Posted: February 12, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Special

Hi all, I just come back (again) from Ireland, let’s come back to my hobby  : ) (I really missed this).

Kaemon told me about the many complains about the bugs on almost all my maps. I already have a list of these bugs bug you can help me add new bugs, optimizations or gameplay improvements. This changes don’t mean adding new features the main objective is to resurrect all my maps improving the gameplay and fixing all bugs, the maps will not be very modified but the improvements will be visible.

So, let’s start. I will make updates in ALL my maps, many of the problems have a very very fast fixing (maybe not in the case of Paranoid and Minas Tirith). The order of the map update is going to be from easier to harder, so it will be:

  1. Mines of Moria
  2. Mount Doom
  3. Helms Deep
  4. Mako Reactor
  5. Paranoid
  6. Minas Tirith

You are free to tell me about bugs. The list of changes will be put at the release.

Let’s do this:

  • Map to update: Mines of Moria
  • Objective of the update: improve gameplay, minor bug fixing
  • Approximated release: 16 – 02 – 2012
  1. Metro says:

    well i am glad u decide to Fix Paranoid and Minas those are the bugs i discover most mate 😉 and if u need a server for test as i told kaemon i can upload it on 5min 😉

  2. Kaemon says:

    You did well posting it here. As I mentioned you when you told me, I had already forgotten. XD

  3. Metro says:

    yes Kaemon 😉

  4. Luffaren says:

    Now this is really awesome news!
    My personal requests for moria would be more challenging gameplay / more ZvH action, some more detailing (not that important, it looks good as it is) and maybe implement balrog and gandalf. That would be a really awesome improvment, which would follow the movie aswell.

    It’s completely up to you though, as you’re saying that you’ll only fix and not add new features 😛

    Good luck and god speed!

  5. It will be fun to fix Paranoid. In the case of Paranoid I may change many things… like the old times jajaja

  6. Thx mate, lets do it! I thought about the Balrog, but i better don’t put it because Moria is more like a ‘classic’ map : D

  7. dillinger says:

    Awesome! What a great idea! Hope you had a good trip!

    Over at PlagueFest, our main problem lies with Minas Tirith – it bugs out the physics of the server, and the issue remains past map change until the server is restarted. Unfortunately, I don’t have any info on why this happens or what triggers this.

    Thanks for all your AWESOME maps and continued hard work to keep them functioning!

    -Garrett / dillinger

  8. JorisCeoen says:

    Physics bug? That problem has been solved for a long time already… The last 10 rounds I had on Minas were without problems…

    What I did dislike about minas though, is Part 4 when you are in complete darkness… ALWAYS after the stairs appear, more than half of the team gets killed. Zombies should be pushed back IMO, but on the other hand, it didn’t make it impossible to finish. That’s just my opinion.

    Gret news so to say! Especially Mako Reacter needs a real update.

    Gl and have fun!

  9. chet says:

    there some problems at moria
    1-the special guns like ring only got 7 bullet
    2-human get stuck on elevator
    3-before the last defend there is way that lead us there for some reasons I got to drop the ring so I can enter (it maybe need demo to see it)
    That all I know about it

  10. Kaemon says:

    Even if it looks to occur less often (and I have played Minas many times without physics glitching) is appears that the map can still glitch physics by time to time.
    Most likely depends of what humans do (or try to do) with the barricades, or based on luck when using them.

  11. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, the problem there (3) is that the ring is physic to humans, you can also block/annoy them with the ring. Is already on the fix list.
    I think we didn’t have listed the pistols having only 7 bullets (and that was an obvious one), thanks for reporting it.

    About the elevator… If you mean the first elevator being blockable by humans; I think Hannibal won’t change it; it allows you to wait for late humans if you want; even if it can be annoying if someone just feels like trolling/griefing.
    If you mean the moving stairs (which glitch a lot, people going throught and getting stucked) they are getting improved.

  12. Riperzz says:

    You should also add: fixing staffs so they are easier to use coz pressing e wont work and to use it you have to crouch jump and press e, just use paranoids weapon system for staffs.

  13. Taters says:

    Thanks for all the great work guys. Your maps are a huge hit on our server, and they’re incredible.

    I’m looking forward to future releases!

  14. Riperzz says:

    Also are you working on last man standing at the same time while fixing older maps?

  15. JorisCeoen says:

    Im’ currently working on my second map also. It is based on Super Smash Bros Brawl and all the characters are going to be playable, each one of them having attacks and their own animations. Final Smashes are also featured. Also, a large variety of stages will be included. Next week I’ll release a video of it (only containing some of the characters because it takes some time to animate them all.) I hope it will be released in some months. I’m much more enthousiastic about this map because I love SSBB. I kinda gave up on my first project and temporarly put it aside (ze_cathedral_escape, anyone remember…?)

    I think that map will gain much more interest and popularity than my first project ever could, because now I have based myself on something, and I think there is almost no gamer who really, really dislikes SSBB.

