Rezurrection (3/6)

Posted: February 28, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Map Update, Special

Hi all! The new Mount Doom version is finished and ready to play!


The “fixing” of this map took longer than expected for many different reasons; including the fact that the map was changed more than originally planed.

This “Rezurrection” of mine was supposed to be just fixes of the old maps, removing the minor bugs, glitches and balance problems that had appeared after the last CS:S updates or that were found after playing the maps for years (like the no-nuke areas on Moria). However, I always felt like Mount Doom lacked more Human vs Zombie action; and that it was pretty much a race to the Ring from the very spawn, so in order to change that, some rooms were sightly changed; and then we needed to test how they played online and improve them accordingly.

The Changelog is as follows:


– Removed the “AFK Killers” and replaced with “AFK Teleports”.
– Added some extra paths and “pseudo-holds” on the Minas Morgul area, now it plays differently.
– You need to cover the Ring carrier.


– Reworked the Ring. Now it slows down its carrier. Humans will need to cover him or fail.
– Added a “Class-Filter” to the Earendil’s Light. Now it should be only usable by its owner. Let me know if this gives problems on any server, since is the same system I’m planing on use on Mako Reactor materias.
– Increased by 10 seconds Earendil’s Light cooldown.
– Secret Radio es now a Pistol. Can be passed.
– Added extra ammo to Earendil’s Light and Secret Radio pistols.


– Increased round time. Needed because the new “holds” on Minas Morgul and Ring carrier being slowed.
– Removed Zombie Stoppers (not remarkable since the whole area plays differently).
– Removed Cirith Ungol push that allowed only the first guy/s climb the tower towards the Ring/Lever.
– Fixed imposible-to-reach camping spots that appeared when Cirith Ungol stairs collapsed.
– Most Static-Barricade-Crates (and some dynamic) are now breakable (only by Zombies).
– Added many props and details to cover some weird-looking places, specially before Mount Doom.
– Removed the “Crates Hold” in front of the “Rock Wall” that only opens when the Ring reaches it.
– Fixed a glitch that allowed you to bunny-hop ahead of humans at the very end.
– Nazgul’s door now always opens, instead of being a 50% chance.
– Last Hold in front of Mount Doom isn’t there when it’s a “Mount Doom Round” (No-Ring round).
– Fixed a glitch that would make the map unbeatable if a round ended while the “Traitor Event” was going on (creating an invisible barrier inside Mount Doom).
– Increased the volume of the “Traitor Event” voices.
– Removed Fade-Distance on Props.
– Added Credit texture.

Next update:

I wanted to update ALL maps, but Helm’s Deep doesn’t seem to need a new version. The “bugs” are very minor and you can count them with the fingers of one hand. I was thinking in changing a couple things, like the battering ram or removing the zombie push when you first reach the main door… But I honestly don’t think those minor changes require (nor support) making a new version.

So I think I can skip Helm’s Deep and start with the Mako Reactor update! If you really think Helm’s Deep needs a new version, please tell me why, because I have no excuses so far for making it. The map plays quite good (or as intended) and there are no big expoitable bugs nor glitches; and seems quite balanced overall.

  • Map to update: Mako Reactor
  • Objective of the update: Lots of minor adjustments and bug fixes, improving the gameplay on Extreme II, fixing HP issues with Extreme Bahamuth and Sephiroth, add an Admin Room, Lag/ping improvements and… Filter the materias so they can only be used by their real owners! No more griefing (by others) nor ignited humans (by mistake or not).
  • Approximated release: Second or Third week of March.
  1. Metro says:

    only 3 maps left nicely done 😉

  2. Kaemon says:

    Not so nice when you realize he did Moria and Mount Doom (the easier ones to fix) and he skipped Helms.

    I’m not really worried about Mako (even if it will take many hours for him to fix; probably more than Moria and Doom), but Paranoid and Minas? I’m scared with those two…
    Those two are a big pain to update. Too many fixes needed, and too many things already within the map.

  3. Anonymous says:

    please add new music on Reactor 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    He skipped Helms?

    On Mako, idk why but we seemed to be completely impossible to kill Bahamut (extreme II) last weekend, it was pretty frustrating. There should really be a limit on his health once at a certain amount of players, becase you should always count 3-4 people who are just wandering around, doing nothing.

  5. Joris Ceoen says:

    No, why? The ones that there are now are perfect. Especially The Tempest (live) of Pendulum, it is timed perfectly with the 3-2-1 go! There should not be touched at the music at all. It’s a controverse subject anyways.

    PS the post below is mine but I forgot to enter my name and email

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fix the bugg with wind since css update zombie can enter and kill the wind porter.

    Make cowbells usefull or take them out.
    My sugeestion is make cowbells reduce bahamaut hp in a way would be 100% killable.

  7. Cazador says:

    Helms Deep:

    – Turn radio into a pistol
    – Give TMP near radio more ammo
    – Console messages can be confusing, and some can appear too late (for example, while you defend fort you can eventually notice things like ‘Gate zone is lost’
    – No push
    – Lame camp spot: (surfing) (zombies can’t get u afaik)
    – Give deagles at spawn more ammo
    – Map occassionally shakes or is still at night (lightning included) after round ends (in the next round, I mean). This happens very rarely so it might not be possible to fix.
    – After removing push I guess you would teleport zombies in the hole, so why not give late/afk CTs a second chance and let them get out of the pit? (just with knife, ofc)

  8. Cazador says:

    Another one for Helms Deep:

    – If the last hold fails (hall hold), zombies get in room but sun won’t rise, doors will be closed and some CT can camp any place in the map without dying (til some zombie does !ztele, finds him and kills him. Late humans by door close should get teleported to the afk jail on the left after door, so zombies can easily locate them and kill them.

