I came back! :)

Posted: January 2, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in News, Special

Hi all! I finally came back to Spain and finished my ERASMUS. I had a very nice time these four months and I’m thinking in coming back again, for visiting my friends and look for a work out of Spain. I didn’t practise written english (and I spent too much time with spaniards) so I will probably have the same mistakes (anyway, I think I wont write again “RETREAVING” instead of “RETREAT” xD). As you saw, I hadn’t too much time for playing/posting/editing : I played CS a bit, as well as played Battlefield 3 but no more than 4h per week (and Serious Sam 3); I posted nothing (I had enough things and places to check emails/posts/webs); and I edited just a bit, in the beginning of the ERASMUS like 10h of the Last Man Standing map but then I noticed that I could edit when I come back.

I recommend to everyone to try the ERASMUS or international exchanges; if you take profit of this you will probably have some of the bests moments of your life :); you will meet a lot of people and see the life in another way; it’s easy to travel and see new countries 🙂 I know that lot of you are students, start checking about that, you won’t regret it.

Anyway, there are things that never change. I feel the same about mapping and gaming before leaving Spain. I wanna keep myself in the world of gamming 🙂 even if I have less time than before : the Last Man Standing has to be done. Battlefield 3 is not funny enought; I play for fun, not for competing, and BF3 is pure competition and serious war. Counter Strike still in the top of my game list, so mapping again starts today.

About the already made maps , Kaemon told me about many bugs/problems of some of my maps, the only that I will probably update is Minas Tirith, but not so hardly. About the competition I made months ago, I’m very sorry but I won’t made the things I promised, I can’t really see who is better than who (too many demos and screenshots); anyway, I already have my list of winners of server and player competition; I will put them on the map, but thats all.

About Last Man Standing, I drew the planes, and did somethings and it will be easier to start it (or continue it).
I’m very happy to see that Kaemon finally published a map 🙂 Congratulations my friend! I played it the day before an exam (when I was in Ireland), so I didn’t see everything (I played for 1h and a bit more); but the map is freaking amazing. The slide minigame is very addictive, I couldn’t stop, “one more time! and I go study” I said that like 5 or 6 time.

See you on these days, I will keep online for now 🙂 It’s nice to see that CS:S still with life and still being the funniest game!

  1. cl2 says:

    “and still being the funniest game!”

    I thought so until I saw Skyrim. Maybe that’s not the type of game that you prefer, but it wasn’t for me neither and I don’t regret trying it- after 5 hours of Skyrim I had to buy it. It’s really epic and I’d love to see a skyrim map for ZE.
    Anyways, glad to hear that LMS is still in work and hopefully there will be more info or even screenshots in near future.

  2. Skye says:

    And, you going to fix the glitch in Mako?

  3. Mr.HotDog says:

    Welcome back pall, question if cs:go comes out and ZE works on it again (lets hope maps also)
    are you going to remake your maps for it and maybe make another map?

  4. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    welcome back mate, glad you had a good time!

  5. Riperzz says:

    Welcome back!

  6. Cookie says:

    if you are going to fix minas,please delete some friends on your friends list,i got some bugs that you need to fix

    also,welcome back

  7. Luffaren says:

    Welcome back man, started to worry you’d never come back!

  8. Cookie says:

    oh and i meant to delete some friends because i cant seem to add you,it says limit exceeded

  9. thegregster101 says:

    You speak of updating minas where as there is a rather large bug in mako that really needs fixing. Its that breakable wall which i think had incorrect health settings. I think you meant for it only to ever break on extreme II mode.

  10. chet says:

    Why most of you guys say are you going fix minas etc.. At lest say welcome back give him some time he just get back(welcome back btw)

  11. Rubber Johnny says:

    Zombies being able to win extreme 2 if a human lives until the nuke is also a pretty big issue

    Welcome back!

  12. Kaemon says:

    You won’t be truly back until you remove your “Busy” status from Skype and we start chatting again.
    I will handle you the list of bugs/glitches/improvements for Minas and Mako. I know you don’t really feel like making a new Mako version; but there is a couple exploitable bugs and now we have the tools to truly filter the Materias so only the owner can use it; and also remove the igniting thing.

