Rezurrection (5/6)

Posted: March 26, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Map Update, News, Special, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor


Hi guys! I don’t remember when the first post about the Mako Reactor update was (many weeks ago), but after hundreds of changes, dozens of tests and unlimited suggestions, the new version is finally here! The new Mako Reactor version is called ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5. The previous released version was the V3.1 (which was until today on most servers), but we did so many tests with the V4 prefix (finding new or forgotten bugs each time) that I finally opted by calling the new version V5 to make a clear distinction with all the test versions.

BTW, thanks again to Metro and his server for helping testing all the versions.

The list of changes is just huge, the longest I have ever seen. However the map overall plays and looks exactly the same. Don’t look for new bosses or stages, because after all it was a fix-version to leave the map as perfect as I could before moving on.

Kaemon may feel like writing and publishing the final changelog later, but the major changes are:

– You can change the music volume now on Options > Audio > Music Volume.
– Materias are now only usable by the materia owner; no more getting griefed by other people nor getting ignited by mistake.
– In addition, both the Materia Pistols and their users are colored matching the materia (users only for 10 seconds after using).
– Greatly improved FPS and Lag within the map, specially noticeable in some key points.
– Changed visuals and layout on some parts, but while keeping the same general shape. Many of those changes were done while improving how the map runs and/or compiles.
– There is now an Admin Room for selecting stages if an Admin finds it necessary.
– Extreme 2 now precedes ZM Mode, wich is the final one. ZM Mode will stay forever unless changed with the Admin Room. This room can also be reached by one player after the first ZM round with a Human victory.
– Nerfed Fire++ and Wind+ durations.
– Now Zombies shouldn’t be able to win a round in the Final Bunker that moves you to the next Stage.
– Extreme 2 Bahamuth now casts Gravity, and both his Electro and Fire have been buffed.
– Bahamuth now gets affected (damaged) by Gravity; and Ice now effectively slows him down, making him to take 5 extra seconds until he bends over and starts casting Mega Flare.

There are tons of other changes; but most of them are glitch fixes and minor improvements here and there.

I’m not putting the final changelog there (maybe Kaemon will), but I have to say that the map has been completely rechecked and in many cases and whole parts have been rebuilt. Kaemon did an excellent job helping to improve the visuals and optimization of Mako Reactor and even made a new 3D skybox.  He also did  very nice suggestions and supported on testing and fixing glitches (specially the visuals ones). But because of his involvement it took much more time to update than expected; specially when some of his changes conflicted with other parts of the map creating new bugs that had to get fixed aswel.

Thanks again to all people who helped testing the map. You guys did download many Mako Reactors V4 versions so you could be interested in removing those from your cstrike/maps folders to win extra space. Those MBs starts adding up.

Download from Hannibal’s Dropbox: ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5

Warning: I lost the original .vmf on Mako Reactor and had to work with a decompiled version. Almost all the versions crashed on the TCE server because of something that was going wrong with the endings. V5 didn’t crash so far, but I’m not completely sure that it has been fixed. Please tell me here as soon as possible if you encounter crash problems; and give as much info as possible if it occurs.

So now let’s continue with:

  • Map to update: Minas Tirith
  • Objective of the update: Important and minor Glitch Fixes; Difficulty Adjustments, Visual Optimizations, Fixing and Remove Items Exploits, etc… (No new things)
  • Approximated release: Second week of April.

I’ll try to focus mostly on the glitched/bad/unbalanced things to make Minas Tirith play better and be more balanced; with not so many unbalaced things. Visuals, if improved at all, won’t change that much. I want to release this versions relatively soon.

I decided to make Paranoid last because I may end feeling like adding new things and such, and it could take more time to do.

  1. Metro says:

    Nice goodjob see ya for Minas test Hanni 😉

  2. Angel says:

    Thanks Hannibal, best of luck with Minas for you are going to need it. 😉

  3. Purpzz says:

    When i try to extract the file it says its incorrupt and cannot be extracted. (ment on the v5 zip file)

  4. Crashes were boring indeed ! 😛
    It will be soon on our server ! Nice Job & Thanks !

  5. Anonymous says:

    will tell you who won the MINAS CONTESTS???

