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Posted: May 7, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE Paranoid

As promised here is some info about what you can expect on the future Paranoid update.

Here you have an image of the what the final layout will mostly look like. A wall or two may change, but this is the idea. Take in mind that even if is labeled as “Neo Paranoid” we haven’t decided yet upon the new name for the V11

EDIT: I posted first “V12”, but its really the V11. Old (current) version is V10. Still wrong on the image.

Neo Paranoid Map

Neo Paranoid Map

The teal area (North area) is colored that way so you can see what a side is supposed to be. As always, there are 8 sides on the map, but now all sides are 5×5 cubes in size.
We haven’t decided yet where the Weapon-Rooms will be placed; or even if there will be only one per side (like all previous Paranoid versions) or two instead.

As mentioned, the straight sides (North, South, East and West) are now bigger (5×5 cubes) so they aren’t faster to get to the 2nd Labyrinth compared to the Corner sides. This also breaks the “completely-square” look of the map.

The blue brushes (and the line connecting them) are the new “separation walls“, they separate the different areas on the first labyrinth. Each area will probably have a different look (even if overall similar) by using different detail props (like some older versions of Paranoid used to have).
Also, Paranoid will close areas now depending on the number of players, probably as follows:

– If there are 8 or fewer players, only 1 Side (North for example) will be open, so all players will have to play on the North area. All teleports will lead there, the North-South teleport won’t work, and the blue walls, being closed, won’t allow you to walk to the Northeast nor Northwest sides.
– If there are 9 to 16 players, 2 Sides will be open (North and South following the example). You will be able to use the North-South Teleport, but the walls being closed won’t allow to wander to the other 6 areas of the labyrinth.
– If there are 17-32 players, 4 Sides will be open (North, South, Northeast and Southweast).
– If there are 33 or more players, all 8 sides will be open.

The idea behind this is making the map more playable when there are few players, and making sure that you see other Humans and Zombies while playing on a server that isn’t full.

Finally, the red lines you can see in the map (specially the ones surrounding the 2nd Labyrinth and the Core itself) are “Short Cuts” without random-moving-walls. The idea here is that if there are no Humans to infect (if you are a Zombie for example) on the side you enter, you can move fast to another place to look for them.
One or two of those shortcuts will probably include a trigger that increases movement speed so you can move there in time for some action.

We are thinking about changing the appearing/disappearing walls on the first labyrinth with walls that go down instead; so if you get caught in the middle of them changing, you will now just go up with them instead of being trapped inside.
Also, as mentioned on the description of the image, we will make each of the 8 sides of the 1st labyrinth look somehow different from each other, with different details on their walls and such, like older versions of Paranoid.

On the Spawn, there will be 8 “rooms” to choose from instead of 10. This will give more humans on average per “room“; and because there are only 8 destinations after all (4 of the current “rooms” lead to the same 2 places).

There are new items for both humans and zombies, aswell as Labyrinth events (like Reverse Controls or Fast CTs); but we won’t say wich ones so you discover them all while playing the map. Should be funnier this way.
Also, as mentioned before by Hannibal, now the weapons, zombie items, and even the neutral Labyrinth events will spawn randomly; so you will never know what weapon is on your side of the maze, and a team may even find the same weapon multiple times (like 2 Miniguns or 3 Zombie Jumpers).
Also, most of the old weapons have been reworked. They should look exactly the same and work in the same exact way, but they are cheaper and better done overall.
Special mention to the Minigun, wich uses now a custom real model, and is now a Toggle ON/OFF weapon, instead of being based on pressing the button repeatedly (I bet pros won’t like this change, XD).

As also mentioned before, but just in case you didn’t know, the Crow and the Turtle Launcher are completely gone from Paranoid right now, for obvious reasons.
I may talk Hannibal into the possibility of re-adding the Crow, making it sightly different somehow, and making it unable to go on top of the Zombie Portal nor the Core Elevator. But don’t count on it being there when the V11 is released.

There will be also a couple new modes for Paranoid to choose from; and Hannibal is even working on a system that allows player to “vote” modes that they don’t want to play.
Also, right now we were talking about changing the ending on Silent Hill mode so its more challenging; this would include, apart from changing the layout from a Straight Corridor to something else, not disabling ANY specials there anymore (currently that place disables Human Sprint Weapon, Zombie Boss Extra Speed and Zombie Jumper).

About the Core and the Coliseum… For the moment will remain untouched. But I wouldn’t discard the possibility of them changing on future V11_X versions; I have some nice Coliseum endings in mind myself.

So that’s kinda all I “can” share about Paranoid V11 with you guys right now.
I gave the basic layout to Hannibal already, and since he kinda made all the items and specials already he only needs to place them. Then only the visuals for the mazes will be missing.

