. luffaren was or is making a silent hill map. maybe you share some ideas?

  21. Kaemon says:

    He wants to make one indeed, and he event started it. But right now is queued after his current secret project. Also, it’s not going to be Maze/Paranoid themed.

  22. Kaemon says:

    Right now I’m fighting myself to finish Junon. I talked Hannibal into the possibility of him releasing a new Paranoid version (mostly some fixes and try to reduce the chances of getting a crash).

    If I manage to finish my Junon map and I go into the Paranoid Remake, it will be a remake starting from zero; but repeating/copying many of the ideas and items in the original Paranoid. One big thought is changing the “Switching Walls” with just a normal labyrinth layout (that changes between rounds).

  23. chet says:

    I was think that sometimes round is to easy for the human so I was think to put anti guns for example the gun (mp5) that slow the zombie and 1 zombie have knife he use it and the zombie will be not slow that will be very hard for humans and it give us a challenge (just idea)

  24. Agent Wesker says:

    If you ever need ideas for maps, just look at MG they are very creative…

    for example I just saw mg_cubefield and mg_mario_kart

    in cubefield random cubes spawn and you have to dodge them, its interesting how the gameplay works and how the entities were setup

    in mario kart you get to drive / control func_physboxes that look like karts around a track until you win

    These ideas don’t directly work with ZE at all but its cool and inspiring.

  25. Anonymous says:

    in few years that might be post 1000 ;D

  26. cl2 says:

    Do a ZE_Silent Hill map as good as the early games of the series to take ze to another level of awesomeness like Mako did.

  27. Deathrowz says:

    New vote poll (Finally..)

    – ZE FFVII Junon (Stopped)


  28. Kaemon says:

    Hopefully it won’t be like that for too long; I will post about it in a couple of days.