    Mako Reactor:

    – Remove noob help? NPC, arrows ( , )
    – Extend teleporting areas to cinema (you can avoid all map teleports by staying inside):
    – Remove this camp spot? It can be reached in all rounds, not just ZM, and in all ZE modes it’s extremely easy to defend and you can stay alive as the last CT for a long time.
    – Rework triggers at this door: Apparently you can trigger bahamut from the 35-sec-room and change the song when door isn’t open yet.
    – Old blog:
    – Camp spot for Normal and Hard mode, you can avoid teleports here until core:
    – Fix glitching HP in extreme II by taking the new door to get out of spawn, put an hp trigger there like in the corridor
    – Fix HP glitch in ZM rounds, the cause of which I don’t know (but sometimes zombies got like 99999999 hp and that lets them survive nuke)
    – Fix zombie win in extreme II, they can kill bahamut + sephiroth in 1 hit and go inside room, while a CT camps somewhere without being killed. Extreme II will end
    – imo ultima should upgrade to ++ directly again
    – Wind ++ is worse than wind +. The old wind ++ from mako v2.2 was OP but imo you reduced its power too much. You reduced the time it can be used, and now it goes off if dropped. Zombies can also go inside it and kill the carrier, especially from the back I believe. So maybe make it safe again (so zombies can’t knife humans inside it), lasting the same time and not being possible to drop the dual elites.
    – Remove a good few cowbells

    I might come up with more bugs later.

  9. thegregster101 says:

    “- Nazgul’s door now always opens, instead of being a 50% chance.” :O
    Does this mean humans must always try and block it up?

  10. Fix wind ++ materia is glicthed since update.

    Make cowbells usefull!

    My suggestion :Cowbells reduce bahmaut hp in a way will be 100% killable.

    Cinema bugg

    Make another entry from the vent to the room is 2 easy defend and if u goona put sephiroth easier that will replace the hard of sephiroth for the hard of cover 🙂


    U should make explosion like u do with tank and create a 2 way from inside the vent to the room.

    Where tunell finish there.

    That would be amazing 🙂

  12. mat.duf says:

    Nice I will ask Hellz admin to get it but I think they are in holidays.

    For Helm Deep, I think you can skip it too but I think it is a little unbalanced depending of zombies skills too much : if they attack the wall their will not be a lots of zombies at the end and if the attack (with success) the door, everyone which covered the wall can easily be zombified.
    There are also some too dark areas (the armory for example) or not enought detailed parts.
    If you have time it would be nice if you come back on it after Minas (or LMS).

    For Mako, I have some time currently so this afternoon I will make a proper feedback of improvements with screenshots and I will add it on gamebanana.

  13. Nice list, but notice that every thing is not important and don’t improve the gameplay so much (I like the last line but well, thats the way the map was done)

  14. Well, now the push applied to the nazgul when shooted is more vertical, it will be more easy to push him away. Moreover, with the nazgul available on all rounds, ppl will learn to shot him. From all versions, it’s extremely easy to kill him.

  15. Thanks for the future feedback, please, put it there instead gamebanana 🙂
    About Helms, yes, think the same, but its pretty hard to improve/change Helms Deep, I will keep it like this. After LMS it’s too late : (

  16. Checked and added to the list, I aggre with the cowbells thing.

  17. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    If you just want to remove/edit entitie stuff on helms deep, you can do it without making a new version, just use EntSpy! You can keep the checksum intact so players can play the only and new BSP even though its called the same.

  18. One more thing about mako there are many good players in this map nowdays and i think its your most popular map and for me your best map.

    I would like if u suprise the ppl that love Final Fantasy making the map harder in ex 2 not by Sephiroth and Bahamaut but by suprises like Sephiroth in pipes that u created.

    This map needs be Hard always and i have afraid u reducing sephiroth ex 2 Hp thing that i support since i am tired of nubs dieng there and not letiing me win…. Will became to easy to win Mako thats why i am asking if u could make it harder gameplay not in bosses that require some skill like ex 2 sephiroth but in some suprises for players during the way….

    Like pipes harder in ex 2 one more ladder to clim + shortcut for zombies that require fast ppl to cover….. i dont know i just hope wont be 2 easy cuz some servers has really easy setiings and i would hate if mako becames a minas tirith easy win and not epic at all.

    Of course this would require add new features but in this map case i think it a good lost of time.

    People love play it some do many trainings to became better study tactics of each other tahs why i think u should make ex 2 way harder than it is but not by Sephiroth and Bahamaut hp.

    I let your imaginaton do the rest gl 🙂

  19. Wind Nexus says:

    Maybe adding some teleporters on Helms Deep can be nice just because sometimes humans are camp/hide and waste time it always been annoying to wait until round end i really don’t know how can you fix it and i think adding some teleporters can be lovely… 😛

    …and a little suggestion about helms deep adding aragorn and balin at main gate will add some more action in the game 😛


  20. Joris Ceoen says:

    I really wonder how you can filter the materias so they get only used by the user. Are you going to change it to a movement combination like in Minas? But that’s impossible because you need a game_ui for it… For once I can’t find out how you would do it x)

  21. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    Onplayerpickup !activator addoutput targetname guywithmaterial



  22. Anonymous says:

    On mako reactor in extreme 2 at the end , when sephiroth send the lasers we must jump ,squat and shoot on him but we haven’t the time to go to the door . Can you augment of 2 or 3 second the time before the door close.

  23. [HuNTeRs]Kyko says:

    For Helms Deep, the only problem is the main door, whitch has a glitch, As zombie you can break it without let cts to put the woods, and for noobs that don’t know to play or def, a pro zm can easy enter, make all cts from gate zone zombies , and after the wall zone falls fast.

  24. Mr.James says:

    I would love to see some kind of invisible blocks in place so humans can’t knife the zombies onto the walls,

    I would also like it so the zombies can enter the gate at the beginning and the gate close time slightly longer 😛

  25. Kaemon says:

    The problem is that TargetName was already being used for the Materia-Leveling system.
    We recently learned (I believe Luffaren was the first to notice?) that ClassName is also an option, and will be used for filtering the buttons.

