Changelog for the upcoming Mako Reactor version!

Posted: March 7, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News, Special, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

This is most likely the final changelog list as it will when the new Mako Reactor version is released. Hannibal made all the changes already with the exception of those to make Extreme 2 harder overall; and he is still doubting if making Earth and/or Gravity leveling materias with 3 versions like the rest (normal, + and ++).
All the changes listed on the last part of the list (under “DISCARDED”) are fixes and suggestions that didn’t make the final cut for various reasons.

~ Future Mako Reactor Changelog ~
(Last Update: 9 March – 16:45 CET)

SPAWN AREA (Trains):

– Added some ladders behind the trains to the sidewalk.
– Added a ladder that allows players to reach the beam where zombies are teleported at the beginning.
– Added some Lights to make the ladders more visible.
– Made non-solid the LightProps between the trains and the sidewalk.
– Added a new wagon on the back of the trains to avoid zombies falling down and getting teleported again.
– Made the ladders currently visible behind the trains (small part of the prop) usable.
– Fixed the Trigger that gives 100HP (or Red Buf when proceeds) to human not affecting humans using the second exit that appears on Extreme 2.


– Changed the way the whole area closes when someone advances. Now the whole city gets closed instead of leaving a corridor in the midle of it. The teleport is located in the same place as the Extreme modes.
– Previous change got rid of many camping spots that became unreachable after the city area closing.
– Fixed the cinema wall being breakable by players. Now only breaks during the Extreme 2 explosions..
– Previous change makes it unnecesary, but fixed the Trigger Teleports not reach the whole interior of the cinema on normal modes.
– Reverted the Warehouse door being openable by humans. It now only opens to zombie-damage or at the begining of ZM and Extreme 2 mode.s
– Made non-solid the Sign near the button on the city are hold. It was annoyingly stucking people.
– The roof of the Wood House and the Brothel House are now reachable.
– Ultima’s Window path sightly changed. Is now also open on ZM and Extreme 2 modes.

PIPES AREA (Between City and Bridge):

– Removed a too good camping-spot that was really hard to reach and that was easily abused during ZM rounds. Now the ceiling beams and props are non-solid, so you can’t stay on them.


– Disabled the Bone Followers of the second Bahamuth and the Sephiroth models, reducing the IN in this area (effectively reducing the lag).

MAKO REACTOR (Entrance and Elevator Room):

– Added a player clip to an area that could be reached with extra jumping from VIP or server settings.
– Reworked the elevator ladders. Now they are always present (so they don’t glitch) but located on a new vent behing the elevator.
– The Zombie-Vent on the Elevator Room opens now 3 seconds faster (on the way down).
– The floor of the Elevator takes now 5 extra seconds to break.

BIG ROOM (Room with Elevator’s bottom exit):

– Connected the Vent and Elevator Exits.


– Added visible details to an invisible wall that already existed on top of the bottom ladder to prevent humans jumping to their deaths when leaving the Core after defeating Bahamuth.
– Fixed a small area near the bomb zone where zombies weren’t getting affected by the Jail-Teleport.
– The Teleports on the Pipes/Ladders now disappear when the music changes after planting the bomb; allowing late zombies to jump directly to the bridge for some serious action. (Previously they were disabled after defeating Bahamuth)


– Added a crate just after the Cinema on the City Area that allows zombies to attack the hold zone from the top of the wall.
– Ultima Window does open during Extreme 2 now, the path was changed.


– ZM Mode has been moved to the very end (after winning Extreme 2), instead of being between Extreme and Extreme 2.
– Reduced the HP given to humans to survive the nuke. If somehow a zombie glitches (getting this value) the round will end (killing everyone) after 10-20 seconds; instead of running until the round time ends.
– The second path between the Spawn Area and the City Area, through the Warehouse, now opens on ZM.
– Disabled the Healing-Zombie Triggers some seconds before the nuke occurs. Humans switching to Terrorist could touch one of them and die by the nuke.
– Ultima Window does open during ZM now, the path was changed.
– Re-added “Pendulum – 9000 Miles” during ZM.


– Materias are now filtered. Only the owner of the materia can use it. Ignite has been removed (since is no longer necessary). You don’t have to be afraid any longer of using a materia you don’t own by mistake, or of having your materia wasted by another person.
– Materias’ pistols are now colored matchig their materias.
– People using materias are now colored for 10 seconds with a color matching the materia they used. This will make it easier for everyone (including admins) to spot griefers in case taking measures against them seems necessary.
– Heal materia no longers un-ignites people. Neither Spamming Materias nor Bahamuth ignite humans anymore.
– Reduced the duration of both the Fire Area and Ignite Time on Fire++
– Reduced the duration of Wind+ from 7 to 5 seconds.
– Ice now affects Bahamuth, slowing him down and giving the humans 5 extra seconds to finish him (was added on the last patch but wasn’t working properly).
– Ultima is now more “Cube-Like” instead of “Flat”, avoiding the weird Area of Effect when dropping it on the floor.
– Electro and Fire do 1 damage per tick now. Should stop humans switching to Terrorist team at the final bunker from diying on those.
– Heal++ Hud-Hint now displays the correct value of 225 HP instead of 350.
– Gravity does hurt Bahamuth now; making Earth and Wind now the only two materias that don’t help against him.
– Improved the Wind++ triggers. It should fix issues like zombies knifing the user.
– Summoned Earth now has its bottom textured aswel.
– Picking up Earth or Gravity levels you up the same way that other materias do. Ultima grants maximum level (++) on a single pick again.


