MG_Serpentis_Temple (Beta 0?) – RELEASED!

Posted: December 12, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, News

Lost in the mountains of Laos, in Asia, lies a forgotten temple, host of mysterious powers… No living being has entered it on the last centuries; but now you and your team are prepared to face the challenges that wait within!
Face the traps and obstacles of the Temple of Serpentis as a team while you try to discover the ancient artifact the legends spoke of…  Will you result victorius?

Check the map on GAMEBANANA: Gamebanana
Download from Kaemon’s DROPBOX: Download

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So, as mentioned previously, both Luffaren and myself decided to join a Gamebanana Contest, with the simple rule of making a “Treasure Hunting” themed map for any source game.
We joined this contest for a couple of reasons (the small price not being one of them, XD). First of all, we had a couple of new “systems” that are probably going to be used on Luffaren‘s future ZE map; and we felt like using them in this map for a run test, and because we thought they were fun and original on their own. Also, this project helped us to work together in a more efficient way and learn some little tricks from each other.

Also I got forced to map with a release date, and I think it did me well, since I mapped quite a lot (specially on the last days) to release a map; even if it was done along with a partner.
However; I believe I put way a lot more of myself in this map than I did in Paranoid; where I kinda just helped Hannibal with this and that; and most of my brushwork got rapped because engine limitations we didn’t know to avoid back in the day.

Still, I must admit that both me and Luffaren slacked quite a lot on this project; and I belive more than half of the map was done in the last 5-days… (Sad but true). From what we had planned; probably only 1/3 made it to final cut; and the detailing and optimization is quite low on several places.
I personally expect to release future versions of this map; not only fixing and improving as its needed; but also to change the whole map layout; add lots of details (not only visual ones); and specially increasing the number of traps/challenges (making the map at least twice longer) along with improving the re-playability of the map (many of the current traps were meant to be randomized every time you play the map; but most of them stayed as always-the-same-solution for this version).
Also, currently there are only 6 out of 8 “Crystal Rooms“; and some of them are filler, and were supposed to be part of the “normal path“.
I also want to get rid of all (or most) the teleports; to allow the map to play with Block-On, and to encourage/force exploring and a more labyrinthic layout (right now is linear). Also we plan introducing “Magical Orbs” that will allow you to enable a limited number of shortcuts on some of the traps you had overcome (to help less-skilled people, or for a faster-comeback).

Okay… Enough about what it could had been, and let’s talk about the current map itself!
Is a Mini Game map and kinda requires No-Block to play properly (since there are teleports). It’s quite similar to your average Course Map, with traps and obstacles to overcome for a goal.
However, it’s different from most course maps in some aspects.

First of all I wanted to make the trap “realistic“. And with this I mean that most of them look like they could exist and act as they do; and even the “fantastic” ones seem to follow some kind of consensual rules.
And secondly, unlike most course maps, here you play as a team (and respawn is allowed except during the final-event). Some rooms require more than 1 person to be completed and you sure will need your friends when facing the final challenge. I want to do a special mention to both the “Mace Crystal Room” and the “3-Doorways Crystal Room”.
Those are the only “real” Crystal Rooms so far; since both require Team Work and some puzzle-solving, and can be a pain (or impossible) to win alone; and you will probably enjoy a nice communication and team work. And even still may take several minutes to overcome! You are warned!

We think everything works as it should and the map should be possible to complete as it is. Still, I consider it more a Beta-1 than a Version-1. As mentioned, is missing lots of the rooms we wanted to include (and I hope we include them someday!) and some rooms had been obviously “rushed” (and even those that weren’t rushed that much aren’t still as nicely done as we wanted) and there are tons of minor details (including easter-eggs and secrets) that aren’t present at all…

Anyway; I hope you enjoy playing the map! Let us know everything about your experiences playing it!
Was it fun? Was it surprising? You enjoyed it? You find any bug? You specially liked/disliked some room/trap/event? What was your favorite? And the worst? You think some place is too easy or too hard? You managed to win the map without cheating?

Anything you have to say about the map, we are more than glad to know about it! Enjoy!

  1. Kaemon says:

    Let me know if your server uploads and start playing this map; I want to see what people think about it; what parts they enjoy, and what they manage to do! XD

  2. chet says:

    You should tests it in steamgamers MG server

  3. Kaemon says:

    I just played the map for several hours on a server with constant 10-30 people.
    I didn’t found as many glitches/bugs as expected; but the few I noted down are really big ones; including one that can make the whole map unbeteable without an admin.

    Will try to convice Luffaren (he has all the models/particles) for making a new release with those things fixed tomorrow.
    Had lots of fun with the guys I played; and some of them really seemed to enjoy the map; and liked the fact that you NEED (not an option) team work at some places. And others (like the 3-Door-Ways) can take ages unless you are really lucky or get coordinated with your team mates.

    Also… I’m not really that proud of the map in it’s current status. The rush for releasing it in time (for the contest) really shows at places. I hope we keep improving it.

  4. Mr.HotDog says:

    If there comes a event i would love to join, sadly enough cs:s has become to borring for me 😦

  5. Blue Dragon says:

    Just leaving this here, for you, Kaemon.
    Might require you to log in.

  6. Kaemon says:

    Thanks for the link; glad to see people are mostly enjoying the map 🙂

  7. Agent Wesker says:

    Someone should make a video walkthrough of this map and post it on youtube. I would but I have not yet mastered all the challenges.

  8. Kaemon says:

    Imo they should wait MINIMUM for the next version. Since it includes probably all the needed fixes; and changing the Rotating-Blades room place.
    Amonsgt the things that would change if the guide was made now; is that if you fail (don’t chose the 4 correct paths) on the 3-Door-Ways room; you are forced (by a bug) to walk throught them a 5th time.

    This has already be fixed for the next version.

  9. Joris Ceoen says:

    Since I do CSS videos all the time, maybe I could do it. But as what Kaemon said, I was already anticipating such an answer because he said the version was not stable. I’ll wait until there’s confirmation of a fully working version!