Change Indeed!

Posted: August 22, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News

Hello everybody! Time for change indeed, but not because Hannibal went to work on Ireland (that only affects him!) but also because Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is out already and you can go slay zombies in some servers already!

For those of you that didn’t know about CS:GO, first of all you should start thinking about leaving that rock you had been living under; and secondly is a new game from Valve that is basically a revamped version of Counter-Strike:Source. New graphics, new weapons, new models, new game modes… But the game is still the same!
I specially like how they priced it at 11€ instead of trying to rob us like most companies seem to be doing lately. Great update for CS:S lovers; but if you don’t like CS:S don’t expect CS:GO to be any different. Also, why would you be reading this blog if that were the case? XD

Some mappers have started porting maps to CS:GO (sometimes their own maps, sometimes “abandoned” classics) and Gamebanana already has a section for such releases: HERE
However some mappers did already completely new maps for CS:GO that don’t exist on CS:S; and between those I want to do two special mentions:

ZE_Toaster, by Luffaren

From the creator of the well-known ZE_Predator_Ultimate and personal friend of mine.
His new  map basically takes place inside a giant toaster… And thats pretty much what I can say…

Luffaren wants me to tell you to “don’t expect much at all“, since he kinda rushed the map and just wanted to have fun making something weird while giving CS:GO a brand new map so players don’t get bored with having such a small map selection.

Also, don’t worry, Luffaren is still working on his ZE Secret Project for CS:S. He just took a brief break to have fun making his Toaster (less than a week I believe) to help with the lack of maps for Zombie Escape on CS:GO. More info on his Secret Projet should be coming soon!

ZE Toaster 001

I… hate Luffaren… This is the screenshot he gave me to show his map…
(The whole adventure takes place inside that toaster)

ZE_Cathedral, by Joris Ceoen

ZE_Cathedral: From Joris Ceoen, creator of the Zombie Escape Wiki.

Just like with Luffaren‘s Toaster, I haven’t seen this map myself (apart from screenshots) but it stands out with its nicely done cathedral and plans to have multiple paths.

Joris wants me to mention that the map is still in beta, and it has now only 1 path of the 5 total he wants the map to contain; and that he will keep working on improving and fixing it.
And for those that know about his other project, a CS:S ZE map based on Super Smash Bros Brawl, worry not, he also plans to keep working on it for CS:S.

ZE Cathedral 01

This is the interior of the Cathedral.
– Captain Obvious.

Both those maps are scheduled to be released within hours, if nothing goes wrong.
However, you know how this goes: sometimes big errors/bugs are spotted after testing the map online and need serious fixing; or sometimes something completely unexpected happens (within the Editor, the Map or the Mapper’s Real Life) and the release has to be delayed; but probably you will be able to play at least one of those maps tonight; and both should be playable within the next couple of days, even if new versions may be needed to add and improve on them.

And for those curious about when the porting of the big-complicated maps (like Mako, Predator or Paranoid) will happen… For the moment we will give time for Valve to fix and improve the CS:GO editor. Even if it has new and awesome options, some entities are missing or bugged at the moment and porting them in a way everything works may be even impossible at this given time.

Also, Hannibal‘s Prefab Tool should be almost ready; maybe the next post if about its release.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I sell chicken to little children.

  2. randomanon says:

    Do you use capitals in “Secret Project” on purpose? 😛

  3. Kaemon says:

    Anoynmous: Good for you? :-s
    Randomanon: Yes, I use them on purpouse; same way I type “Mako Reactor” or “Predator Ultimate” 😛

  4. Luffaren says:

    Don’t worry, the magazine says that Kaemon loves me and my maps so it gotta be true.. right?
    Anyhow, take an extra thought regarding what Kaemon wrote about “don’t expect much at all“, the map is all out non-serious as for having some inside jokes.

    So yeah, i’ll be heading back to the secret project after this. As for releasing a few pictures in a nearer future.

  5. Puni says:

    Joris’ map looks really awesome. I assume most of the architecture is made of models?

  6. Kaemon says:

    You asume correctly. However he used Google Sketchup instead of Propper. (Just mentioning).
    Also I believe you will like more its architecture when playing the map; you can’t really apreaciate the whole thing or the small details on that image.

  7. Joris Ceoen says:

    Most are models and func_detail. What actually consists of real world brushes is not a lot ^^
    I should do a comparison of it with a picture because it’s pretty stange to see it.

    As Kaemon mentioned, to have the models completely optimized I used Google Sketchup (Not only for optimized models but also for the fact that you can simply not make these models at that rate out of brushes, at least not as detailed or as optimized as they are in my cathedral.)

    I did make a brushed version of it though and it came up well. But the one with Sketch is just far better in every aspect. Also it’s much smoother for a lower cost while brushes look really faced.

    The reason why FPS are still holding up good is mainly the one I explained above. Also I did my best to optimize as much as possible with Hint/Skip since func_occluders (in the sole occasion it could be useful it would have been in my map) are still bugged. If you create one is will simply cover it’s entire area in width which is kind of terrible x)

  8. Puni says:

    I have never used Sketchup before, I will be sure to check it out soon

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kaemon will hannibal port hes map for CS go or make it brand new?

  10. Kaemon says:

    I can’t speak for him, but I guess he will at some point. In fact I believe he will finish Last Man Standing for CS:S and then port it to CS:GO.
    However he is not rushing the ports right now since both the game and the editor for CS:GO have many bugs that should get fixed in the following months. Not to mention ZM itself not being that well converted nor popular yet on GO.