– Fixed the Bahamuth message with the “RETRIEVING” part.
– Sightly improved some other text messages on Bahamuth; and now its final-attack real name, Mega Flare, is shown.
– E2 Bahamuth casts now Gravity aswel. His version is redish in colour and attempts to pull humans towards him and his damaging default area.
– E2 Bahamuth’s Fire casting now forces you to move away from Bahamuth.
– E2 Bahamuth’s Fire no longer ignites humans.
– E2 Bahamuth’s Ice slows you down for some seconds after the freezing period expires.
– Increased the damage on both E2 Bahamuth’s Fire and Electro castings; dodging them is more crucial now.
– Ice casted by the humans does now affect Bahamuth correctly, giving the humans some extra time to deal with him. This was added on the last version but wasn’t working properly.
– Removed the possibility of an igniting Post-Retreat-Bahamuth slowing down humans passing in front of him.
– Humans for Bahamuth HP are now counted AFTER the zombies have been caged, instead of when passing the pushing part of the bridge. Humans getting zombified won’t count towards Bahamuth’s final HP.


– Hopefully fixed the infamous Sephiroth Glitch.
– Hopefully fixed that zombies can win the round.
– Zombies can no longer hurt Bahamuth nor Sephiroth.
– Extreme 2 Sephiroth now hurts himself for 150 HP when killing a player. Players arriving there give him 200 HP.
– Extreme 2 Sephiroth now has a new diagonal attack, mirrowing to the one he was currently using.
– Fixed that killing E2 Second Bahamuth with Ultima on a perfect timing will result on a 1 HP Sephiroth.


– Replaced the old blog direction with the new one.
– Added Paypal textures to let people know where they can donate if they want to.
– Added the missing musics on the Music Texture on the final bunker.
– Total Cowbell number reduced from 15 to 14. Removed the Cowbell in front of the moving Train.
– Reduced the HP on the 3 Cowbells located behing the windows of the Brothel.
– The Cowbell in the Ultima Window remains unchanged, but the brush that blocks this area is gone on all difficulties.
– A message appears now when there are only 3, 2 or 1 remaining Cowbells.
– Removed the console message “spammers will be punished”. Not needed since you can’t spam other people materia anymore.
– Increased Roundtime by 60 seconds.
– Added an Admin Room to the map.


– Fixed:
– Fixed:
– Fixed:
– Fixed:
– FixeD:
– Fixed an invisible texture on the City Area hold visible only during Extreme 2 when the wall on the Crouch-Pipe breaks.

(Everything under this line has not been fixed/included and probably won’t)

– Maybe will add a “Replenish Ammo” trigger somewhere in the map.
– Maybe Earth and/or Gravity will become upgrapeable materias (their current version would become the + or ++ versions).
– Maybe make Extreme 2 harder overall.
– Maybe will increase some hold durations (Door before Bridge, Doors after Bridge, Elevator going down, Core Hold) on Extreme and/or Extreme 2.


– Adding some new music.
– Removing noob helpers (arrows and such).
– Making Wind hurt/affect Bahamuth.
– Removing this camp spot?
– Disabling Ultima cast from Bahamuth if Heal++ is not present.
– Fixing the “flickering” textures of the pipes that go Dark/Bright.
– Dark Prop:
– Floating Pillar:
– Cowbells affecting Bahamuth individually.
– Extreme 2 Bahamuth fight being shorter.
– Adding a Console Message with the Name/Artist/Album when each song starts playing.
– Allowing zombies to participate in Bahamuth fight by going under the bridge and trying to climb the handrails.
– Couldn’t find the reason why sometimes there is a materia that aparently flought to the other side (Zombie-Vent-Path) on the Big Room (bottom of Elevator).
– Making all materias appear in the playable area during the ZM rounds.
– Adding textures that show what difficulty the map is on, or showing tips like Mat_Colorcorrection.
– Tweaking Bahamuth’s HP formula. Gravity and Ice affecting him should do the trick.
– Making the Elevator’s Room Door (near the 3-buttons-door) unblockable by player. There is no need/point, since they will get teleported anyway, and the door will close properly.
– Moving the location of the materia inside the truck to somewhere visible without going to check it.
– Removing the possibility of staying out during Sephiroth’s Final Slash on Extreme.
– Second E2 Bahamuth aims his Mega Flare in the wrong direction: (Ignored because requires remaking the whole Particle; it always goes on that direction because of its physics)
– Adding a new zombie entrance to the final room during Extreme 2.
– Including built-in Zombie Settings.
– Adding new “Suprise Attacks” from Sephiroth during Extreme 2.

  1. Metro says:

    cant wait for the update ;D

  2. Wind Nexus says:

    ***Console: ** BAHAMUT HAS CAST GRAVITY **

    Man i cant wait!

  3. Angel says:

    Sounds great, cant wait for the update.

    Big thank you on the “owners of materias can only use that mateira”. This makes admining so much easier, and prevents trolls that empty servers. A big thanks up front.

    Cant wait to get playing.


  4. mat.duf says:

    OK so the no_nuke area is in Zm round, I am going to explain :
    I was around 3-4 times and 9 million hp zombie, most of time it was because I have being zombified on the last second 1-2 of zm or in the least 20 second when I was zombified on the last 1-2 seconds of MY ultima. So I were able to see that zombies are not killed in a small place but if they try to get out the train station (around 2 train before the exit) 9000K zombie are nuked. – Hm? Probably a Clip texture needed to don’t allow going inside the prop? Nodraw missplaced? >>> this is just a nodraw texture, we can’t enter in it (if I remember well).

