About LMS, Luffaren’s Secret and Junon!

Posted: August 27, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News, ZE FFVII Junon, ZE Last Man Standing, ZE Project L

Ey everybody, sorry we aren’t posting a lot.

Hannibal & ZE Last Man Standing

Hannibal has been busy: moving to Ireland, starting his first job, even looking for a place to call of his own in a new country… On his free time he has been working on the Prefab’s Program, and hopefully he will get the last bugs sorted out and release it soon enough.

Once he goes back to mapping ZE Last Man Standing I don’t know how long it will take for him to release; and now that he has a job to adapt to he probably doesn’t neither. We will let you know more about this matter in the future.

Luffaren & his Secret Project for ZE

About Luffaren‘s Secret Project (I hope he reveals it soon enough; I’m tired of calling it Secret Project, XD); it won’t probably release before 2013. But don’t get fooled, he is working a lot on it and not slacking at all; everyday he works several hours towards its completion.
The thing is… He is doing lots of things; and he even decided to go the extra mile and make his own models for Bosses, Monsters and NPCs instead of using models ported from other games. They really show as home-made (dont expect game-quality models and laughts are quaranteed) but they are good enough to understand what they represent and so you can shoot them; so that should be enough 😛

He is thinking about releasing some Screenshots and/or Videos at some point this year; maybe this next month, showing the systems he has been working on. Like an improved Random-Weather system (way better than the one in Predator Ultimate) and others for random map details to make the holds and other details to change between playthroughts.
Right now he is aiming for at least 12 Stages in a Consecutive-Progressive Way (like Minas Tirith), each wich its own boss and other dangers. While doing this humongous project he is also doing lots of smart mapping and well thought systems to avoid and bypass the engine limitations… So you see why is taking him so long even if he is not slacking.

Kaemon & ZE FFVII Junon

Myself… I’m working hard on Junon. Yesterday I was googling pictures to use as reference when I saw the ones I posted when I revealed the project… And was surprised to realize that was almost a year ago… Shame on me.

Is not that the map is so big and complicated (even if is still a big map, is not THAT big) or even that I don’t have enought free time (that’s the only thing I have, being unemployed at the moment), but just pure slackness from my part… I had been up to several months in a row without even touching the map… Well, that is over; and I intend to release it this year. Right now I was mapping and I’m going back to it as I post this.

Right now the plan is having around 7-8 escape vehicles located in different places, making it similar to a Stage-Based map. However those stages will share the spawn and many paths and locations just to be split at some point depending what random path was chosen.
My idea is also including 4 difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme); but those difficulties won’t be tied to the path (except maybe the Extreme ones); so sometimes you will have to play the Easy Path while escaping on the Helicopter on the Airport, while sometimes the Easy Path will lead you to Junon’s Reactor and using a Blue Submarine to escape; so all possible paths (except maybe the Extreme ones) will have versions for all difficulties.
The idea here is so even if the map has 8 “Stages“, you aren’t forced to play all 8 in a row to see the “ending” or “win the map“, since I believe 4 difficulties is a quite good number in my opinion; and this also will make the map change quite a lot when playing it again; making it less likely to get old fast. And even if your server of election would happen to ALWAYS FAIL on Easy, you would still be able to see 6 different stages throught different playthroughts.

Want to do a quick note here: the stages that will be played and their difficulties will be chosen when the map loads; so if it decided this time that you need to go to the airport and escape on an helicopter on Easy, you will keep repeating that “stage/path” until you beat it; it won’t change randomly from round to round.

Being based on FFVII and inspired because how much I liked Mako Reactor for Zombie Escape, the map will obviously have materias. Right now its planned to have more materias than Mako does, but I have yet to decide if they will all spawn each round or not; or just use them, like the Random Paths, to add variety to the map. If I were to do this last thing I would (for example) give sometimes Gravity and sometimes Ice, when both pretty much do the same thing: Hold the zombies in a place. I guess you get the point.

So that’s pretty much it… However I was wondering… What do you expect from Junon? Is there something specific you want/expect to see in the map? What would you like it to be like?
I have everything kinda sorted out (exception of a couple minor things that I’m waiting for the map to be complete to see what should be better); but maybe I’m missing something or something you guys post convinces me otherwise or makes me think twice about something.

And about bosses… I’m planing to include bosses; and even if I have several ideas I’m not completely sure wich ones will make the cut in case I don’t make all of them.
Right now I’m thinking about not having any boss in Easy; having a boss in Normal where zombies are just caged away; having a boss in Hard where zombies are allowed in the fight (similar to Hyper and Ultimate Predators) and having a really hard/fnal boss for Extreme.

