Computer Crashed

Posted: October 12, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Ey there, Kaemon here. My computer crashed about a week ago; I expected Hannibal to have taken care of the blog posting something after realizing I didn’t, but he didn’t.

I wanted to get a new computer some months ago when mine crashed the last time; but since I managed to fix it I didn’t bother. Now I’m probably going to need to get a new computer, probably soon (mine was getting pretty old anyway, and was annoyingly slow for many things that slowed my mapping speed). Haven’t used Steam, Hammer or contacted anyone this past week so I have nothing new to post about, and I’m now on a computer only for a few minutes, so will just post this to let you guys know what is going on. Hopefully will have a new computer and some real news in less than a week; or maybe Hannibal will stop slacking and post something for real…

Anyway, that’s pretty much what happened. I can’t believe how bad this keyboard I’m using is; I have used smoother typewritters… XD

By the way, lately we have seen some mentally handicapped persons posting on the comments; don’t mind them and just ignore them, don’t feed the trolls with attention and don’t bother answering/correcting their ridiculous statments, I just press the “delete” button when I see them if they pass the filters, not a big deal.
Also, take in mind that none of us will never make announcements (like “JUNON RELEASED!” or “Last Man Standing Cancelled”) on the comments; and neither put retarded or insulting comments; so if you see something like that is just someone trying to impersonate us and will get deleted as soon as I notice them.

I could increase the filtering on the blog, but for the moment I won’t, since I like that everyone can post without having to register or waiting for approval on their comments; but on the worst scenario we could end doing that, making people to register (like on any forum anyway) before being able to post.

I didn’t warn about this post in Steam because I “can’t” install it in this computer and is not worthy anyway.
Also, the fact that the comments were closed in the previous rant is because I set them to close automatically after 14 days so we don’t get random comments in really old posts, nothing else.

Anyway… That’s all. Hopefully I will get a new computer this week and proceed to inform myself of the whereabouts of my fellow mappers and go back to Junon myself (worry not, I have backups of it, nothing was lost). See you soon (I hope).

  1. Luffaren says:

    I wondered where you went, your PC really did die at last. 😛
    I also got some “things” to show you as you get back.

  2. Kaemon says:

    Luffaren, if you remember I did tell you that there were big chances that I wouldn’t be able to turn ON my computer again after turning it OFF… Like, you were right there and I specified the situation to you…
    You were pretty much the only one that didn’t had to wonder, because you were the only one I warned… XD

  3. Anonymous says:

    Damn you and your excuses for not making Junon, Kaemon.

  4. Kaemon says:

    Ey, at least they are varied 😛

  5. Joris Ceoen says:

    I can see Kaemon’s trollface right there with his post here above xD

  6. FSF21 says:

    Kaemon, when will you release FFVII Junon?

  7. Kaemon says:

    FSF21, hopefully this year. I will probably get my new computer within a week, and then I will be able to go back to mapping.