Quick Rant & Minor Comments Change.

Posted: March 6, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Ey there, Kaemon here.

We had been writing down all your bug reports and suggestions for Mako upcoming version. We also checked the suggestions for Helm’s Deep. Not sure if Hannibal will find a Helm’s Deep new version necessary; but if he ends doing it we will probably have to wait until he is done with Mako, and most likely with both Paranoid and Minas Tirith aswel.

So… I noticed on that last Post (that had tons of comments regarding Mako and Helm’s Deep issues and suggestions) that it gets a little annoying to read new comments when they can be placed under old comments anywhere in the list. So I decided to disable that option, and now all comments will be shown in the order they were posted.
If you want to address something special about what someone else said, just refer to him or his text. Let’s see how this works.
I also thought about changing the order of the comments (so newest one appear on top, instead of the current order) but not sure about it.
Oh, and I also increased the amount of links a post can have before being discarded as spam. I may revert this back if real spam-bots make their way into the comments.

Anyway; I had been writing down the list of Mako Reactor Changes, and there are really a lot. I want to comment them all with Hannibal before posting the list. This will be probably tomorrow, since Hannibal is busy with IRL stuff today; but it could be later this night if I feel the list is correct enough.
I will edit (if needed) the list many times AFTER posting it, if you point out suggestions or needed bug fixes that are missing or that were already pointed out but I forgot.

So that’s it. Thanks for all the comments regarding both Mako Reactor and Helm’s Deep on the previous post; you really haven shown some love for those two maps ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Headshot :3 says:

    Time to shine! FIRST! :3

  2. Kaemon says:

    You really shined there Headshot… First of a 2-Comments post ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. FierceG says:


  4. Cazador says:

    Ey theres another bug in mako. mad?

    u can get stuck on top of the ladders of the elevator, this happens since some css update some months ago, need to to jump to get unstuck. Some ladders in some maps got this problem, other don’t

  5. Anonymous says:

    This issue existed before also. Just reduce the func_ladder brush a bit.

  6. Metro says:

    looking forward for the test

  7. Kaemon says:

    Cazador, that bug was already fixed some hours ago. The problem occurs since a couple CS:S updates ago with all the “apearing” ladders. (Another example would be the one in Biohazard RPD).

    Now the ladder is always there, in a duct behind the elevator.
    I’m updating the list of changes now for posting it shortly (hopefully in less than 1 hour, XD).