About Mako Reactor V4.

Posted: March 15, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

Hello there. This time I have a nice excuse for taking so long to write a post: I had been busy mapping Junon and helping Hannibal with Mako Reactor.

Hannibal went yesterday to Ireland again to spend a whole week. He got his laptop and will continue the fixes, but as you can understand he will be spending most of his time away from the computer (no point traveling if you are going to stay in front of the screen!).

All the glitches you guys reported after playing the version 4b had been fixed. This includes the problem with the Materias not being usable at times. The problem was that now the Materias are triggered by a filter that checks if you are the owner of the materia; however the button itself still had its normal 55 seconds cooldown. This meant that if someone other than the owner pressed the Materia, it wouldn’t trigger, but the button would go into its 55 secs cooldown.
Anyway, that’s fixed now, aswell as some other things.

The last changes so far, apart from the fixes are:

– Removed the Ammo Refill Trigger; use your bullets wisely as you do on the current V3.1 version. Not only seemed to lag on some servers, but was a un-needed help for the most extreme of the difficulties.
– Reduced Extreme 2 Bahamuth HP by 5%. It may be nerfed futher if found necessary… The idea is to make up for the extra people who will die with his buffed materias and the need of moving sightly more while facing him.
– Completely removed the new ladder that connected the Vent Exit with the Elevator’s Bottom Exit.

Right now I’m working on trying to improve the 3D Skybox so it’s both nicer and less FPS consuming.
I don’t know when Hannibal will compile the next version for testing; but it could be as soon as in some hours, or probably tomorrow.
This will be another Beta-Testing version to check that all the new stuffs work fine and that there are no new problems.

If you have complains or suggestions that haven’t been addressed yet, you still have sometime for doing so!
I’m personally not sure about infinite ZM Rounds after beating Extreme 2. It would be fine for me, but I know that many people seem to dislike the ZM Rounds.

About a new contest for Mako Reactor…  it won’t happen.
Hannibal won’t make a new contest for Mako, and I’m pretty sure you can’t convince him.

  1. Metro says:

    okey when hanni need a test he pm me 😉 and i cant wait to see Junon lets hope its be good as Mako

  2. mat.duf says:

    For the unlimited zm round there are two problems :
    -we will quickly get bored if we play more than 3 times
    – speed given with Extr2 win would be nice to be usable on “normal” rounds.

    So I think it would be better to get a come-back to normal.

  3. Linus says:

    dumb question but, can we beta-test ?

  4. thegregster101 says:

    please can we get an update on Junon?

  5. LeGrem says:

    question, if we take a materia that someone drop, does we could use it, we will be the new owner ?

    I’ve try to do this with weapons of jurassic park without success …

  6. mat.duf says:

    Yeah it would be nice to get some news about Junon :
    how is it ? (%)
    levels ?
    weapons ?
    bossfights ?
    new kind stuff ?

  7. Kaemon says:

    Gregster and MatDuf, I will update on Junon when I have advanced more with it.

    LeGrem, you will be able to use the materia some elses droped, no problem. Is as easy as giving the name on weapon “PickUp”, triggering everytime someone picks it. “OnPickup” > “!activator” > “AddOutput” > “targetname X”, for example.

    Probably will test the new Mako version in less than one hour.

  8. mat.duf says:

    It make me think of something else : If I drop the materia would I be able to use it if someone else carry it ?

  9. Kaemon says:

    Yes, mat.duf. Thats could be avoided with a huge trigger that renames the “Fire Owner” into “Nothing” before giving the Player Picker the “Fire Owner” title with a 0.1 sec delay.
    But is probably not necesary (and not added on Mako so far). If you are the guy that picked the materia; the other guy having it is thanks to you; so being able to grief it (only that single person) is not that big of a deal.
    Also, the colour gets applied to the guy who uses the materia, so is easy to spot who did it.

    Also, if you pick a different materia, your name gets changed to the owner of that new one, and you can’t press anylonger your old materia. So… You can only grief the materia you picked yourself and gave to someone else; you get coloured and easy to spot if a real grief takes place; and you can only do this while you don’t pick another materia.

  10. Kaemon says:

    We just tested Mako again. It was still a Test-Version, even if it was called V4.
    So far everything looked fine, and no new bugs were reported/found apart from minor visual glitches and some textures not being correctly pakrated.

    However, I would like to study more how to fix the Sephiroth Glitch (still occurs, but at least now it doesn’t stop the chain of events, so he kills the Humans in the Bunker) or the Crash Issue.
    I honestly don’t know for sure what exactly causes the crash, even if I got told a couple things I will try to look at.

    The filtered materias were working perfectly, and the FPS and Lag were improved more than expected with all the brush and VISleaf fixes. That by itself was worth a new Mako Reactor version.

    Anyway, thanks for all that test. I’m going to sleep now. Will see if I do myself the minor visual fixes tomorrow; and check in detail that Sephiroth Glitch and the possible causes of the Crash.
    If you find anything worth reporting in the meanwhile, let me know.

