New poll and some info! Help Luffaren decide!

Posted: November 8, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Special

Ey there everybody! Once more I had been slacking with the blog. Sorry.

At least I improved it a little. I changed the way the “Current Projects“/“What are we doing?” section shows up. Now it should be easier to change for us (making it easier to keep up to date) and also more comfortable to read.
I also changed the “Poll of the Season” (it was about time; it was previously known as “Poll of the Month” and it almost changed to “Poll of the Year” XD); and I did so with Luffaren‘s Projects, that I will take a time to explain so you can vote with more knowledge about them.

Luffaren started working on his “Secret Project” (I wonder when I will be allowed to reveal the theme) some time ago, and he has kept mapping it for a while now. There is still lots of work to do until its even testable, but so far is looking good (or at least promising).
He has made many custom models (and even particles) for it; and has thought and designed many of the things you will encounter in the map; including things like Bosses, Powerups, Events and Stages. His original plan is to stick with this Secret Project until finished, and then move to his next map.

Luffaren also stated long time ago that he really wanted to make a Silent Hill map. He even started it, but he decided to stick to only one map at the time, and so he chose to prioritize the “Secret Project“. I know it’s hard to vote between SH and something “Secret”; but what are we going to do? You can trust Luffaren and his new map with stages and bosses, or you can ask for a map of a franchise you love.

As a last project; Luffaren tried something new some weeks ago. He made A MAP IN ONE DAY. That’s it; he started doing the map, and 24 hours later it was released (and he slept and all that; he didn’t spend 24 hours doing the map), and that’s how Halo POA (Pillar of Autum) was born.
You can tell by playing the map that is not as good and detailed as it should; and that it hasn’t been even balanced/fixed yet. Luffaren wasn’t really sure if it was worth spending more time fixing/improving it, or just drop the “1-Day-Project” map and go back to his more serious and ambitious projects… So, do you think its worth that Luffaren spends time on Halo POA, or is that map beyond salvation without really major changes that he has not time nor mood to make?

And now, since I postead a new poll, it’s time to post and check the results of the old one (even if you all were able to look at them when you felt like doing so, XD).
Our last Poll, “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING ZOMBIE MOD” showed us those results:

5,71% (45 persons) “Started playing recently”.
12,94% (102 persons) “Had been playing for several months”.
37,94% (299 persons) “Had been playing for some years”
40,84% (322 persons) “Are Madafaka Oldschoolers
2,54% (20 persons) “Don’t play Zombie Mod at all”

Those are some interesting results. I can’t say if the mod itself is not atracting new players anymore (which is a possibility), but for sure most of the persons visiting our blog (78%) had been playing ZM for years now.

Anyway, I hope you help Luffaren decide what to do. His original plan was to make the “Secret Project” and then switch to the Silent Hill map; but then Halo POA 1-day-project showed up, and now he is unsure if he should spend time trying to fix it and make a map worth playing out of it or just forget about it never happening.
I would do a new post in a couple of days to explain why “ZE FFVII Junon” shows as  “stopped” on that new list; I hope it doesn’t remain like that for too long.

  1. chet says:

    Well I don’t think that luffaren should fix any thing in halo I mean he do it in just 24h that very good and I like the map because its simple not hard not long so I hope he don’t fix it and work on his project (good luck with that)

  2. JorisCeoen says:

    Secret Project! I want to know what it is! We already know what Silent Hill will look like (Assuming you know SH). The rest is secondary to my opinion. I have also several new projects, but I learned to stick with one map/time, which is Cathedral Escape atm. (same counts for creating videos really, but I like to do more/same time, but never gives the best results)

  3. Agent Wesker says:

    I say Silent Hill, because I like maps with good theme / atmosphere.

  4. Kaemon says:

    90 Votes and 3 Comments so far. You guys like commenting! XD

  5. Riperzz says:

    I don’t care I just want new map :).

  6. Kaemon says:

    That’s the spirit! I guess… ? XD

  7. dormantlemon says:

    I think the lack of comments shows that people dont mind what luffaren does, that whatever he produces will be great anyway.

  8. chet says:

    I just wish that new luffaren map will be kingdom hearts xD

  9. Luffaren says:

    You sure? >:P

  10. thegregster101 says:

    where can i download the halo map? i wanna give it the old once over 😀

  11. chet says:

    Lol luff if your map is kingdom hearts I will go crazy and I hope you tell us some stuf about the map like this week

  12. Kaemon says:

    Don’t know if he will be up for telling anything yet (still a long way until the map even starts getting its shape done).
    But I can tell you however that today we did a pretty cool engine for one of the map events, and I managed to pull together a quite nice model for his map 🙂

  13. Kaemon says:

    Here you go:
    Use at your own risk. The map was made in a single day and wasn’t tested with players (that’s the original and only version so far).

  14. Deathrowz says:

    I’m really sure >=D

  15. chet says:

    Then how about take some pic and show to us like the new ffvii map?

  16. Deathrowz says:

    Derp he already did and he stopped.

  17. Kaemon says:

    Fear not, I will end this map, even if its after CS:GO has come out! But yeah, right now I’m working on a different project that I kinda got hired for… 😦

  18. Anonymous says:

    So mean that , when CS:GO comes out , everyone will give up on CS:S ? 😦