Tell me the Paranoid story!

Posted: July 13, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Map Story, Special, ZE Paranoid

Hi all, I took a break from the Paranoid updates and rezurrections  (I still have to fix that small bug of Mount Doom). Rezurrection is not finished yet but the next Mount Doom and Paranoid versions should be definitive. I hope not having to update the maps ever again; but that will probably depend if Valve decides to screw the engine again with some update.

  • Mines of Moria: I didn’t receive any complain or suggestion since the last version. The map will stay as it is. This map has been Rezurrected.
  • Mount Doom: The changes the map received seem to be good and make it more fun and balanced to play even if the excessive cooperation needed on Minas Morgul can screw some servers at times. There is however a small thing causing a random crash at times (Filter Classname) that needs fixing, so you will see a new version soon.
  • Helms Deep: I decided the map didn’t need an update, it plays as it should and there are no big bugs or exploits.
  • Mako Reactor: The map received several fixes with the recent versions (including filtered materias!) so no need for more updates. This map has been Rezurrected aswell even if it was far away from being dead 😛
  • Minas Tirith: The map was updated but still has some bugs and balance problems… Most noticeably breaking the physics by time to time. Still the last version is much better than all previous ones. The map will probably stay as it is, and I hope admins can handle its issues if needed. This map has been Rezurrected.
  • Paranoid: The map has been updated after lots of work. This version is totally different and I’m glad to see that people like it 🙂  It’s obvious that it is not a normal map and many people still don’t like it, anyway, it’s good to have variety 🙂 The current list of bugs is pretty long, maybe the most important is the console glitch (it gets turned out by mistake) and some items that need some tweaks. The map will be updated again (hopefully in a maximum time of 2 weeks).

Moreover, I want to give more life to this blog with more updates. I have many ideas in my mind right now and I would like to write every monday and friday (sometimes I will let more days for important news):

  • News from Steam: It’s sale time!
  • News from CS:GO and its Zombie Mode: Maybe I will move to CS:GO, I don’t know, time will tell.
  • News of old maps: Videos, information, fun facts, etc..
  • News of Last Man Standing: I don’t want nor like to hype, but it would be good for you to keep in contact with the development.
  • News of my secret project about programming of application for Hammer editor: Yup, I started some weeks ago but I got busy with other things (including the map rezurrections), I think this tool will be a revolution for Hammer users.
  • More things…. And maybe even some more 🙂



I love the core!

Some fun facts or curiosities!

  • Do you know that the original name of the map was going to be ze_The_Random_Labyrinth? The name was changed right before the first online tests. Maese Danielot convinced me to change the name, we looked for some names and Paranoid stucked as the best one.
  • I was close (more than once) to give up with Paranoid before the first playable version. The map was crashing with many Source Engine problems I could not find, fix or even understand. I made up to 40 test versions! Yes, 40! Lunatxz (old retired CS:S player) gave me full access to his server with all rights (uploading maps, admin, etc) and that made the test of tons of bugged versions possible, wich made the map itself possible, and that’s why he is thanked on all the Paranoid versions since the first one.
  • I didn’t know how to make many things. I admit it: I decompiled the map of a spanish mapper to learn how to make weapons like rocket launcher and freezer. But it’s okay because he decompiled mine to take the Gandalf Staff for his Item Minigame : )
  • The first version of Paranoid had only 4 human weapons! Now it has up to 24!

And, what about the bugs? I suffered many of them, some because of the engine, some because unpredictable cases, but some (Kaemon says: Most! XD) of them because my stupidity 🙂

  • The first public version of Paranoid had an epic bug: Jail removed all the items of the players, including the knife. You would pick a new knife on your way out but… What about getting teleported before getting the knife? The result was amazing: more often than not you could end seeing  20 zombies without knives and a single human just shooting at them and making solo win.
  • At Turbo version (when Silent Hill mode was added) the push of Red Circle at Core during Silent Hill Mode was parented to the Gandalf staff. The reason? I copied the pushes from the staff to make it faster but I didn’t remove the Parent Field… So if someone picked Gandalf’s staff, the push would anywhere but where it belonged.
  • I completely forgot to include the music on one Ultimate versions (v10_2 or 10_3) and a new version came out hours later.
  • Aparently I didn’t learn with Rezurrection… There is now an epic bug that changes the console name when picking an item! And thats why the console stops working (full-frictionless-reversed-controls-round anyone?) when it happens! I’m a freaking genius.

