A new map is comming! SSBB anyone?

Posted: September 27, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News, ZE SSBB

Ey! Sorry everyone for the lack of news.
As mentioned I’m really busy this month and have almost no time for myself. I’m planning on going back to mapping Junon this weekend, and I’m still planning on releasing it this year (in case anyone wonders or cares).

However, not everyone has been as slacking like Hannibal or myself! Joris Ceoen, who has been mentioned a couple of times in the blog as being the creator of the Zombie Escape Wiki and his release of  ZE_Cathedral (for CS:GO) around a month ago, has been really busy with his upcoming Zombie Escape map… And it’s really close to get released!

What is it about? Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

Super Smash Bros Brawl

You will be able to play as any of this characters on Joris Ceoen’s Zombie Escape version of SSBB. Wich one is your favourite?

You can check what Joris himself has written about it on the Zombie Wiki, or even check this post in the pF Forums; but here is most of the available info about the map anyway:

First of all, let me mention that this map has several months of work behind it. When Joris Ceoen decided to make ZE_Cathedral because the lack of ZE maps for CS:GO, this project was already pretty mature. He just paused it briefly to make something different.

Second, as mentioned in the image’s caption, you will be able to select one of 39 different characters while playing this map. Some of them are meant for humans while others remain available only for zombies (mostly the bad guys); so you won’t be able to play them all on the same team, and you will kinda need to learn wich ones friends or foes.
Each character has up to three attacks: a normal attack, a special attack, and their respective Final Smash (whatever that is, I never played SSBB myself, XD); and God knows I have no clue how that (so many characters, on both teams, with special moves…) will affect the gameplay… Or what it will be even about!

About the gameplay… Well… I do know that Joris plans to make a total of 12 playable stages but the map will probably release with only 8; adding the remaining 4 later on along with the mandatory fixes and balance changes.
The map will also have Boss Battles, wich are included on their own stages (so 9 “Normal Stages” and “3 Boss Stages”). You will play the stages randomly, playing a Boss Stage after a certain number of Normal Stages (the number may change when more stages get added). Once a stage is won, it won’t be selected again until the next time you start playing the map.

Also, from what I “heard“, Joris is taking care of making the Final Boss a respectable challenge, and surviving it will apparently require a big effort on your part. We will see what he has planned when we get there…

So… When will the map release? Sooner than you expect!
In fact, the only reason the map is not released yet is that Joris had some unexpected stuff to take care instead of mapping that made him delay the release.
Right now Joris believes he will be able to release within a week or two; it may be more (you know how sometimes things don’t go as planed) but most likely the map will be ready this October.

And about my personal opinion… Don’t ask me! I honestly have no clue! XD
I never played Super Smash Bros. Brawl myself; and even if I know most of the Nintendo characters, I have no clue what will they do on a Zombie Escape map, in such big numbers, as playable characters, with special attacks…
I already made Joris aware of my concerns with him adding “too much weird stuff” for a Zombie Escape map, and even mentioned to him that maybe it was more suited for a MiniGame server… But well… I guess I will just have to wait like everyone else and see how it turns out. Hopefully it will be lots of fun to play even if it’s drastically different from the rest of maps.

And who I am to judge? My favourite Zombie Escape is Paranoid FFS!
JorisSSBB at least seems to follow some rules and have sense! XD

  1. Metro says:

    GL with the map Joris i hope it become elite as Minas or Mako 😉

  2. Yuppi says:

    It actually sounds very good, even though it seems to be too many different kind of stuff as you said. But I hope it is very fun and not becomes overplayed after a month.

  3. mat.duf says:


    a completely out of subject post :

    you should update the pool of the week or rename it like “pool of the year”

  4. Yeeyy that sounds like a good weird new map, I like it. Sometimes , when a map of zombie mode becomes something totally different to the usual trend, it’s something special and really like it. I remember a “zm” map about CT controlling robots with saws, to kill zombies in a mini-arena, it was amazing to take a rest from the normal escape without leaving the server! same with this : D

  5. Kaemon says:

    Mat.Duf: Well, I did change the name a long time ago from “pool of the week” to “pool of the season” (aka 3 months). I was planning on changing it AFTER one of the maps there got released… Will see if I change it earlier. XD

  6. Spyro40k says:

    If Joris has taken him then I’ll claim Samus

  7. Joris Ceoen says:

    Mine is Mr. Game & Watch

    Don’t worry I didn’t OP’ed him specially for me xD

  8. Moltard says:

    I love ssbb, I had played at the game, the best game characters I’m telling you right now it was lucario. And the final boss of the game was already almost impossible to kill so I hope Joris make it more easier to kill.

  9. xionorjenz says:

    God i totaly forgot about SSBB, i just so much enjoyed playing that game, the story line was around 20-25 hours and even for the fact no one of the characters was telling a single word was it amazing, also awesome battel system and for sure i played the game with my friends around 50-100 hours at lan. Meta knight is mine nobody touches him! also would be great to fight tabu as boss fight

  10. mzez says:

    epic joris :).

    spryo we will prob race for link everytime xD.


    also dib zelda/marth/zero samus/pokemanz 😀

  11. Joris Ceoen says:

    I forgot to say to Kaemon (after all I’ve mentioned already lol xD) that there will indeed be Pokémons and Assist Trophies! But don’t expect even half of them to appear because that would be far too random and then virtually the balance would downgrade a lot. I will give away that there are a total of 6 pokemons included and 3 assist trophies (which is still a lot within my entity budget as it currently is!)

    If there’s anything that would look like Paranoid’s randomness, it would be those xD

  12. Moltard says:

    @spyro there are 2 link, (cartoon and link normal) and in the game 2 are the same except some weapons.
    The worst character is jyglippuff, its very dificult to control it.

  13. Joris Ceoen says:

    Jigglypuff is indeed horrible, but he has been nerfed considerably since Melee (Rest from Jigglypuff is extremely difficult to use now). I tried to make him/her (Idk the gender) better now, more useful.

  14. Moltard says:

    When tabbuu make this attack http://img.gamercreated.com/tag/1024/768/scale/5597/Taboo_28007_20080312191210.jpg
    You are dead.
    So joris will you put this attack to tabbuu in your map

  15. Anonymous says:

    Kirby is obviously the Best

  16. FierceG says:

    King Dididi wtf

  17. cl2 says:

    Yoshi’s gonna rule all of ’em

  18. Moltard says:

    It has no relation with SSBB, but today in Paranoid the trigger “invert control” crashed and it was all a round like with invert control (very strange).
    And in the Face to Face mod, one player has activated the super trigger “run to the end”, and the wall that repel zombies don’t dissapear so zombie were blocked.

  19. Anonymous says:

    metakight FTW!