Behold… The Horror!

Posted: September 6, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, MG Serpentis Temple, News, ZE FFVII Junon, ZE Project L

Not long ago I mentioned that Luffaren was working hard on his upcoming Zombie Escape project; and when doing so I also mentioned that he was doing all the NPC/Bosses models for the map by himself, and that those weren’t of very good quality (he is doing them using Hammer after all, wich is not a modeling tool).

So here I present you a model he made some time ago just so you get an idea of what to expect when his new map gets released… Behold… The horror of Medusa!

Luffaren Original Medusa

Luffaren’s Medusa is almost as ugly as Luffaren’s Face.

Luffaren made this model for our MiniGame project “Serpentis Temple” (wich I know I have to fix at some point; will work on that after Junon is released). As you can see it’s quite… hm… special.
After seeing this model I told him to do other things and that I would take care of Medusa’s model myself. The final results can be seen in the end of MG_Serpentis_Temple if you ever play it. I was planning on adding more snakes to his head, but got lazy and we kinda had to rush the map for the contest’s timeline.

Anyway… This is kinda what you can expect of his models for his upcoming project. He has improved on making them; but not that much. At least I convinced him to use some already-made models for things that exist; since he was even modeling things that haven dozen of ultra-cool versions easily available on Garry’s Mod Related Files.

And now, to try to take away the emptiness you feel in your heart after beholding that awful snake-thing… here is a nice Zombie Escape video by Tony Montana for you to enjoy!

I give you this link instead of this one, because the Youtube version can’t be seen on most countries.

The video shows cuts of what are easily my four favourite zombie escape maps, with victories in the hardest difficulty on all of them! I personally love this kind of videos.

Junon hasn’t been forgotten; but I did barely work on it this past week because I watched about 30 hours of Dota 2 during The International. I still mapped a little, and shared some images with some fellow mappers. May upload them here the next time; but they are still very vague; nothing really worth showing.

  1. randomanon says:


  2. Metro says:

    lol i prefer serpentis temple medusa

  3. Luffaren says:

    But hey! I at-least animated and set up the system for your medusa model, Damnit!

    Just a smaller note for the rest of you, i’d say that with confidence that the home-made models for the secret project are of higher quality than this, but not TOO much though. Proppers limitations are quite bad as it is. No worries.

  4. Kaemon says:

    Don’t blame YOUR limitations (as a modeler) on Propper. XD
    And yeah… I must admit that your animations on my Medusa were acceptable; at least I wasn’t FORCED to remake them, like with the model… XD

    And about your current project models being better… Hm… Maybe sightly better. Still, they are good enough to see/understand them; while being still bad enough to have some laughts at them; so they are kinda nice in that aspect. XD

  5. Ghost says:

    Well you dont really get to see medusa’s face when you play. 😛

  6. “Behold de horror” … the humor sense of Kaemon is awesome, I love this dude, srsly.

    Yeeyyyy how long! Sorry for not posting, comenting, playing! I’m sure that many ppl forgot me.
    I still don’t have Internet in my new home, this kinda sucks (im in my brother’s house atm). I recently suffered a big issue with the Hammer Sources program, but I’m doin it, totally. After work, I put some drum and bass pendulum, and I think in Last Man Standing, so, don’t forget me!

    About the Luffaren map, I wanna totally see it, must be awesome… really, this kind of maps go to the history of CS : D

    See you soon, 1 or 2 days and I will have internet.

  7. Wind Nexus says:

    LOL! Luffaren should start making horror maps, that model scared the shit out of me xD

  8. Anonymous says:

    I personally love this kind of videos. I make videos on steam account: vuk0green


  9. Magic says:

    No face joke by Kaemon in this post?
    Im surprised :p

  10. Kaemon says:

    Magic, the joke is under the picture.

  11. Magic says:

    Lol, hahahaha, i knew it missed it!

  12. Magic says:

    i* ^^ But yea Luffaren is pretty ugly 😉

  13. Luffaren says:


  14. Kaemon says:

    You know? If we had used the Medusa shown here instead of the one we finally used, we could have avoided the trouble of making the turn-to-stone engine-thingy.
    People would already try to avoid direct contact with her even if she wasn’t going to turn them into stone! XD

  15. Anonymous says:

    That fork.

  16. chet says:

    was just missing around and i just saw this
    the pic on the right lol

  17. Anonymous says:

    What news ?

  18. Moltard says:

    I have discovered a glitch in mako: It’s possible to win without activate the buttons, but you must be very fast to go in the bunker, (with this technical, you don’t have to kill sephiroth because you arrival about 2 secondes before the nuke and the finish mode’s message appear).
    Its not important but I said to show that we can win Hard without activating the buttons (you must walk side and go up to the rope quickly).