    On the past I suggested Hannibal getting rid of the Materia-Leveling to use the TargetName to filter the buttons, but he was not a big fan of that option.

  26. Kaemon says:

    As Punisher tells you, is about naming the player on picking up the weapon. Then, when he uses the button, the button, instead of using the materia, will report the “I had been used” output to a Filter (Can be TeamFilter for Teams, NameFilter for an entity that was named).

    Then, that Filter, “OnPass” (aka: the activator was within the filtered parametters) that Filter entity will be the one relaying (activating) the Materia.
    We didn’t know about this way of doing it when Mako was released; and when we learned about it, “TargetName” was already being used in the Materia-Leveling system.

  27. Mr.James says:

    Sorry, that was for Helms Deep ^^^^^

  28. mat.duf says:

    OK so my feedback :
    at spawn :
    -you should include the amont of zombies (actually just one) with the timer because servers with several zombies at the beginning have had to change the timer or other modifications to make it run (Pf make the spawn after a big time so terrorist get a disadvantage for materias ; bad get a teleportation just before the zombie spawn ; hellz has set their timer just before the opening >> in this 3 servers the action in the train completely disappear).

    All levels :
    – a weird FPS fall when we look at the sky Update this picture with Extr II music and also put the name of the music at the beginning of it (I know it is not clear) : when a music began write its name and authors with the same type of message of the heal ++ effect (game_text I think) so maybe people will stop to ask what is The tempest (around 20 people ask it when I was on a server) I didn’t understand why but zombies can’t be tp for bahamuth here
    – Black areas : (this one is just with some view angles) ; ; ;
    – this column seems a little… mmmmh drunk…
    – missing textures : for one of them I have forgot to take a screenshot but it is on the first hold area the part of wall which break on Extr II : Here between the “normal wall” and the “broken part” there is a small surface where we can see a missing texture ; here the pipe (strangely the other side is correct) ;
    – this part can be get before the AFK teleportation and can get after
    – the cinema of course, it open to a no teleportation area and an huge graphic fail
    – make a higher wall here it look unrealistic :
    – the materia in the truck just behind me (on the screen) should be here because it is annoying to risk our life to take a potential materia (some session I used to go this place every rounds, not one time I take a materia and on another nobody go here and we lost 3-4 time a materia _just in Extr 2_)
    – Also DELETE THIS FU…. sign just the button of the first door : we can be block , it is annoying when you climb at the ladder : IT IS HORRIBLE ^^
    – IMPORTANT : open the vent in the elevator room 5 second earlier because as a zombie if we take this road we come after the “elevator road” so it seems useless to make an important trip for nothing

    Extreme 1 :
    – this crate should be able to climb it extreme 1 many also 2 to let zombies get the hold spot by upstairs

    Zombie Mod :
    – of course the bug of the no nuke area at spawn
    – put all materias int the playable area
    – make something to push people (mostly humans) who camp in the arrival of the teleportation because if zombies spawn after the teleportation terrorist can’t be get if they stay here
    – let the ultima window reachable
    – allow people to climb here :

    About Bahamuth :
    – maybe say the amount of HP at the beginning and sometimes during the fight to help people to know if it is better to re-use ice or to save it for using it for the zm cage
    – make gravity and wind injuring bahamuth
    -write a tip to say that nades and materias can be use every time and it do the same damage to bahamuth and that it injure it anywhere in the map
    -if one part of the team is being zombified at the core before baha came tthey count in the amount of hp but they can’t kill him so it made him impossible so you should count the amount of human at the zm teleportation

    Extreme 2 :
    – drummer picture : delete the one in the train ; the 3 at window can be destroy easily if you are behind so add the texture for behind, delete the blockbullets? at the window to allow people to get it
    – the inside of the cinema is really poor : maybe some Easter eggs ?
    – reduce resources needed for fire materia of bahamuth
    – disable ultima or make a 25 second ultima (for bahamuth) if they didn’t find or if they have lost heal ++ (the 25 seconds ultima is for a human ultima casting)
    -give unlimited ammo at the end to balanced unlimited and limited ammo servers and also because people have not any ammo left because an high number was “waste” on bahamuth fight
    – maybe more particles of destruction on the final hold spot.
    – I think you should get another zm round to “finish” the map

    I think it would be awesome if you include this : to your map.

    Well… I think it is a correct feedback. ^^

  29. mat.duf says:

    in the last post, I have forgot to remind you for some rare reverse effects of wind 0 and not working ultima but these one can be because of Minas physic crashs.

    Also don’t forget to update gamebanana submissions.

  30. thegregster101 says:

    this new version of mout doom is quite a challenge… Learn players learn!

  31. Kaemon says:

    Allowed Cazador, Liongreen and Mat.Duf comments. They were automatically-blocked because containing too many links/whatever.

    Thank God they are blocked in a different category then the normal spamming bots, you wouldn’t believe how many of those we get… XD

  32. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    So classname enables you to give players to 2 filterable names (when combined with targetname)?

    Thats very interesting and useful if it works

  33. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, it gives you effectively 2 filterable names to work with, and it does work.
    MG_Serpentis_Temple already uses a Double-Naming system for the Inifinite Paths part of the map; one taking into account if you chosed the right path, and the other counting how many paths you have chosen.

    Also, as stated, is already on the works on Mount Doom. The reason Earendil was filtered with ClassName instead of TargetName is to check if it works on every server without having problems with some extra plugins (or even Zombie/Human classes) before implementing into Mako.
    (And reasons behind this is that Mount Doom is of smaller size if it requires an extra version, is easier to change one Light than 8 Materias, and if the problem itself turns out to be the button not being usable on X servers, not having Light is a downside on Doom, but not having Materias completly breaks Mako).

