Updates news (Minas Tirith and Paranoid)

Posted: April 28, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in ZE LOTR Minas Tirith, ZE Paranoid

Hi all, I noticed that some of you are posting more things about Minas Tirith. I played it many times and I agree that it still needs a small change. Basically, the most important adjustment is the Nazgul at stage 1: I’m gonna totally kill all them after the teleport and make them more weak.

I don’t agree in some things:

Stage 2 defense: it’s pretty easy defend and retreat.

Stage 3 falling rocks: the fall because the elevator arrives, and not because someone touches a trigger. Failing horses will not screw the team.

Meteors: since they are totally visible now, I feel I don’t need to nerf them anymore; they hurt 120 of damage even if you have armor, that means you will survive if you are a flag carrier, if you are casting gandalf and if you wear an armor. I should set the other items to increase your HP.

Too much defense time in some parts: it’s true, I increased the defense time, but the most of holding spots have a trigger that opens the door in case of zombie flood; that doesn’t mean you let a zombie get inside to continue with the escape, because it’s pretty risky, it is still better to defend.

About Paranoid πŸ™‚

I cleaned the map, JEZZ! I feel embarrassed when I see the random names, unused triggers, or just fail of optimizations in items or modes… remember I made that map after Helms Deep, and I was a bit noob… Kaemon told me that is better to ‘re-make’ Paranoid than clean/update the current version, I don’t know if this is true or it’s another of the Kaemon jokes (imo its true), but I’m afraid that Paranoid essence would be negatively altered if I make this, so, for now, Im updating from the last version.

This is the list of things I’m going to make for the version:

Long black corridor stays: I know you like it, so many ppl going at 200 km/h jumping and remembering that you didn’t buy yet.

Templating all items: I already templated all items, and, even if you don’t understand the meaning of a template, I can say you that the gameplay and fun will be totally improved, why? because:

Β· Random items: the place of the items will change! as well as the spawned item itself! This means that you the freezer may appear in the south, west, north… or it can’t appear!

Β· Repeated items: the spawn system will be totally random, I won’t even check if there is a Builder in the map, you may see 3 builders, or 2 rocket launchers, or 5 chainsaws! This happens aswell with the zombie items; so you may hear the antlion scream more than 1 time. Anyway, some items are obviously overpowered, I will not create more than one of these, some of them are the Minigun, the Titan, the singularity cannon, the annihilator…

Β· Mad modes: now, I can spawn many items as I want, I may add a mode with 8 pyramid heads to make you pee in your pants, or modes with a lot of the same item to see funny effects.

Coliseum will not be changed! I will not touch it, literally.

Increased the number of modes: I added some new modes, I wont tell you about them; well, I wanna advance that one mode spawns 8 monsters of the same type (random selection). Every rounds will be different.

Added new items:some of them powerful, some of them just stupid or funny πŸ™‚

Upgraded old items: many of the old items were just… made like shit, I say: using 6 pieces to create the minigun body… well, I put a real minigun model (in example), and I changed many particles.

Deleted items: the black list is for: Turtle Launcher (annoying for zombies, glitch sometimes, expensive item), the crow (glitch item, overpowered, selfish item), teleport zombie (the purple one, bugged, a bit confusing for new players), wall controller (selfish item, make it a bit boring), big wall item (well, it was changed by a ladder item). That’s all (for now).

Changed design (not sure yet): the visual design of the first labyrinth may change, aswell as the skybox, but this depends a lot from Kaemon since I think is enough with the many gameplay changes.

Map adjusted to the number of players: Paranoid is the biggest map of ZE, the distance between players is insane, and the gameplay is boring when you play with less than 20 players. I will reduce dynamically the gameplay area.

Thank you very much for the suggestions : ) Let’s make the best Paranoid version ever!

  1. Wind Nexus says:

    Im happy with new paranoid updates except the deletion of bird maybe nerfing it and removing camp spots at core could be nice but anyways there will a new item come to take bird place… Good luck keep it up! (probably)

  2. TonyMontana says:

    Me gusta.

