Mako Reactor V5.1 – RELEASED

Posted: March 30, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Map Update, News, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

Hi buddies! Today I feel better, so I won’t say the F-Word more than two or three times πŸ™‚

Download from Hannibal’s Dropbox: Mako Reactor v5_1

The ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_V5T1 test worked pretty fine (we didn’t even bother testing the V5T2). We were many people playing for a long time in a server that crashed quite easily on the previous versions and it didn’t crash once. Apparently the crash was caused by the ClassName outputs and entities I was using to filter the materias so only their owners could use them, so I suggest you to never use those, specially for ZE Mapping.

Since I wasn’t able to use ClassName for filtering materias anymore, I decided to rework them. Now, I use the TargetName for filtering them (the thing I was using previously to keep track of the players-level); and materias will level up automatically depending on the difficulty, instead of how many materias you picked up previously. So you will pick up Level 1 materias in Normal, Level 2 materias in Hard, and Level 3 materias in Extreme, Extreme 2 and ZM.
This loses some of the charm; but is well worth it so no one can spam your own materia; being by mistake or on purpose. Also it will be probably grateful being able to join (or rejoin) a Mako Reactor game and being able to pick any materia from the begging without screwing your team with low level materias, specially when they are key-ones like Heal++ on Extreme 2 Bahamuth’s fight.

So, download it, have fun, and don’t tell me about minor bugs, because I don’t care anymore!
And if it crashes… I really hope it doesn’t… Report it to me so I can get mad… Thanks.


Final Fantasy VII - Midgar

This is Midgar, from Final Fantasy VII.
My map takes place in about 1/10 of the area to the left (right in the image) of Mako Reactor 01.

Thanks to everyone that helped testing!

  1. Joris Ceoen says:

    Haha very ncie! Finally, I’ll be glad to play it ^^ I don’t mind the leveling being away, it’s another good reason where players won’t be able to mok about ‘fail heal’ and such anymore O.o

    Personally, what I think is most noticable is the 3DSkybox, it’s like gicantic compared to previous versions… But very nice!

    Great work!

  2. Joris Ceoen says:

    O and btw, I updated the mako reactor page on the wikia so people get all most important information regarding the latest versions! (Sorry to double post but I cannot edit my previous posts (which would sometimes come in handy)). I’ll look into it to be sure to say everything before I need to double post O.o

    Also, vacation has begun (2 weeks FREE TIME) so I’m sure to work a lot on my map but ALSO on the wikia which I have left abandoned for some time (it is because I have almost no time due to my musician career and I’m in the last year before university so yea, many examinations and tests -.-‘)

    Hopefully the wikia will get some attention again πŸ™‚

    Have fun!

  3. Kaemon says:

    If this version is Oki-Doki and doesn’t crash, I will post the final Change Log sometime this week.

  4. Luffaren says:

    Sorry for mentioning the whole classname thing, which got all of this started 😦
    Altough AFAIK classnames can be used on entities (not sure if all types of entities but definitely some)
    which is pretty much proven in crazykart.
    Lesson to all of you: Never change the classname on a player, it’ll get goof’d up!

    Happy to see the new version up and running, love the new path, spectator area and the bigger skybox!
    I’ll see you all ingame!

  5. Mad says:

    uploaderizing to i3d atm.
    Hope its fixed πŸ˜‰

  6. says:

    it crashed at .bad network server 13

  7. Japanese says:

    Fuck you whales! and fuck you dolphins!!

  8. Cazador says:

    We just won at i3D πŸ˜€ First win evurr
    Vid soon

  9. Metro says:

    looks friendly to but i trust caz πŸ˜‰

  10. Cazador says:

    obviously friendly, yes. When ultima explodes it kills all zombies but 3. Not our fault if grav was used so zombies couldn’t get away in time.

  11. Joris Ceoen says:

    Today all but 1 player (cZe Angel was the name I think) won Extreme II. It has become very easy by now but I don’t mind it this way, it was still a near win though!