    Also, as a last note, you can also use a Filter_Multiple to check both names (and even Team aswel) in order to enable something. Like: You need to be a Human (Team Filter), that was named “Red Access Card” (Name Filter) and with the class “Secret Code Known” (Class Filter) to open a door, or similar.
    Not really that usefull overall for normal maps; but can be usefull for very specific events or secrets, or other kinds of maps.

    So far, the only known problem with Class Naming (that was found in Medusa, but was discovered when seeing the same issue happening on the alpha version of Luffaren’s MG_Crazykart, is that the game will crash if someone with a ClassName different to “Player” (default CS:S classname) is parented to something (like Medusa’s Mouth or a Kart) and in the same round he is in Espectator Team while the round ends…
    Dude, it took us a while to figure that one out; and we were really lucky to find out when CrazyKarts ended having the same exact crash and we could compare the cirscunstances.

    However, since there is no Player-Parenting in Mako (nor in Mount Doom) it should be good.
    (LoL this was a long comment).

  34. Linus says:

    Concerning Helms Deep :
    when the humans go on the main gate at first, the hold time should be waaay longer. 30 sec is too short, there is no challenge here the zombs barely make it to the gate. Maybe just change it to 45 or 60 sec ?
    the side door near the main gate.. is there a use to it anymore ?
    and yeah the battering ram seems to be useless as well, it always comes to the door too late :s
    on the long wall, there is not enough ladder or they don’t have enough hp. currently it’s too easy to defend if there are not too many noobs, anyway that would bring an interesting challenge.
    then in the fort, I think the entrance between the shelves is a little too small. maybe make it a bit wider and a bit longer to compensate ?
    For the final run, it’s extremely hard to tell where one should run. sometimes we follow the white dot but get zombified anyway…. maybe some console tip just before the run ?
    I don’t see anything else to say, I hope you’ll take some time to fix helms deep anyway, even in 3 month ^^
    Good luck in your work though 🙂

  35. Kaemon says:

    Fun fact: even when zombies manage to get there in time, there is a push. Zombies CAN’T get in. Removing that push (and now that you mention it maybe increasing the time) was one of the few things that were on the short list of Helm’s Deep fixes.

    Wall-Ladders are pretty balanced imo. Is usually quite close to break them; or are you playing on a non-reload (or extra-ammo) server?

    And the main problem with the Battering Ram, is not only that it comes too late, but that it usually blocks the hole that zombies worked so hard to make. XD

  36. Riperzz says:

    Theres only one bug i found in helms, rope isnt climbable if you use the side door to get outside (aragorn & gilmli scene) so only way to get up is to use rope.

  37. Riperzz says:

    All in extreme mode 2:
    Sometimes the window where ulti was in previous modes never breaks

    You can break the picture wall

    Hint needs to be added if baha casts ulti like 5 seconds before ulti explodes so you can prepare to use heal.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Mako Reactor:
    please give sephiroth random attack path on hard and ex, or mechanization of shoot him at same specific posion in this 2 stage is very boring !!
    and must not reduce the difficulty of mako in new version!!
    and fix some place not affected by teleport.
    thanks !!!

  39. Tabraz says:

    Helms Deep

    sometimes have a big hole on wall and zombies can pass without fight

  40. Kaemon says:

    “rope isnt climbable -> so only way to get up is to use rope”
    Da fak? XD

  41. Kaemon says:

    LoL… Ultimate window not breaking is inteended; and the Cinema Wall breaking is the most obvious/known of all the bugs. XD

    I would agree with the hint of Bahamuth (since I would need it), but surprinsingly enough, everytime I saw him casting Ultima (not counting a couple of times we didn’t have Heal at all) someone used the Heal++ perfectly, so looks like pros have it quite well timed. XD

  42. mat.duf says:

    Well…. that is normal in the map that the wall can break ^^. Or maybe there is something unclear into your post ? Maybe sometimes the wall is already break at the beginning ?

    For the Ultima window, I thought first that it was a bug because the blockbullet (I think maybe it is a simple clip but in fact it BLOCKS BULLETS ^^) added to delete this spot in Zombie Mod continue to run after. Another clue for this is that there is a video were the maker shows us that it is breakable, and another time on a server I was able to break it (by shooting) for one session after a reboot.

    But the problem is that it is impossible to break the picture : I tried to throw a nade, it broke the window but after it was 4 nades and nothing for the picture (even one of them was throw at 10 centimeter in noclip, it didn’t make anything) (an evidence at 1:50

    Also maybe a message before bahamuth if we have succeed at the cowbells would be nice.

  43. Linus says:

    Oh well, I didn’t even know about the push :p shows how short the timing is maybe ?

    concerning the wall-ladders, I usually play on plaguefest so it’s a limited ammo server as you know, and if people move from one ladder to another it’s rare to see a ladder going past the vertical stance. I just feel like this part lack a bit of tension that’s all.

    yup I forgot about the battering ram blocking the hole, it indeed is frustrating ^^

  44. eule says:

    My suggestion for Mako:
    Make it shorter. Remove the Normal mode and let it start at Hard or Extreme.
    The map is very nice, but i can’t stand playing it for such a long time, and i know i’m not alone, as the server often empties quite a lot after one hour of Mako. Interestingly, Minas doesn’t empty the server, probably because it has more variation.

    Just a suggestion ^^

  45. eule says:

    How rude of me, i forgot to thank you! :O

  46. Riperzz says:

    I meant, theres no func ladder on that rope (It is supposed to be working)

  47. Riperzz says:

    Make baha cast gravity 😛

  48. Riperzz says:

    Also i forgot the most important bug, zombies can kill baha/seph at the end of extreme mode 2 (if they have time).

  49. LOL u really dont play mako alot in right servers or probably you are a plaguefest player. Mako is fine at the levels normal mode is nice to start upgrading its a perfect map with some buggs.