  3. Metro says:

    Goodluck hanni πŸ˜‰ any test u need u know where i am ;D

  4. Kaemon says:

    Wind Nexus, the current replacement for the Bird is looking really fun, and using a new “technology” (for calling it something) that Hannibal recently discovered. May be used on other powerups/things aswel.

  5. Metro says:

    btw call Paranoid ze_Paranoid_Extreme_v1 since u used turbo and ultimate just a suggestion πŸ˜‰ so many ppl get excited

  6. chet says:

    hhhmmmmm items be random now that what I like it just 1 thing I want to know
    Will the lag with knife items be fix? Its make me mad sometimes and jugrement hp always 60
    Can you make block at chemper(sorry if I say it wrong) but servers that have freez nade can just throw it to zombies and that sometimes make it boring and sucks sometimes so I hope you do something about it

  7. Hek says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Great, thanks for fixing the things for minas, and the things u gonna make for paranoid is awesome


  9. Kaemon says:

    Chet, not sure what you mean with “Block at chemper”. You talk about Freezing Grenades, and I’m not sure what your problem is, but I think we will be able to make the zombies imposible to ignite on the Spawn.
    And about the lag with the Knife items… We are looking at it. Some items may change to button-use instead of detecting mouse-clicks (the second uses a Game UI entity that is the one causing the “lag”), but not sure how many or wich ones.

    Right now it appears that Pyramid Head will become Button-Like instead of Game UI, and same for Annihilator.
    Not sure about the rest of the Knife-Items (Zombie Powerups and Titan/Juggernaut); also not sure if the item replacing the Crow will be Button-Based or Game UI based. I will just talk to Hannibal later; I personally think we should try make most of them Button-Based when possible.
    But then again, the Zombie items are specially nice to use with just Mouse Clicks, and don’t seem to lag as much as the Human ones (probably because the Game UI only has to keep track of a single weapon).

  10. Anonymous says:

    What will be the weapon which replace the bird ?
    Will you correct the bug of the freezer and the giant chainsaw ?( the human with this weapons will keep this weapons when he is cut by a zombie)

  11. Wind Nexus says:

    What about replacing guns like glock-usp to Dual elites-Desert Eagle cause guns like that dont have much push and ammo thats gonna be helpful for limited ammo servers…and i also dont know about are you gonna filter items cause items like singularity gun are have limited uses so ppl can just spam them for trolling and distracting…

  12. Kaemon says:

    Anonymous, that bug is server-based, not map based. We can’t fix it, the server has to do so.
    No matter how many times you try, that bug will never occur on most servers; not sure in wich one/s you are playing, but is a server problem that removes the weapons (pistols and such) from Zombies in a different way.

    Wind Nexus, will tell/remember that to Hannibal.
    The guns that were Glock/USP where so because those two pistols have a secondary-function (Triple-Shot and Silencer) that can be toggled with Second Mouse Click; this made them able to trigger Game UI based weapons (previous to most of them becoming normal buttons) without having to switch to a Knife or Grenade.
    Them being Glock/USP is a relic from the past. They will probably all become Desert Eagles.

    And about filtering items… Not sure what Hannibal’s current plan is; but many/most weapons will probably change so they are filtered to the owner like the materias.
    At least this will happen with the Annihilator, allowing it to become a dropable weapon instead of being attached to a grenade; and removing the Game UI Lag from it.

  13. Riperzz says:

    What about item spammers? Will you use “Only you can use” thingy for weapons/items?

  14. Riperzz says:

    nwm didnt read kaemons new comment…
    Ignore my comment. (Kaemon delete this)

  15. Riperzz says:

    Also about the modes will you bring back the ability to choose gamemode at start of the round?

  16. ZaN says:

    Hannibal experimented with modes you could chose at spawn from versions ultimate v9 to v10 where it was removed, because it was too unstable and made servers crash, choosable modes at spawn, probably not gonna happened

  17. Deathraver says:

    Add Materia!

  18. *Elite says:


    Kaemon already told it in he’s post that hannibal is going to add filtering to the items, so the owner of it can only use it.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Deathraver is a good idea to put the materia. Maybe 1 or 2 materia: earth and ultima (weapon of the end, same at annihilator and destroyer). But don’t put the wind is the same of enrendil light and the gravity is the same of the canon.

