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Posted: June 6, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Uncategorized

Hi all, first of all, I’m glad to say that I correctly solved all the problems of Paranoid, it was pretty hard to find out the bug, but it’s finally done: never… NEVER put a skybox texture in a trigger (I accidentally did it and I think is the reason of the ‘map differs from server’ error, who knows. Before talking about Paranoid, I wanna introduce you an excellent new group:

Mapeadores is a big spanish community that has some servers in some games like CS:S and Minecraft, but it is focused on the content development for CS:S ( for now) like maps, tutorial, prefabs, … , and the most important (for mappers, server admins,…), models animation.

The last point is probably the most important, since there are not many animators in the Source edition world (S-Low who was a great 3D models ripper and animator has stopped) and the most of the best models of the Garry’s Mod and Facepunch page have no animations. Like in S-Low page, you can requests, for this, you have to register in the forum ( and post the petition or download already made skins for your servers/maps. This is an example of a model skinning (put player animations to the model):

Final Fantasy pack : D

Two Clouds better than one!

Bahamut is shooting another Bahamut with a P90, your argument is invalid.

Excellent quality, no?  🙂

Paranoid Rezurrection is using two skins made by Mapeadores (specially Kaem member). One of them is the Ceph model from Crysis 2, which is used as mother zombie; and the other one… you will see it only if I”m in the server 😛  You may need that page in a future for Last Man Standing.

The forum with the model part is :

If you wanna see the rest of the web page, go to:

About Paranoid Rezurrection (yes, it is the final name). I tested it with another player and I found an unexpected short list of bugs! The next test will be with people; the map seems more funny than ever. This week is the week.

  1. JorisCeoen says:

    Hahaha! A Ceph hunter? That’s really cool, but you downscaled him I suppose?

  2. Kaemon says:

    What a great post (with some nice jokes and screenshots). I’m more used to Hannibal rushing his posts 😛

    BTW, “Kaem” is the spanish guy that helped Hannibal with the models (as he mentions) but has nothing to do with me (Kaemon). Just in case. XD

  3. x) Thanks for clarifying Kaemon.

    I hope all visitors of this blog.

  4. chet says:

    lol why they didn’t make kingdom hearts model like sora,roxes and riku it be nice lol
    I would love to see minas models it will be funny barlog vs white knight model lol
    I am sure you will test paranoid at mapeadores right?

  5. Metro says:

    kinda lovee it 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are you going to announce the test on here? or just do it at random

  7. Wind Nexus says:

    what about killing sephiroth while you are sephiroth! don’t ask already DONE! (LIKE A BO….ehm CLONE! )

  8. ZaN says:

    “I tested it with another player and I found an unexpected short list of bugs!”
    i got no name ;_; , just another player? just kidding

  9. *Elite says:

    Good job! I like the Ceph idea.

  10. LeGrem says:

    Does we will see more screenshots of the new paranoid ?

  11. Metro says:

    Paranoid test today/tomorrow keep update on the server 😉

  12. *Elite says:

    I hope today, 😛 ^^

  13. Hi all, we already did the test, sorry for not posting it here, because I knew It would be one of the most bugged maps I ever made.
    The map was totally bugged, unbalanced, bad adjusted (we couldnt test it with more than 16 players because a teleport problem). .But I know that, after a fix, it will be probably the most funniest map ever. I will be back with news , I want to keep that post just one or two more days.

  14. Anonymous says:



  15. Anonymous says:

    I think the ‘Add Golimar point’ has been already addressed.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous why do you flood the list of message with this video. Put it one time but don’t put it 4 time. And you can make a sentence to understand what you want.

  17. mat.duf says:

    I think I know who is behing this. ^^

    For me you should add Amazing Horse,Tunak Tunak Tun and pokemon theme ^^

  18. Since trololo is too old and any other, I may change the final list, Amazing Horse is a cool one, but Golimar doesn’t convince me, so Im not putting it.

  19. Metro says:

    What about Tunak tunak ;D

  20. Metro says:

    i am back 14:00 again Hannibal just pm me there when the another test to happen, sorry i wasnt online at night 😉 cus of work/school 😉

  21. Anonymous says:

    May the Golimar guy rape you in your sleep tonight, then

  22. mat.duf says:

    Anyway Anonymous (I am almost sure for who you are) if I am right you can try to convince someone else to add it in his own map. ^^

  23. Cazador says:

    tbh i see this video preview and i dont feel like watching it

  24. Cookie says:

    the new paranoid version is fucking fun,i never had so much fun in css before,now fix the bugs ;D

  25. Metro says:

    Hanni give tony the bsp again like u did. i will ask botox for fastdl it again. (i mean incase for t2)

  26. LeGrem says:

    hanni, there is also missing texture on the top and bottom of the wall from the builder

    fail to come, you can start the minigun and drop it, he will keep fireing until explode

  27. Kaemon says:

    He already knew about the Flamethrower texture failing; but there seems to be some kind of problem pakrating it. He maybe knows how but its not worth until the final version, but it seemed that there was something wrong with the model itself.

    And LeGrem, I told him aobut the Minigun on the first test (just items, no map) of the new Paranoid.
    He likes it. I personally suggested to get rid of the Team Killing ability… But he just likes trolling that much. XD
    But well, at least I think Paranoid Rezurrection supports (and forces) resurrection (lol) of dead player as zombies (like Minas Tirith does); so thats something.

  28. Ozal says:

    you guys are awesome

  29. chet says:

    Maybe you know this but the builder have missing texurpack and the mina gun at core seems you can’t switch on/off

  30. chet says:

    Just saying you need to fix mako as soon as you can or maybe tell kaemon to do it I am very sure it won’t take like 1h it just small area

  31. Metro says:

    test has being moved to this IP duo to fact my old host is down for a while

  32. Metro says: will maybe work again but cant promise if not try

  33. Metro says:

    Tomorrow test Metros Zombie Escape [DK] here

  34. Metro says:

    Either or test will be Keep update on the server 😉