Oh, and one last thing… Since people always seem to crave for more difficulties; I had planned that if you win the map on Extreme; a warning will show that the next time the map is played (this info gets lost when the server is restarted) it will start directly on Normal (skipping Easy) and adding a new difficulty (like Extreme 2, but thinking about calling it Insane); this way you can always keep adding difficulties (if needed/wanted) while not forcing people to extend 5 times the map to see everything. What do you guys think?

This wasn’t a quick rant after all… Waiting for comments this time around! XD

  1. Puni says:

    I always see Luffaren working hard on source sdk! weather system sounds interesting!

    As for your map Kaemon…
    I have never actually played those games, so for me the appeal is not the nostalgia but the environment. What got me excited for your map was the scale in the screenshot so I think the environment should be a fairly big focus for people like me who have not played the original games to be entertained. Its good to feel very small inside a huge map, it feels more adventurous.

    Something that needs to be seen more in ZE maps in general is interactive environments. Alot of people do multiple levels to spice it up a bit but it would be nice to see things actually happening in the environment to engross us more and make them feel less static.

    Infact I cant really thing of any maps where there is much happening in the environment, except for the boulders on Minas Tirith (to replicate the orc catapults)

  2. Luffaren says:

    Damn Kaemon, releasing it this year? You better hurry up. 😛

    As soon as i’m all done with the basic systems/entities/items i should be able to lean back and work on the actual stage layout, and then simply spawn all the desired effects/environmental systems.
    I’ll take it slow and steady for most part, making sure that everything is just like i want it.

    Good post, keep it up.

  3. Joris Ceoen says:

    I want to see a Kaemon model that we can shoot down and afterwards beat the crap out of him!

  4. Dani says:

    This post sucks!

  5. JorisCeoen says:


    Finally Kaemon and Hannibal are doing all the effort to keep this blog tuned with good and informative updates. If you have at least something constructive or funny to say do so at will but don’t post completely unneeded commentaries like that.

    Respect each others works O__o

  6. Moltard says:

    Hannibal will he do an update of Paranoid ? Because it would fix the error bug, and i have discovered an another bug: in the VIP Mode, the VIP has been zombiefied (not killed) and we didn’t be teleported in the white room. Normaly when the VIP is cut by the zombie 3 times, he must die, not be zombiefied. Maybe the bug does not happen all the time.

    In Ultimatum mod, when the humans weapons is the Minigun, we can’t win in all server (mainly Hell’z server), a lot of player don’t turn on the Minigun, but don’t turn off it, consequently the Minigun explode and we are kill, it is very annoying. The Minigun is powerful but can you may not put the weapon for humans in Ultimatum Mode.

  7. Metro says:

    Btw hannibal should fix Minas Tirith there is a weird bug going on Stage 4:

    When you are the last human before 5sec and u get infected and round ends u move to extreme + the last human gets a level up we saw this twice on i3D just so u know it

  8. Kaemon says:

    Puni: Thanks for the feedback. I asked a couple of guys on Steam Chat and they pretty much said similar things; including the “Epicness” (explosions/etc) and the SoundTrack.
    I will take into account what you said about having interactive enviroments, and I’m doing the best with the Scale thing; trying to make the map the actual size its suposed to have (wich is not that big for a town).

    Luffaren: I hate your face. Also, I will indeed hurry up! XD

    Joris Ceoen: To be honest I had this already in mind as a possibility, so you may see you dream come true.

    Dani: No, you!

    Joris Ceoen (again): I’m pretty sure that was Maese Danielot, the guy that “forced” Hannibal to make Mako Reactor, and he is saying that because the map is not released yet. XD

    Moltrad: I’m pretty sure he will release a new version before moving to Last Man Standing. There are tons of minor bugs here and there; will mention him the VIP one. The VIP should be inmortal to Zombie Knives (and this is easy doable), and we need to make him unable to pick up the Juggernaut and the Dog, since both screw up his breakable thingy.
    About the Miniguns… I told Hannibal many times that I wouldn’t personally allow TeamKilling weapons; but he says to like them. Yeah, on Ultimatum you are pretty much screwed with those; but not more than if you get 8 Healing Weapons against 8 Zombie Jumpers or 8 T-Rexes. XD

    Metro: I highly doubt Hannibal will touch Minas Tirith at the time being; and I know for a fact he won’t think such a bug is that big/important. Afterall, if you survived up to 5 secs before the victory, is not that big of a deal if it counts as a victory still.

