Rezurrection (6/6)

Posted: April 22, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Map Update, News, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Note: v3_2 Nazguls at stage 1 still difficult… v3_3 may be released after 1 week or. For now, I make a call to all admins to skip the stage 1 at extreme or just remove that entity with the command in rcon or something:      ent_remove item_nazgul_TemplateM

Hi all. After some tests, I finished the final version of Minas Tirith: ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith_v3_2. I have to say that is not easy to adjust such a huge map like this but at least I fixed/improved some important things:

Physics bug: Finally! I’m pretty sure that the problem has been fixed and the map should no longer glitch the physics of the server; at least it didn’t do so after more than 15 rounds on one of the stages it used to happen more often.

Difficulty: The difficulty has been increased overall, but specially in extreme. Don’t worry, the insane hard difficulty of the versions 3 and 3.1  is gone/fixed.
The zombie ratio of the map is now 1/6 instead of 1/8 (1/5 in Extreme) and the spawn time is 12 seconds instead of 15 (6 in Extreme).
White Knight also has been nerfed; his HP is reduced and has now a bigger cooldown on his special move.
There are other changes here and there to make the map overall harder; like making it harder to block some of the Zombie “spawners”, Extreme Meteors being a deadly threat again, or the zombies having some extra paths during the Grond event (to name a few).

I made many changes to improve the gameplay and some glitches have been fixed, I’m sure I forgot some but they may be not very important. The ladder item for zombies has been put it back again (was removed because I believed it to be the one causing the physics to glitch), and overall the zombie gameplay has been improved by getting rid of some cheap strategies against them.
I’m not going to put the list of changes because im tired, but you should notice minor thins in some places, and all the known bugs that could be abused (like stopping a round by blocking an item) have been fixed.

BTW, I noticed at least one “bug” (one of the Ossgiliath Horses having a ladder, lol!) but I won’t make a new version just for it… and I hope there aren’t problems of glitches that require me making a new version at all.

Download from Hannibal’s Dropbox: Minas Tirith v3_2

So, lets finish this “Rezurrection” of mine: the last step, the final map… Paranoid! Yeeeee!


  • Map to update: Paranoid
  • Objective of the update: Important and minor Glitch Fixes; Remake/Removal/Change of easily abusable items, Increase number of items and modes; Increase fun of the map ; maybe improve visuals (but not sure)
  • Approximated release: Next month?

I know many people like this map, and I know many also think that some of the previous versions were better for one or other reason… Im going to try to bring back the essence of randomness of older versions, delete boring things, improve unbalanced modes, etc…

BTW, Kaemon wants me to mention that he had nothing to do with the Minas Tirith update; or any of my LOTR maps. People keep thinking he has helped making those maps; but he wants to point out that he mostly just gave suggestions, support and testing (and two minor models for Minas Tirith); but that if you like/hate those maps, is me (Hannibal) to praise/blame. XD

Also, Kaemon will be helping with the Paranoid remake (like he helped on all previous versions), so I bet he will post about what changes we are aiming for this coming week or so.

  1. Kaemon says:

    Ey guys, just wanted to mention that I had been kinda afk-ish this last week; noticeable on the posts of the blog, on the answers of the forum (none, XD) and while trying to chat with me on Steam (AFK most of the time, 90% of the people were gone the few minutes I was in front of the computer).

    Anyway, I didn’t had anything to do with Minas Tirith (or any LOTR map from Hannibal). I supported a little morally, or reported bugs and the such; but those maps are completly from him. But then again, I guess most of the people visiting this blog and reading the comments already knew this… XD
    I prefered to stay away from the making of this new version of Minas Tirith because I have way too many problems/suggestions for the map, and I would drive Hannibal crazy with them, and he will drive me crazy with ignoring many because he can’t devot his complete life to fix/improve a ZE map 😛

    Anyway… Let’s see if the new Paranoid version is the best one, in visuals, gameplays and glitches/crashes free!

