Minas Tirith update

Posted: April 14, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hi dudes, you know me (pretty much), so I will be brief. Minas Tirith update is ready to be tested, there is only one line remaining to be checked : “Add the panel with the winners of the contest”. I know I promised more than this, but at this time, I think that nobody cares and I’m really tired of this map to work with new textures, animations, models, etc… Althought, I will put this panel, with the winners names, thats all πŸ™‚

I didn’t work a lot with this update, but I have to say that I expect huge changes in gameplay; you will feel again that it’s necessary to stand and shoot, instead facing the doors. About extreme, I think is pretty hard on this update; increasing the number of initial zombies will affect on extreme 2, as well as putting the ladder item again , increasing the damage and area of the barrel, decreased the time between meteors (yay more meteors, and now they are lethal), guards receive double damage when zombies touch them, …

About the physics glitch i’m not sure I fixed it (I need to test in servers… I will try with mine), but it has sense that some people told me that the causer was the big rock barricades, because they are the only ones I don’t Disable Motion (they can be killed while moving and collapsing and destroying the source engine physics).

Well, the list of changes is pretty long aswell, but you will find that some defending times have been increased, I removed the triggers that open the doors when zombies touch them, the stage 2 gate (Grond) is now much more difficult to defend (3 ways instead 1). At stage 1, the retreat is more interesting since you can controlΒ  (backwards/forwards) the horses (now they are individual) and the zombies will be more close to you than never.

Thanks for your bug reports (specially the one from Cazador), they helped me to fix many things I forgot.
Tomorrow I will test (maybe with Kaemon). Thanks for your patience; I was out (in Belgium) and in two days I will be in Barcelona for 2 days, I have to finish that fast : ) but safe.

  1. Cookie says:

    that horse part seems interesting ^^

    hf in barcelona,dont smoke much weed xD

  2. liongreen says:

    Nicely done Hanni lokking foward to tets it πŸ™‚

  3. Joris Ceoen says:

    Nice to hear!

    You were in Belgium? I hope you have eaten some good French Fries along the way! πŸ˜‰

  4. thegregster101 says:

    I hope the map dont become really really hard like new mout doom xD. its not that hard but pF still dont seem to have it in the bag yet…

    I also look forward to seeing these new horses and the improvements of stage 1 as it was by far the least action packed stage compared to the others. The new textures and animation you talk of sound great and cant wait for the update! Keep up your great work.

  5. Metro says:

    Server IP for the test just keep it save slots will be 55

  6. Metro says:

    right now its Offline but in 16:30 it should be online we just fixing it πŸ˜‰ new hardware installation

  7. Cazador says:

    at 16.30 europe ur testing?

  8. Metro says:

    well hannibal wanted 16:30 in GMT +1 time i assume that time in Spain thats what he told me cus he dont got all the day since he got a surgery tomorrow

  9. Joris Ceoen says:

    I’ll be there!

  10. mat.duf says:

    calling it “French fries” in Belgium is pretty much funny ^^. Personally I just say chips because for me actually it don’t make me feel it is French.

    @ Metro
    your server is the i3D right ?

  11. Metro says:

    no mat.duf its not i3D its rzgaming ^^

  12. Metro says:

    i never do a test there when i knew its gonna lag with 50users its already lagging in Mako + Minas there so no mat.duf πŸ˜‰ will be IP:Port

  13. *Elite says:

    Ok, i will be there testing the map!

  14. Joris Ceoen says:

    nvm the test, it’s not going to happen today 😦 and next week I can’t go onto the PC from monday to friday, so I’ll miss it. Yah…

  15. Metro says:

    Joris Ceoen dunno i still wait on hanni to give signal πŸ˜‰

  16. Kaemon says:

    For future reference, anytime that Hannibal tells you “Testing today at X hour” or “This is the FINAL version”, the correct translations are: “Maybe, if everything goes well, we will test at X+3 hour” and “I wish this was the final version but I will end making 5 more”. XD

    I only talked briefly with Hannibal today; but there was no testing today, and not sure when will it be.
    He is, however, pretty sure to be done with the fixes; wich makes me believe he didn’t fix enough. Unlike Mako, I’m not helping at all with Minas Tirith πŸ˜›