  11. Cazador says:

    Didn’t test ex2 yet but I found some small things

    This thing: http://steamcommunity.com/id/umaid/screenshot/504641394624334766/?
    is new I think (never saw before lol).It looks like it’s badly placed, and its back is transparent: http://steamcommunity.com/id/umaid/screenshot/504641394624333604/?

    This missing texture that has been missing for a lot (all?) of mako versions: http://steamcommunity.com/id/umaid/screenshot/504641394624332173/?

    This other thing which changes colour depending on where you look:

    That’s all for now^^

  12. Cazador says:

    I was testing materias on bahamut in extreme 1, without shooting, all in ++ status

    Fire++ needed 3 uses to kill it
    Electro ++ needed 2 uses to kill it
    Grativty needed 4 uses to kill it
    Ice didn’t do shit, I guess it’s just for extreme 2

  13. Linus says:

    just a quick suggestion. In the reactor where we plant the bomb. The teleport for the zombie when you fall off the bridge is veeeery far, thus making a long fall where we can’t do anything. maybe put it a bit higher so that if I fell, I could still go one more time to try and kill the CT ?
    hope I’ve been clear

  14. DeepInferno says:

    There are some spelling mistakes that I thought I should mention.
    When you pick up a materia it says something along the lines of **A player has adquired fire materia** something like that

    When it really should say **A player has acquired fire materia**

  15. mat.duf says:

    You should use “get” ^^

    For cazador missing texture, the problem is that in v4b (no tested v4) we are able to see it it a certain angle (a line of leak in the door)

    for the “This other thing which changes colour depending on where you look:” the problem is two textures on the same surface but the problem may be because of model (under the bridge near the first door and ultima window it is the same) and we can’t easily modify a model.

  16. Kaemon says:

    Cazador, I noted those and I’m fixing them right now (but I fixed two of those before comming here to read the comments). About Ice against Bahamuth, if it got fixed properly, it should stop him (no visual effect) for 5 seconds; giving the humans extra time to kill him. If you test again, let me know if Bahamuth takes 5 more seconds to shoot his Mega Flare.

    Linus, I get what you say. Maybe I will try to change it, but probably not. Also, is really hard to fall from the bridge, unless you were on top of the handrail on purpouse.

    Deep, thanks for the spelling mistake. Let me know if you find more. Will try to fix the materia ones.

  17. Cazador says:

    Tested it again in extreme 1.
    Counted the time in this state: http://steamcommunity.com/id/umaid/screenshot/506893428769921185

    Without doing anything = 9-10 seconds
    Using ice++ = 9-10 seconds

    I used ice when bahamut was already like in the picture, maybe I have to use while he is in normal state and not preparing mega flare?

  18. Linus says:

    @Kaemon: on purpose yeah, because I don’t know if you saw it but on the left of the bridge when you try to cross as a zombie, there is a little ledge that zombie can use to sneak beside the humans, but it’s hard to get it right when you’re fired at by the humans.
    But again that alone could be a fix to do.. I don’t know

  19. mat.duf says:

    If the ice is used twice (possible in Extr II) does the allowed time is upgraded twice ?

    On tce a crash occurs after the end of extreme 1

  20. Cazador says:

    Tested how ice affects bahamut.

    In Extreme 1 (and probably hard as well since they are the same at this part), ice++ does affect bahamut, increasing the time left for Mega Flare cast by 5 seconds. But it must be used before it is preparing the mega flare (before this: http://steamcommunity.com/id/umaid/screenshot/506893428769921185 ). No matter if it has just spawned, if it’s in attack possition or if it has bent over, it will still affect him unless it’s casting the mega flare already.

    Extreme 2, however, is a mess LOL

    – Not using anything = 125-126 sec boss fight
    – Using ice++ just as bahamut spawns, then using it as soon as it has recharged (and bahamut has cast ultima) = 132 sec boss fight
    – Using ice++ just as bahamut spawns, then using it when bahamut isn’t casting any materia = 131 sec boss fight
    – Using ice++ only once, when bahamut has bent over and isn’t casting any materia = 136 sec boss fight
    – Using ice++ only once when bahamut is getting ready to cast a materia = 125 sec boss fight
    – Using ice++ just as bahamut spawns and never again use it = 132 sec boss fight
    – (Re-test) Using ice++ once, when bahamut has bent over and isn’t casting any materia = 135 sec boss fight
    – Using ice++ just as bahamut spawns, then using it when being under the effect of one of his own materias = 132 sec boss fight

    So fuck it XD Apparently if you use ice when bahamut has bent over, it will increase fight time by 10 sec. Using it when bahamut hasn’t bent over will increase fight by 5 sec. Using ice while bahamut is casting a materia has no effect. When used a second time, fight length won’t be affected.

    I’m quite confused so some of those conclusions may be wrong 😛

  21. Cazador says:

    Times are measured since the message ‘Cloud is planting the bomb’ until Mega Flare starts (when CTs die)

  22. Kaemon says:

    LoL. Thanks a lot for the info Cazador. However is up to Hannibal to decide if trying to change/improve/fix it.

    And about the crashes… We have no clue what could be causing them. Is not like it always crashes on X Stage/Moment. It seems quite random and we really don’t know if is something wrong within the map, or just that is a expensive map and the severs have a % of crashing when X Events + Players happen at once.