    But say that mako get server empty and minas no its a JOKE lol evrytime ppl dont win stage 1 Rage QUIt and go other server. I dont blame them i personally do the sometimes the same not cuz i am a points &levles freak cuz i give a shit for that , but play somehting that dont need any skill and its not particular emotion and epic like stage 2 ” 1minute in honor of deaths” dont make me particular interest speding my time playing that.

    Of curse its a beatiful map remeber me of movie but the lack of epicness is scary for a map so big

    U probably play in a nub server where people like to Rage quit evrything its a bit hard.

  50. i Think u guys shoundt be concernd about the buggs he already know them …

    Your concern should be the easy will be ex 2 in future if he only fix the buggs and make baha and sephiroth easier.

    I think extreme 2 needs something maybe new features a shortcurt for zombies rape i dont know lol.

    Hanni its better u ask Maese some epic ideias again i know he thinks like me harder better and he is big fan about final fantasy.

    Ex 2 should be almost impossible not became easy but i do agree sephiroth and bahamaut hP need be lower if that doesnt mean easy wins in future….. thing that unfortunately i think it will happen if u only fix buggs and glicthes.

  51. Cazador says:

    Remove ZM round. That will probably (I never mapped) give let u add new entities…
    btw if u remove materia spamming, remove the chat message ‘spammers will be punished’ and heal effect to unfire CTs on fire

  52. Anonymous says:

    Please fix the bugs and stuff that were posted here about Helms Deep!

  53. Yeah if make extreme 2 better and way improves like we all want result in take something out i guess we final fantasy lovers prefer no zm round and an hard ex 2 than a zm round and easy win.

    Ps: Caz i think ++ ultima is a bad ideia nubs always go pick it for that in way down with no guarentees of cover and lose utima 10 seconds after and we lose game cuz that.I iked that in past as well but the botoom line is i did that sometimes lol i know how players think if they want do epic win or something they grab the materia and next round ++ LOL. SO i guess win ex 1 ++ system is way more fair for late entry players.

  54. Metro says:

    hannibal just said he doenst gonna fix helms deep. since they cant find any bug they are now working on Mako and can take times ^^

  55. LOL no one mention epic bugg sephiroth hard + extreme 1 can still be glicthed u failed fix that in v3

  56. mat.duf says:

    I think personally, the possibility of Earth, gravity and ultima to upgrade (maybe just +) is a good idea for people who come at Extr II because the can catch these materia the two first rounds they are here and after they can take the other.

    Also there is the thing with the more than ++ materia (as example ice ++ ++ + which go for the door of the reactor to the end of the bridge).

  57. a-dog says:

    i still say you fix the rope thing on helms deep

  58. mat.duf says:

    Somebody said me that points are not award anymore when you suicide with the ring in Mount doom, I think it would be nice to see that back.

  59. Mojonero says:

    The hudhint in heal materia says it gives 350 hp (instead of 225).

  60. Thanks for the long list cazador, there are some bugs I didn’t know : O.
    But i’m not doing all, like removing noob help (new players may come).

  61. Not sure about the tunnel thing, is hard enough this part!

  62. :O curious, but I’m not changing nothing , not even the entities.

  63. I will not exceed with the changes, it should be just a map improvement of bugs/gameplay instead a real version with many new things, but have some things in mind to make it a bit harder.

  64. Aragorn and Gimli you say!*
    Well , like I said in some commentws before, Im not changin Helms Deep; the camping humans are annoying but I think that it’s part of zombie mod.

  65. I see, I will add 2 more seconds.

  66. Yeah I noticed this, but… like I said, its a very small bug, I will keep like it; I don’t want to risk to change things (because I would fix the bugs and add something) in a map that works fine.

  67. Uhm… I fixed that in the recent version; I saw zombies flying from the human jail over the wall.

  68. Very very good feedback, I’m agree with the most of the lines, the image of the line:
    “- I didn’t understand why but zombies can’t be tp for bahamut here” doesnt work so I don’t know what means.

    And some things:
    – I will keep the materia in the truck : )
    – In zm I’m not putting all materias in the playable area because It would be a mess or very easy for humans and it’s nice that sometimes there are a lot of materias, and sometimes there aren’t
    – I dont unterstand your line: “- reduce resources needed for fire materia of bahamuth”

    Good list.

  69. I think is because I kill that func_brush, and it doesn’t appear anymore, damn, well, another.. small thing

  70. Yes, It will be fixed, the message would be good aswell.

  71. It’s true that is long; I thought to delete normal because you need like 50 minutes to beat the map. Anyway, removing Normal is very “extreme” and many ppl wouldn’t like it; moreover, it’s worst if you keep failing from the first difficulty (hard).

  72. Don’t worry, and thanks : )

  73. Extreme 2 will became harder, but it’s good to repeat bugs, there are some importants I didnt know like “zombies can kill baha/seph at the end of extreme mode 2 (if they have time).”.

  74. mmm… many bugs now… im with Mako now, let’s see if later..

  75. FierceG says:

    Just delete ZM mode…

  76. Anonymous says:

    So, will the bugs in helms deep not be fixed and the stuff that needs changing? 😦 I guess it won’t take you long to do either

  77. Anonymous says:

    I think in Helms Deep:

    – The timer for the door to close should start when the humans reach the gate, not the ramp.
    – The gate should not be zombie blocked so the humans could defend, maybe add some props for an easier defence
    – If this would happen, zombies can block the door hinges so the door doesn’t close, that would have to be fixed if you were to do the above

  78. Paaf_^ says:

    Dunno if it has already been suggested but there is a problem in extrem 2 in mako :
    Just after killing Bahamut, sometimes humans are slower on the bridge just in front of the zm jail. I think this effect should be removed.

    Thx for ur great job, as always. 😉

  79. Molli says:

    i wish nothing more that it won’t crash anymore.Minas and Mako have 50% change to crash when we play them.

