No news so far… Well… Some?

Posted: November 18, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News

Ey there, just a quick rant to remember that the blog is not dead; but lately I have no news to share. I’m waiting to solve a couple of “issues” and talk with a couple of guys before knowing exactly what is going to happen; at this point talking about those things is pointless until they are confirmed.

So far I briefly stopped working on ZE Junon because I got kinda hired for making a ZM map; I’m working on it on a regular basis (unbelievable!) and I should be able to make it quite fast and get some “practise” (in NOT slacking, XD) for Junon. But I need to chat with a couple of guys before being sure of what I’m going to do.

On the other hand, yesterday I felt like playing around with 3D Studio Max, and I made a model for Luffaren’s upcoming ZE map. The results are amazing (specially compared with his previous model for the role) and now just needs some nice animations.
I also explained to Luffaren a system based on the same rules of the “Minas Tirith Meteor – Detecting Humans System” and made him a rough test map with it working (is for a completly different thing, not for an aiming attack). He then proceeded to polish and improve it; it’s going to be used for the same Boss Fight that the model I made… And boy, in my honest opinion is looking incredible.

I don’t know when I will be able to share images (or even info!) about the model or the system, since Luffaren’s new ZE map is still a “Secret Project” so far, however, we kinda decided to give a go to one of the Gamebanana contests going on right now (Treasure Hunter) using both the system and model I just mentioned… so if Luffaren starts the map (should do so tomorrow) and we decide to make it; you will see (and even be able to play!) a preview (well, the entire fight, even if it’s sightly different) of that upcoming boss for his ZE Map, wich is planed right now (may change) to be the Boss of Stage 5 out of 8.
It won’t give away the theme of the map; but can be a huge hint towards discovering it.

I will try to talk to those guys I need to talk to bring you more news. Cya soon!

PD: Oh, as a friendly reminder, we enjoy reading and answering your comments; so don’t be shy and post one! More comments will probably encourage us to write more rants! 😛
And if you have the time and the mood, you can also comment on the Gamebanana Maps to let the authors know what you think about their work!

  1. Deathrowz says:

    Now I dont think Luff’s secret project will be Kingdom Hearts, lol.

  2. chet says:

    Wow can’t wait for it and kaemon what will you be your zm map?(Don’t make lilla_panic there like to mush of it and relay look for it)luff just idea you should make boss round for example at minas after extream mod stage4 we fight barlog tell we kill him after that likr ultimate stage preadoter,barlog and bahamut and all of them become 1 monster it will be epic(it will take 3second then we fucked up xD)but if luff do that it will be the most epic map ever (again it just idea)

  3. Kaemon says:

    I see big chances of his last boss fight being a little like that.

    And worry not, is not a Lila_Panic. XD
    It will be a Space Station (not sure yet if “old & rusty” or “white & clean”). I prefer the first one, and it’s “easier” (all the needed textures are already in Hammer) while the second one is prefered by my “boss” and is more original.

  4. Luffaren says:

    Kaemon’s been helping alot with the modeling/concepts for the contestmap which is starting to become something pretty darn awesome. Me myself is creating the actual map tough it’s going pretty slow, but i guess Kaemon is coming along helping with that sooner or later. The prize shall be ours!

    As for the secret project..
    The final fight will indeed be something special, altough it wont include bosses from other maps.
    I restarted the WHOLE layout again (for about the 5th time.. now) because all the places/stuff in the map would be way to close to eachother. I’m gonna use a skybox technique that Kaemon is using for Junon.

  5. chet says:

    Hmm…. I guess it will be map from l4d,dead space, resident evil5 OR its call of duty map? lol (luff don’t make it to long like minas let it like predator like in normal and hyper he don’t move and other side he move at hard and ultimate I hope you call it ultimate better then extreme xD)

  6. chet says:

    Dame it luff you just make lose 5$ xD
    Hmm…. I guess it will be map from l4d,dead space, resident evil5 OR its call of duty map? lol (luff don’t make it to long like minas let it like predator like in normal and hyper he don’t move and other side he move at hard and ultimate I hope you call it ultimate better then extreme xD)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just to point out a thing, a requirement is to get this map to run on Windows 95, If not you fail at life xD.

    In short what I mean of this is, don’t make it too visual, It is fascinating the first few times, later on you just focus on the basic strategy, make it more strategic.

  8. Burnout says:

    Aww but I’m getting a new pc for Christmas just for swtor and these visual intensive maps (as well as more ram for my architectural design and illustration), might put off my ze project until I get the new 1, just finish the sketchup model and use el usb.

  9. Hannibal[SPA] says:

    Hi all, sorry for not to appearing during an entire month; so many things to be attended during the erasmus; I dont have time for mapping and I forgot to come here and post/comment (I play ‘sometimes’ BF3 but thats all). The erasmus is finish so I must focus on the works, examns and parties, see you soon! (I still talk with Kaemon 🙂 )

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Luffaren says:

    Alright this might seem kinda off the mapping subject, but please help me and my class to win a day off at the lasertag!

    After all the hours of mapping and slacking i think i deserve some time off 😛
    Anywyas here’s the link


  12. Luffaren says:

    *Like it*

  13. Luffaren says:

    If it gets enough likes, i might just give a sneak peak preview of the secret project, some pictures and details ensured!
    I’ll most likely feel alot better to map after the day off aswell, so get on the ball and help me out here 🙂

    And no, i shouldn’t be spamming about this here

  14. chet says:

    Good luck hannibal with exams
    Send it to over 100 friends and 167 friends on black berry messenger you should just tell me about your map xD