Zombie Escape Wiki! Wanna help?

Posted: January 16, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News

Ey! Sorry (again!) for the lack of news for two weeks. Hannibal is still not completely back (he is, but he has to catch up with friends and family and other personal things) and I wasn’t home for half of the holidays, and then I decided to slack a little for a change (irony).

So… There is now a Zombie Escape Wiki, that can be found HERE.

The Wiki is still quite new and more info needs to be added. You are invited to help doing so! Do you want to share some knowledge, tricks, guides, trivia or other things about your favorite maps, mappers, models, modelers, programmers, weapons or more? Go ahead! The Wiki hungers for information!

This wonder comes from the hand of Joris Ceoen (so you know who to thank), and I personally expect it to gather a lot of info from Zombie Escape, not only for CS:S, but also for the future CS:GO.
I already added some info about Mako Reactor here (including some obscure trivia about it) but I guess you guys can add even more! (Or edit my grammar mistakes…)

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On other news I just talked a little with Hannibal. He got convinced that he needs to release a new Mako Reactor version along with the new Minas Tirith version. When will those be released? We don’t know. For the moment he kept working on Last Man Standing and he didn’t start making the new versions yet.
We can’t know what those versions will include, but I can tell you that the materias from Mako Reactor will finally be filtered so only the owner can use them, completely removing the ability to grief someone else’s materia (owner can still be a moron, XD) and getting rid of the igniting factor (which sometimes ignited you by an honest mistake trying to press a button).

Luffaren and Eddie had both been working on a MG and ZE at the same time.
Luffaren felt like trying to work on a Mario Kart style of Mini Game with quite good results, and Eddie finally released the first beta of his Star Ship Battle with a 2D Top View, but map still has some important bugs.
Now, on the ZE hand, both those mappers had been also working on their new ZE-Projects. I’m not allowed to share yet a lot about those; but both seem to going to be really long maps (longer than Minas Tirith including Extreme apparently), with many Stages and/or Difficulties.

Myself? I didn’t do anything those last weeks. Right now I’m going to go fix Serpentis Temple and see if I can release a stable version of it tonight or tomorrow. Basically we only needed to fix the Medusa crash, and a couple minor things. Future versions (if they come) may include new traps and rooms, depending on what the reception of the map is.

Personally I’m kinda happy with it, and we aimed for it to be what it is, a shared adventure instead of a team fight. I am, however, worried about it not being that much repayable. Any thoughts?

  1. Metro says:

    wouw so nice u created a wiki kaemon i love it

  2. Kaemon says:

    It was made by Joris Ceoen; I just added some info in the Mako Reactor page; and everyone is invited to add some info!

  3. Metro says:

    but still nice page i specialy love the map threat and weapon threat

  4. Luffaren says:

    Seems quite accurate.
    I’d like to thank and blame Kaemon for a couple of things.
    First off, i’m blaming you for delaying the secret projects release, due to giving me some new ideas. Then again, those ideas gave me some inspiration for new awesome stuff which will be pretty different from most ZE maps.

    As for serpentis, i’ll contact you as soon as i get home. A really sweet addition with the wiki aswell!

  5. JorisCeoen says:

    A, many thanks Kaemon! I really appreciate your help 🙂

  6. JorisCeoen says:

    Besides, all the weapon articles are now completely made, so now the most important things have been set up. Only the guides and the maps are pretty much permanently on-going so I won’t have to focus too much on those, I will still try to create as many map pages as possible.

    Already thanks to everyone who wants to help!

  7. Deathraver says:

    Funny thing is, I already made a “basic” guide for Mako Reactor and was originally intended for a new Australian community that I know started ZE.

  8. mat.duf says:

    hi this is about new version of mako (copy of my gamebanana post)
    So I need to feedback it now and quickly (I don’t have enought time to make a complete feedback)

    – should be fixed :
    – window bug : in Extr II the window don’t break (after few time on the server without reboot : after a reboot it was workink properly)
    – the wind 0 which catch zombies ? (maybe after minas physic crash)
    – ultima at the wrong place (ulti effect and sprite were separated- same after physic crash if I remember well)
    – a huge “column” in stairs after elevator bounce
    – cinema wall bug and BUG MAP (not teleported and not killed”
    – in normal and hard a place near afk teleport can be reach before the teleportation and not after
    – in zm mode : sometimes people at spawn area don’t die

    things which should be improve :

    – we can see the limit of the near the ultima spot
    – the poster of the train is too hard (it should be weaker or possible with a better view angle
    – bahamuth in Extr II is horrible : sometimes we made it will full players easily sometimes not at all (maybe show its hp would be more strategic”
    – casting ultima (for baha) when we don’t have heal ++ is horrible
    – sometimes there is a part of the team killed at the core and it made bahamuth impossible
    – near the big central house there are some strange player clip.

  9. Budda says:

    The Mako Reactor article is wrong… There were versions before ze _FFVII_mako_reactor_v1. The ze_FFVII_mako_reactor_b1 and b2. I played the b2 and its kinda cool. Bahamut and Red Scorpion have HP counter and for example, Earth Magic ( yea it was called magic) was on Ultima’s place after the elevavtor ride. The magics didnt level up too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    sry my bad the magics levelled up and were glocks with 20 ammo