    Also something I may have forgotten is two windows of the cinema which don’t break. (I don’t remember if it is just sometimes or all the time)

  5. Kaemon says:

    So there is really no “No-Nuke Area” in the ZM round; is just the HP glitch, right?
    I can understand getting the extra HP by mistake if you are infected at the very last possible moment; but people (you included) reported it happening sometimes at other times during the round… Neither Hannibal nor I know why/how that happens.

    Will tell him to take a close look to that 9 Million HP Trigger.

  6. Kaemon says:

    Oh Mat.Duf; also added the Two Windows not breaking so we check them just in case; but I’m pretty sure they broke correctly on Extreme 2; and being breakable during ZM.
    The problem was that the wall shouldn’t break on other modes, and it was breaking (but the windows weren’t, because those were properly done), so they stayed floating. XD

  7. ... Poney Life says:

    Great, the extreme 2 become more harder, the current is too easy (yes, i’m mad), this is another challenge on mako.
    Big thanks for the colour skins of owner of the materia for find the troll (Bye bye Epic fail Ladders Camper).
    However, try to fix the “easy nade kill” for sephiroth at the end, this part is too easy now. . .

    P.S: you are the best ^^

    Poney Life

  8. Kaemon says:

    Oh man… I love killing him with my nade 😦
    Will mention it to Hannibal to see what he thinks; but not adding it to the list yet. XD

  9. Kaemon says:

    I will need to talk to Hannibal so he checks it, but aparently BotoX helped us to discover where was the exact problem of zombies with too much HP surviving the ZM nuke.

  10. chet says:

    If humans have to cover zombie while they shoot bahamut like in predator it be kind suck I like just to fight bahamut only
    If you going to fix that humans get in and go out on extreme1 at laser (like he have only ice and its not upgrade if he get out and get in he shouldn’t get + when they get item)
    If vent for zombie open faster on hard and some servers like bad they got fast zombie skin or bhopers it be very hard so its not good idea maybe you should do that on ex2
    After ex1 players that win and dog the laser should get more hp on ex2 like 50 hp more(150hp )
    Can’t wait tell bahamut cast gravity
    Make speh do new laser like jump and after sometime have to crouch it be very good idea and hard
    Good luck can’t wait for it

  11. Cazador says:

    You can’t bhop at vent, maybe just the last stairs but it’s hard anyway, and 3 seconds will be no diference for this.

    I agree with leaving zombies in cage while boss fight, ex2 fight might be shorter so I see no problem in waiting, it’s the way it has always been and people are used to it, and it’s also something that I like rather than in pred where you have to cover zombies too :/ (although pred fight is longer so it’s kinda needed there)

    “After ex1 players that win and dog the laser should get more hp on ex2 like 50 hp more(150hp )” they will get healed anyway to 150 or 225.

    And yea, the ending is so random. Most times it’s better to just teamkill with gravity all CTs hugging the door just before ultima explodes in order to have less ppl which will give you more chances of winning.

  12. mat.duf says:

    For the no-nuke area at spawn, if you have not been zombified on the last seconds you are killed anyway : that is strange in fact.

    Also 2 things that I have forgot :
    -You didn’t list the admin room (it is still plan ?)
    – for the Ext1 end I think it is nice to let people who can’t doge the laser made it staying outside and then enter because it doen’t give you 100 points, it just gives you the speed so it is an “half-win”. >>>> and if you want to delete the possibility make the laser really after for late people (who stay before sephiroth).

  13. Kaemon says:

    Oh, I forgot about the Admin Room. Afaik is a plan. However it wasn’t listed on the bug-lists nor was said by anonye. Was mentioned by Hannibal on his post, and thats the reason I didn’t saw (nor remembered) it when I was putting all the lines together.

    The Ex1 ending is still a possibility. I will mention your opinion to Hannibal (or he will read here).

  14. ... Poney Life says:

    i don’t know if hannibal gonna correct this, but when you fight bahamut and gonna lose, some V.I.P. (or the heal ++ owner) can jump with “no fall dommage” to a safe area, and they don’t die when bahamut attack…

    (if Hannibal want i can make a list of the bug, glitch, and other problem of paranoid for later , just for partcipate to “rezurection” ^^)

  15. 472365810 says:

    ZM will open cinema?

  16. mat.duf says:

    @ … Poney Life

    Paranoid new version (or reamke?) will come after Minas new version so you can try to began with both of them but Minas should be make first.

  17. mat.duf says:

    uppss never mind for my last post I have remember of a reverse order for Paranoid but it was just between Mako and Para so Poney Life, as most commentaries on Mako rezurection, you can began your list and release it after Mako’s new version. 😉

  18. Angel says:

    I’m pretty sure zombies only survive the ZM round when they are infected at the last possible second. Although its hard to tell, this is the only way ive seen it happening.

  19. Linus says:

    It may have been already said but please please please could you give us the possibility to disable every music ? currently if I’m listening to some of my music, it’s painful to have both my music, mako’s music and CSS sound (which is fine by me since it’s not musical)
    thanks. and nice changelog, GL

  20. Joris Ceoen says:

    @Linus that’s impossible, because if you would ONLY want to disable the music aside from tall the other effects like shooting sounds or simply walking, it would count for everyone. The music is not recognised as “music” that falls under the music option in the options tab of CSS. Therefor, it would be impossible, unless a complete server would agree by it. I think sucj an option is useless, but can always be implemented…

  21. Kaemon says:

    #Linus: As Joris tells you, is not possible.
    The problem is that CS:S doesn’t have a working “Music Entity”, so a normal “Sound Entity” is used instead. The only way to disable (or change the volume of) the music, is to do the same with all the sounds…

    It sucks. We would really love if the Music Entity existing in Half-Life 2 existed/worked for CS:S.