  6. Kaemon says:

    Aparently V5 is still crashing. We don’t know the cause so far. We are looking at it.

  7. Riperzz says:

    This is what hanni does best he releases a map then finds crash….

  8. Shit happens, it’s normal, think that I tested many times the map with less than 25 ppl, and it didn’t crash (luck¿?) , its when I publish the map when I find the crash problems.

  9. Joris Ceoen says:

    You lost the .vmf :p????

    I always create backups on both my PC and my external HDD’s to make sure I never get anything lost or don’t overwrite potentially corrupted versions :S

    Anyway gl! I’ll only be able to play it this weekend! (And vacation which comes exactly after that weekend actually)

  10. I didn’t really lost the vmf, but I lost the very last version (the v3_1 version) which had many changes, it doesn’t matter really (It’s not causing the crash). Does anyone knows the meaning of this? (these are the crash lines):

    #0 0xf400873e in CPlayerLocalData::UpdateAreaBits(CBasePlayer*, unsigned char*) ()
    from /home/plaguefest/servers/css/zombieescape1/css/cstrike/bin/
    #1 0xf3eae62c in CServerGameClients::ClientSetupVisibility(edict_t*, edict_t*, unsigned char*, int) ()
    from /home/plaguefest/servers/css/zombieescape1/css/cstrike/bin/
    #2 0xf6c407a8 in CGameClient::SetupPackInfo(CFrameSnapshot*) () from /home/plaguefest/servers/css/zombieescape1/css/bin/
    #3 0xf6c5c01b in SV_ComputeClientPacks(int, CGameClient**, CFrameSnapshot*) ()
    from /home/plaguefest/servers/css/zombieescape1/css/bin/

    It looks like is something about the area portals, I removed all them for the next test, but really, If I don’t fix this in less than 20 days, I will park mako.

  11. Wind Nexus says:

    Nicely done! (or not but even if it crashes fixes have done and this added)

    I really want to help on minas to show bugs, glitches and visual things… (I’ll come back with a huge list ofc! :D)

  12. thegregster101 says:

    Who else but, source engine!!
    Its source engine, source engine…
    you never really know,… what it will do next!.

    (is meant to be the “who else but quagmire” joke from family guy)

  13. Deathraver says:

    Lol, is it only in Plaguefest?

  14. mat.duf says:

    What the hell is that unbugged (without crashs) version on Cze ? called _v5 too.

  15. Cazador says:

    Yesterday morning it was on Hellz too and it didn’t crash. We actually almost won, some1 teamkilled with grav but heal ++ was used to too many ppl reached the end :/

    btw we team worked to destroy all cowbells x) It’s really hard but worth it 😛

  16. says:

    hi im denis
    where can i download the map or when gets it releasd
    i auch got a queston about graviy people use and kil all human will itt get removd?
    i play on .bad 13 and how we get server name and players on it?
    sorry for bad englis i use translator to help me

  17. Purpzz says:

    If the map crashes a lot on plaguefest then it has to do something with the server they have because i dont hear other groups complain it crashes. Just played it couple times and we saw not one single crash.

    Plaguefest has to many custom build stuff they made by themself, (own made plugins etc..), they should better take a look at that instead of reporting a crash @ map when its nothing with the map.
    Hannibal, ur maps are great and i have no complains, just few bugs but crashes no worry, i dont see them happen on other servers.

  18. Cazador says:

    cze just crashed after the, I believe, 1st win ever of mako v5 lol

  19. Joris Ceoen says:

    I hear already that there are wins and I still have to wait for the weekend to play it 😦 it’s like 2 days but it’s LONG… Especially because we have something called (if I literally translate it from Dutch to English): “Week-project” or “project-week” where we have to do a lot of workshops and projects every day of that week (except the week end).

    For those who know Mendelssohn, tomorrow we’ll sing with 3 choirs and orchestra his world-wide famous ‘Psalm 42’ (“Wieder Hirsch Schreit”), and we’ll also have a gigantic concert for our previous director of the school which died last year!