  20. Wind Nexus says:

    I also found a minor bug on minas tirith that other zombies can break (or just can depend damage on) ladder carrier zombies ladder (LOL what kinda sentence is that :D) and guess what ladder carrier zombie can hit himself ladder when you look down by 45 radius and when that happened he cant hit any cades or ppl. rather than that ladder carrier zombie can reach a bug spot (or such i really dont know how to call that :D)i can take a screenshot of that spot as soon as i take screenshot i will pont under that post πŸ˜€

  21. Riperzz says:

    If theres still room please add spirits back (Fire, Heal and Lost Smoke) just nerf them so they fit.

  22. mat.duf says:

    I like turtles ;_;
    I think it is the only thing I will regret.

    Anyway, I think you should add the music list in the spawn.

    And something which may be really funny but which will need a lot of work and some more new entities (fuck the limitation) would be a random design in the citadel. (with rarely some extravagant ways which can surprise for the first time).

  23. Anonymous says:

    Keamon maybe update “What Are We Doing?” and “Hannibal Ze Maps” on the left side? And about Paranoid remake, I can’t wait! But don’t make it too laggy please.

  24. ... Poney Life says:

    that gonna be perfect πŸ˜€

    but, R.I.P my turtles, i will never forgot you 😦

  25. Kaemon says:

    Updated “What Are We Doing?” It was really outdated.
    I should update the downloads aswel… XD

  26. Wind Nexus says:

    lol “… Poney Life” i will miss the crow too but I’m sure of that Hannibal gonna replace them with moar awesome items!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hannibal can you replace one weapon by a materia ? (earth materia would be nice: there isn’t a weapon with the same effect)
    But don’t put the other materia:
    -the gravity is the same effect of singulary canon
    -the fire is the same effect of flamethrower
    -the ice is the same effect of the freezer
    -the wind is the same effect of enrendil light

    Maybe you can put the ultima materia: a weapon of the end with the destroyer and the annihilator

  28. Anonymous says:

    AND! You should update the Contest Tab… I mean its still saying Minas Tirith contest is currently on, which ended like Last Year’s August!? Lol

  29. Anonymous says:

    Group for mako reactor http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FFVIIEIites
    Enter if you like map^^

  30. Wind Nexus says:

    What about making a ffvi selection that would be cool… i actually hate making suggestion also i know that mapper uses thier own ideas but that is an idea too im not sure if Hannibal gonna add new selections in paranoid.(hope he does ^^)

  31. I have to say that thank you very much for your bug reports of Paranoid, but I dont think they are necessary anymore since I’m actually restructuring the whole map. I will not add materias, don’t worry, the map have enough items right now (24 for humans, 12 for zombies). Paranoid mapping is going well πŸ™‚

  32. Wind Nexus says:

    “24 for humans, 12 for zombies” OMFG i see an epic paranoid update rigth there!

  33. And the nΒΊ of each item is not limited to 1ΒΊ! πŸ™‚ I think we will see interesting games.

  34. masak is Soldier says:

    Bigger and Better and Crazier then the rest i hope, without the server crash bug which is the most anooying bug when someone trolls the server using it 😦

  35. Puni, Punisher, css_matt says:

    I would like to see more effects/environment stuff in this update hanni! I used to love the skybox stuff on the older version, and the inside used to be crazy, but I guess due to limitations and optimization you had to remove some of that. I felt it really added to the map and would be cool if you could add sometime similar this time

  36. Anonymous says:

    12 weapons for zombie ? On the v10.4 there is 7 I believe (the 3 monsters and the 4 other weapons).
    What will be the new weapons ?

  37. cl2 says:

    Will you keep the Silent Hill mode? Also, if you keep it, could you create more fucked up textures, maybe organic textures, and add some scary Silent Hill sound effects? Or you could make some random Dead Ends like in the game.

    Of course this wouldnt be like in the game, but it would make this mod more vital
    Also, keep up the good work

  38. Wind Nexus says:

    Last “Anonymous” there can be new items i am not sure but one item(for example:Jumper Zombie knife) can be in map more than one so there can be 2 jumper or more but otherwise it can’t be in map too…

  39. Anonymous says:

    Ah ok. Hannibal will could put twice the 4 zombie weapons and one time the two titans, the monster of silent hill and the fast insect.