Kaemon was a key piece of making Paranoid happen (specially on the first versions), he laughed at my many times with awesome and funny jokes and quotes. I don’t remember them all, but I believe some of them were like:

  • Common sentence after the GandalfStaff/SilentHill bug: “Hey Hannibal, did you checked if you parented the whole core to the Gandalf’s Staff?” – And every time something didn’t work he would tell me to check if it was parented to the Gandalf’s Staff… ¬¬
  • After “optimizing” his Coliseum (and other things he did): “What the fuck is this? Where is my coliseum? You destroyed it! I would rather prefer if you didn’t say I helped you” – He was ashamed of people thinking he did the Coliseum (or other things) the way they looks on Paranoid… I had to simplify them a lot because engine limitations.
  • When I told him I had reached the max_map_vertex at Hammer: “Remember to deselect the whole map every time you cut something with the clipping tool…” – Its “fun” because its “true”. Many times I select a group of pieces and I end cutting them all into 20 pieces for making a window in one of them >_<
  • After testing Paranoid older versions with his Coliseum, Zombie Jail Room and Props Design: “I really like the looks on the Coliseum,  Zombie Jail, and those Props; the rest is pure shit; but you did a great work with the parts I made. – Maybe doesn’t sound fun when reading it here, but it does when hearing it from him!

But, what about the real history of Paranoid? I mean, the first steps and the evolution. Look at these pictures, I think you may find them interesting : )

I admit my handwriting is not very good, and remember I did this just for fun and not for showing, so it’s not made in a professional way : P

Picture 1

Do you know what is this? Is the first thing -EVER- I drew of Paranoid. I did it while I was in the bed, before sleep, a night around 2 years ago. I know I have some text files in my HDD but I can’t find them… Anyway, they are in spanish so most of you wouldn’t understand them anyway. I translate from the image:

Zombie modes selection
– Random lights that turns off and on
– The first making some jumps will not be infected
– Zombie chooses
– 1 zombie, super fast

Picture 2

That’s the second draft of Paranoid. As you see I got bored with drawing lines. The first design had more than 1000 doors,  it was just impossible to make (Hammer limitations). You can see in that picture the design of the Spawn. It’s basically the same as it is now but it included some fake people at the sides of spawn, like in a competition  or show xD

And these are the bug notes of the firsts versions, I added some funny facts or notes in green. Don’t try to translate because it’s written in my weird ugly fast Spanish (right-click and view image to see full size).

I have more sheets from other maps, like Mount, Moria and Mako, I will post them someday : )

Another interesting thing (in my opinion) is the naming of Paranoid’s  many versions. Remember these?

ze_Paranoid (v1-4)> ze_Paranoid_Turbo (v7) > ze_Paranoid_Reborn (v8) > ze_Paranoid_Ultimate (v10) > ze_Paranoid_Rezurrection (v11)

Since Paranoid changed so much between some of its versions I decided to add some extra wording to the version names. I don’t remember (nor have backup files) of the V5, V6 and V9 versions; but I think there were some more names that I forgot.

Just look at the progress in pictures:

The VERY first design of Paranoid, it was impossible to make it due the number of Prop_Statics and/or Brushes and/or Visleafs needed… (It could be possible now thanks to Propper and the new knowledge I have about Hammer limitations). The path was very narrow but it was pretty in my opinion 🙂

This is Paranoid v1, a colorful map with simple geometry.

And then… Kaemon arrived to bring his darkness and gothic style. The blue and peaceful skybox turned into some dark nightmare surrounded by menacing mountains.

And then I put back the colorful scheme, because makes people feel better : ) And you don’t want to over-stress people that already stresses with the map itself because they don’t know whats going on.

For Paranoid Reborn, since I didn’t want any of his Dark Themed skis, Kaemon made this awesome Skybox compatible with CS:S and I added it along with blue sunlight. I miss it.

And then, in Rezurrection, time passed and threes grew in the Spawn 🙂 Design changed and the human jails were reduced from 10 to 8. Afterall, they always were only 8 destination teleports.

And, we just need this picture to see the evolution of the labyrinth. From nothing, to something, to something more, and to the current one wich has two floors!

That is all for the moment. I hope you enjoyed this post. I will try to make them more funny and interesting so you should check this more often : )

Thanks for visiting the blog! Until the next time!

  1. Nymeria says:

    LOL the sheets!! love this map… and… first comment

  2. TonyMontana says:

    Really enjoyed reading this, well done Hannibal. Don’t know what CS:S ZE would be without you.

  3. Kaemon says:

    I just edited the post to fix a couple minor errors or add more (minor) details about some others.