    #472365810: The Cinema has been always openable (the breakable windows) during ZM. The wall however will be fixed so it can’t be shooted down. It will only break during Extreme 2 explosions, as inteended.

    #Poney Life: We had that issue already noted down. Hannibal checked it. Not sure if he will find fixing it necesary. As far as we know the Bahamuth nuke effectively gets you on all those lower places; so it would be just more about just not having people around there.
    Not sure if he changed it somehow to avoid humans with no-fall-damage surviving the fall.

  22. Deathraver says:

    @Poney Life
    Ex II easy? You must be one of those guys that trolls a lot with Gravity.

  23. mat.duf says:

    I am sure that Bahamuth kill you with his final breast anywhere you can reach except zombie cage but…. in zm cage a humans can’t survive a lot of time.

  24. Kaemon says:

    Mat.Duf, I guess you mean Breath. Google for Breast if you are not an english speaker. XD

  25. Cazador says:


    btw another ‘bug’ which I’ve seen mentioned somewhere, last bahamut in extreme points his ‘final breast’ (xD) to the left side and not to the front where CTs come from.

    Oh and I posted yesterday a comment with 2 screens of zm mode glitched hp out of spawn, check the spam section 😛

  26. Kaemon says:

    Oh man, that one is so true. But we already forgot about it because most of the time Bahamuth is not even there by the time you reach the place, much less likely he will even have time to shot his Mega Flare.

    And for future reference, don’t do comments with ONLY links. Those are automatically marked as Spam.

  27. 472365810 says:

    In the v3_1 version,Hiding in the cinema of the player, will not be AFK Teleport

  28. Paaf_^ says:

    If Bahamut is affected by Gravity, I hope there will be an animation with it or something cool. If not, it will be strange and hard to understand how Bahamut is hurt.

  29. Kaemon says:

    472365810, that bug has been already fixed.

    Paaf, not a clue what Hannibal did with it, but don’t expect anything just in case there isn’t anything. XD

    BTW, Hannibal is already thinking of leaving the new version as it is. But I will tell him about the “NEW” bugs added to the list later.

  30. thegregster101 says:

    on the bridge, entering the reactor near start, you can jump down and use the rope ladder. A good place to hide however you do get teleported.

  31. ... Poney Life says:

    i remember a bug after you defeat bahamut (not really important but i report it to you anyway) : when props fall the “tube” near the second ladders fall, but you can walk on him. . .

    @Deathraver no, i just play on small (but with a good level) server like TCE or cZe ( 20 players when they are active).

  32. Paaf_^ says:

    Hum ..

    Poney Life make me think about something : at the same moment, when props fall from “ceilling”, sometimes you can be stuck in it after climbing the second little ladder.

    It’s not really a bug because normally you would be dead crushed by those but it’s annoying 🙂

  33. Anonymous says:

    according to the pre-changelog
    nothing important will be update, really a FIX-version
    lots of move zm round after ex2, no more abuse ignite ,color material players, such useless-some things
    think about why mako so popular, because it bring suprise and challenge to players,
    this update nothing suprise and challenge,just sounds like easy level ex2 and some.
    the ex2 mahamut health count was good, never meet too many player impossible to kill baha.
    if make baha fight short and seph/baha health down make it too easy, i’ll hate this update.

  34. Kaemon says:

    Poney and Paaf, none of those two things will get changed, as they work as inteended.
    Granted, the “invisible pipe” is weird; but never annoyed any player or prolonged any round (something that happened on previous versions where it wasn’t walkable and someone could camp on the not-falling side).
    And the falling Ceiling… As you said, it should kill players; but that would be even more annoying. So stucking them is a quite good option, and it ends breaking by itself (unlike rocks on many early ZE maps that would kept you stucked until the round ended).

    Anonymous, it is a fix version. Its objective is not to change the way the rounds play or add lots of new things, but to fix all the bugs that had been found.
    If you hate that this version will fix materias being spammable, I couldn’t care less about your opinion 😛

  35. Cazador says:

    New list is cool. about the pending changes:

    – Increase hold durations: don’t do it, or don’t increase much or we will run out of round time again
    – Earth and grav becoming upgradable materias: no it’s ok atm
    – Makin e2 harder: honestly, that sephiroth change you mentioned looks so OP, it’s gonna be impossible with a full CT team hence we will have to keep teamkilling with grav at last room those who hug door… Less noobs, less dead CTs, less sephiroth hp, more chances to win


  36. Kaemon says:

    Cazador, I think you understood the changes wrong.

    – The increased time on Holds, if occurs, wouldn’t be that much and only on Extreme 2. Also, the RoundTime has been increased by 60 seconds now.
    – IF Earth or Gravity become upgradables materias, their current “power” would be the equivalent of the + or the ++ version. So it would be aboud adding lower versions of them (maybe 1 stronger). It wouldn’t be a nerf nor a buff, just a change. Also Earth++ not being able to block humans has been discussed; this would be a nice adition. Anyway, it will be up to Hannibal.
    – You completly missunderstood Sephiroth change. Now, when a human arrives to him, he gets +200 Health, like he has always being doing (Health, not Hit Points mind you). The change does that when he kills a human, he LOSES 150 Health. So it would be like it is, but noobs getting killed would be removing HP from Sephiroth. This one may still be looked at; but Hannibal is not looking fowards to changing more things.

  37. Cazador says:

    oh lol yea I thought sephiroth had more hp when noobs died :3

  38. Anonymous says:

    – “if make baha fight short and seph/baha health down make it too easy, i’ll hate this update.”