    So to say, I still have loads of business before I’ll be able to play it ^^

  20. Blue Dragon says:

    Yep, cZe just had the first legit Mako Reactor v5 Ex2 win, with 40+ players.
    No friendly zombies and no admin help. We even had train killing.

    Those who say it doesnt crash, it still does.
    It’s been crashing on Hellz, pF, bG, TCE sv. & cZe.
    The cZe -server crashed immediately after the Ex2 win.

  21. Kaemon says:

    Tomorrow we will try to test two versions (or at least one) with the main suspects on the crash cause removed, to see if any of them was causing it.

    The first one would be the ClassNames that are given to players now to filter the Materias. The second one could be the AreaPortalWindows used within the map.
    Even if both are somehow unlikely, some of the data seems to aim at them as possible causes for the crashing.

  22. says:

    v4 keep crashing our server .bad network all come play and help us win unlimited ammo and put our server on the board we won extreme already by patao he is pro i send him friend invite but he not accept and we need more good players on server on maps like rooftop runway we always lose noobs always fall we wanna be the best europe server so we need more good players to win makov4 and admins will extend we got failander he teleports players in bad trains so everyone is equal remember ip hope we see u there :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  23. LeGrem says:

    And strange thing, we play during 80 min the V5 on supreme elite server without any crash …. we didn’t win extrem 2 (cazador and hanni was connected) we make nice fail, the most epic was when bahamut cast ultima at the last round.

  24. Wind Nexus says:

    Usually Crashes at the end of the rounds maybe nuke about problem?

  25. Blue Dragon says:

    It only seems to crash when 20+ people are connected.
    I can’t 100% confirm this though, but the crashes only seem to happen when there are a lot players, and a new round begins.
    (I’ve seen the crash onRoundStart on pretty much every difficulty now.

  26. mat.duf says:

    n.16 : failander (if we are talking to the same FFVII troll) is a bastard, he is not a good player at all. In the new version of mako a console message should auto-ban all the motherfucker of FFVII trolls.

    Ans ur server got pretty easy config, the best servers are TCE and CZE because they has been made by pro players :
    Pf : a lot of noob made impossible some part of hard maps
    hellz : lot of noobs too and laggy
    i3d : fucking fail nade (I play it for minas and the 3rd round is always lose because of this)
    bad : pros don’t go on it.
    It is almost all. I can’t play SE because of sv_consistency 1

  27. Metro says:

    mat.duf funny u blame i3D when they use one of best settings u dunno how to fix a settings

  28. mat.duf says:

    I don’t blame i3d cause I don’t play it actually. I play on it just for Minas and yeah, in Minas there are fail nades. But indeed I love the fact that they have and old school server and I agree, configs are good, well balanced and without lags. Another problem may be : missing an high number of pro on it.

    but never mind about it, I don’t think I spend enough time to compare each servers with their maps, theirs settings, their players, etc….

    Just an ad for [SG] Paul for mapper : you can earn 150 $ making a mg or a ze map.

    Here the link on gb

  29. Deathraver says:

    Can you change the name of the level of Extreme 2…? To like Ultimate, or Apocalypse? Or something like that..?

    Extreme 2 sounds too lame…

  30. chet says:

    This is minas update not mako lol post the glitches you know about minas
    Maybe after you fix the bugs can you try to fix this (don’t know how to say so I say it) when you on stage 4 you have 300 score if you disconnect and join again later maybe he still have his 300 score?(In english words if players disconnect and he have score and join again he get the same score)
    At extreme mod maybe try to remove some those guards to make it very hard
    Add new lvl after ex mod stage 4 if we win stage 4 make lvl like zm but we fight barlog on the last stand part(no need to win just for fun) with no items only you gun and skills
    Some bugs you may know so not going to post it
    Can you make the map forse the server to change timelimt to 1h cuz its very long and take to mush time like on stage 3 pro zombie can just kill at last defend

  31. Deathraver says:

    Derp, it says Do Not add Mako v5, this post was after it has been released until the crash been mentioned.

  32. Cmer says:

    i have remove sv_consistency 😉

  33. Anonymous says:

    thing that really needs fixing in minas is that physics buging