    BTW, thanks to Luffaren, Hannibal now has CS:GO Beta, wich he will probably play with time that he gets from the “Mapping Time” schedule. So go blame him! XD

  17. Metro says:

    Ok kaemon πŸ˜‰

  18. ŦČΣ | Deathraver says:

    Tsk, Luff, give him CS:GO and dont give me… ='(

  19. liongreen says:

    Would be kewl if u guys could provide some knews about LMS Junnon and luff secret project for mew epic this Ressurection it is Zombie Escape needs new maps…

  20. Joris Ceoen says:

    Well Luffaren’s secret project, it’s secret, so obviously no one knows about it. I know he’s A LOT on Source SDK for like about any day in past two weeks I’ve been on Steam, so I think it’s taking a lot of progress. Ofc I wouldn’t know what the map is about and how big it would be.

    I think Kaemon is less on Source SDK so far I’ve seen. Imo he’s slacking some times :p
    However, I think he wants his Junon perfectly finished before releasing it, not rushing anything etc… That’s about all I can say.

    for other updates: Nexxt is making another FFVII map, Enviolinador is apparantly creating a ze_bananas map (he already mentioned it sometimes), thegregster101 is also making a new map (for some time already but I can’t say anything about. I helped him with both his new project and new map but I’m not allowed to talk about). I’m not sure Eddie is ever making a new map, and I don’t know him at all. And yea Hannibal is updating ofc.

  21. Joris Ceoen says:

    Haha, I forgot to mention I’m creating 2 maps too atm:

    ze_SSBB_v1 (http://zombieescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ze_SSBB_v1)
    ze_cathedral_escape (http://zombieescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ze_cathedral_escape_beta)

    SSBB is being fully developed, and cathedral is paused until I finished ssbb (which will be released near the beginning of July)

    I first started with cathedral, and it wnet very well. However SSBB was already on my mind and it’s far more funnier to map than ze_cathedral. Besides the SSBB nintendo universe is gicantic compared to my cathedral map which isn’t even based onto something.

    SSBB will feature 35 playable chars and 12 stages (of which 6 will be played). 12 stages because I want my map to be completely random + having 12 different types of gameplays. I hope it’ll work πŸ˜€ but it’s very item-based so I think half of the people might not like it after a month or something, just like people hate materia items in Mako and the ones in Minas… Still the items in my map are different, so maybe it could turn the other way around!
    What I especially want, is that the items and chars will be 50/50 for both zombies and humans, so that both teams have the same chances. However, it’s not like zombies can 1-HIT KO all humans. There will be only 1 big exception of 1 item that will 1HIT-KO but I’ll say already that it’s superbly rare to get as an item. Receiving it is for either team simply bad luck :p

    So that’s really about it.

  22. Wind Nexus says:

    “decreased the time between meteors (yay more meteors, and now they are lethal)”

    **Incoming rage quits**

  23. liongreen says:

    Yeah i know what they doing llol what i want is screenshoot updates of their work its really being a long time we dont have a epic map in zombie escape i would say its really being almost an year..

  24. chet says:

    Rawr luffy give me csgo next time πŸ˜€
    Lion trust me luffrean will not say anything I try with him like for 1month and the only thing he say its from game lol

  25. Metro says:

    i just receive a CS Go to. from someone dunno who

  26. Joris Ceoen says:

    @ Liongreen
    I understand your frustration, but as a current mapper, I have learned that epic maps are exactly those who may take a month or eventually a year because if you rush a map, it will NEVER come up to the best result possible. So it’s better to wait a bit longer than receiving bugged, glitched and eventually broken maps which are afterwards never played again (unless they receive constant updates)…

    Also, as the time goes by professional mappers like Luffaren/Hannibal/Kaemon/Enviolinador/LeGrem/thegregster101 learn more and more things and also get more experience regarding bugs and the Source Engine itself, essentially adding new features while keeping the map as performant as it can without bugs. It really takes time and patience to get the best results. And I’m sure once their next maps will be released, you will not regret having waited for it πŸ˜‰

    I’m at least happy this gameplay in CS:S is activly being developed and there is always an audience to play your maps. I cannot recall how many mods and gameplay types in the past have died while there were awsome maps created for it. Besides, this MAY be one of the gameplay types that will continue in CS:GO once the time arrives if it will be ready for it (currently it isn’t at all).