  40. Anonymous says:


    I think you misunderstood the Silent Hill mode texture-wise… When Silent Hill mode gets on, it aren’t textures that are changed but merely the colors are changed with an math_colorcorrection. Adding all new textures would increase the .bsp filesize far too much, while the same result can be achieved with a simple entity πŸ™‚

  41. Of course the textures change! But now because Kaemon and I remade the first and 2ΒΊ labyrinth, we need to create more textures.
    About the new zombies, there are new types, I may describe them in another post.
    About the modes, I forgot to tell that there are gonna be 16 modes in total, I love one I called ‘Ultimatum’ which is like face to face mode, but I give to zombies 8 zombie items between the 14 available as well as 8 random weapons between the 24 available; so, we can see 8 jumpers in that round, or 8 Titans! or 8 builders, or 8 Vulcans! the map is going to be the more random thing possible. In a normal round (I consider normal round at least 10 modes), the items and monsters are randomly created, as well as the triggers.

  42. Wind Nexus says:

    LOL more than 4 jumpers in that new mode which called ‘Ultimatum’ probably gonna be like minas tirith meteors im trying to imagine flying zombies oh well more than 8 titans are not going to be an issue in case of we have more than 6 (maybe none lol) vulcans i’m thinking of that making vulcan a knife item but still activating it by pressing e by that way vulcan never gonna troll by throwing over-hated minigun to other ppl. (if there is a overhated minigun i’m sure of that it will find me, seriously i magnet them.)

  43. ... Poney Life says:

    8 titan vs 8 builder, who gonna win? πŸ˜€
    I think (i’m sure) this mode gonna be funny πŸ™‚

  44. dormantlemon says:

    will you ever open source paranoid? It has a lot of potential as learning material for mappers

  45. Kaemon says:

    Dormantlemon: He was going to long time ago, we just kinda forgot about it. He probably will. I will personally recomend him to do a couple of months after the release of the new version (not right away so people don’t try to discover all the new things from the begging).

    Poney Life: The 8 Titans for sure. We tested the “engine” for that mode yesterday; a Zombie Weapon (Zombie Teleported) was instant-crashing because something was wrongly done. A couple of weapons/monsters may be left out of that mode because how entity-expensive are and repeating them can get the map to the crashing limit.

    cl2: Yes, Silenthill mode will stay. Not sure however how it will get along with the new looks of Paranoid (wich we are starting rigth now).

    Anonymous: There are new weapons for both teams. But what Hannibal meant (as explained later by other posters) is that most weapons can be placed multiple times now. The spawn will be completly random (instead of Giant Chainsaw always being North) but on top of that the number of each weapon spawning will be also random, allowing the map to have 3 Freeze Guns at once or 4 Zombie Jumpers.

    Puni: I do intend trying to give multiple looks at the map (2D and 3D Skybox changes included); I will try to make it look epic without destroy FPS; and have multiple styles (sometimes Red Sky with Vortex, sometimes Blue Sky with Clouds, etc).

    Masak: I believe that Paranoid crashes because weird interactions (not because too many entities). And I believe the most infamous of those is related to the Minigun. This was probably fixed already since most items have been reworked to be more efficiently done.

    Wind Nexus: Yes, its a big update. Is not a Fix-Version, is a Paranoid-Version. This will include fixes, but most notably new monsters, new weapons and new modes.
    Notice that all those new things will probably bring along new glitches that will need to be fixed… XD

  46. Kaemon says:

    I should do a Paranoid post. But will try to tal to Hannibal first about what he wants to keep secret or what can be shared.
    Turtle Launcher and Crow are however officialy gone from the map; they were unfixeable, broken in design. Crow may come back if we can figure out a way of make it work without being overpowered/abusable, but honestly, don’t count on it.

