Paranoid Rezurrection comming closer!

Posted: June 20, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor, ZE Paranoid

Hello there everybody. I had been missing quite a lot lately. I had a couple of things going on; but many of the blame goes to Diablo 3 wich I had been playing with some IRL friends.
The game itself has been quite a disappointment for me personally, and I don’t see myself playing a lot more…

Now, on real news: Hannibal and many people had been testing Paranoid on Metro‘s server these last days. As expected, many bugs and problems that needed to be solved showed up. Some minor, some major.
Special mention to a huge entity that was causing huge server lag; and the fact that one of Hannibal‘s new discoveries had to be removed from the map. He recently learned how to change the player’s models in-game with map outputs; however this uses a number to address each model; and when playing in a server with custom models (like all the ZE servers) those numbers get moved around in the list resulting in the map giving wrong model outputs.
I will test a couple of things to see if I can make it work; but for the moment is gone from the map. This includes Hannibal‘s special model (so he was easy to recognize when playing the map) or the Zombie Boss being a special creature.

Anyway… Paranoid is looking great. At the end I didn’t help but with the basic layout and some ideas/suggestions; but I’m still counting on helping improving it, if not for this v11 version; maybe for a possible v11_1 or similar.
Right now I’m personally sightly afraid that Paranoid has become too random and with too many things. It always was random and with tons of special things; but while briefly playing the tests I was kinda lost myself with so many triggers, modes and monsters going around. XD

So… When will Paranoid Rezurrection V11 be released? Can’t tell, but probably really soon. The latest tests were already quite playable; and testing with so many people for so many rounds is a quite secure way of trying to find all the bugs and problems really fast.

Still, as you know, some bugs or glitches will make into the final cut when released to the public.
And talking about those… Yes, we are aware of the current easily abusable glitch in Mako Reactor. Hannibal will make a fixed version of the map soon enough (probably just after releasing Paranoid).
I don’t think this new Mako Reactor version will have anything new or multiple fixes; just fixing that little spot that most of you probably already know about.
(If you know about anything else apart of that teleport-free spot; let us know)

And that’s it. Will try to start posting more frequently again; this schedule of 1 post every 2 weeks is unacceptable.
Yesterday I was shown the current progress of Luffaren‘s upcoming ZE map and is looking really promising, fun and impressive. I bet most mappers won’t even start to understand how he managed to make some of the things he did; and it shows that he tested and tried to make it as playable and polished as possible. The special weapons/events/similar work really smoothly and bug-free (even if some are as ugly as his face!).
I will ask him what can I share with you and will post about it in the upcoming days (unless Paranoid gets released, then I will post about that, or Hannibal will).

Also, if you noticed you couldn’t post, is because I added a 2-Weeks limit for commenting on the posts so we don’t get people commenting on year-old posts; and because I didn’t thought we would run 2 weeks without posting anything… XD
Maybe I should get rid of that limit… or post more. XD


  1. Cookie says:

    “Right now Iโ€™m personally sightly afraid that Paranoid has become too random and with too many things. It always was random and with tons of special things; but while briefly playing the tests I was kinda lost myself with so many triggers, modes and monsters going around. XD”
    this is what makes the map so special and unique
    myself,i really love alot of modes in-game,i used to play alot of MG and they have plenty of modes in 1 single map and i always liked that
    it makes the map more fun aswell so don’t change it

  2. Metro says:

    Nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. FierceG says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    “I bet most mappers wonโ€™t even start to understand how he managed to make some of the things he did”

    The bricks will be shat.

  5. thegregster101 says:

    I herd that on mako grav blocks players sometimes and trolls like to use it around the pipes so that many player die.

    Also, I’m very pumped about Luffaren’s new map. The predator boss system was just great so i therefore cant wait to see what magically features he puts into this new map. Look forward to new on that!

  6. mat.duf says:

    bugs of mako :

    – the hole before the core entrance is too big imo and at the end if we fall (as a zm) near the core it can send you in the afk tp
    – the vent should open 1 second earlier to make it really challenging
    – the crates which allow people to get the first hold point on E2 should be opened on extreme too (too make this point a little more challenging compared to normal and hard)
    -on zm round we can reach a spot on the roof of the houses near the truck with a strafing jump
    – sometimes the materia filter doesn’t work and we can’t use our own materias.

  7. JorisCeoen says:

    I think I’m fairly aware of a lot of things of Luffaren’s map even if he almost didn’t told me anything. But the least that he told me revealed that we’re almsot making identical maps. The difference is that his map is even bigger than mine while I even couldn’t imagine that xD

    He’s been onto that map for soo long, and if we look at the time it took for Predator to be made, prepare yourself for an incoming masterpiece that will all blow your minds away!

  8. JorisCeoen says:

    I hate to double post but if you forgot to say something into a comment, well you can’t EDIT them so here goes what I forgot to mention:

    I did mean we’re making maps of the same type! With the same techniques and with the same concept. However the gameplay and the events in it are 2 different worlds.

  9. JorisCeoen says:

    Mat.duf I agree with all whay you say but I completely disagree with one thing and I really would point that out to Hannibal and/or Kaemon.

    You should for no reason increase the zombie vent by 1 sec. It is literally PERFECTLY timed as it is now. Every time on EXII when I enter the vent, the fastest possible zombie is exactly there at the moment when enter the vent, giving us 1 sec to aim and push him back making it perfectly balanced . With real bad luck and bad aiming we can’t prevent infection, so if you would increase the vent by 1 sec there would be a no-go defending the vent, making the vent unbalanced and impossible to defend no matter what you’ll do.

