Rezurrection (2/6)

Posted: February 20, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Map Update, Special

Hi all! The new Mines of Moria version is finished and ready to download!


You may notice that this version is called V6.3 (instead of V5 or V6) when the last version was called V4.5. This is for two reasons: first, there existed V5 versions that were done for a server after certain CS:S update that completely broke the physics within the map, however that was the only difference with V4 versions; so servers without problems didn’t need to update.

Secondly, is not just V6, because while testing online with some people, some problems appeared, and 2 extra versions for testing were needed (not counting the things that were tested on single player).

Anyway, the changelog is as follows:

– Ring doesn’t fly anymore when shotted or blown up with a grenade while on its original spawn position.
– Ring doesn’t block the owner nor other players anymore.
– Improved both Gandalf and Saruman staves’ buttons. They can be used correctly now.
– Changed several props with bags of masonry mortar with less anachronistic models.
– Reduced the fog covered area on the outdoors spawn.
– Added two breakable-stoppers on the Left (wooden door) and Middle (metal fence) paths. The right path still keeps its original breakable stone.
– Removed all Zombie Stoppers; they were located on top of the Ladder Zone, and bottom of the Spiral Stairway; smart play and the breakable stoppers should take care of the zombies… most of the time.
– Added a Trigger Hurt on the Human-Cages (where late/afk/camping humans are teleported) that should kill trapped humans in about 20-30 seconds if they don’t get infected. This is to avoid the last AFK Human being inside an AFK Zombie delaying the round.
– Increased by 10 seconds the holding time on Balin’s Tomb; this, along with the removal of the zombie stoppers should give way more action in that area since zombies will have more time to break its defences.
– Removed the Anti-Edge-Noobs and other props in Balin’s Tomb; making the area harder to defend once the zombies enter the room. (Huging the wall that is going to open is probably not a good idea anymore)
– The water well on Balin’s Tomb is now well-deep. Will kill humans that fall into it.
– The bucket on the water well will now always fall into the well (alerting zombies, meaning that their teleports get enabled) when shoot or used; instead of probably just flying around.
– Zombie’s Underground Red Corridor now has a push that makes zombies go faster when going the correct direction; and its openings open (break) slightly faster.
– Falling column is fully working again (was broken some CS:S updates ago). BEWARE!
– Most columns in the columns-areas have been replaced by a model for optimization purposes.
– The Ring of Protection doesn’t close for Humans anymore (still keeps zombies out). Humans can go IN and OUT as they want… at their own risk.
– Removed the two last crates (the half-invisible ones) at the Moving Stairs.
– Reworked the Moving Stairs; now people shouldn’t fall through them nor get stuck on them.
– The Human-Jail (or Zombie Teleport) after the Ring of Protection activates half a minute faster; so late and respawning zombies can join some of the action at the Moving Stairs area.
– Now there is a second wooden bridge in the last defense spot at Moria’s Bridge. Having the ring is now more important.
– Fixed two glitch-spots where the Nuke wouldn’t kill you.
– Now Zombies win the round a couple of seconds before the time limit runs out.
– Map size optimized (3-6 MBs less, depending of what version you were playing).
– Added Spawn Textures.

TL;DR: Many things fixed, map should be harder (for humans) now. Nothing really new was added.

Sorry for the delay, but I had two things that I didn’t expect in real life : D Also, more bugs/fixes that expected were found (and created) while testing.
Thanks to Metro and the rz-gaming server players for helping with the online testing.

Next update:

  • Map to update: Mount Doom
  • Objective of the update: Improve gameplay, Increase Difficulty, Increase Zombie vs Human Action, Allow Zombie Respawning, some minor fixes and adjustments.
  • Approximated release: 22 – 02 – 2012

Please take in mind that it’s just an approximated release date; map could be released before or after it; depending on many factors. Let me know if you have specific problems or know about bugs/glitches on Mount Doom.

Also, these are just updates and fixes; specially of things that broke after so many CS:S updates or that we know how to do in a better way; along with those imposible-to-find glitches that people discovered after playing the maps for several years. New things aren’t added (some people were waiting for Balrog on Moria or similar). The maps are supposed to stay and play the same way they always did.