    Kaemon: Dude, don’t post comments that long!

  9. Puni says:

    Im not exactly sure what happens at this place in the games, I think I remember you posting a video about it being under attack and a cannon charging up. You could use add interaction and story to the environment based on these situations by simulating the attack and energy charging around the map.

    One thing I think is lacking in spacemaps, like spacestation & hypernova, is the fact that they are in a environment with alot of energy, but it is all static in the sense that it does not replicate development or progress(in there case preparation of the escape pods). Whilst the player progresses through the map, the map itself does not develop at all. We see energy beams every now and again, but there is not enough meaning to them.

    Going slightly off topic now, but if you take DayZ for an example. For a while it is brilliant, but after a while it gets a bit boring. The cause of this is that the environment fails to develop enough to keep the player engaged for a longer amount of time. (You are forever stuck in a zombie filled world, there is no signs of repopulation(progression)

    I hope you understand the point im getting at 🙂

  10. Spyro40k says:

    I love the idea of making the hardest difficulty harder to get, it makes it feel more special and epic. Very unique ideas here, I am so excited to see what comes out. I’m just wondering on which wall my name will be placed on.

  11. Searaphim says:

    About Junon, I’m sure people will extend the map 5 times anyway (as many extends as possible).. I don’t like the idea of adding difficulties on a second playthrough (after the map has been changed once) cause it already takes like over an hour to finish mako.. If you had to wait until the map is chosen again after another fiew hours.. Not everyone is unemployed. Oh and the data being reset if the server restarts; servers tend to crash frequently.

  12. Moltard says:

    In the mode Ultimatum, I think we should remove the possibility of having 8 Annihilator.

    One question: if I’m the VIP, can I use Special Weapons ? Because today I was the VIP and I wanted use the Annihilator but I couldn’t.

  13. Kaemon says:

    Puni: Duly noted. And I didn’t post any video for Junon, you probably googled it yourself to get a better idea of what the map was going to be like and you stomped across the Weapon Raiding Junon video. Weapons are creatures created by the Planet to defend himself; and the one in that video, Saphire Weapon, will probably appear in the map.

    Spyro40K: I’m not sure if there will be any names in any wall; as I mentioned already a couple of times I’m not to fond about ZE Map Competitions. However I may think about adding the names of the players that made it each time they win the map or something.

    Searaphim: The idea is not that you have to stay around in the server until the map gets on rotation again; but more like so you are not forced to win it all in a row. You can also start playing and the map be already in the Normal>Insane status instead of Easy>Extreme; and you would be like “Great! You won the map previously? Nice!”
    And the data resets when the server restarts because thats how Env_Global (the entity used) works, not because of personal decision; however I like it. The map will still be fun, challenging and epic (hopefully! thats the idea!) when playing Easy>Extreme. Think about it like Mako having a Extreme 3 sometimes as an extra; not about Extreme 2 being capped. Also if it wouldn’t reset by time to time, the extra layer of difficulty would get the norm instead of a nice a extra.

    Moltard: I’m pretty sure that the VIP not being able to use Special Weapons isn’t inteended, however I like it; is like you need to relay on your friends to cover you, not try to make solo wins with the VIP. In fact I personally suggested Hannibal making him slower, not faster, than the other humans.
    And about Ultimatum…. I don’t think Hannibal will change anything there (maybe remove the 8 Spy Zombies since the item was removed, lol, XD) but I also saw complains about 8 Team-Killing Miniguns/HoleNades, or about fighting 8 Jumping Zombies and other hard enemies with crappy weapons like the Healing Item that doesn’t protect against zombification. XD

  14. Anonymous says:

    Person is expected to map only

  15. Anonymous says:

    Soon, a map blog will be update?

  16. chet says:

    about making map have more mods like insane as you call will be bad idea people going to get bored so fast first make the map playable and then make contest and make it harder

  17. Kaemon says:

    Anonymous 1 and 2: What? XD May update the blog later, not sure. Nothing really new to share about our projects, but have a couple things I could comment on.

    Chet: Think of it as having Easy>Extreme Mako and then becoming Normal>Extreme2 Mako. Still, a long way to go before I release; I may change of idea half way throught, or think of what may be a better system. But right now I think I will stay with what I exposed here.

  18. heather says:

    Will you be posting additional screenshots?

    Ive seen some of your screenshots but there like literally 2 years ago lol.

  19. Puni says:

    Kaemon is a big teaser! I cant wait to see more 🙂

  20. Anonymous says:

    Play the world most FFVII.