    Whenever I win I’ll put it on Youtube and then the next final goal will be Predator Ultimate (legit win) which is after all still the most difficult thing O.o

  12. Cookie says:

    ultimate is so fucking easy,i’ve won it over 3 times in 1 day,without friendly zombies

  13. Kaemon says:

    Cookie, I’m going to asume you meant “Extreme 2”, as in Mako Reactor. Not “Ultimate” as in Predator Ultimate. XD

    The difficulty should be the same; with the different that the map no longer punishes you for getting to the end with extra players. That wasn’t hard, was unfair.

  14. Metro says:

    it doenst matter if its easyer or hard as long as people love it this isnt Playstation this is PC ^^

  15. Cookie says:

    im talking to joris,and i meant predator ultimate ,yeah,not ex2

  16. Joris Ceoen says:

    Cookie, did you won it legitly? I mean did the very last alien effictivly died (there must be a green pool of alien blood beneath the alien itself if I’m correct). 3 times in a day… Seems VERY UNLIKELY to me but yea it’s possible on a server with not many players.

    Anyway I didn’t won it yet and I want it on tape! That map should be the pinnacle in my conquered maps list for the videos!

  17. Kaemon says:

    Well… To be honest, after he said he was in fact talking about Predator Ultimate I kinda asumed its a server with no zombie respawn, making weapons, specially Gauss Rifle, that much powerful. And probably with a human-friendly spawn that doesn’t allow zombies to get many infections at first, nor reinforcements from people diying by Predator or the map.

    They can also be playing with No-Reload (making Predator Fight easier overall, then again, its main difficulty is how much it increases zombie lines with his kills when Z-Respawn is allowed) or high knockback.

    Still, just guessing here. But beating Predator Ultimate is not joke in the servers I usually play it.
    But then again, I once saw a sever complaning that there was no Human vs Zombie on that map… They were spawning 1-single-zombie (no matter the number of humans) and teleporting it back to the spawn… After 30-40 seconds…
    Anyway; if you find Predator Ultimate easy, you probably are playing a server with the wrong settings for it. (Too human friendly)

  18. Cookie says:

    was playing on tce server…
    2 of the wins,the 3rd wasnt recorded

  19. Joris Ceoen says:

    That’s a nice one, but 27 players, so as I said a ridicilous low amount of players. On PlagueFest there is an average of 55 players at least so that kinda makes it very hard. BUT, it is not impossible, and I’ve seen countless Predator defeats, but no wins (I mean the predator can be defeated with a normal and doable amount of survivers even with that many players) however no win yet because sometimes there are just too many players and then the Laien at the end cannot be shot by everyone, thus always making a stupid fail. And even with 16 players or less at the end… You’ll always have one or two/three morons who don’t know what to do or worse, don’t know the alien exists and just do not shoot. Especially when they do not shoot.

    I got many archives of predator and I can literally see around 5-6 players just doing NOTHING at all they just stand there awaiting a win… I’m glad Luffaren was smarter and put that alien there just to force players to remember to DO (= SHOOT) at the end so noobs cannot run away with the glory of the ones who do effort. So to speak, it’s everyone or no one πŸ™‚ That’s kinda my filosophy about predator.

    Anyway, I hope to win someday (and hopefully on Pf because I love the server despite the amazing level of noobiness on some/most days)

  20. mat.duf says:

    Of course, all is depending our server.
    Winning on cze or tce is clearly not extreme because, even if there are some infections during the map, they are pro servers and at the end there are a lot of good players which make the predator and the final hold beatable.

    But winning them on pf which have auto zombie respawn, the highest number of and not enough pro to make an army against the army of zombies or in hellz with, most of the time full 55 players,and a lot of fail at the entry of the spaceship which make a big amount of zombies is indeed quite hard. And in fact THAT is the problem of those “best” ZE server (if we are looking on the average amount of player > usually hellz is around 3 and pf around 5, in all css server in the world_curently pf is 3 and hellz 4), because a big amount of player means a big amount of zombies.

    My win on tce server too :

  21. ŦČΣ | Deathraver says:

    Why is the talk going about Predator?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Cze is a good french server because he reassemble the old player of the french server dead :Papys Apero.

  23. Cookie says:

    pF is filled with noobs,thats why it sucks so much

  24. Talk about anything you want : ) the blog is for talking, I like to see u ppl talking about other things or maps.

    I read one comment about the crash; crashes happens, but I hope it doesnt crash again.