    Kaemon, thats what i said/mean, clear? i didn’t say hate fix other things.

    yes, im a anonymous, if thats the case, I won’t care about your dam changelog anymore :-p

  39. Deathraver says:

    That selfish way of talking makes me think its Liongreen but that way of spelling doesnt… WHO ARE YOU!? O_O

  40. Kaemon says:

    Well Anonymous, first of all, I adress to you like that because thats what it shows. I have no problem with you deciding to keep the default Anonymous or writting a random number or a nickname; it was just so you knew I was talking (typing) to you.

    And yeah; I got that you would hate if this version makes Bahamuth fight is shorter (which doesn’t mean easier; and that anyway was discarded finally) or Sephiroth easier (which wasn’t the plan neither, more like not making him IMPOSIBLE with 10 extra persons with you; the map right now punishes you for having good teamwork and having many survivors at the end by directly NOT letting you win).
    What I didn’t like was that you basically adressed what seemed to be all the changes like “useless-some things”, and then said that Mako is popular because it brings “suprise and challenge to players” and that “this update nothing surprise and challenge”.

    Anyway; as mentioned, IT IS a Fix-Version; and as you can see Hannibal did fix lots of things (let’s see if no new problems were added >_<) and he is still thinking/looking about doing the Extreme 2 Harder overall, without relaying on a Sephiroth that doesn't let you win if you win as a team.

  41. Kaemon says:

    BTW, two things shock me the most… How many fixes there are for a map that appears to play perfectly as it is, and that the “Bahamuth is RETRIEVING” survived all the versions up to this one… XD

  42. Cazador says:

    Cos he just went to Ireland and fucking learnt it by heart 😛

  43. mat.duf says:

    As I understand in the meaning of “retrieving”, it can be the correct word because it can be understood “Bahamuth is falling back to heal himself and to try to kill you the next time” indeed we actually kill him at the far end of the map.

    And Keamon… well yes I know what does mean “breast” ^^ but I think just for one letter… never mind anyway you have understood ^^.

  44. ... Poney Life says:

    – Maybe Earth and/or Gravity will become upgrapeable materias (their current version would become the + or ++ versions).

    No, it s not a good idea : if you join the party on advanced mode (extreme and extreme 2), you can just pick them and the ultima…if you make this, we just can pick the ultima…

  45. Anonymous says:

    – Extreme 2 Sephiroth now hurts himself for 150 HP when killing a player. Players arriving there give him 200 HP.

    Still doesn’t fix the fact the bridge is way too small for 20-40 players to shoot on. RIP Mako Reactor.
    It was good map, lets honor its memory.

  46. Cazador says:

    Goodbye then dude. Quit after extreme? Cos I think mako never had extreme 2?

  47. Deathraver says:

    ^ Thats what I’m actually doing for the current version. Beat Extreme, leave/or dont try to win Extreme 2 at all.

  48. liongreen says:

    I blame cazador and deathraver nubs dient at first slash and fuck me after 🙂

  49. mat.duf says:

    Newbies ^^

    Just one thing to Hannibal or Kaemon : update your website
    WHAT ARE WE DOING? is not updated
    HANNIBAL ZE MAPS is not updated
    ALL RELEASED MAPS is not updated
    the summary is not updated.

    I am thinking if something is actually updated. ^^

  50. Cazador says:

    Yea and FAQ are outdated too, and many more things. But maybe update all after all maps are released so it doesn’t get outdated again soon.

  51. liongreen says:

    If u going to ruin my favorite map i won add thiis version to our server lol. See very good waht u doing before realize soemthing taht will fuck the epicness of our favorite map 🙂

  52. Joris Ceoen says:

    Honestly… Why would you upgrade earth or Gravity?? It’s a perfect balance when there are materias that at least don’t need a level to operate essentially to work… I think you shouldn’t upgrade grav and earth. You need to have at least some materias taht you can always rely onto… Making them upgradable will just end up in 0-lvl people always picking up those, thus making it more unbalanced.

  53. Deathraver says:

    No, its not “nub”. Theres just no point to me playing something that is near impossible without any trolling.

  54. There is no difficulty nerf, there is no “new” things, there is no “big changes” things… there are many things that have been fixed, but I think you forgot about its existence because you are used now; important and minor bugs have been fixed and this is possitive. The difficulty has been increased slightly because camp spot explointing, invisible walls removal, teleports disabled (at core), HP calculation glitches, more powerful Bahamut 2 attacks, …
    Trolling means fuck the ppl who tries to beat the map; if you think that the only way to win this map is to fuck the rest of the ppl by saving your own ass, then there is something wrong in the map; Ice materia is now working at Bahamut extreme 2 and the hp calculation is made after the teleport, these two things are the only ones that make the Bahamut fight “easier”, and now, Bahamut extr2 casts Gravity, and electro and fire is very very harmful now.

    Quote to Anonymous:
    “Still doesn’t fix the fact the bridge is way too small for 20-40 players to shoot on. RIP Mako Reactor.
    It was good map, lets honor its memory.”
    What is the point of this comment? It’s the first time I read someone complaining about the size of the bridge; at the end scene of extreme 1 or 2 I have never seen more than 10 players (20-40 wtf!) ; anyway, you are complaining that is very hard because the narrow way, and the “fix” you’re complaining makes that part easier in case of many humans : /

    PD: I’m not making Gravity+ or Earth+, too much work; just wanted to fix the bugs.

  55. Deathraver says:

    But lol.. I would like if Ultima was how it was used to in v2.2 and under. In which picking it up levels you to ++, though I do understand the parts that players just gonna go for it more.

  56. Joris Ceoen says:

    Yes, I’m happy that Grav and Earth won’t be leveled! This keeps a good balance between teh overall power of the materias!