    I was gladly surprised to see you taking you time to make this kind of post, wich was (at least for me) fun to read, even when I knew those things already 😛

    Fun fact about the “Check if it’s not Parented to Gandalf” sentence I would repeat to Hannibal many times was that a couple of time I was right… For saving time he would often copy-paste pieces from one item to the other for the same effect, and then would forgot to rename/remove things like the Name or the Parent; I think i recall a test version where a weapon’s button would fire a different weapon aswel. XD

    And he did indeed destroy the looks of every single Coliseum I gave him for the map… And not happy with destroying the look, he would often destroy the optimization aswel when trying to add a new door or room…
    For the latest version of Mako Reactor I wouldn't be surprised if I reduced to half (or more!) the total brushes in the map… I will check it tomorrow and let you guys know the numbers… XD
    However he seems to be learning for Last Man Standing. XD

    BTW, about the photo for Paranoid Reborn with the big planet on the Skybox. I didn't make the Skybox, but I transformed it to making it compatible with CS:S. So I had the images but I still had to flip them around and put them in the correct position and whatnot to make it work on CS:S.
    I don't remember from where I got the image (googled for it) but later it was added as CS:S Skybox on Gamebanana by someone else (he probably did the same I did, from the original non-CS:S compatible Skybox).
    If you really miss it Hannibal we can still just add it back. I always liked that Planet more than your almost invisible rainbow with clouds.

    Great post.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like the Reborn_v8 sky box.

    It seems to be more consistent with the theme of paranoid.

  5. czero12370 says:

    Nice Work
    Maybe take some time to bring the newest versions to Gamebanana cause there are still a lot of ZE Servers who have older version on cause they dont know this blog.

  6. TheTsuyuki says:

    Keamon you can do vote about adding back that skybox because i really loved it 😛

  7. mat.duf says:

    You have to know that v7, v8 v10_4 and actual versions of para are on Enivo and Cisneros’ server.
    Anyway, really nice post buuuuuuuuut for me you should update both Helm_Deep (to get it completely bugs free) and Minas (to get it…..). And that is really true for Minas which was withhold from many servers.

  8. I could put that skybox back, I really like how it looks, with te planet, the stars and the cloud : ) I think I will add it back.
    Mat.duf, new version for Helms Deep? All maps can be improved, but im tired of fixing my maps, I wanna go with LMS or my application, moreover I still have to fix Mount and Paranoid.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Helms deep is good as it is and the story was fun, I enjoyed reading it 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    V11, some visual details should be fix.

    This is to prepare for the V8sky box.

    Good luck, Hannibal!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Turbo paranoid was best paranoid.

  12. Anonymous says:

    decompliling others maps and protecting yours, how the new generation of mapper is supposed to learn !
    Very interesting map story, thanks for sharing.

  13. Renegated says:

    Hannibal, mi nombre es Renegated, y friki de las ze/zm… se que esto no va aqui pero…mi pregunta es, Podrias hacer un mapa ze de los subterraneos de Bevelle (Fina Fantasy 10) es que la verdad, la gente solo pide el mapa de la mako, i esta bastante aburrido ya… o tambien podrias hacer el mapa de la senda de las rocas hongo…ese pa una ze sera dios…es pero tu contestacion con ansia 😛

  14. Well, I don’t usually protect my maps, but when I do, I do it to prevent these smart people decompiling maps and taking numbers/secrets/looking for bugs : D, I think paranoid has a protection, but if I remember for the next version I will remove it.

    Y renegated, hacer un mapa de Final Fantasy X?? Omg xD I had enough Final Fantasy, and enough themed mapping, I need something just mine, and this is LMS : )

    Turbo the best one? I remember the old times : ) well, our perspective of the map changes with every version, maybe if you play the turbo again you will not like it so much, anyway, I would like to see a server with the 5 different Paranoid versions : ) would be nice to make an event and play all them in sequence.

  15. 472365810 says:

    A crazy idea:
    there are 5 types of paranoid_v11sky box, at the start of the game will randomly select one.

    Let player recall every paranoid world.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I used to have reborn, turbo and ultimate on my server.

  17. mat.duf says:

    Envio, look at my post of the July 13, 2012 at 12:16 ^^

  18. Anonymous says:

    matduf, you dirty cheese piranha…

  19. -L- says:

    nice post, really looking forward for your upcoming maps and i think we have a lot of fun with the current paranoid, even if there are still some bugs, they arent gamebreaking and sometimes even more fun 2 have these little unpredictable bugs^^

    just watching almost all zombies in jail(failing to get out) with permenant reverse enabled is hilarious ^^

    i dont know if u know it,but i think its the darkness trigger with his own sound
    can u change that soundsetting that it doesnt disable the jukebox music?^^
    Jukebox cooldown is so damn long -___-

    I think we have something in common when i look at these sheets …that “chaotic” way of writing informations^^

  20. [P]aaf_^ says:

    Some bugs you probably already noticed :
    – After slow T or fast CT triggers, speed is set to normal even for zm boss or other special monster, human.
    – Sometimes in spawn, zm can be hurt by human when he has to choose a box. it’s a very random bug
    – In the same place,sometimes the zombie seems to not be able to knife humans. Maybe it’s normal but it’s not that clear to me.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Trigger No wall:human arrived at the stadium, the zombies in the Labyrinth.