  25. Cookie says:

    hann is it true you will remove crow from paranoid and replace it with the dog(juggernaut)?
    also what other changes will make?please dont change the layout of the labyrint,ive played the older versions and it confuses me alot

  26. Kaemon says:

    We are not sure of what changes the upcoming version will suffer; nor even decided at this point if it will be more of a Fix-Version or an Upgrape-Version with some major changes.

    The Crow/Dog change has been discussed indeed, but not by Dog (Juggernaut), but changing the “Crow” (flying animal) with a Dog (4-legged mammal). But its just an idea so far. Maybe Crow will remain but change to become a Zombie Item, or we will find a way to balance it (maybe disabling it on the Core-Final, for example).

    I would personally like a completely change on the Labyrinth’s Layout; but I was thinking of it more for a completly-remade-from-zero version of Paranoid, wich may never be made.
    Also, what confused you on older versions? Tha Layout never changed that much. Do you just mean the Arrow/Crosses that lead your way?

  27. Cookie says:

    no,i mean the labyrint is just 2 ugly ^^ this one is way better so dont change it xD

  28. Cazador says:

    Regarding minas. Are you going to fix every single visual bug or just the main gameplay and visual issues?

  29. Kaemon says:

    The main gameplay issues Cazador. Bugs and Balacing mostly. Maybe try to fix the physics-glitching (would require probably new barricade items). Probably he won’t fix even the MAIN visual issues. But we will see… Depends on how Hannibal feels after being done with the main things; but knowing how Minas is right now… He will probably get really tired/mad BEFORE finishing the main needed changes; and those won’t be easy and will require once more many test and fixes.

    Also, he will most likely do all by himself without my help, so good luck there Hannibal… XD

  30. TonyMontana says:

    The physics issues the barricades are causing is why most servers don’t have it in rotation. 😦

  31. chet says:

    Is there any chance to fix lag I mean at minas and parnoiad if you take knife item(birde or zombie items) it get lag (only who donate and revers solt I think that have no lag)
    There is to many bugs on parnoiad (most of it maybe know) I will post it after you finish minas

  32. Kaemon says:

    That lag is caused by the fact that those items use a Game_UI instead of a Button.
    The Game_UI allows to give multiple functions to a human based on what he presses on his Mouse/Keyboard (like Gandalf’s and White Knight Combos, or Balrog and Titan Monster having 2 attacks depending on what mouse button you press).
    It also makes imposible for players other than you to use those items.

    But yeah… Game_UIs tend to lag; and it usually becomes more noticeable when there are more players in the server.
    There is no change of fixing this lag on Paranoid/MinasTirith; but some of the items that use this system (like Annihilator) could maybe be reworked in Filtered-Button versions, like Materias are now on Mako Reactor.

    And Tony, I will try to convince Hannibal to fix (even if it means creating “non physic” barricades like Paranoid’s Builder or Earth Materia) the Physics Glitch, but at the end will all depend on him.

  33. Anonymous says:

    It is a bug when a human with the bird go at the top of the teleporter at the end ?

  34. Anonymous says:

    What is the ip of tce server please ?

  35. mat.duf says:

  36. Joris Ceoen says:

    Seriously, some people tend to confuse lagg with their mid-ranged PC’s… I have seriously NEVER encountered any lagg even if all items with game_ui’s were taken and with full servers up to 60 players on Minas. If it laggs it’s simply due to the server or other reasons. Besides I live in Beglium and on Pf I didn’t even encountered lagg although the servers are in America (I think they are in America right?…)

    If you encounter lagg just because you are too lazy to lower your settings, don’t complain…

    Also many lagg comes from the stupid fire on those grenades, often causing a ridicilous crash just because of that, but it’s a key element in zombie escape so it shouldn’t be removed anyway.

    I really feel like 70% of all the CSS’ers don’t even know the difference between PC lagg and internet lagg. PC lagg occurs when your GPU and CPU cannot keep up with the FPS while ‘internet connection’ lagg is simply a long/short delay of data transfer because of the lenthg between your location and the server. A server is a computer after all so do understand that plz.

