Music will now be regulated with Music Volume!

Posted: March 18, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Mapping Tricks, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

Hannibal is still on Ireland and I haven’t seen him in two days since he is not touching his computer.
On the meanwhile I had been fixing and doing some minor visual changes to Mako Reactor, aswell as trying to fix the last bugs you guys reported.

Then, I decided to look one more time if there is a way to have a “Music Entity” or something so the Musics could be regulated with the Music Volume of the Sound Menu, and I finally got it this time!

——— Mapping Trick ———

If you are a mapper and are interested in this, is this easy: Add a “#” symbol (without the quote marks) in front of the Sound Name.
So an Ambient_Generic with “music/hl1_song10.mp3” will be a sound, while an Ambient_Generic with “#music/hl1_song10.mp3” will be treated as music, and you can toggle it completely off on the Sound Options (Music) while still listening the footsteps and gunshots (GameSound).

———- ———- ——— ———

This will surely be welcomed by many players that prefer to play maps like Mako Reactor without music or while playing their own track list.
By the way, a not listed change in Mako Reactor is the fact that now will have really better FPS and less “lag”. We didn’t expect the optimization to be this noticeable while playing; but it sure showed up during the test. However there were also crashes, and I still don’t know what causes them, so I can’t really fix them…
I’m trying to remove some un-needed entities (you wouldn’t believe how many Path Tracks Cloud has) in the hopes that it will somehow fix the map.
If you know anything about what could be the Crash causes for Mako, being crash-logs of the current V3.1  you have on your server or suspicions on the V4 (test version), let me know.

Right now I’m going to try to rebuild the Prop-Houses of Mako so they are Func_Details and World Brushes instead, so you can, for example, go near them without an invisible wall keeping you out (noticeable on the house in front the cinema and some other). Will also improve the Skybox.

Oh, and we don’t know yet when Mako Reactor version will be ready; we will let you all know when it is.

  1. Metro says:

    hope u find out the crash part cant wait for new mako looks 10 times better then old version 😉

  2. Kaemon says:

    Don’t you dare starting to Hipe Up people. Is still the same old Mako, just with tons of minor fixes and the Materias being filtered to their owners.

  3. Metro says:

    yes but still in my point of view Kaemon its much better now 😉

  4. Cazador says:

    I’d say I’ve seen it crash more than once when a round finished

  5. Linus says:

    I love you for the music! That’s what really bothered me everytime I played this map. Now it’s gonna be awesome. Many thanks.

  6. Wind Nexus says:

    Wow! That music thing is really cool now we can listen listen Musics with a higher volume and sound effects quiet also thanks for the mapping trick. ^_^ I usually hate the part of bahamut cause you can’t hear the music with weapon sounds ( Imagine unlimited ammo servers 😛 ) so i always mute sounds at that part… xD

  7. FierceG says:

    Kaemon is dah inventor!

  8. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    Hype hype hype!

    Thanks for the music tip, will definitely come in useful, how did you come about finding that out!

  9. Kaemon says:

    Welll Puni, this was the third time I looked for this specific thing. I thought that maybe with the latest updated they included a music entity of some kind, or an option at least.
    When trying to google you end finding only people doing tutorials on how to listen to music while playing CS:S or the “Use Ambient Generic” thing…

    Anyway, I ended up reading every line in the Dev.Wiki of Source on some entities; when I finaly saw a line that explained that the only difference between sounds and music was that # in front of the name.

    Really easy if you know it; imposible if you don’t.

  10. Kaemon says:

    BTW, I’m pleasantly surprised on how many people liked the music thing for an option that I didn’t list: to be able to listen the Mako Reactor Soundtrack better!

  11. Cookie says:

    yeah like caza refered,the map usually crashes at the end of the round…when everyone becomes a zombie

  12. Joris Ceoen says:

    Wow Kaemon, many many thanks! This will help me alot because I have over 30 musics x)

  13. Deathraver says:

    Have you fixed Cloud’s eyes? lol

  14. CNe7532294 says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Source SDK really needs an update sometime soon. It could be so much better than it currently is.