About Minas Tirith V3.3, Hannibal worked on it, making the needed fixes and changes.
He also changed a last thing in an attempt to get rid of the physics glitch without having to change the way barricades work; and once more there are big chances that he got rid of it for good. Let’s hope for the best!

Feel free to ask questions about Paranoid on the comments; but I won’t give away none of the new items or powerups, take that in mind!

  1. Tabraz says:

    good luck

  2. BotoX says:

    The vote system sounds interesting \o/

  3. Kaemon says:

    BTW, here is a image reference of the current V11 of Paranoid if you want to compare:

    Almost all weapons and such are listed there; but some in spanish, and some outdated.
    Don’t mind the low quality, that image was never meant to be shared, was just a reference image Hannibal and myself used for mapping.

  4. TonyMontana says:

    Really looking forward to the update. Thank you both for taking the time to do it. 🙂

  5. Wind Nexus says:

    As you said silent hill mode ending is too easy and boring you just run and win, also i want to learn that will you add “No Walls” as a selection or not people likes it much to see it as a selection gonna be epic! (just because this mode inculdes AN EPIC CHAOS! 😛 )

  6. Kab says:

    Looks very good , nice job 🙂

  7. Wind Nexus says:

    Sorry for re-posting but i actually want to say that too crow was OP because it’s in a row with all of the most powerful items (ligth and singularity) as you can see in the schematic just posted by Kaemon. In new system they all randomized and there is lesser possiblity than %10 for they appear in a row again just removing the camping spots and hurting him alot more in core probably gonna fix the problem! (so i like crow xD)

  8. xionorjenz says:

    Special mention to the Minigun, wich uses now a custom real model, and is now a Toggle ON/OFF weapon, instead of being based on pressing the button repeatedly (I bet pros won’t like this change, XD).

    Do you mean the mini gun cant be exploded any longer or that the infinite mini gun glitch got fixed?

  9. Metro says:

    nice 😉

  10. Anonymous says:

    Good but the image the green is the zombie weapons, the red is the human weapons and the blue is the global trigger ?

  11. JorisCeoen says:

    Haha this looks very nice!

    I’m looking forward to it ^^ However, I loved the turtlethrower but I don’t mind the crow…

    Good work!

  12. Kaemon says:

    Wind Nexus, as mentioned, I will talk to Hannibal and we may reconsider re-including the Crow, but for the moment is gone.

    xionorjenz, the Mini-Gun now is toggled ON/OFF (like the Flamethrower). However it still explodes if over heated and in fact it will overheat automatically after X seconds if dropped (on purpouse or because zombification) while being ON.
    I personally told Hannibal to get rid of the overheat explosion, or make it not kill humans. He finds it “hilarious” somehow. Opinions? XD

    Anonymous, I asume you talk about the old map that I linked on the comment. Its kinda outdated. Some colours don’t match the team, and a couple weapons were moved or removed.
    You can still get some valuable info for playing V10, but its far from being perfect; I posted it in case you wanted to compare the general layout of the maps.

    BTW, ZaN asked me why I called it V12 instead of V11, if Hannibal was planning on skipping the V11 versions… No, he isn’t, it was my bad. I honestly thought that the current version was the 11, but its the 10. Editing the first post changing all the numbers “12” with “11”. XD

  13. Rubber Johnny says:

    dunno what exactly you’re planning for the vote system, but maybe this could be of use?

  14. Anonymous says:

    thanks hannibal for all your hard work

  15. chet says:

    Just one thing in my mind about global push to zombies it take to mush time will you try to make it lower as well flamethrow

  16. Cookie says:

    oh thank god he wont disable the “overheat” + explosion of the minigun :>

  17. I think that overheat + exlplosion is really amazing in fact ! ^^

  18. Metro says:

    so Minas tirith did work perfect now lets hope paranoid does same ;D

  19. mat.duf says:

    Just one thing : will you update the radar too ?

    Anyway : it looks awesome.

  20. Kaemon says:

    Yes mat.duf. This timethe radar will be updated. XD

  21. Wind Nexus says:

    also i want to report another bug about the solo win bonus which causes a crash i think:

    Some servers which have auto-buy at spawn (you probably know what is it) if the guy who have a auto buy gets the bonus the m249 with unlimited ammo but it will be put on his back (likes when you carry any pistol but this one looks awesome dude even if its a bug :D) and he can’t have it and also if he goes and takes bird (or any knife items which have to take all of his weapons) this will cause lots of lag then crash! (i’m not sure this happens cause of that but that was what happened when i took bird while i have the bonus…and you know what not for just one time for 3 times i had this problem!)