    Ofc maps can also cause crashes but it’s not due to the game_ui imo, really not. It do laggs but not that I can even feel it on my PC, so it lies elsewhere.

    Just my theory, I could be horribly wrong but I don’t think so

  37. Joris Ceoen says:

    besides ze_maps ARE one of the hardest to run as most maps are scaled to such a size that it’s not really intended for hammer in the first place, however Minas, Mako and Predator are nicely optimized maps so they should not be difficult to be run.

    A good example of bad optimizing is the map ze_LOTR_Minas_of_Moria (Sorry hannibal & Kaemon ^^) at the top very top of the ladder. In the first version and especially the forelast version, I could always perfectly run it around 150fps or 60 with Vertical Sync on, but now with the new version, due to changes something happened to the optimization and now when I reach that top there I get horrible 25 or even 17fps just because it is badly optimized. That doesn’t mean it’s lagg from the server or due to my internet connection.

  38. Kaemon says:

    Joris, Game_UIs “lag”. They do. I suffer it, Hannibal suffers it, and almost everyone suffers it.
    If you have a really potent computer/server they may not “lag” on you; but they usually “lag” the owner quite a lot, very noticeable.

    The time when I notice it the most is when using Juggernaut (Dog) on Paranoid’s Core; since is quite hard not to fall from the metal “bridges” there with this “lag” effect.

  39. chet says:

    Joris if you pickup the birde (or any knife item then you know what I talk about) and if there way to remove lag I be very happy to do it

  40. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    They do indeed, and not just on busy servers. I have noticed it on my own. The performance of game_ui seems to get worse gradually as well

  41. Joris Ceoen says:

    Aah, but I see what you guys mean… That’s indeed lagg, but that’s only lagg onto the player itself… I onlty feel that when I (for example) used the oil barrel in Minas, but if I use every other item I don’t lagg. I think it depends on what entities you parent to it.

    I would say it’s not really lagg but ‘lagg’… Yea difficult ot explain but I c what you mean. That’s even different to lagg and internet lagg. I think it’s just bad entity programming from Valve :S

    When I used the oil barrel on Minas I couldn’t even walk on the wooden constructions in Lvl 4 to go up O.o

  42. Cazador says:

    Okay minas time.

    General changes

    – Zombie explossive barrel should do more damage to CTs. In a previous version it was overpowered, now I feel it is almost useless to kill CTs.
    – Force mp_freezetime 0?
    – Better admin room. This is what people see if they use Low quality video settings in CSS:
    – Warm-up round isn’t as long as intended. There are 14-15 tips and only 7 are showing before nuke. This happens in all servers and I think it only happens since the latest version.
    – Armor (lvl 2 CT item still takes too much space in the screen imo).


    – Remove contest info:
    – Make this brown thing solid so CTs can get on it and use it at Warmup round:
    – These double doors are fake, can go through them:
    – Bring fences back for the human shop at least. Having the ‘bad spawn’ completely wastes your chances to get a decent item.

    Stage 1

    – Remove the push in the water for zombies. Push + CTs shooting = neverending annoying swim lol:
    – In extreme, maybe reduce the number of nazguls?
    – Fix nazgul glitching if possible
    – Close last gate later, at least in normal mode. It is so easy to win stage 1 at the moment:

    Stage 2

    – A zombie can stand between the wall and Siege tower 2 blocking it. Siege tower won’t reach the wall the next event won’t be triggered and CTs won’t be able to advance. Suggestion: crush anyone standing in the middle πŸ˜›
    – Make it impossible to cade here. Zombies standing inside each other will never destroy them and CTs will easily win. Alternatively, both doors could completely break X seconds after the ‘This is our last stand’ event has been triggered:
    – Doors don’t close properly sometimes:
    – Remove 1 or 2 of these guards so the side way is actually useful and asks CTs to defend it:
    – Out-of-the-map spot:
    – Doors 1 and 2 are supposed to close in 60 seconds if CTs don’t put the barricades on them. However this does not happen. This mainly affects Extreme mode. I’ve seen WK surviving alone until there but, since he can’t place cades, he will end up dying because even if he nukes, zombies can still go in and out as they want.