  16. Joris Ceoen says:


    On a side note: I noticed that both the Gamebanana map pages of ze_mako_reactor and ze_paranoid_ultimate are still not updated (after almost a year x)?).

    it still lists as ze_mako_reactor_v2_2 and ze_paranoid_Reborn_v10_4

    It’s that you know (which you probably already did). It’s just that I keep getting people PM’ing me on my videos that my links are incorrect just because the name is different from the actual current map(s).

    Kind regards

  17. Kaemon says:

    I mentioned that a dozen times to Hannibal. He will probably update them at some point after being done fixing them all.

  18. I just come back from Ireland and ready for updating, thanks Kaemon for continue improving things in Mako, the music things is really an advantage 😀 !!!!
    And yeah… I have to upload the new updates to gamebanana, tomorrow I have time to do it (the versions are updated in my dropbox).

  19. Kaemon says:

    For the looks of it, new Mako Reactor version may be released tomorrow. As always, not 100% sure, but there are big chances of it happening.
    There are just very minor and fast to fix things left, that occured while chainging other things; and take a look to see if we can improve the FPS (right now the FPS are sightly worse than previous version, probably due to the new Skybox).

  20. Deathraver says:

    Lol, but I just got DotA 2 yesterday =(

  21. Anonymous says:

    Next map will be paranoid or minas?

  22. mat.duf says:

    It is likely to be paranoid if the original plans remain relevant.

  23. Kaemon says:

    It is likely to be Minas Tirith (instead of originally planed Paranoid) since Hannibal feels like Paranoid may take more work if he decides to go for a real new Paranoid version (removed and added items/monsters/modes) instead of a fix version.

    Also, Minas Tirith kinda needs the love more than Paranoid.

  24. Kaemon says:

    Well, we tested it online again. The crash still occurs, not sure why… I wrote down a couple notes just to check them in case they have something to do.
    Let’s see if tomorrow is the day.

  25. Molli says:

    Keep up the good work !

  26. Cazador says:

    Captions say what is weird in each pic

  27. Cazador says:

    btw I loved most changes in this version. Only tested normal mode but it really is awesome!

  28. Cazador says:

    last comment i hope. materias pistols only have 30 bullets, in single player at least (main clip only, can’t reload further than that)

  29. Joris Ceoen says:

    Cazador, it might help the map to look better if you had optimal settings instead of low-detailed ones with bad lightning. I kinda agree though that the pipes part with the ladder there is too easy now… I liked it when it was a bit tinier.

  30. mat.duf says:

    NOoooo it is nice, I will maybe be the first now ^^
    Yeah, I think to it destroys a key point of difficulty and even if I fail 1 on 2 because of this or because of the pipe just before.

    But Caza… what is your computer…. you play in (640 x 480) ? For my 17 inches laptop, I hace 1600 x 900 (and I think it is still too small)

  31. Kaemon says:

    Both the 30 bullets of pistols and the dificultie of that pipe (which is just a fix on how badly it was made, like “steps” in the main pipes being gone aswel) are me to blame.

    I don’t have the custom .cfg Hannibal uses (which is the one that allows to change bullets on the weapons) so when editing the map while Hannibal was gone, my edits automatically removed the extra ammo without me touching anything. Extra bullets will be added.
    About the pipes bieng easier… I edited the pipes to get rid fo those ugly steps, so I kinda made them from zero. That ladder being easier to pick is both a side effect and intentional at the same time (on my part). I personally thought it was not really fair, specially when some people have bad FPS and visibility with so many people inside each other, 2 materias or more being cast against zombies, Bahamuth fliying, etc… I will comment to Hannibal de posibility of him doing it harder (is just moving the ladder+prop+4 brushes).

    Thanks for the Screenshots Cazador. About the Yellow-Black “weird” thing in the pipes, is me to blame. When editing those; I decided to texture them like that, because original FFVII Mako Reactor pipes kinda look like that:

  32. CNe7532294 says:

    Might I make a light-hearted suggestion and say that since alot of people in the test server complained about the pipes why not just go back to mako_b2 on the pipes with no friction XD.

    Anyways this brings me to my main point. While we’re waiting for the official release of not just mako but minas and paranoid I figured why not release your early work. Playing mako_b2 also well as predator v1 was fun on an experimental server I was running. It would be really interesting to see how these maps progressed thru all these months and years. And ya I admit I just want to see what mako_b1 and ze_paranoid looked like. Here is the list you guys made also it needs to be slightly updated.