    The bridge at Bahamut… I’ve seen many times getting 35 people over there on PlagueFest, but it doesn’t really matter for the size of the bridge. How big can Bahamut be? If there is someone who can’t see Bahamut between all the players, then that person needs to pick up some glasses…

    I would like to see Ulti giving ++ immediatly, but I can understand that it’s removed because it would discourage players for picking it up ONLY for that. And there really are players who did that :-/

  57. Anonymous says:

    approximate release of this?

  58. Kaemon says:

    Deathraver, picking Gravity or Earth does level you as if you were picking any leveling materia now, so you can level with those.

    Joris Ceoen, he is talking about the Sephiroth Bridge and not being abble to see the Lasers/Sephiroth, not about Bahamuth.

    Anonymous, the date is not known, however we are already trying to do a final compile an test online. But we are getting some VIS-problems during a final compile.

  59. liongreen says:

    So after so many talk how ill be the end i stay there shoot wait they die and win?

  60. chet says:

    To tell you the true ex2 is kind sucks when you have high ping (me,death,j73) it relay annoying on spesh and zombies we have to stay back so we don’t fail its totally unfair but I like that give us challenges
    If vent going to open 3 seconded early I don’t think it be good idea on hard mod but ex1 and ex2 it be just fail on servers like superelites(or zombie have high jump or speed)

  61. liongreen says:

    OK after testing the new version here is my thoughts…

    Sephiroth ex 2 is still the same thing they die and we lose (with 14 ppl if 6 die in first slash no way to win)

    Materias sometimes doesnt work..

    Many light on the map (Mako its not suppose be a map with some many colur!
    Crash issues in some servers.

    Gravity in ex 2 is amazing but is OP as shit lol we instant die witth 100 hp there .
    Fire ex 2 in Bahamaut in Op take us 75 hp with kevlar +helmet….

    Fire materia is glicth doesnt show the fire when we use.
    A friend told me that there is a problem with heal but didnt saw it yet.

  62. liongreen says:

    The teleport are fucked as well..

  63. mat.duf says:

    In the supreme elites server zombies are easy to shoot out and in most server with zombies with 110% speed 3 seconds can balance zombies who take the long road and zombies on the elevator.(and make interesting to take the long road, unlike the older versions)

  64. Deathraver says:

    Max ping able to dodge Extreme II Sephiroth = 380 ping (tested already, anything higher you die)

  65. Cazador says:

    If u read captions u get the problems or whatever there’s wrong in each one of the screenshots

  66. Joris Ceoen says:

    Woops, didn’t knew he was talking about the Sephiroth bridge! even more unlogical in that case, because, I mean hannibal made the lasers glue light-blue, which is almost the complete contrast of the darkness of the area there… Even with that much people (which I indeed have never seen more than 12 people being able to get there) you could still easily see how the laser is going.

    If you are going to complain about that, I think it’s just because you don’t know how to jump or dodge those lasers :S Besides, enlarging the bridge wouldn’t matter a single thing, because most players are likely to go towards the utter left or right, which is smart, because if you stay in the middle, you couldn’t dodge the diagonal lasers, while being on any of the two utter sides it gives you the chance to stay there by either crouching or jumping over any of the laser-combinations…

    So please don’t enlarge the brdige just because of some unattentive people. I mean there are like 4 possible lasers… Jump and crouch… How difficult can it be?

  67. Cazador says:

    Well he’s right on that. Many times when a lot of people reach sephiroth you can’t see because of what you said:

    ” because most players are likely to go towards the utter left or right, which is smart, because if you stay in the middle, you couldn’t dodge the diagonal lasers ”

    Since all “experienced” players go to the sides, they block each other with their skins/models. The one guy in the front blocks all the rest not letting them see the next slash properly.

    Anyway I think this is part of the map and the bridge has always been like that, but it does encourage trolling previously in order to have less people at the end.

  68. Cazador says:

    sry for so many posts xD

    imo grav should last a bit less so noobs who don’t move back after it die
    then u got fire, which does a bit too much dmg (maybe half of the current dmg would be alright)
    electro is fine, you can get safe from it fast

    oh and there was this round when we killed bahamut right after it had casted fire, so fire was still damaging us so we all died xD

    last, bahamut’s ice leaves people with some sort of low-speed / low-grav effect for some seconds after it has ended.

  69. liongreen says:

    I still think u use bad method to win the map (why not move sephiroth to botoom of briddge like ex 1 and hard and make us dodge until room close + u could put a small sephiroth taht we would shoot while dodging lol)

    nubs would die pros would win more space to see the dodges.

  70. Blue Dragon says:

    You all got the bridge thing wrong. The lasers are fine, but the fact that if people shoot through other people the hits don’t count towards killing Sephiroth. And when there is 20+ people on the bridge, there’s not enough space for people to shoot, since it’s logical to stack on the sides of the bridge, to dodge diagonal slices easier. Currently the Sephiroth fight seems to be just like the old one, maybe even harder, (don’t ask how). I don’t see much change. I’d rather have an event for dodging 5-10 slices and then moving into the room, than trying to kill him by shooting at him, which is now practically impossible. As for Hannibal saying that there usually is not more than 10 people on the bridge is total bullshit. If you defend as a team and don’t troll / hide like a bitch you easily can get more than 20 people to the end bridge. (This also makes it really hard since 70% of those people die to the first slice, making Sephiroth really, really hard.