    PD: I don’t celebrate birthdays and I don’t like being congratulated for them… Freaking Hannibal… XD

  2. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    Nice one uploading and going to test it as soon as its done xD

  3. Pac says:

    The physics just bugged on Plaguefest when playing the map on stage 3

  4. Anonymous says:

    ^What he said
    We also had a glitch where the CTs got killed in the final room on 3, and it skipped to round 4

  5. Anonymous says:

    sounds like it needs a little more work

  6. Anonymous says:

    could the meteors on extreme be the thing bugging the physics

  7. Metro says:

    See ya for paranoid test hannibal good work with Minas 😉

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have a suggestion: How about get rid of that motherf*** .rar-files. It’s pain in the ass while using linux over ssh and have no access to install unrar so you could easy wget. Do you have any idea how it feels to upload that big pack with ~40kb/s, huh? ZIP/BZ2 IT FFS!
    Over and out.

  9. Cookie says:

    i bet kaemon was passed out a few days because of his b-day party xD

  10. Anonymous says:

    Metro minas needs a little more work first

  11. Deathraver says:


  12. thegregster101 says:

    kaemon, does this mean your birthday cake was a lie?

  13. Wind Nexus says:

    Nicely done, Good luck on Paranoid!

  14. Anonymous says:

    On paranoid there is a bug,when a human have the freezer and he is cut he can keep the freezer on zombie

  15. Cazador says:

    Items pistols have low ammo in paranoid. If you buy TMP or mp5 as primary weapon and then pick an item, primary ammo gets lowered too 😦

    Another thing, I have seen sometimes that ppl spawn and when they are waiting for a mode to be chosen it says ’round bugged, sorry’ and every1 gets nuked. wtf?

    titan is underpowered imo but i barely play paranoid so i might be wrong…

    also there is a monster for zombies which is really useless, the one that walks slow

    reverse mode nuke is bugged

    about the mode where you have to climb further than the core and you skip laberinth, the ending is really laggy I think

    if some1 dies because of a turtle, he can kill other zombies by spectating them

    annihilator is laggy (other items too)

    can’t think of more issues atm, I haven’t played this map in ages so can’t really help this time

  16. Hey anonymous :
    “I have a suggestion: How about get rid of that motherf*** .rar-files. It’s pain in the ass while using linux over ssh and have no access to install unrar so you could easy wget. Do you have any idea how it feels to upload that big pack with ~40kb/s, huh? ZIP/BZ2 IT FFS!
    Over and out.”

    Do you have any idea how it feels to create/update/pakrat/upload/test/retest/test again/eat the shit of the source engine bugs or limits/think in many servers while creating a map? Dont tell me you are getting a “pain in the ass” for upload a file. Maybe if you had the education you should have received you could have say: “I have a lot of problems with the .rar files in Linux, can you put a .bz2 file?” , and then I would put a bzip version (of course Im not doing it, next time think about asking it in another way).

    “Pac says:
    April 23, 2012 at 01:55 (Edit)

    The physics just bugged on Plaguefest when playing the map on stage 3”
    Seriously?… man, I have to say: the physic bug cannot be fixed… no clues about it, it happens because the barricade system, and the barricade system cannot be totally deleted… sorry to all, I have to say is the first bug I can’t fix… I will be waiting for a “Bouncy physics bug fix” from a update of Source.

  17. ... Poney Life says:

    ok, so i have a little list of bug/glitch of paranoid (sorry if this is so long 😦 ) :

    Bug who most be corrected (i think) :
    -The nuke of the reverse mod
    – When nowall is activate after the open of the door of 2nd labyrinthe, the end is buged and everybody is teleported to coliseum (and sometimes, ct are in silent hill end).
    -Sometimes, the nowall and the “all door of 2nd labyrinthe will open in 20 second” close all door.

