Just a quick rant!

Posted: December 6, 2011 by Kaemon in Guide, Kaemon's Rants, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hello everybody! Just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive. Don’t know about Hannibal, but I guess he is fine.

Once more I had been slacking more than working; but I have done some mapping aswell! However I have spent a lot of time playing both Minecraft v1.0 and Dota 2 Beta (a friend gave me an invite!).

In case you didn’t know; I’m making a MG map along with Luffaren for a Gamebanana Contest. We liked the theme and wanted to see how we worked together and with a time limit. The last day to release the map is the 13th of this month, so you will be able to download and play it in less than a week.
The map will probably be shorter, easier and less detailed than originally planned; but we will need to make it playable for the contest. If people like it, we may update it in the future adding more content and details.
The gameplay is mostly like your average Course Map with traps and obstacles, but with some big differences; like the fact that you are working as a team and that many rooms can’t be done alone.  There will be a “surprise” for the final challenge aswell.
Right now most of the (very) basics are done; we just need to polish them and put all the pieces together. We should also make more “Trap-Rooms” (we have way too few right now), but we are kinda running out of time.

I will post in the blog (of course!) as soon as we release it this week. I believe this time we will need more help and suggestions (along testing) than usually; since many of the traps may be too hard/easy; or lack re-playability.

Meanwhile, feel free to check this great Minas Tirith Item Guide video made by Tony Montana:


Let’s see how many trap-rooms I can manage to make in the 5 remaining days…
I hope we can get at least a dozen traps…

  1. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    Hello. Good to see some of your projects still going ahead.

    As you know, I tried a couple of ZE maps, liked what I had, but then got dis-interested. I spent hundreds of hours of hammer creating systems and layout designs but never released a proper map (JB_ and deathrun_ do not count ;)).

    Its now been, approx 5 months since I mapped or played CSS at all so it looks like my days of mapping have come to an end.

    Just wanted to say good luck to Hannibal, Kaemon, Luffaren and anyone else along the way who Ive got to know. Its been a long time since I first met Hannibal and co on Minas Tirith, and it is this community of ZE mappers, and players (feedback is massive) that have brought ZE so far in the last few years.

    Il continue to follow this website of course.

    (someone should make a Skyrim one 😉 — ze_solitude? o; (epic landscape, ending event & layout possibilities) 🙂

  2. Hannibal[SPA] says:

    Thanks Tony for makin that video 🙂 things like that make me feel that for one time I made a good map for a game, and the video will be kept at youtube : D thanks again.

    Oh Puni, its a shame you quit mapping, I hope you still playing CSS! I didn’t map for 2 months at least, but I still feel that I want to map, and come back to this, I need to finish one more. Battlefield 3 is amazing, unveliable, etc… but… CSS still has more fun! I hate to do this, yesterday I thought “oh man! I miss when the games were about fun and not about leveling and upgrading your player” while I was playing BF3. I will be back ppl. Stay playing CSS because i think is the most funniest game ever 🙂

  3. I will look forward to playing this MG map you and Luffaren have been making. Speaking of MG maps i need to finish my robot wars one i started. BF3 has stopped a lot of mapping from happening. All the best with your projects!

  4. JorisCeoen says:

    Hey Kaemon! I’ve been mapping a lot lately and my map has advanced rather quickly, but it’s not finished yet! I hope it will be finished in the next vacation (if I don’t rush too much, because then I would better delay it to finish it correctly). Maybe, if you want to, could you post in your next blog/rant that I’m also developing a map (it’s going to be called ze_cathedral_escape). Thank you very much in advance!

    Kind regards,

    Joris Ceoen

  5. dormantlemon says:

    reminds me i should get back to work too, uni assignments crept up on me. I saw the competition too, but personally it didnt inspire me at all. However I look forward to seeing the combined work of 2 mapping greats

  6. Deathrowz says:

    Is that based on the TV show that had stopped airing? I remember a show called Robot Wars and its about 2 robots that were create and controlled by a team to destroy the other in an arena =P

  7. dormantlemon says:

    That series was incredible. I went to go see it live twice when it was running (they did like 7 series). It could make for a fun MG i guess, but itd be immensly complex to actually do properly..