    Stage 3

    – Cades used on the lift will get CTs stuck and frozen (missing lift in mid-air), then when prop breaks those CTs will fall and die of fall damage in most cases. Maybe you could do something like in mako, impeeding earth to be used in the elevator (btw, this is exploited very commonly and needs urgent fixing):
    – This door on my right is fake, can go through it and hide inside:
    – The items needed to break the bridges (torch + barrels) are a bit hidden, maybe put them in more accessible areas (especially one of the barrels, which is hard to get without being infected):
    – This hold is too easy in normal mode. Maybe remove one of the first guards (or both?). If CTs place ammo and oil there, zombies will keep dying. There are no trolls or balrog, just one guy with explossive barrel who might be a noob and doom the whole team. If you remove those guards, it won’t really affect for extreme mode since there are trolls and maybe balrog there, and so guards are being killed easily in v2_2fix in extreme mode:
    – All these doors at the end of the stage mean no hold at all. Maybe close them a couple of seconds later?

    Stage 4

    – Remove that door so the top way is actually useful for zombies and CTs have to keep an eye on it: (this is beside the lift).
    – Cades like can’t be broken while all zombies stand inside each other.
    The one at the ladders is ok but the one blocking the teleport completely unbalances the round making it way too easy for CTs. Maybe don’t allow cading there?
    – Those guards can be dodged from this place with a minimumly skilled jump:
    – The trigger-hurt for people falling off the last part is too low. If you have gandalf-horse-wk you have more hp than it so you survive and don’t get teled. You win the round since the zombies and nazguls get teleported if they get near:

    Probably more coming soon πŸ˜›

  43. Cazador says:

    The fail link in Stage 2 is this:
    The spawn area fail link isnt needed, you can see in the other 2 screens what the problem is about πŸ˜›

  44. Anonymous says:

    On paranoid there is a bug when the winners push the button of the nuke ,the human who were a terrorist at the beginning will be kill by the nuke.

  45. Kaemon says:

    Last Anonymous, is a bug indeed, but you can avoid it by not hugging the invisible wall (window?).
    The problem is that the Trigger Hurts gets sightly out of the Arena area into the button’s room; but if you stay back (or just not pushing towards the invisible wall) you can be safe.

    No solution for the nukes that occur with humans inside the arena (those that occur if you didn’t kill/win the zombies after X seconds)

  46. Anonymous says:

    with the new minas i really hope the physics glitching is fixed

  47. Anonymous says:

    Is it a bug when the human with the bird go at the top of the teleporter at the end.

  48. says:

    when is gravity teamkilling getting fixed? on our server always noobs join on mako and kill everyone mostly we have no admin and they kill the fun for us like zes clan always join just to ruin it

  49. Kaemon says:, it will never be fixed. Is not broken, it works as inteended. The only solution would be to remove the materia, and it won’t happen.

    You should really get some admins if you don’t have enough, and just ban those people if, as you say, they only join just to ruin it by team killing with gravity.

    Also, please note that now Gravity can’t be spammed by anyone but the real owner.

  50. chet says:

    If you talk about grivty on mako then there is nothing mush to do I mean update map for that?that kind stupid and you can see who use grivty with black (or wait tell it respawn) take screen shot and get his I’d not that hard to do

  51. Cookie says:

    blablabla,if you guys knew how to play you wouldnt die on the fucking gravity
    and stop blaming ZES for everything,some of their members do troll,less than 3 but they are just giving you some reasons to get better,i got team killed alot and now,im really good i think ^^

  52. Metro says:

    For minas u should make balrog and WK level6 if not add 1 more items for Zombie,

    CT has 6 items Zombies 4 thats why its so easy for CTs to win ;D

  53. Joris Ceoen says:

    Metro, if I recall correctly, Hannibal once said that he was reaching the far limit of his entity count. I don’t think he will add a lvl6 nor I think it’s necessary O.o I love the items as they are now, plz don’t change this

  54. Cazador says:

    Level 4 item for zombies was awesome XD

  55. *Elite says:

    Hello, Thanks for making a newer version of Mako reactor, I really LOVE the 3D skyboxes theyre so awesome, but i have a question i know you guys did the thing with the music for doing it louder/quieter, Can you explain this more in details because if you do the music up you will do the music even higher for other maps, (like predator) and it will get all wierd.. so if you could respond/reply, thanks.