  80. Cazador says:

    The timer for helms deep door is ok, if you prefer it to start when humans reach door make it 20 s and not 30.If a ct is more than 20 sec late in that map he’s got a problem.

    Btw, if you really edit this map, don’t remove the zombie blockers at spawn, the left spawn is so slow compared to middle and right.

  81. Joris Ceoen says:

    Great! I really need this because on my new map I will need to filter around 60 objects that way! I’ll try it out soon. Many thanks!

    PS: What happens if you drop the pistol? Nobody else will be able to use it right?

  82. Joris Ceoen says:

    Yea, I wanted to say that too. Great to see it will be delayed a bit. As far as I know, I consulted Tony Montana, and he said PF didn’t even won Mako a single time O.o

  83. Joris Ceoen says:

    The only last thing I wanted to say (or say again perhaps if some1 said it before):

    At the end, please add kind of unlimited ammo or at least resupply humans because I know that on PlagueFest, everyone always shoot with their handguns because otherwise you would run out with half of your ammo at bahamut and in worse cases with an empty gun… I could rarely see myself ending with a p90/m249/mp5 WITHOUT having picked up a gun that was (luckily) dropped on the go-way.

    Maybe it should only be at the end but if it would already at Bahamut, that would help a lot ^^

  84. Joris Ceoen says:

    I only see that happen when some1 spams materias out of panic and gets burned, thus slowing down the entire group :S

  85. Wind Nexus says:

    On mako zombies can win rounds and have points so that way ppl can pass tru the next diffculty… 😦

  86. mat.duf says:

    Sorry forgot to reply about my list (didn’t see ur post X) )

    The place I talk it the ultima spot of Extreme II, one time I didn’t want to kll humans so I was with them at bahamuth and I have climb to this spot and I was not tp.

    “- reduce resources needed for fire materia of bahamuth” means that there are HUGE lags when fire is cast because of all the fire particles, maybe try to reduce the amount of particle or make them not animated.

  87. Joris Ceoen says:

    Idk why you don’t like PlagueFest in particular (“or probably you are a plaguefest player”). I know by name that you are one of the more professional players on in the ZE community, but I can’t hear anything other than people saying that PlagueFest is the best server around. While I don’t think it’s the ONLY server being the best around, it surely is one of them. Indicating the manner of how you say it in you post, it seems you want to say the server is… ‘bad’? I have played many times Mako on PF and we often (more often than not) made it to Extreme II while still having a lot of time. It didn’t ever won Ex II though… But which server did? At least which server can proove :S Anyway no problem if you think it that way but I just thought it to be strange to hear that 🙂

  88. Joris Ceoen says:

    I kinda wonder… No matter how much Hannibal will lower Bahamuts HP and especially Sephiroth’s health at the end of Extreme II, there will ALWAYS die about 90% of the team in the first strike, leaving the math_counter very high, thus making it impossible to kill Sephiroth even if you lowered his hp by 90/person… If people are going to keep mokking their stupid ideas about always standing on the railings at bahamut and never observe the professional players at the end, and then immdiatly understand they actually have to edge over about 50% on the right side of the platform while being crouched… There will never be a victory on Mako.

    Either this way, because I analysed this via the ‘old’ system, I mean the current system. Maybe Hanniball really changed it in another way that it doesn’t count dead players into it but I doubt it, and I wouldn’t know any other technique so far ^^

  89. Kaemon says:

    Well, so far the better solution (specially for Extreme 2 Sephiroth) is just increasing the base HP and reducing the HP per player, like Bahamuth does.

    This way, if he has (random numbers) 100 HP + 20 per player; 1 player has to do 120 damage; but 2 players (140 HP : 2) have to do 70 damage each, and so on…
    This way makes it easier the more people they are, instead of the other way arround.

    Still, not sure if Hannibal has something else planed for him; but I believe he wants to make the whole Extreme 2 harder overall.

  90. Kaemon says:

    Personally I like the idea of having in mind/account not expending too much ammo holding the zombies. Is “easy” to do if you aim and shoot when needed (using materias to stop zombies as much as possible instead of shooting non stop); however right now is a little too much on Extreme 2; since you need to save aroun 750 bullets for Bahamuth, Sephiroth and using 1 or 2 clips holding zombies…

    I don’t know what Hannibal will do; but imo the solution would be reducing Extreme 2 Bahamuth’s Fight duration, which is kinda long right now (specially noticeable when you are zombie).

  91. Kaemon says:

    Not really. That can happen aswel, but what Paaf refers to I believe is the Igniting Bahamuth.
    If Fire wasn’t used while fighting Bahamuth, when using it for the Zombie Jail, Bahamuth will ignite and his area of effect is bigger than it looks, doing hurting-ticks that slow humans.

    The other problem (someone auto igniting using a materia) will be automatically fixed since now materias won’t ignite anymore (will be filtered).

  92. Kaemon says:

    If you drop the pistol, since there is no “OnDrop” Output, you will be still named accordingly and you will be able to use the materia in the floor.
    If someone else picks the materia, the “OnPickUp” line will work again, naming him and allowing him to use the materia. The previous owner will still be able to use it (unless he picked a different materia that gave him a new name for that materia).

    So yes… If you pick the materia, and give it to someone else, you will still be able to “grief” it; but ey, it was your materia to start with, and if someone else has it is thanks to you. Not big deal with this imo.
    If it was really necesary, a huge trigger could be added, filtered (for example) only for people called “FireMateria”; and when the FirePistol is picked, the trigger gets enabled for 0.1 secs, naming “FireMateria”-filtered guy “Player”; and after 0.2 secs naming the one that picked the weapon “FireMateria”. But I doubt is needed nor that Hannibal will include it by default.