  13. Kaemon says:

    Oh… And about being happy that I finally released a map… Not really. Like with Paranoid, I only did parts of it; also we kinda rushed it for the Gamebanana Competition. Many traps and rooms are missing; some were rushed…
    We honestly need to release a Beta 2 with the Medusa Crash fixed and start working on the real Version 1.

  14. ProfessorOak says:

    That’s the spirit.

  15. I have to try this game, it looks freaking impressive.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think that in maps like minas tirith it should be impossible to kill the last zombie, beacuse whe he dies the round is restarted…., it is very annoying, especially on servers with low hp of zombies…

    Is it possible to fix that?

  17. Deathraver says:

    Mako needs a shit load of updating.

  18. Kaemon says:

    Hannibal doesn’t want to make a new Mako version; I (and maybe Maese Danielot aswel) will try to convince him

  19. Kaemon says:

    Thats mostly a problem with the server settings. Zombies shouldn’t be easy to kill on ZE, and if they are for some reason (which can play badly on maps without teleports or shorcuts) they should be able to respawn.

    I believe Minas Tirith (the map itself) forces zombie respawn; but not sure if the latest version only does it during Extreme. He maybe can re-add it on Normal aswel.
    Also, the White Knight Nuke (that can kill the whole zombie team) is probably going to be nerfed, being usable less often.

  20. Kaemon says:

    Well… I have written down some changes for Mako, but I don’t think it needs “a shit load of updating”.
    The real things that “need” to be fixed are the Cinema Wall and the Zombie-Victories. Rest of fixes or improves are not “needed” imo.

    Anyway, Hannibal doesn’t feel at the moment like making a new Mako version, but if he does; we also know now how to filter the Materias so they are only usable by their owner and not anyone.
    (Removing the materia griefing completely; being it on purpouse (griefers) or not (noobs os missclicks trying to press a door buton, etc)

  21. Kaemon says:

    Anyway… If you really believe to have a big list of really NEEDED changes, feel free to share them with us.

  22. Deathraver says:

    Bahamut’s HP needs to be lessen, its taking too long to kill AND most will usually have no more ammo for Sephiroth.

    Sephiroth’s HP at the end also needs to be lessen. I seriously cannot see a full server winning as a team unless trolling or hiding is done.

    Need to fix Bahamut at the end shooting at the left o_o

    Like you said, the Cinema.

    So far thats all I can think off.

  23. JorisCeoen says:

    Hmmm, I think that is what makes that level difficult. People NEED to learn the map. I don’t think Hannibal or Kaemon have to change the map just because too many people are too lazy to remember how to survive at the end. I mean ITS SO EASY if you just take some time to do it on your own to practice the end a bit (Noclip or something to fasten the level/cheat whatever). This way, more people would survive or eventually everyone, and they would finally win. Maybe there should be a limit though on his maximum health, idk if there is already one, but still, I think the HP’s are fine. If out of ammo ust pick up a gun on the backway there’s always some of people who died on the way

  24. JorisCeoen says:

    There is a full guide in construction coming up soon, I will try to advertise it on Youtube so that people will be able to understand anything about the map (If the least would be for them to understand what Zombie Escape is, fine too).

  25. rondiine says:

    I agree with Deathraver but I’ve an other solution: there is too much of pictures with the drummer, some are impossible to break. You should remove some, and simplify this system. It would be necessary to remove that of the truck, train and three in windows (in the house).
    But by making that, we lose many ammo; it would be necessary to lower slightly Bahamut’s HP, only if players break all pictures.

  26. JorisCeoen says:

    Lol, so the pictures do lower his HP? I’ve asked many times that question but I always got the answer that they don’t change his HP at all. Idk it now anymore x)

  27. Epicfail says:

    Im very happy to see this news! Tnx for ur amazing maps, hop u can produce more epic games !

  28. Agree, I will lower the number of picturesw. There are some that can’t be broken so the system is bugged right now… I will remove the 3 you say.

  29. Anonymous says:

    It already does automatically respawn on normal…

  30. Anonymous says:

    It already does automatically respawn on normal…

    but if there is only one zombie left….

  31. Anonymous says:

    I mean it respawns always after some time (i think 20 sec) on normal, but if the last zombie is killed the round is restarted…

  32. Metro says:

    hey hannibal any news on when the new Minas will be update with countest winners?