    Other things to note on the v4b;
    -Dislocated bridge after spawn, which causes the car to flip on to the bridge, causing players to get stuck.
    -You can still glitch your health by spawning as terrorist, waiting in the spawn to get teled, and then continue to the end. (Risky, since you might get teleported with zombies.)
    -Cowbells are way too easy to get now. You only need 2-3 people to do them, and they trivialize Bahamut fight completely. (There’s a new message for no cowbell bonus, can the cowbells only be done once? If so, the cowbells are fine.)
    -Some textures are really, really weird. (I’ll post some pictures later.)
    -The new ladder to get up from the vent way at third hold point, (elevator) is WAY, WAY TOO OP. I can easily get in front of humans that exit the elevator when going down using the vent & the new ladder, which makes it unbalanced.
    -The new expanded zombie cage at the core is not working properly. When the cage is locked you can’t move to the back of the cage, you’ll get teleported back to the AFK killer. This also happens if you try to use the portal (which is weird looking as hell) at the start of the Bahamut fight. The back of the cage and the portal become available after some time. I hope this is not intended.
    -Sometimes materia can’t be used at all after being picked up, (Graphical glitch? – Unconfirmed)
    -I’ve seen people complain about being stuck as zombie after using “!ztele”, teleportation not working properly after some time? (Unconfirmed)
    -When using materia, sometimes doesnt change the colour of the player. (Unconfirmed)
    -When using fire materia, sometimes doesnt show the fire animation. (Unconfirmed)

    I really like what you did to Ex2 Bahamut fight, it might take some time for people to get used to the now more powerful materia casts Bahamut does. But i really like it. Ignore people who complain about gravity or fire being overpowered, they are the ones standing right on the edge of the Bahamut AoE. I was really looking forward for the Bahamut freeze animation, but i guess you didn’t find one, thus i guess it’s fine. Is it possible to add a new message telling which materia hurt him, so new people actually would use their materia, instead of not doing so.

    I really like the looks of the new admin room, but the song board has not been fit to the texture, thus making it unreadable. (Is it true Tony Montana created the admin room?)

    Also, i have to request another Mako Reactor contest since this will be the last version of Mako Reactor ever, thus i’d like to see for it to get a contest, since it’s your most loved map, as far as i know.

    I’ll post more when we find out / figure some other glitches / bugs / improvements.
    ~ŦČΣ | Blue Dragon / Berry Punch

    PS. I love you SO MUCH for using 9000 Miles as the ZM Round -music. Thank you for that.

  71. liongreen says:

    I do agree with the ideia of the contest those names on the map alot of them doesnt evenn play zombie escape anymore. (New palyers should be able to get on the board as well same wiith new servers)

    Its kewl see I Cant and sG there but they dead otehrs should have a chnage..

  72. Blue Dragon says:

    -If Bahamut dies after casting fire materia, the fire will still be there and kill everyone trying to run towards the zombie cage.

    As far complaining about fire & gravity, oh, PLEASE. It’s not too hard to be a bit further away from Bahamut, and move back during fire, and keep holding S to negate the effect of gravity. Stop complaining. I find the need of moving fun.
    Cazador, the icy -effect after Bahamut ice materia is intended. I like it.
    ~ŦČΣ | Blue Dragon / Berry Punch

  73. CNe7532294 says:

    I agree with liongreen for a 2nd contest on v4 even though I’m probably not gonna make it lol too busy XD but ya others should have a chance.

  74. Bukk says:

    Fire does way too much dmg and the new ladder near the old vent should be lower

  75. Paaf_^ says:

    About the teleport problem, I was in the zm jail and I !ztele. I was teleported in the “pipes room” at the beginning, where we can pick earth sometimes.

  76. Cookie says:

    we need a new contest ^.~

  77. Blue Dragon says:

    @Bukk – No, it doesn’t. You just don’t know how to avoid it.

  78. Anonymous says:

    +1 for new mako contest

  79. KinG says:

    +1 for new conteste

  80. Anonymous says:

    yup, a new contest would be awesome!

  81. Airshakeoutμ says:

    + 1 for new mako contest

  82. tcefruit says:

    +1 new mako 😛

  83. Nexuz says:

    +1 about contest ^^

  84. Cazador says:

    -1 for new contest. people who appear in the map deserve it. Same for servers. or do u want new contest every time a server disappears or some of the players stop playing ze?

  85. liongreen says:

    We not saying to take their names off but to add other names that desearve be there as well . In the other contest were neither ex 2 existed its unfair we has to beat hard modes and dont evenn has a chance be there.

    Make another Contest for Mako last version would create 2 genarations the old players + new players thatt didnt evenn play ze when the contest happened its more than fair all people try be there 🙂

  86. mat.duf says:

    The principle of both 2 hannibal’s contests (it is not completely true with predator contest) which have already exist is to be able to beat the map in limited time, the problem is that a lot of players have already beat extreme 2 so it seems pointless to tell people to just retry it.

    and also I think it would give to much work to Hannibal to make it.

    Just one thing : I tested the map alone on tce and I kill my self after the end of the zm round and it made the server crash.

    I have notice that : the new roof show us a lot of not brushed areas. (but it was me who ask for it so if you don’t change, it is not a problem).
    – there is a strange line on the chimney of the reactor
    -we can now see a pink black texture which was hidden before. (on the door of the house in the “cinema way”)

    Just to know also, is there a reset map after 3 zm rounds ? If not it would be nice to include it.

  87. liongreen says:

    No the contest we asking is not shitty contest (like minas WK winners).

    Team contest are way more funny people compete for their server and their pride.

    And its not that hard make a contest unless u think see demos is hard LOL.

    Let the server have fun again and compete for something in team we bored of people that only enjoy play maps for increase their “EGO”

    And will be the last version of your remarkble map let the people at least has a chance to have their name in there and there server name toghter to the old memories.