  93. Joris Ceoen says:

    Alright I understand! I personally like the idea of extreme II being harder because I thought it to be a little too easy despite some bugs and the ammo… But I can’t recall of any server who actually won it until now :p Making it harder will desperate most newcomers… Maybe this’ll force us to work together at a better rate then. I’ll see

  94. Deathraver says:

    I think you should also change, how in Extreme 1, players can stay outside and go in, without even dodging the slash. It kinda annoys me lol

    Also the bugs when, if killed Sephiroth and dodged slash, and zombie got in, you will still win as a human and changes level even if the zombie who got in killed everyone in the bunker.

  95. LOL Death he cant do nothing on there and more people in room more lagg xD.

  96. Cuniczek says:

    Hi, I like this new update to Mount Doom, but there are some bugs on our server:
    – Ring carrier isn’t slow
    – Ring isn’t healing
    – Ring carrier can’t enter Mount Doom
    Everything is working correctly on singleplayer (I think another servers are too OK)
    Here is demo:

  97. Dude my problem with plaguefest is simple bad setiings.
    They sometimes give up things and start rtv maps that i love.
    And they cant win max levels of maps Predator or Mako.

    Ps:I liked Pf in past was there i met all my friends but they change alot people are not so funny as before thats why we creating a server “TCE” so we can play with good setiings nice people and more imporant be possible win maps. 😀

  98. Servers that won Mako there are alot loll.

    Zm corp , BG , SG , TCE old server we changing Ip today 😉 , CTA , Hells , Bad Server , Zombie Reload , Matsuri old serrver.

    As u see many servers won ex 2 probably way more did sorry to them if i forget to mention.

  99. Joris Ceoen says:

    I’ve seen on PF that sometimes the ring carrier is indeed not always slowed down, only after some time. Also, I thought it was supposed to always have one nazgul regardless if some1 takes him or not…? If that’s the case, many times I didn’t see a nazgul.

    My biggest worry of all is that FPS-wise, it has lowered down (at the spawn only) by a longshot. I get like 30fps with the same settings in comparison of v3.0 where I got always fresh 60fps

  100. eule says:

    I play on i3d most of the time btw. We won Extreme 2 quite some times too.
    Mako is indeed just fine on normal and hard, it’s just that it takes so long to complete the map, that’s my only gripe with it.
    Also, i could say your server sucks for not winning stage 1, eh?

  101. eule says:

    Thanks for your answer!
    How about two versions of the map, one with less modes (like hard, extreme, extreme 2), one with all modes? 😀

  102. Paaf_^ says:

    Also, another little thing that could be removed in mako is the materia using at the end when human have won. If you use electro or fire, it can kill terrorist human.

    Dunno if it can be removed…

  103. mat.duf says:

    it may be like earth in the elevator

  104. Joris Ceoen says:

    He could just disable the trigger_hurt of all those materias on the moment the door closes. OnClose -> trigger_hurt -> disable

  105. Wind Nexus says:

    what about troll earth or grav can it have a little fix too?

  106. Cazador says:


  107. Kaemon says:

    I suggested Hannibal to color the player that uses Earth with Orange, the player that uses Ultima with Green, etc… sometime ago.

    He didn’t like the idea or didn’t feel like doing it. The idea here is to be able to know, beyound any doubt, who used it. You know… in case the Admins of the server feel is a Kickable/Banable offense.

  108. Cazador says:

    And what if I give it to another guy?

  109. chet says:

    Remove grivty block
    At bahmaut (after the booster) humans should get full ammo like in predator
    If I use ulti on bahamut after he spawn in 5 second and die when go the pipe there is smoke for some reasons you get very low hp
    Don’t remove cowbell make it easy to destroy like in house 5-10 shoots be good
    Make spesh at the end put for him new laser
    like there is laser you have to jump or crouch(it change I mean)
    you should put zm round after ex2 to have sometime
    Put kaemon pic in the map its funny ^^
    Maybe new contest??(Joke :P)

  110. chet says:

    Forgot to say that people win mako way more then helms deep lol (its true)

  111. Kaemon says:

    You would be still the one colored, since the coloring aplies to the one that used it, not who is carring it.
    Stop trolling with Earth Cazador. XD

  112. Anonymous says:

    Here is a list for Helms Deep that I would want to see:

    – Make the door timer start when humans reach the gate
    – Add creates at the gate that break when the gate is nearly closed
    – Fix it so zombies can’t glitch the gate by standing in the hinges
    – Remove zombie barrier at the gate
    – Make defend time slightly longer at gate
    – Fix Battering Ram
    – Make it so you don’t die if you are standing on top of the big ladder right before it starts to lift
    – Sometimes the ladders can still be set up once the wall has been blown up, making the ladders float
    – Make the big ladder harder to take down, maybe give it more health rather than 1 shot and it is down
    – Remove the zombie barrier on the stairs that humans need to go up once a zombie passes the wall, so humans need to be faster or defend more
    – At the end, the humans should have to run to the outskirts of Fangorn Forest and hold out, waiting for Gandalf and the riders (a nuke) to come and save them like in the film sort of
    – Make more people be able to spawn on the gate defending point, it is pretty hard with only five people
    – The defending at the shelves before you run into the fort should be wider for the zombies, it is pretty small
    – Zombies can break gate too easily even before battering ram gets there
    – Ladders should have more HP
    – Make invisible barriers along the walls so zombies can’t be knifed up
    – If zombies make it into keep, the doors will close and not open until humans are dead, sometimes delaying the round alot
    – Turn the radio into a deagle
    – Give TMP near the radio more ammo
    – Some console messages are confusing and sometimes appear later than they should
    – Give spawning deagles more ammo
    – The bit where aragorn and gimli jump in the film, behind that humans can camp and zombies can’t get you:

    This is my list, I hope you read it!