  33. Cazador says:

    “New” vent is too much inside the room, ex2 hold will be impossibru
    Dual elites have 400 ammo but they need 800. If you buy a TMP or a MP5, primary ammo gets lowered to 400 too.

    Stuck spot:

  34. Anonymous says:

    I cant download mako reactor v4 . When i go on a servor my screen become black , my computer bugged and i must turn off my computer. Its the same things with minas tirith can you explain me why there is this bug

  35. Wind Nexus says:

    @Anonymous I haven’t got any problems on minas and mako_v4 so it must because of you computer or your game client… you want explanation and you got. 🙂

  36. Joris Ceoen says:

    Since the map is nearly to be released, I hope I’m still not too late for saying this: I haven’t seen it being mentioned anywhere, but when we shoot Bahamut, will we be able to see a score like in ze_predator or not? (I assume not since you otherwise can’t see your levelscore) it would still be nice though, this way admin can literally kick those who do exactly nothing at Bahamut

  37. Deathraver says:

    Then theres no point on the “Grant 100 points for survivors and Sephiroth killers”

  38. Joris Ceoen says:

    I really wished there was a way to see which people are doing nothing 😦 anyway, we’ll have to do with it as it is now, I can’t wait, hopefully it will be released today!

  39. Cazador says:

    pf head admins will still think awps are the best ze weapons…

  40. Kaemon says:

    Cazador, pF recently forbid the use of AWPs during Mako Reactor (and I guess during Predator aswel).

    Joris, I will mention it to Hannibal, but I don’t think is a fan of adding it.

    Anonymous, I don’t know why you have problems downloading those maps (Minas Tirith is really big, but you shouldn’t have problems with Mako if you are able to download other maps that are bigger than it). Anyway, just download it from here when the real version is released; V4, 4_1 and 4_2 are test versions with bugs on them, some quite big.

  41. Anonymous says:

    If i download mako and minas by the website , i won’t have problem ?

  42. Kaemon says:

    Well, you said your problem was downloading the maps. So downloading them from here should fix your problem if thats it…
    Let me know if your problem is something different; or if it works fine for you after downloading them. BTW, Mako Reactor V4_X should be out anyday now (maybe tonight?). Just letting you know.

  43. eule says:

    Cool, can’t wait! :3
    One question though, was the weird behavior of the map @ ex 2 intended, when i (zombie) managed to get into the room together with the ct? Maybe it’d have crashed with more CT again, like it did before when Angel did that? ^^

  44. Mad says:

    Well, this is really interesting. Hopefully people will start taking notice of this, and I wont have to keep using my key bound to snd_restart to stop music every 2mins 🙂

  45. NyanCat says:

    I would add this song to the map:

    More than anything for not hearing the same thing always

  46. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the map?

  47. Kaemon says:

    Thats not the music suggestion I expected by someone called NyanCat.
    Anyway, that music (or any other) won’t be added; but you are free to turn the music volume down to zero and use your own playlist 😛

  48. Anonymous says:

    The map is not in gamebanana where is it. If i download the map by a servor my computer will bug. Can you put the map on gamebanana please ?

  49. Anonymous says:

    the map isnt release yet man

  50. Kaemon says:

    As the 2nd Anonymous tells you 1st Anonymous, the map is not released yet.
    If you see someone playing a V4 or V5 version of Mako, is a test version with bugs in it. Hannibal will post a new post in the blog as soon as he releases (in fact, that will be the release).

  51. Anonymous says:

    Kaemon,You’re done before the end of March the map?

  52. Joris Ceoen says:

    Finally Kaemon, thanks to your answer onto the MAX_MAP_PLANES issue I could finally advance a whole lot further! Now my release plans are still the same ^^

    I’m really exited for FFVII! I have nothing to add anymore as relevant information! The last thing I could say: Whether Hanniball puts the scoring in or not, in the end I don’t really matter anymore x) I don’t think admin will busy themselves kicking unactive players anyway so maybe it’s better he just doesn’t implement it.

    Good luck with the refinements and last adjustments! I probably won’t post anything again here until the release 🙂

    Kind regards and thanks for the information/help!