    ZM: in the prison zombie will not Nuke.

    Static Labyrinth: still lag.

    There are still crash problem.

  22. 472365810 says:


    standing in the middle of the human, because cannot take the door, was involved in the zombies.

  23. Kaemon says:

    Paaf: Your first “bug” is not considered a bug and is known, has always been there. Neither the Zombie Boss nor the Antlion Guard (and maybe some other items) have any extra trigger to set the speed back to what its needed after the Slow Zombies (or frozen by the Freezer Gun). But thanks for reporting.
    The second one is well known, and happens quite a lot immo and needs to be looked at (I have even seen the caged original zombie being killed making the round end.
    And for the zombie not being able to knife humans, we will take a look at it.

    Anonymous: You meant the zombies didn’t get teleported to the coliseum and remained on the labyrinths? If you just meant that a human made it way too fast… Well, thats possible with NoWalls.
    Yeah, the Zombie Room doesn’t get nuked on ZM, we also noticed, but thanks for informing.
    I didn’t notice any lag on the Static Labyrinth myself and no one else reported a crash problem (and it gets played by time to time with 50+ players on pF) so for the moment I’m just considering it a normal server crash, and that maybe the lag you noticed on the Static Labyrinth was related.

    472365810: The what? XD

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hey i have a question about Bahamuth and Sephi HP. I was counting on single player (noclip) how many bullets you need to shoot to kill him. I shoot 1000 then used grav and fire but he wasnt dead anyways. Then i used ultima and he died. Next time i wasnt shooting at him just used ultima and he died again. I remember you was talking each human gives him 100 hp so why i could not kill him? I am really confused now :P. PS: Sephi died after 14 bullets.

  25. mat.duf says:


    I think I am correct but I didn’t make the maps so I am not sure (Kaemon or Hanni will correct me if I fail XD).

    Frist Sephi and Baha don’t have the same system of HP because Baha moves a lot and Sephi doesn’t move at all

    So for Sephi it is similar (or it is) to an env_breakable which allow to use any type of weapons against him (an awp shot is more powerful than a smg shot). You can use this because he doesn’t, if he would move he would need more entities and make the map lags.

    For Baha the HP system is by shot : one shot makes one Hp off to baha and I remember that it is 1000 “first HP” + 150 for each player against Baha. So for 1 player it makes 1150 hp so 1150 by player, for 2 it is 1300 hp so 650 by player and for 20 player it is 4000 hp so 200 by player.
    And ulitma does 1750 hp off to baha.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, my expression is not complete: sometimes in Labyrinth zombies are not teleport to Coliseum.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Thx for answer mat.duf. You really helped me

  28. 472365810 says:


    Game player is scarce, mostly round are S and N, The other direction will not pass.

  29. Kaemon says:

    472365810: The map now detects how many players are playing. If there are (aprox numbers, may vary with the real numbers) less than 8 players, only South will be open. If there are 9-16, only North and South. If there 17-32 North, South, NorthEast and SouthWeast…

    There is also a game mode that is called “Two Spawns” wich only opens North and South. So yeah, North and South are the predominant enabled areas; specially if its a small server or quite empty.
    This was made to make the map more fun (or even playable) with 2-32 people. Having all 8 areas open with 16 players can give around 2 players per side that won’t even see each other.

  30. 472365810 says:

    16 player, Can be in W and E area?

    Almost every round S and N, never seen SW and NE area…

  31. -L- says:

    I think the reason Hannibal made that is because of the supertriggers….they are located north and south i believe….so people can get it more often even they are so less on the server

  32. Anonymous says:

    Super trigger Madness at SW,32 player will not trigger…

  33. Anonymous says:

    Face to Face: player can enter the Portal to North.

    Mode Break:The last two Breaking at the same time, the game will not be carried out.

    Zombie Respawn:Arrived at the stadium Respawn disable.(Avoid suicide zombie)

  34. Thanks for your bug reports, they will be fixed in the last version of Paranoid.

  35. -L- says:

    silent hill trigger…humans in 1st maze are teleporting to the “silenthill ending” where usually zombies are…and u have to wait like a minute sometimes until a zombie arrives there
    y not a teleport from 1st maze -> 2nd maze-> and if u are 2 late-> zombie silenthill-startarea
    was this intended or is it a bug?^^