  47. You are exaggerating Kaemon! All entities are spawned in the test map, and there are ‘only’ 750: the 24 human items, 12 zombie items, aswell as almost the entire spawn (with the modes), and like 16 )triggers, and that was a total of 750 (a non-crashing map is the one who has less than 1310 entities). The Ultimatum mode spawns just 8, that means a maximum of 124 entities (8 titans) and 80 entities (juggernauts) (the most expensive items), that is a total of 204 entities more, with a base number of maybe 700. Its true that I have a problem with the summoner item (which crashes the server because some kind of bad design), and another problem with the singularity projectile, but nothing important : )
    Tomorrow more info.

  48. Wind Nexus says:

    Oh wow hannibal’s last post caused me a brain fart… πŸ˜› I can’t wait to see news for tomorrow!

  49. CNe7532294 says:

    O Hannibal please I beg of you if you do change alot just don’t change the gameplay experience to where one has to be totally serious just to win as a human or a zombie. I like the map because of the fun it provides. Its completely random. You’re paranoid looking over to one area see a zombie and go AHHHHHHH then you see another and you know you maybe fucked over.

    I liked the wackyness of some stuff too like the minigun’s model and the chainsaw model also the annihilator was pretty awesome to keep after it had been used. I do agree that the minigun could be used to teamkill others by trolls into oblivion and the chainsaw needs a change to its trigger hurt and pushback distance at the tip of the weapon (thank the C:SS UPDATE for giving zombies swords). The bird I agree it is overpowered and selfish especially if one knows where the bird can exploit the map but I don’t think its a good idea to just completely get rid of it. I use the bird to tease zombies who say they can get me in the first 2 mazes or to piss off sirry gamers who want to selfishly win. At least make the bird a wearable model or maybe increase trigger hurt more when in use (like 50 hp off when you get the bird then 10 hp per second of use). If you’re also going to nerf the annihilator too at least make it a useless weapon by allowing people to just wear it only.

    For zombies a random death room trigger would be good since that’s easily abused given the right types of modes. Also I do like the random zombie knives weapons idea (avoids abuse of the “jump weapon”).

    I just dont want the fun experience to be replaced with “we have to win this this certain way” sort of mindset or the map may end up eventually become stale over time, but if any changes to those helps to stop the map from crashing a server I guess it can’t be helped.

  50. Kaemon says:

    Worry not CNe. Gameplay won’t be totally serious. In fact, it may end being more funy/random/crazy than ever.
    Specially with some of the new items or the possibility of them being duplicated on the map.

    Minigun’s Model however has been improved wich a better looking and cheaper one.
    Annihilator is still there, the one that has been removed is Destroyer (Annihilator on Golden version, had a bullet with a incredible big kill radius), however the way of getting Annihilator will probably change drastically.

    And the bird… I mentioned Hannibal a way or two to maybe keep it; we may re-add it at some point, but right now its gone along with the Turtle Launcher.

    And about the server crashing issues… We can just hope they are gone now. Hannibal remade/improve some of the weapons even if they look the same in-game, so they are more stable and cheaper now.
    Also, one of the crashing issues may have to do with the old way weapons were teleported, making them possible to… Is weird to explain. Let’s just say that we hope it doesn’t crash. And if it crashes for too many entities, thats an error that shows properly on console and can be fixing by removing some things.

  51. Anonymous says:

    CNe, i understand your worries, i feel the same about the new ze maps! Im the first who think that ze needs to be more fun than serious, because of this, im gonna try to make last man standing funny aswell, and not make it a serious thing . The more teamplay = more serious, no doubt, i think that one of the most funny things of Paranoid is that you always think that you can win even if you are few human players because the item and map structure; there is no part in the map i force a face to face confrontation with no possibilitesfor humans.
    About paranoid, trust me, it will be more funny than ever, many of the new items are even mory funny or crazt than the current ones, about the design, the happy/colorful/grass them will not be removed ( even if kaemon likes the dark themes).
    (im hannibal in mobile device, i forgot to log in xd)

  52. Kaemon says:

    Anonymous Hannibal: I’m so going to remove your happy/colorful/grass when you are not looking.

  53. Then I will put pink flowers everywhere, remember that Im the last man who will upload it : D

  54. Wind Nexus says:

    RIP peaceful grass; Taken too soon…