  1. Metro says:

    np as i says takes quick for test 😉 heh took 1min to setup Moria ;D

  2. Cookie says:

    thanks alot hannibal 😀 its always a pleasure to help

  3. About doom i think u should put nazgul more OP and be avaible all rounds cuz the map is pretty easy xD so would be great if u can make it harder 😛

  4. Coconutz says:

    At the end, with a good bunny, you can jump above rocks and go at the end alone, looking your partners dying in the same time^^

    And maybe in the volcano, if the player doesn’t throw the ring ( troll guy ), a big slap to make him falling in the lava after 10 seconds.

  5. Kaemon says:

    There is a “Troll Guy” event on Mount Doom. You hear “The Ring is Mine” clip on it; and the objective changes to defend inside the vocalno (similar to the no-ring rounds, but defending a longer time outside the volcano aswel).

  6. Kaemon says:

    I’m pretty sure Hannibal will try to increase the dificulty of the map overal; increasing the Zombie vs Human action. Not sure what his planing with the Nazgul.

  7. Kaemon says:

    I edited the post to give more info… I just hope I didn’t overdo it with the Changelog; but I wanted to give all the details… XD
    Also, I did it without asking Hannibal! Oh, I’m a mean little person…

    BTW, I foud hilarious how all the fixes/changes Hannibal did, created new bugs/glitches… XD

    – Ring doesn’t block players anymore > Also stopped breaking the bridges.
    – Staffs can be used now correctly > Not really > Now they can be used correctly > but only once.
    – Added a new wooden bridge on Moria’s Bridge Area > that blocks the zombie exits that apear when Gandalf dies.
    – Fixed the Moving Stairs > Now zombies can’t reach them while they move; removing all the action on that area.

    But the best one was:

    – Ring shouldn’t fly anymore with HEs > Ring now flies when it feels like it. XDD

  8. Cazador says:

    Slightly glitchy ladder: (can get stuck on top)
    Camp spot:
    Glitch way: (can get inside by the place I’m at)
    Bhop downhill: (zombies can get ahead of ct’s or just kill them all, needs higher or diferent invisible wall)

    Also, I agree nazgul should be there all rounds (or maybe when there’s a low zombie/human ratio, but I dunno if the map can detect that).

    Nazgul at start can push Ct’s far away and they die with fall damage. Finally, afk killer should be replaced by teleport + slow afk killer like you did in moria, for afk ct’s to die.

  9. Cazador says:

    Again forgot something :/ If ring dies before this:
    Ct’s can camp there killing all zombies easily, zombies should have it easier to get in

  10. Cazador says:

    My comment has been classified as spam for having 4 links 😛 Check it

  11. Riperzz says:

    Remove/Change killer triggers and make them teleport (Don’t change afk killer)
    Nazgul when killed will sometimes give boost to player who was controlling it, you should make it like in minas killing nazgul will kill the player controlling it.
    Too hard to push nazgul back.
    Light doesn’t push nazgul
    Players sometimes camp in ring room (Not picking up the ring/Press the lever) if zombies have killed all their teammates.
    Not sure if ring is solid if it is fix it.

    Thats all I can think of.

  12. Kaemon says:

    No sure where the Bhop downhill is. Is just in the normal path? And yeah, one of the main reasons of updating Doom is to include the AFK-Jails like in Moria.

  13. Kaemon says:

    As far as I know, Nazgul is killing its owner upon dead. Maybe the trigger fails sometimes?
    And Light does push Nazgul (the zombie controlling it), but the problem is that the trigger kill of the Nazgul is placed in the mouth of the creature, while the zombie is in the middle of the body. Probably the distance of the neck of the beast is equal or sightly superior to the area of the Light.
    And I think that if they camp in the Ring Room, they will get killed soon enough (when the side-ladder opens) but its something we will definetively take a look at, since the invisible-force that prevents multiple people for going to the ring will be removed, and more humans will be able to reach those places.