    Bug :
    (- at the end , sometimes you get god mod, and sometimes no (bug??) )
    -sometimes, when 2 person want the destroyer or the anhylator, one got the item and the other can activate it with is cut.
    – the zombie sumonner can go into the “teleport to zombie summoner” and summone zombie —> on some server , you must don’t move for get to spawn so zombie are trapped.
    -sometime, zombie/human can get human/zombie knife item if they have no cut
    -the “all weapons and high speed for next round” never work
    -in VIP mode, you can be stuck in the top of pyramid if someone become ViP and be stuck in jail too (so you are stuck for the round)
    -sometimes , in the colosseum, zombie can’t see human on the lift ,and the humans can’t see zombie.
    -try to fix the “servor crash”,
    -sometimes, when two zombie wait for a monster, 1 get the cut and the skin, but the other lose her cut and her skin (that really suck if the zombie know he was invisible in the end of silenthill).
    -you can avoid the freeze of the “you are untouchable” end mode.
    -sometimes, on ascension, when someone active dooor early with the lowgrav overpowered, door never ropen
    -at Titan end mode, the triger on titan is misplaced, so we can activate it without take the cut and everybody die.
    -on some servor , some weapons never apparear
    -you can kill your teammates with builder/metal fence when the core move or when the pyramide of ascension grow.
    -minigun can be buged if you spam it 2-3 times and never stop shoot
    -sometimes, slowmotion can’t be used
    -on some serveur when you use a weapon, the other see the weapons at the place of use, and he move only if the owner re-use it, and he was stuck again.
    -sometimes, the platforme core move, but the other part of the core are stuck.
    -if you active the invisibility field at last second of the last cover, the platform are stuck for 4-5 second.
    – If ct are cut on the core/pyramide of ascension, they are stuck in.
    -some item make lag (like the bird) and make impossible to play.
    -sometimes, some human are not teleported to the coloseum choose mod room.
    -Sometimes, when i make a “epicwin”, i don’t have any bonus or i just have the lowgrav :d
    -if someone die with a turtle, he can kill everybody

    Glitch :
    -Titan can get a normal gravity if he climb the ladders at the spawn.
    -I don’t know how (but it’s possible), sometimes, zombie can get speed hack with a right mouse click.(particulary the first monster)
    -Vip can be cuted /buged with a knife item.
    – with the invert control, the airaccelerate is insanely increasead.
    -when you take a cut item with a skin, you lose your skin for the next round.
    -when a human is cut when the lowgrav is enable, he have the lowgrav when he is a zombie
    -when global push triger is enable, zombie who are near the cover at entrance of the core have just to make the jump and they go into the cover directly.
    -at Titan end mode, the triger on titan is misplaced, so we can activate it without take the cut and everybody die.
    -at coliseum any ct with the bird can go on the lift (or other camping spot) while fliying, so zombie can’t cut him, if he is the last survivor, the round is realy boring.
    -In mode like “reverse” or “one way”, the zombie boss can be killed if he stay at spawn area (while using the wall)

    visual :
    -at a entrance of core, you can see the red cloud end the way to the last cover.
    -the wall of “nowall global trigger” is green in silent hill mode.

    For the game play (my opinion) :

    – you must give more time for infection on the “silent hill mode” , “one way”, “reverse” and “ascension” : “silent hill mode” is boring, and the over is too easy.
    -at the selection mode of “bestial mode” and “zombie boss” , if some zombie type !zspawn before the zombie boss get the boost, the zombie get who type zspawn get the boost for a moment too.
    – At the end of face to face and one way, give only the anylathor (the red?) , the destroyer(the orange?) can kill everybody with the explosion….
    -try to change the selection mode : a day, we make 4 time silent hill
    -the !ztele kill in one way, don’t make this change, just say ” !ZTELE KILL” or a other message.
    – change the begin of one way, human just go rush the zombie
    – make metal fence and builder unusable in cage, we can stuck all zombie with this.
    -same for the 2nd zombie teleport in ascension
    -in face to face, give the singularity canon after the first door : if someone use it when we cover, he kill everybody.

    i think i have forgot a lot of things, but it’s better als nothing. Good luck (you need it :p ).