    Please take this into consideration. This timing is the perfect balance. Adding one second more will not make it harded, it will make it impossible and not even exciting anymore for the humans, and making the forced use of materias far too early, thus making it dreadfully boring.

    I just want to say that now again messing with the timings there will make the desired effect counterproductive.

    However as Kaemon said, he’s not going to make a new version that is going to take all these (probably) upcoming lists of the people their new ideas in consideration… And as this is not a bug but a preference I’m sure he won’t put it in.

    Just wanted to finish my post by saying that although I didn’t mind this bug, I’m glad it’ll be fixed, and I love mako on it’s fullest as it is now. Also it’s the least complained version of all version that have ever been out so plz change NOTHING ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Anonymous says:

    The bug of mako reactor only works in extreme or in all modes ?

    There is another bug that worked in Minas Tirith in v2.2 and still works in v3: the first level the zombies who take the Nazgul can make !ztele and go into the zombie shop , he go on a weapon, the Nazgul disappears and the zombie is very fast. I don’t know if you will male a fixation of Minas Tirith.

  11. mat.duf says:


    If I remember well on Pf the fast zombies come around the middle of the crowd but the others come at the end. (approximately).

    One second before would let the fast zombies coming at the beginning of the crowd and other at the middle so it would force gravity (or ice) to be cast faster. And so let the zm entering into the pipe zone faster and failers would die. But it is not really a matter if it is not included.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Map mako reactor problems with the spheres! Sometimes they do not work!

  13. Anonymous says:


    Ok I c. However making gravity to be cast earlier just doesn’t sound as a good idea, not matter how because this way only the really good timers with grav will be able to pull it off well. And as a reason, 90% of the people with grav can’t :S

  14. -L- says:

    If a materia doesnt work, just drop it and pick it up again.
    Most times materias doesnt work after teleport and on the bridge (glitchbridge) , u have to jump then.
    If u stack with 2 many people u cant even activate it if u jump and press E …u need some space to activate a materia…..its not a map problem/bug its how css/sdk works i think……
    Maybe i have something what is like a glitch because its not really the way i think Hannibal has intended….
    The part before the Bossmonster appears and the teleportes on pipes are disabled, so zombies can jump the whole way down for some extra action at the core hold…
    As a zombie, if u wait at top of the pipes/ladder part(until u can jump down without getting teleported), on that location near the place where gravity/electro and i believe even wind sometimes spawns u can jump down and gain some speed and if u aim that last pipe (before final ladder on the way down) and bounce off it u have sometimes the possibility to land even behind Wind++…..Humans can barely defend this place ….u must be lucky to make that jump well though …i make it only 1/4 -1/5 cases…but if u make it then humans are screwd cause its very hard to defend a zombie in middle a human crowd…

    maybe add a teleporter zone above the location the boss usually is…that prevents zombies to fly into them..

    I think not so many people know that yet , but if its get popular its probably very annoying….

  15. chet says:

    some bugs at mako
    1-when bahamut cast electro if you stay back it won’t hurt you(screen shot)
    2-zombie when spawn get stuck(screen shot)
    3-there is server call uea or something like that anyway they have zombie plague on so at bahamut human can be zombie and just kill all so i think you need to make teleport for every zombie at core after bahamut spawn

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is normal Chet, the zombie bug stuck on your screenshot. When you look at the skin of a zombie is a chucky and the chucky’s knife is lower than normal, then this is the knife that is teleported and the body of chucky is blocked in the ceiling.

  17. mat.duf says:

    @ -L-

    I don’t think it is a real issue. Personally when I reach the core I ALWAYS climb it in case of a wind fail. The real problem (I think) is that many ppl don’t try to make their best no to die (like in Baha’s EX2 fight ppl who stay close to him).

    Another problem I have forget in my first post is the materias’ particles which don’t appear sometimes before they have been caught

  18. Kaemon says:

    -L-: Is easier to just add an invisible wall, will mention it to Hannibal.

    Chet/Anonymous: Imo no zombie should get stuck there, no matter their model, since the “players blocK” (or whatever you wanna call it) is always the same… Will mention it to Hannibal in case he feels like lowering the Teleport Destination.

    And about Materias not working.. Yeah, I found this issue myself a couple of times; but as mentioned you can fix it by droping the pistol and picking it up again. Aparently you don’t recieve the correct Owner-Name on picking them the first time for some reason.
    The rarity in wich this occurs seems to be a server/engine problem/limitation that can happen.

  19. mat.duf says:

    Things I have just see : in E2 there is the message “color due to extreme difficulty but it is not red here the reachable spot stuck here for some reason ? it can be just me because I have modified my HUD but it doesn’t seem to be the reason of : iNmortality (instead of immortality) (and for this I would see more “Immortality ends in X seconds”)

  20. JorisCeoen says:

    There is something pretty important to metion:

    On normal, hard and even extreme mode, the zombies have only 1 automatic teleport after bahamut has been defeated (the teleport with the white arrow only appears after a while) However the teleports AFTERWARDS like the one after climbing up the pipes again that teleports zombies in front of the elevator do not appear on those 3 levels while they did in previous versions!

    You might want to fix that because after an ultima it’s really discouraging to even try !zspawn and try to get them ๐Ÿ˜

  21. Metro says: will be the final test of paranoid ๐Ÿ˜‰ keep update on the server

  22. FierceG says:


  23. Molli says:

    When its done