  113. Cazador says:

    Dude don’t release mako yet. I got more things xD

  114. Cazador says:

    Ill post tomorrow 😛

  115. LOL no the problem with stage 1 is not win xD.
    Is we win and people that didnt rage quit Lmao.

  116. LOL serius kaemon mako will always be a map of trools that is funny sometimes.. nothing we can do unless ban the trollers and lots of times we dont evnn know who are they unelss we are in spectate mode.

  117. 472365810 says:

    My suggestion is that ZM will be placed at the end, I love this pattern

  118. Cazador says:

    Okay here I go

    Helms Deep: place where you can get stuck: (the dark corner)
    btw the door timer is meant to filter noobs who don’t know the map and AFKs so plz don’t change the timer and imo no need to put cades by the gate, just remove the invisible wall for zombies. CTs will shoot no more than 5 seconds until door is closed.

    Mako Reactor:

    1. This was mentioned in some comment I think: In servers with very late zombie spawn, CTs can camp that top thing during ZM round, or one of the roofs beside it (unreachable, since zombies using !ztele will get teled inside trains). I think this has been in the to-do list for a long time but it didn’t get fixed in v3.1
    2. This spot, which I showed already in my previous post but I didnt make it very clear maybe: Can be reached in all modes, and in ZE modes it’s really easy to defend and you can stall the round until core teleport.
    3. This place, which can only be reached by vips:
    4. Talking about vips, you know they normally have no fall damage, so they can get ahead easily in extreme 2 and take ultima. I never saw that one of the advantages for buying VIP was to get ultima easily, so please rework this teleport here: VIPs can get ahead without using ladder and avoiding the current teleport.
    5. Make 1st sephiroth in extreme 2 kill zombies too. I know they will hardly ever get there, but it could happen some time that you are the last CT and the zombies are right behind you, and if slash killed zombies you would have more chances of winning.
    6. Make 2nd sephiroth in extreme 2 kill zombies too, so they can’t get near the CTs as easily as they can atm.
    7. As mat.duf said, open vent way 3-5 seconds faster in all modes, so it is a useful way to avoid getting slowed down at lift with grav/earth or whatever.
    8. Do what Kaemon said and make people with materias have their own coloured model or attach something else to the dual elites apart from the materia orb, which doesn’t go off when materia is used and which doesn’t visually ruin the map xD
    9. Make cowbells (or however that’s called) diferent. And with this I mean change the picture lol Make something FFVII related maybe? I know nothing of FF apart from this map lol so maybe kaemon or maese danielot can help u there
    10. Decrease by 10-15 seconds the time until Bomb is planted in Extreme 2, so noobs can’t get to the core in time and you make sure you don’t run out of round time at the end.
    11. Increase time left until explosion in extreme 2 by 5 seconds so you won’t die while shooting last sephiroth just because the CT in front didn’t press the lift button. I explain it: imagine there’s one of these hiders in the front, he gets past 1st sephiroth and all the rest of the CTs have to wait until the slash is gone. Then this nice CT in the front will go to his hiding spot without pressing the elevator button. This 5-sec delay will get you killed once you start shooting 2nd sephiroth because of Explosion.
    12. As previoulsy mentioned, reset ammo as done in Predator when you arrive to the boss fight. I find pretty funny how people are supposed to teamwork at Superior door but not shooting more than 50-100 bullets so they don’t run out of ammo at the end. If I can shoot all my 800 bullets knowing I will get restocked at core, I will cover better no doubt lol At least I won’t run away or use my pistol ammo, which is not the same.
    13. Deeply study the bahamut HP glitch. I heard bG solved their problem? Maybe u can fix it or find the way it’s caused.
    14. Force spawn settings. Zombies should spawn right when train doors are gonna open, so they get tele’d back without infecting any1 and so there is a proper zombie ratio.

    Those are some important/optional changes I found. But there’s another one which is even less than optional xD I would really appreciate a score-board thing at bossfight showing how many bullets/damage/hits are left until boss dies, Probably it can’t be done tho, or you just don’t like the idea, but it can be helpful to get an idea if you are gonna make it or not.

    That’s all. cu

  119. Cazador says:

    Optional to (4) is to buy me vip in all servers. if you are willing to do so, that is.

  120. mat.duf says:

    And you’ll maybe stop to say “noob vip” on hellz ^^

  121. Cazador says:

    yea obviously, the average level would increase if im vip! 😀

  122. Cazador says:

    PF has hard settings but admins dont wanna change it. Also the playerbase is full of randomers. all servers have their problems but pf is not the best by far lol u got cZe atm or zm corp some months ago where players know how to play these maps. just because pf or hellz are full all day doesnt mean they are good servers. omega was full all day too and it sucked xD^^

  123. Wind Nexus says:

    You must Re-Texture the epic horn of Helm Hammerhand and adding background “The horn of Helm Hammerhand, shall sound in the deep… One last time!!!” sound can be awesome and epic! ^^ so some ppl dont know how to activate the horn by this way it can be helpful!

  124. Cazador says:

    im so bored im gonna post another comment. please upload ur maps to gamebanana! and take in mind that u may need to do one more version of mako. or alternatively dont release the final map until the test version has been thoroughfully checked

  125. Joris Ceoen says:

    Sorry, I don’t get that ‘Cowbell’ people are talking about here.Is there a cowbell in Mako??

  126. Cazador says:

    We are talking about the pictures in extreme 2 of a man dancing or something If you destroy all of them bahamut won’t cast materias

  127. Kaemon says:

    Sorry, this is a CS:Source post and you aparently are playing original Counter-Strike 😛
    LoL at your resolution. XD

    About replacing the Cowbells with something Final Fantasy related… Not sure, is quite nice reference to Pendulum (I believe? XD) wich provides a really big amount of the music on the map.

  128. Gerald says:

    If you don’t do the Helms Deep update now, could you at least do it after Minas Tirith? 😛

  129. mat.duf says:

    Personally I say “drummer pictures” but in fact he is beating a cowbell (it can be easily add to a classic drum)