  18. Pac says:

    Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron)
    Seriously?… man, I have to say: the physic bug cannot be fixed… no clues about it, it happens because the barricade system, and the barricade system cannot be totally deleted… sorry to all, I have to say is the first bug I can’t fix… I will be waiting for a “Bouncy physics bug fix” from a update of Source.

    I understand this, I was just giving you a heads up that you didn’t fix it even though I wish it was otherwise.

  19. Thanks for the info Pac : ) I didnt expect it (the voice tone of my comment wasnt irony or something). Damn source engine…. well we played a lot before, in i3D, it didnt physic bug, I know the reason of the crash, but there are too many barricades that can be overlapped with another props…

    Thanks for the list of bugs Poney : )

  20. Mojonero says:

    When you are Titan, if you aim above you and then you use the normal attack, you hit yourself and you can use the boost to be faster than humans.

    Also, the jump upgrade is too OP imo.

  21. Metro says:

    also make a new fresh start from Paranoid call it ze_Paranoid_Extreme_v1 my suggestion 😉 since u used turbo and ultimate a fresh start with a name extreme would go

  22. chet says:

    Ok here the list of bugs I know but some of them are known.
    First off game mods.
    Face to face: 1-humans can just keep jumping on water and not get teleport
    2-if you trying to shoot zombie or move you can get stuck
    Silent hell: sprint gun only work 1 time (if you just rush to the hole if you didn’t 2 times can use
    Zombie can pick up jugrement and make them invisible patrao make video about it
    One way: 1-jugrement hp always 60 on every mods and if you play it like 10 times only 1 or 2 times you get knife
    2-wall control is sometimes bug not open the doors
    There is other bugs but can’t remember it
    Items bugs
    Sprint weapon can be spam by zombies and get speed,if you pick it up and just stand there and use it it won’t give you speed
    Destroyer can kill zombies after teleport to the last room
    Bird lag as well other knife items,if you die and you were having the bird it give you speed if you click mouse 2
    Flamethrow set you on fire for very very long time
    Grenade maker sometimes only give you 1 nade
    Freezer if you use it on zombie it take sometime but after they get unfreeze the item recharge so quick
    The light it fail sometime when you try to push titan and he sometime can kill you
    There is more but I forgot
    Triggers bugs
    Low grivty trigger if you die as human you still have it as you zombie,you can go to the middle way and going to core before anyone could
    Global push to zombies take to mush time
    Don’t know how to say this but the god mod trigger for zombies can be hit by items like minagun and chainsaw
    some ideas
    Put wall at spawn(humans can throw he nades and freez nades)
    Add new mods like face to face 4 zombies spawn and all zombie items on that mod(include perment head)
    Vip mod2 1 human be vip and all other players are zombies he have items speed etc just like vip mod
    Add guns on bird and juggrement it maybe help to get les lag like paper low grivty item
    When walls remove at first lapy(first stage) zombies should break woods at doors
    Sorry for my bad english
    1 more thing I am sure the map it not going to be out on next month I think it out after summer 😀

  23. Anonymous says:

    On the mod reverse, the truck can arrive before the 40 secondes and declench the nuke.
    Other bug: on reverse a zombie who is afk or bloque in the teleport don’t dead after the nuke.

  24. Anonymous says:

    You can remove the other titan, it is useless: he don’t have power and he is very slow.
    There is some weapons near the teleporter we can’t know what is it, and when a zombie take the zombie jumper is not write in the console.

    – When the doors of the first labyrinth are reach, the doors in the first labyrinth doesn’t want open.
    – On ascension, at the end when the teleporter mount the zombie can be block on it.
    – Before to go on the tower there is a passage without texture or with nodraw ( isn’t very important but it’s been ugly)
    – Before know the next mod, some people bunny to the doors and if the mod is vip they can jump very easy at the top of the pyramid to become the vip.( it depend of the server, if bunny is disable they can’t do it)
    – On ascension when we are zombie and we fall on the hole there is as a blade and we turn in circles.