  56. Kaemon says:

    Elite, we figured a way to make sounds to be labeled as “Music” by the game; so you can now change its volume independly from the Game Volume.

    You only need to go to your “Options > Audio > Music Volume” and use the volume you want for the music; including turning it completly off, while sitll hearing the bullets, steps, explosions and all game sounds.

  57. Wind Nexus says:

    —————————————-MAIN BUGS/PROBLEMS—————————————-

    -Fix that people can use cades without taking them… (fix the noobs! XD)
    -Fix that people can spam others cades. (maybe a filtering system like one in the old mako i still like to see spammers burn to their dead πŸ˜€ really xD )

    -Fix that not placed cades can be block for bullets.
    -Fix that cade trolling thing its really a big problem. (ppl usually tries to block others and thinks its really fun maybe not making cades block for humans like 5 sec. so that when someone placed a cade on us we can escape)

    -Fix that nazguls can be a badass and when they spin so fast they dont get any damage. (**BUGGULS**)

    -Fix that console message problem it says wrong it have to be 5 lv. ( )
    -Fix that props/physics bug appers on some servers. (we are playing this on .Bad server for 2 weeks and i didnt notice any boucing/crazy props)

    -Fix that rare bug which gives armor user invulnerability untill the round end. (forever xD)
    -Add tips and how to use on every item like one in the paranoid. (lol fail idea i know πŸ˜€ )

    Please… πŸ˜€

  58. Joris Ceoen says:

    I’ve been reworking on the zombie escape wikia. I’ve added extra articles and information regarding many terms and such. I’ve also updated the Mako Reactor page with the latest informations.

    I’ll be adding all the commands soon (like !zspawn, !zmarket etc etc)

  59. Anonymous says:

    Nexus i second all that but the adding tips

  60. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Kaemon, i understand now.

  61. Anonymous says:

    any word on minas yet?

  62. Anonymous says:

    In paranoid when we take the annilhator he can dissapear,is it a bug ?

  63. Kaemon says:

    Last Anonymous, Annihilator is a Grenade-Based item. This mean that it will disapear if you throw your grenade while being on top of it (you need to throw it before touching it) or if you throw a grenade after picking it.

  64. Riperzz says:

    All bugs I found from minas:

    Round 2: This door closes everytime you go there as a zombie/human (Dont confuse this with the lock when humans succesfully close both gates).

    Round 4: You can easily jump down with gandalf/horse/knight (Armor too maybe?)
    and not get killed.

  65. Metro says:

    Riperzz the Round 4 part they know about πŸ˜‰

  66. Wind Nexus says:

    Are you going to improve 3d skybox on minas cause some parts of it looks weird πŸ˜€

  67. Joris Ceoen says:

    Imo, the 3dskybox of Minas is one of the most complicated, changing it has to keep track of all 4 parts. Luckily, it’s fairly static, so I think it should be easily fixable. In my map, I have 15 different 3DSkyboxes x) I cannot recall what I’ve done until now to be able to realize that, but it’s possible. A big danger of 3skyboxes are the textures. If you do not lock them by accident, you’re screwed :S

  68. ... Poney Life says:

    Hannibal, i really want to help you when you gonna fix paranoid, but if i put here the bug/glitch of paranoid, i think some people gonna use them for destroy the game play (like the double end coloseum/silent hill or the troll at last cover who make you cover 6-7 second more and a lot of other more important) and your friend list is full, so if you want my help, give meyour e mail adress or add me as friend (i’m in Paranoid Squad too if you search me).

    And i don’t think remove the bird is a good idea (but remove the invulnerabilty when you are a bird is good and creat a thing like in jungernaut who prevent him to use item) because this is a powerfull item, but when you know use it… this is easy to make a epic with him, but it’s easy with the jungernaut, the light, singularity canon/any item and slow motion/ any push item and some other items too.

  69. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    Just post the bugs here, blogs about being open with developing and stuff. We are here because we are interested in product and how it works, not because we are all trolls!
    Hanni will fix them anyway!