  14. Metro says:

    i cant wait for the fix on Paranoid that map i have being waiting for most on Fix 😉

  15. mat.duf says:

    copy/past of my last message

    for Mount doom :
    the first nazgul can send you out of the map or at the 2.000.000 hp “bug” (top of the tower)
    at the door of cirith ungol zombies can easily be sent out the map (with nades or just by shooting)
    the spawn killer should be replace by a teleport
    the bruhwork of the way after cirith ungol let you see the “out-map”
    the map is now clealy unbalanced (too easy for humans)
    the nazguls should be enabled all rounds

  16. Encoder says:

    Well i want to make a video to show some bugs and stuff i hope they will be fixed! (sorry for the low qualty i just want to upload it faster so…)

    …and there is some stuff i can’t record about nazguls:
    When nazguls are spining (i mean fastly turning mouse) they become invincible (-moves too fast and be hard to shoot-) just like ones on the minas tirith…

  17. JorisCeoen says:

    Very nice, I played it yersterday on PF.

    I must note, on top of the ladders where you can get both staves (behind the 2 doors), there is MASSIVE FPS drop in comparison to the older version. It doesn’t make it unplayable though, but if it drops for my computer, I must think that other computers should get like 10fps there…

  18. Kaemon says:

    I don’t notice it myself (and I have a pretty crappy computer for that matter); but it would be me to blame. I suggested Hannibal to remove his AreaPortal in the Spiral Staircase; because it didn’t had fade distance or anything, so it was just a black-wall you had to cross. XD

  19. Mr.James says:

    Any idea when Mount Doom and Helms Deep will be released? 😛

  20. Anonymous says:

    Yea ofc. Mount Doom in the next days/hours, Helms deep in more than a week. If u see Approximated release: 22 – 02 – 2012 then it means 24 or 25 ^^ 😛

  21. Kaemon says:

    Probably today (24). It’s 02:00 here in Spain and Hannibal just send me what could be the good version. We will tets it tomorrow morning, and he will do more version/fixes if needed after testing.

    Will probably need to test it online through, big changes on the gameplay and some corridors need to be tested with zombies to be sure is not imposible for either team.

  22. eule says:

    Can’t wait for new Mt Doom 😀 😀 😀

  23. Metro says:

    gonna be great to see hannibal fixing the bugs valve destroyed. 😉 valve is a pain for hannibal i assume 😉

  24. When doom will be realized today?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Where is Mount Dooooooooooooooom! 😀

  26. Kaemon says:

    Ey. We did the first test online. As we thought, there are some things that need to be fixed or balanced.
    Mount Doom changed more than Moria did; giving it some more Human vs Zombie action overall; and more conections in the Minas Morgul’s paths. Maybe too many conections… XD

    A second test will be needed. Probably tomorrow.
    So far the major changes include some “holds” in Minas Morgul, the Ring bearer being slowed down (so you need to cover him), and the anti-spam system that is going to be used on Mako on Earendil’s Light, basically, only the real owner of the pistol can use it.

  27. I tested today all i have to say is an epic upgrade.

    The difficult of the map increase alot the minas morgul holds are alot different lot more fun to play and defend.. Now people has to think in covering the zombies to win the map and not in getting ring first or Earendil light.

    Ring porter is now slower and not faster as other versions and that makes sense since in film Frodo almost cant get up without help of Sam.

    Ps: I really love this ring slower thing and i fell sorry from some servers like PlagueFest both your upgrades are making they fail evenn more they usually do and lets say that is a hard thing since they have like 70% of fail overwall.

  28. Cazador says:

    Ring is too slow imo. And the morgul hold is too long, doors are too slow and zombies can get in front easily. All the rest was great as far as i remember

  29. Yeah ring is actually 2 slow but the minas morgul i think is ok people now has to cover while someone open doors thats teamwork.

  30. Sorry for the delay, my PC suddenly died : / (black screen when I turn it on). Anyway I have my laptop with all the things (I use the PC to compile, don’t worry, I didn’t lose nothing). I’m currently updating the map with all your comments changes and Kaemon.

  31. jknight77 says:

    Please I beg of you PLEASE add balrog! It WILL be the coolest thing ever. You can make it appear in the last few seconds before “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” And zombies will be put into cages. It should be like bahamuth from mako. It would walk in a straight line towards gandalf. There will be no kb. But humans can shoot it and give him damage. And if enough damage is inflicted he will stop and give a loud roar. That small little time that he use for his roar will give gandalf enough time do destroy the bridge. If he doesn’t stop to give that roar, he will kill gandalf. And you can add final animations of the balrog falling from the bridge. Also the saruman staff can be used to slow down/hurt balrog. It will be the most awesome thing ever I promise you so please make this possible. Pretty please!