  88. mat.duf says:

    it is long to watch 100 demos, compile the information, make the changes into the map for the result (and I think that Hannibal should be a little bored of making new version of old maps) but you see liongreen it is not an insult or something but : Stay cool with Mako and Predator, you are not forced to win them an hundred times to be sure that you are a good zombie escaper. I know from sure sources that a contest will come out with a new map so you can see that zombie escape is not limited to just 2 maps.

    Under this your can take it as an insult :
    you know, now in little servers like tce and cze where a lot of the best of the zombie escape players meet predator, minas and mako have been beaten a lot of time by many players (even people who don’t have awesome skills). So the only way to show that you are good is to beat ze_void many times…. Just do you know this map ?

    And just another thing with contest : Hannibal make the mako contest because it was a new kind of ze map, it was the new generation, he make the minas contest because a lot of players dislike it for the fail first version > it was made to get a come back of this map and he will not make a contest on LMS because it is useless.

  89. liongreen says:

    Dude i dont know who the hell are u we just ask a contest so stop bitching and attack or kepp doing w/e u want lol.

    Is more than fair for all new players that didnt evenn play zombie escape before.

    Thats why a new contest should be made for all good players can have a chance be there and live the epicness of a good contest (event).

    i Do agree with u LMS is usellss i think Minas was useless as well (Mako & Predator) have components hard to explain in maps where epicness (teamwork features) require contests.

    This is last version of the map and need be very fix for what i saw on v4 beta but i think it desearve a contest at least for Ex 2 servers and players winners since the other didnt eveen had extreme 2.

  90. OK first of all I apologize for the attack. So I will explain why I don’t want the contest :
    -I prefer to see hannibal working on new maps than on mako because on the last version was already completely playable (the only problem was the overpower baha) unlike minas with the physic bug and Paranoid with the lags and the crash.
    -I prefer to see hannibal doing everything he wants instead of wasting his time on a contest
    – I don’t want to see mako more played than now
    – I don’t want to see trolls to get an easier sephiroth
    -I don’t want to see player thinking they are pro whereas they are vip/premium
    – I don’t like the idea of a second contest because it is an old map, people should play some other map (even with a new difficulty it is still an old map)
    – I don’t like the idea of a second contest to give a chance to new players/servers because it will be still unfair to players who will begin the game in 6 months.

  91. Metro says:

    what about Let hannibal decide what he wants instead of u ask what u want, its obviously hes map u can only dream of what happens in it 😉

  92. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    Hannibal has said he will only do one more map (LMS)

    I wonder what his plans are for after that map :/ Will he stop mapping altogether or maybe move to another game. I would like to see him continue in CS:GO personally, as long as he still enjoys it.

  93. Deathraver says:

    If the contest is for Extreme II, then fuck that.
    I dislike it so much, it was perfect with a few minor bugs in v2_2.

  94. Kaemon says:

    I just read all the posts again to write down all the bugs you guys reported.
    The only one I’m personaly worried about is the Materias not-working sometimes; but I’m pretty sure it will just be some conflict on the timers of the Filtering Entitiies with the Buttons that should be easy to fix.

    About a new Contest, I haven’t talked with Hannibal about it and I think he didn’t read those messages yet, but I’m pretty sure he won’t be doing it.

    About Mako being “more colourful” or “less dark”… What can I say? Not a single light was touched or added (except a couple behind the trains so the ladders would be more visible). If the map looks brighter overall is a complete mistery, probably related with the latest CS:S or SDK updates and recompiling the map again.

    Blue Dragon, yes it is true, Tony Montana created the Admin Room. I chat with him by time to time, and I apreaciate his input about Mako wereabouts because he is a good player. I was mentioning him that Hannibal just copy-pasted Minas Tirith horrible Admin Room for Mako, and had no plans to change it. To make the offese bigger, he didn’t even make new textures…
    “Normal” was called “Stage 1”, “Hard” was called “Stage 2”, “Extreme” was called “Extreme” (since there is an Extreme mode in Minas Tirith), “Extreme 2” was called “Extreme 2” (pasting together the “Extreme” with the “2” from “Stage 2”) and ZM was called “Stage” I believe… Anyway, it was horrible. Tony offered to make one, and to be honest, it couldn’t be worse than the Hannibal one. XD
    He did it, he chosed a really cool Sephiroth Texture for it, and we gave the .VMF file along with the Materials to Hannibal, who added it.

    I included the Music Texture (I couldn’t center/fit it because I didn’t had the original Music Texture, and I forgot to tell Hannibal to fit it) and Hannibal simplified the buttons (because they were cilinders and Mako is touching the Max-Planes limits).

    Anyway. I will make a new post this afternoon. Preferably after speaking with Hannibal but not sure if I will (he went again to Ireland, this time for a week). Also, Junon is advancing, even if not as fast as I would like. (Blame my slackiness, no other real reason).

  95. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    Maybe cc files (colour correction) became obsolete since the game was updated, Think I had a problem like this somewhere

  96. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    PS we want more Junon screenies 😉

  97. Kaemon says:

    I highly doubt is related to the Color Corrections. I play with CCs disabled always and I noticed it aswel.
    It probably has to do with the massive re-work of tons of brushes within the map to make a Full-Full compile possible.

    And I will upload screenshots… when there is something worth showing 😦

  98. Blue Dragon says:

    The trigger giving ammo at the core bridge has to be removed. When multiple clients hit it after extreme 2 Bahamut has been killed, it causes ENORMOUS amount of lag (choke).

    I personally like the admin room layout. Its nice.

  99. Kaemon says:

    The Ammo Reload Trigger is most likely being removed. Even if it caused no lag nor problems at all.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Kaemon, you making a new post?