  70. chet says:

    Is there way to make the server to change the timelimt for the map because its take very long time make it 1h will be very nice

  71. Anonymous says:

    1 hour on minas tirith can be very boring and long.The players can be bored and quit the servers

  72. Wind Nexus says:

    @Anonymous maybe you are rigth but its really hard to reach ex stage 4 so maybe on every win map can add 10 or 5 mins to timelimit so that when ppl started to failing we dont need to take a torture…
    SO: map can extend itself for every win ^^

  73. Kaemon says:

    Nah, Hannibal won’t add extra time within a Map Command. If some server thinks is worth/neccesary to increase the Timelimit for that particular map, they can do that themselves with a custom .cfg.

    Also, you don’t “have to” beat Stage 4 Extreme. Just play for fun πŸ˜›

  74. Joris Ceoen says:

    If I don’t beat Extreme II once in my life, I will not be able to rest for an eternity!

  75. mat.duf says:

    Joris, be satisfy of what you have already done ; personnaly I have made two “clearly almost win” on both v3_1 and v5_1 (I have died on the last laser and my team won it) and however I am happy with it, I will win it next time…. or maybe not but what is the problem ?

  76. Cookie says:

    lol i won ex2 on minas a bunch of times,also soloed the stage too ^^ with lv 1

  77. Joris Ceoen says:

    @mat.duf I have a lot of near-wins on Extreme II in m-y archive x) I’m waiting to paste all of those to the evercoming win so that I can show how long it actually took before I could win, and time is still running x) But yea indeed, I’m already happy with what I did. The least, it’s always fun so it’s never a bad thing anyway! But winning would still be a nice additiion though ^^

    Besides I wanted to buy donator on PF but pf doesn’t accept PayPal account transactions, only credit card links. Since I have a debit card and not a credit card I cannot do this. I was thinking of only starting to record again when I got donator but I feel like I won’t ever be able to be a donator. It’s 2012, I thought that paying via account on PayPal was perfectly possible, I do it like all the times on other services. No, Pf doesn’t… And that while Pf exists for a long time already.

    Cannot simply pay O.o

    Nvm, back to topic. So now it’s paranoid or what? Or minas, I can’t actually follow anymore. If it’s Minas, the only thing I’d like to see getting fixed is the glitched scoring system, but I think that would be impossible…?

  78. chet says:

    Lol donate at pf only give you no fall damage 200 hp if you play mako you get 100 hp and high jump that it the best place to donate is hellz other then that its suck pf the only server that donates/admins can nominate only and not players that is gay don’t donate to pf donate to hannbial xD
    Kaemon if beating stage4 no need to then why hannbial make contest πŸ˜€
    At parnoiad I got some ideas for it if you like me to post here I do

  79. Anonymous says:

    >April 2012
    >Still didnt beat Mako Extreme II

  80. Anonymous says:

    lol at “pros” going anonymous to post shit

  81. Metro says:

    i beat mako extreme 2 3 times ^^

  82. Cookie says:

    i won ex2 drunk once
    like a baws

  83. Blue Dragon says:

    Mako v3_1 wins? *checks counter* ~ Oh, it broke after 99… damn..
    Mako v5_1 wins? *checks counter* ~ Fuck, it overheated from winning more than 3 times a day.

  84. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download minas tirith v2_2 can you say me why ?

  85. Anonymous says:

    speaking of minas any news on it

  86. Joris Ceoen says:

    I don’t like saying this, especially here, but Mako has gathered a infragious amount of hate on Pf and some other servers… Even if it get played a lot (even now) I cannot find a single vote where as if either surf/voodoo/firewall/paper/anyothermapthanpredatorandmako, mako gets screwed as well as other popular maps. I think people are getting a little tired of the good old maps. They want to see new things. I like Mako a lot, and I can udnerstand it undergoes some dislike by many because it’s already so long it exists now, but it’s really NOTICABLE how much hate it gets day by day. Is v5_1 so much different than v5_1?

  87. liongreen says:

    Dude we are dieng for news….

    It would be kewl some news about junnon or luff secret project and hannibal last man standing.