    Greets Joris 😉

  16. GRUDGE says:

    Thanks for your hard work, your ze maps are just incredible 😀

  17. Deathraver says:

    Good to hear some new news. One thing I didnt like what you said is that you going to make Paranoid harder than Mako? I like Paranoid as a fun, “muck around” map, not a more serious kind of play like Mako or Minas.

    I think Minas is quite fine, Paranoid and Mako needs the updating xP

  18. Cazador says:

    If you are willing to fix the maps maybe it’s not the best idea to add features that could make new bugs appear.

    Mines of Moria is a great map already. It just has a few bugs like the nuke glitch I’m sure you know about. There’s also a place at the bridge where you can avoid dying (the one I am aiming at on this screenshot: , you can stick to that ‘cliff’ by surfing it). Also, I think the torches at spawn aren’t making you and maese danielot change colour as they should^^

    Finally, I think zombies should be allowed to win the round. If there’s another nuke glitch in the future and a ct uses it, he can camp it the whole round without dying, til the mp_roundtime is gone because zombies can’t win the round by themselves since they need a ‘gandalf’ to break the final bridge.

    I hope I made myself understood. Good luck and thank you for this effort, it was really needed to fix your old maps instead of moving on^^

  19. Cazador says:

    Forgot to mention the column, which doesn’t fall in the middle of the way any more. Maybe you could fix that too 😛

  20. mat.duf says:

    for Mount doom :
    the first nazgul can send you out of the map or at the 2.000.000 hp “bug” (top of the tower)
    at the door of cirith ungol zombiex can easily send out the map
    the spawn killer should be replace by a teleport
    the bruhwork of the way after cirith ungol let you see the “out-map”
    the map is now clealy unbalanced (too easy for humans)
    the nazguls should be enabled all rounds

    for helm deep ;
    rarely some zombie are pushed into the fort duringthe black screen (bounce on a rock)

    message for Joris : please finish cathedral quickly ^^

  21. Anonymous says:

    Mines of Moria
    the swaying stone bridge always stuck players if sv_turbophysics 1
    and keep dropping players to death if sv_turbophysics 0

  22. jacobleiter says:

    Mines of Moria:

    1: use special weapon must jump and aim at your feet, that’s ugly, may be attach a clearly particle to it like mako reactor for better ?

    2: with special weapon you might be blocked by walls/brushes ?

    3: special weapon not have enough ammo.

    4: elevator should damage who block its movement.

    5: give jail human a second chance like in Paranoid?

    6: sometimes one human pick the ring then he zombified as mother-zombie, the ring is lost.
    i know this is a serverside config problem, but if you can add point_servercommand to force such cvars for both zr and zm(if c0ldfyr3 comes back to zombiemod), that’ll be great.

  23. Cazador says:

    Is anyone actually reading this? I think there’s some interesting suggestions here^^

  24. Yeah one more suggestion about Mines in some servers that phsics are bugged people can throw a nade where the ring is… make him blow! xD.

  25. [HuNTeRs]Kyko says:

    I love your maps, i had a lot of fun on them, about moria, i see the only problem the special weapons whitch you have to jump and fast move mouse in one direction to active them, and they have 7 bullets…, i love hunting,7 bullets don’t help a hunter to much XD ^^.Sorry for my bad english.

  26. Sorry for the 1 day delay, I was in a medical trip to barcelona for revision. Version compiled, I will ask someone to upload it to test in 1:30h. All comments viewed and changes made.

  27. Yeah of course : ) I did many/all the suggetions there.

  28. Kaemon says:

    I’m pretty sure this is no longer the plan; just saying.
    One texture wasn’t correctly pakrated; and we will probably do a quick revision by ourselves (probably tomorrow) before testing online.

  29. Riperzz says:

    I wanted to test this today 😦

  30. Really want to test this out, and hopefully the pillar will fall correctly lol

  31. Luffaren says:

    Ey Hannibal, a particle smoke effect wouldn’t be so bad for the pillar, when crushing in the ground?
    You could add some sound for it aswell, just a small thing that would be pretty cool imo. 😛

  32. Anonymous says:

    its out off topic but i really want to know which mp3 were used in ze_mount doom for the radio i wanna know that rock one 🙂

  33. Anonymous says:

    Hey Hannibal when are you going to start on Minas? Also, what is the approximate finish date because I really want to play Minas after it got taken down from Plaguefest.

  34. Is the map coming out today?

  35. ŦČΣ | Chaparro says:

    Dont forget to check this video when you update Minas tirith 😀

  36. Anonymous says:

    You have exceeded the approximated release date by three days now and there is no message if it will be released soon…Are you still fixing things or is there some real life stuff that crossed your plans?
    Just let us know so we expect that we have to wait some more weeks for the fixed versions…

  37. Sorry for the delay, really, I hate to do that; I had a surprise arrival of my brother (who lives in Ireland) and I needed to make my costume for Carnival, testing now; from now, everything will be faster, sorry again.

  38. Cazador says:

    typical spanish xD

  39. mat.duf says:

    don’t worry for this, take your time. People who come to this website love your map and waiting 6 mounths for Paranoid or Minas fix versions is not a problem : it is like waiting for our girlfriend, we will wait her for a year if we have to do it.