    So… Patience πŸ˜‰

    Maybe to compensate your frustration a bit, I could release some screenshots aside from my video of my map (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4abSMa8pWE). You’ll have to wait for next weekend though…

    I want to note that even though that video has been released only one month ago, it is VERY outdated by now, as I have a whole lot more stages now. You’ll see what I mean if I release some pictures.

  27. chet says:

    Metro maybe that person want you to give it to me πŸ˜€

  28. GRUDGE says:

    Thanks for your hard work!

  29. Metro says:

    Dunno about that chet i tested CS Go and i gonna say this to u all what a shit game. zombie escape wont work there just play beta and u see

  30. Joris Ceoen says:

    Well I said it was going to be a shit game. NOO one was waiting for CS:GO, really noo one… Everyone was like: “Hu? A new CS? Never heard anything about it”

    And what are we all still waiting for? Because Valve can’t count to mfking 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. liongreen says:

    Theres a small difference btwenn eviolinador and the others mappers he actually like to tell what he is doing this forum its kinda a secret club of mappers .(Map susppose be fun not secret when i tell there inst any news i say in hope actually some could reveal some information about their maps that certanily will be epic though in my opinion its not with secrets maps and hide information mapping job should be).

  32. Thats interesting Joris Ceoen, I want to see the final result on a server!

    About CS:Go, why ZE is not going to work? I would like to see if ZE is possible in GO.

    And liongreen, omg! I don’t hide nothing! At the moment I told everything about my maps xD I didnt tell a lot of Last Man Standing because im not really with LMS at the moment.

  33. Metro says:

    Hannibal dunno just tested it and i doub with this graphic escape will work but let see πŸ˜‰

  34. Gerald says:

    Valve have already said they are releasing a zombie mode into it at a later date after release, the guys who made zombie mod are helping them, but that doesn’t mean someone won’t make a mod just like the CS:S version

  35. Deathraver says:

    Is it possible that we ask a change in the names?

  36. TonyMontana says:

    What I came across from yesterdays test;

    – The errors; http://imgur.com/a/38Vx0
    – The ladder behind the carrier should be non-solid, can currently be used to block other people.
    – Stage 1, remove the blockade to the top (the first holding point), players will have a hard time evading the falling rocks if not.
    – Stage 3, the falling statue, the timing should be like in v2 but just a bit later, a horse could easily kill the whole team whether its intentional or not.
    – Stage 4 inside the dark room, one of the paths are always lit up.

    Then there was some timing issues with the holding points, not sure about this one but I guess we’ll have to test it further.

  37. TonyMontana says:

    Also, add a few more seconds before the zombies spawn, late joiners/slow weapon buyers won’t stand a chance. Increase by ~5 seconds?

  38. BotoX says:

    I changed the zombie spawntime to 8 (freezetime was 2 there) while we were testing it and people complained about the spawn. That should just work fine.

  39. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    Looking forward to this now im finally back on the ZE scene!

    Just started up a new server, hopefully it’l go okay!
    54 Slots
    Unlim Ammo
    Reload ON

    Top player after a month gets CS:GO beta key!

    Server is there if you ever need any help like the old times!
    Will hopefully use it for the beta of my ZE map

  40. Tell the IP!

    Changed everything in Minas already, I will publish the map soon (today).

  41. GRUDGE says:


  42. Metro says:

    Hanni barca lost 1-0 feel bad ;D

  43. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says: is the IP hanni!
    I look forward to Minas!

    Barca were unlucky, I hate chelsea -.-

  44. Metro says:

    yes barca was unlucky ;D was the first test we did there, was OK but shame missed alots πŸ˜‰

  45. Metro says:

    what i mean miss is alots missing texture and error stuff ;D

  46. Metro says:

    But about barcelonas change i wont doub they beat chelsea home but let see and gl with updating Minas Hanni πŸ˜‰

  47. That was… bad luck, Barcelona played pretty well, damn….
    Lets test Minas, metro

  48. Joris Ceoen says:

    ERROR’s? Looks like a Pakrat problem (forgot to add a model or something)