Posted: July 4, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in ZE Paranoid

Hi all! Finally, I won the fight against the Source engine one more time. The LAG issues have been fixed! And yesterday we played Paranoid in PlagueFest perfectly: no lag, no crash, no very big bugs,… But well, there are some bugs I need/want to fix , so the v11_4 will be the first public version. I wanna thank all people for testing yesterday, that absolutely helped to find the bug. Paranoid wouldn’t have been possible without these people:

  • Lunatxz : he absolutely was the person who saved Paranoid. I totally give up with some weird bugs with ze_Paranoid, but he gave me the server and uploaded almost 20 tests versions.
  • Cmer : he uploaded mannny times the firsts versions of each update at his server Supreme Elite, that was like testing in a 50/50 server with all its risk. I remember that he took like 1 minute to upload and changelevel xD.
  • Metro : with his server, his awesome availability, and his fast upload, helped to test every version of the Rezurrection version.
  • Tony Montana : same as Metro, and he was the admin who talked with the Plague Fest ppl to play de map, as well as call some others t o test in Metro’s sever. Very fast aswell.

So, v11_4, why? Because I find these bugs:

  • It’s a trap trigger doesn’t restore the teleport destination of the main teleport trigger (if it is triggered and ppl touche the “afk” trigger, he will get teleported to the white room!!!).
  • Spawn teleport to prevent many selection zombies doesn’t work propertly.
  • Face to Face, humans in jail appears close to humans (but this happens because the previous bug)
  • Jukebox in almost all rounds! The % should be 25% or 33%, and not 66%
  • South props physics are bad made.
  • I will make that sometimes all people can choose the mode
  • Some ppl was in god mode: easy solution-> give back mortal mode every time I give god mode (after some time).

Thanks for your patience, I will update the map soon, please, do not expand this version because there will be another one.

With love,

Rafuron (Hannibal[SPA])

  1. Magic says:

    Wohooo 😀

  2. Metro says:

    nice dog u got there hanni 😉

  3. mat.duf says:

    I think you forgot some people :

    Paranoid would never be here without :
    – Kaemon : yeah, he is slacking a lot but he have still made few things : coliseum, the laby’s layout…
    – and of course Hannibal : he has made 6 excellent maps, each one was innovative with just one is still buggy and two need some little fixes and among them the craziest map I have ever seen : Paranoid which amazes me a lot the first time I played it.when I was still a young escaper.

  4. Alex says:

    Tell me how to control (switch), the background music on the map ze_Paranoid Rezurrection_V11?

  5. mat.duf says:

    you have to take the jukebox item

  6. Anonymous says:

    In ascencion mode, at the beginning should you put a block that would prevent the players break the gates and go in the wrong direction because players who don’t know the map will be teleported then cutted by zombies. This morning I played the map and all humans except me went to the labyrinth, so after I couldn’t win alone.

    One question: What are the wooden planks on the floor in the first maze?
    I noticed that when I walked over there were times I bugged.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Shurperro is disapointed.

  8. mat.duf says:

    Anonymous, the wooden planks are for volcano

  9. JorisCeoen says:

    Well Hannibal, congratulations! That’s about all I can say x)

    After my vacations I will first focus on finishing ze_ssbb_b1, afterwards I will start writing a guide on Paranoid after I discover it in PlagueFest on the zombie escape wikia, as well as generally optimizing the zombie escape wikia and all articles.

    If I recall correctly I didn’t even created an article about you xD

  10. Shirly says:

    OMG, what an ugly dog!