    If i find other bug i will write here.

  25. Joris Ceoen says:

    When I hear all this physics problems, my theory kinda stays the same as it always has been: Server-Side physics will bug any physics in any map that uses the same system as the one in Minas Tirith, so it’s not the map but rather the server’s physics options I think.

    I still feel like v2_2 is the best one. Is it really completely out of the question to play the map even with the physics ‘bug’?

  26. Anonymous says:

    On the coliseum there are the bug :
    – The normal nuke: the players who is terrorist will dead if they stay near the button
    – Trial to universe: the same thing

    Bug weapons:
    – The human with the freezer who is cut by a zombie, he keep the freezer when he is a zombie
    – The human with the turtlethrower who is cut by a zombie, he keep the turtlethrower when he is a zombie and he can killed the other zombie.
    A zombie touched by the turtlethrower hurt the other zombie when he touched it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Besides are Nazguls still invisible?

  28. Cazador says:

    At the end, after ending mode is chosen, CTs can !ztele (if server allows it for humans) and get all frags if for example the chosen mode is that ‘1 kill 1 shot’ thingy

  29. Anonymous says:

    The same comment i have write yesterday with other weapons:

    – The human with the giant chainsaw who is cut by a zombie, he keep the giant chainsaw and he can hurt the other zombie.
    – The same with the minigun.

    When a human take the grenade maker isn’t write in the console
    We don’t know what is the effect of a weapons which do a light.

    If the human with the bird is cut by a zombie and when he use the right click he can move fast.

  30. Anonymous says:


    also kaemon can you make a post about your map

  31. Metro says:

    barcelona out feel bad for u hannibal

  32. DeepInferno says:

    Does anyone even care about football anymore Metro? 😉 I don’t watch it anyway ^^ I can’t wait for the new Paranoid fix btw xD

  33. Anonymous says:

    DeepInferno hannibal and caz does ;D

  34. Anonymous says:

    I have found an another bug today: the same bug of the bird with the sprint weapon, when i type full time on the left click and the right click, I move fast (I’M NOT SURE OF THIS BUG) as a little teleportation.

  35. TonyMontana says:

    Two things regarding this new version;

    – The explosive barrel is way too overpowered, experienced or not, zombies basically win if someone has it. There is no way of avoiding the blast if its launched, say below the lift on stage 3. I took out 25 people with one barrel yesterday.
    – Stage 2, the first holding point at the gate, the new ledge path zombies can take by climbing the ladder is really hard to defend, too hard, especially on limited ammo servers, they can just keep moving forward and will eventually get in compared to the other paths.

  36. Dr.[H]OUSE says:

    Hi, i think you should fix Minas Tirith cause it’s actually unplayable. I give you some ideas for the 4th stages.

    Stage 1:

    -The cover at the guards : Zm can now kill accross the guards, so everyone can get randomly be a zm at this part (Because whatever the server it is, no one will cover 30 seconds this place) You should maybe reduce the timing to 15-20 seconds. Then we can finally cover from the zm rushing the left door! Which is very annoying on the no burning nade server. (And more on extreme stage with flag zm)
    -The door and the nazgul : I see that nazgul can now rush the top of the door, i think you should add the invisible wall like in the V2, then nazgul must go to the bottom. At least for the normal mode. Why? Because actually, 1/2 of the ct in the best of the case will die at horse, it’s very often 10 ct max in the end. And like always, there are people glitching the nazgul, and if now they can go up, stage 1 is probably the hardest stage of normal mode =/ For extreme, we are supposed to have gandalf, so you dont need to do like in V2_2.
    For the rest i think the difficulty is harmoniously increased 😀 The horse idea is cool ^^

    Stage 2:

    -The first cover : You should delete the 2 new ladders placed on the wall. Because the cover window is now impossible. The tower changes everything. I think that you have already played this map on full server, and as you know it, 1/4 of the ct cover in the best of the case. It’s now very hard to have a decent cover. But maybe i make mistake, because i noticed that we just have to stay back at guards, and when a zm come close, the big door is opening and we can go accross the guards. I tested it am zm, i took the tower and i went to the guards and door is opening before 6:58. At least, i think the stage is more interesting with the cover of the windows and now of the tower, but you increased the difficulty too hardly!
    -Uhh…. Nah the rest is good 😀 You maybe forgot the noises of the meteor (2nd guards and before the last stand). That’s good for the people who cover, then can know where they are in the timing of the cover!

    Stage 3:

    -Rocks : Wow rocks are falling too much fastly! Imagine the disaster with a fail horse in extreme! Keep the same rock timing of the V2_2, there were enough failers i think :D.
    -Barrel Zm : Overpowered really. Zone effect is so large… Imagine a good barrel on the lift or at the 2 brigde place. Like Tony said, too many people are dying. I think it’s interesting that barrel can kill a ct very close of it, but the zone effect is very large (For info i tested the damage, it causes 680 dmg)

    Stage 4:

    Ahaha, thanks to the hard new updates, i dont even have time to test this stage on a server, so i cant help you for this one ^^


    -Meteors : I tested alone the map (It was V3_1), and i noticed that we have 1 meteor every 4 sec. And of course now they are fixed, they killed in one shot (this idea is cool). With fast respawn zm, and fail people i dont think we can win stage 1 extreme xD And just for fun, imagine stage 3 lift with 1 meteor every 4 sec… Idk if you fixed the timing of the meteor with that version!

    Keep hope hannibal ^^ You will finaly do a perfect Minas Tirith 🙂

  37. Cazador says:

    v3.2 proves you made a big effort to balance things, especially for the first two stages, eliminating some lame tricks to have a sure win. Small things I found:

    – During warmup round I’m not sure if thee nuke has been delayed enough seconds cuz I think there used to be 14 tips and I only see 13 in this version (unless I totally failed checking xD). Also, tip13 says gandalf combo is DAWS when it’s DAWDS (or u made it DAWS?)

    – In stage 1 boat hold, the first floor is way too dark. If you plan to have the CTs holding there, it’s very hard to notice incoming zombies if the server has dark skins (mp_flashlight 1?) However this cover isn’t needed as much as in v3.1…

    – Also in stage 1, the horse rider can get stuck at the end of the run cuz the horse performs “horse-moves” after it has stopped. Nazguls can arrive from the back and kill you -_- About the end, I like the gate closing timing but I also feel that the invisible block for nazguls could be brought back in a reduced way (it was too restrictive in v2.2fix).

    – About stage 2, I didn’t check if a zombie standing in the siege tower path_track will get crushed or is still able to block the tower from reaching the wall and hence delaying the event.
    About the begining of this stage, I think it was better in v2.2fix but it was also rather boring. So why not remove the new siege tower and keep the ladders, so zombies can only go in by the windows but it’s a bit harder for CTs.

    Didn’t play the other stages yet. I am not such a minas fan so you should probably follow the advice of those who actually are instead of mine^^

  38. Anonymous says:

    this new version is too stupid and hard. we barely in extreme 4 in servers anyways. The horses are hard to control… sometimes they move slow on stage 1. Also… holding in the dark room downstairs when the boats are coming is just plain stupid. we end up just going to the door and hoping that zombies don’t kill us.

  39. Wind Nexus says:

    People items like bird and dog causes lags cause they use game_ui (what game_ui does is it can follow your r-click- l-click foward back and such moves and activate the bottun or something as you know on crow, rigth click to turn into crow and left click for human) so the lags can’t be fixed it actually not causes too much lag for me but about who get lag with these items sorry guys that lag can be fixed. 😦