New Computer, New Map, New Version

Posted: November 7, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News, ZE Paranoid

Ey there! I got both my computers (old one fixed and a new one) a couple of days ago, and I have been installing the tools and files I need for both mapping and playing.

So… What has been going on? Well, Joris Ceoen has been working on his ZE SSBB map and even tested it a couple of times with the guys in Plague Fest. Like it was expected for a map with so many things, many bugs were found and Joris proceeded to fix them. Right now he is also spicing up the stages and holds to make them more interesting; aswell as buffing/changing some of the bosses wich were apparently too easy.
I’m not sure of when he will feel the map is in a open-release status, but it’s coming.

Luffaren took another break from his Zombie Escape Secret Project to enter the Twisted Reality Gamebanana Contest, where he could make any kind of map for a game of his choice as long as it blurred the boundaries between reality and madness. He decided to make a MG for CS:S that goes by the name of Rota Derp, wich is quite similar in some aspects to Serpentis Temple, being a stage-based skill-minigame with all the players playing together towards a common goal and a boss in the end.
The map uses some of his new techniques that he is planing to use for his upcoming ZE Map; like the HP Bar of the Final Boss, or the fact that he only hurts those that he touches with his animated damaging areas (if the staff doesn’t hit you, it won’t hurt you).

I also talked with Hannibal yesterday. He will probably post this week to announce/release a new (fixed) version of Paranoid. He has been quite busy IRL, as many of you know, so he didn’t had as much time lately and that’s why these fixes took so long. Hannibal is also hopping to release his Prefabs’ Tool any day now; but you never know how long it will take to fix the kind of problems he is encountering.

As for Paranoid… Here is the list of what has been fixed so far. If you know about any bug/problem with the map that is not listed here, please let us know. If you already did and is not here there are chances that we forgot it on the way, so feel free to remind us of it.

Paranoid Rezurrection V11.6 Changelog so far:

– Increased the Round Time to 9 minutes; in some occasions players needed some extra seconds on the Coliseum.
– Zombies are now able to break the wood planks in the holds between the 1st and 2nd labyrinths.
– Jukebox: Now appears 100% of the Rounds (instead of 50%).
– Jukebox: Was still usable when you became Zombie. Now, in addition, you should be able to keep reading the song names after zombification.
– Jukebox: Shouldn’t be stopped anymore by the Built-In musics of the map; once someone gets the Jukebox he should become the only source of new songs.
– Fixed a Nuke-Free spot in a secret place that usually contains a powerful Human Weapon.

Spawn & Selection:
– “Everyone can choose” occurs now 1/6 of the times instead of 1/4.
– Added “No one can choose”
– Modes take longer to start breaking on their own when some of the players can choose to ban modes.
– Modes break faster once they start to randomly break.
– Fixed the bugged-rounds that could occur some times when the mode selection failed.
– Fixed the Original Mother Zombie being too shootable on his Jail.
– The Original Mother Zombie now gets 20K HP given by the map.

– Lords of Destruction & Face to Face: All Zombies appear now in the middle of the area, instead of only the Original Mother Zombie.
– Lords of Destruction & Face to Face: The Portal to go from North to South shouldn’t work anymore.
– Ultimatum Mode: Removed the possibility of the Zombie Weapon being “Spy Zombie”. The item was no longer in the map and zombies were getting no special item on those rounds.
– Ascension Mode: The whole thing starts faster; it started with too much dead time.
– Ascension Mode: The Last Bridges are now always visible and instead blocked by an energy barrier. This should avoid some people getting stuck on them when they appeared.
– Silent Hill: Its activation secret is now closer to the starting areas.
– Silent Hill & No Wall Mode: Should now open the bridges leading to the Core doors.
– Reverse Mode: Fixed Gandalf’s Staff enabling the “You cannot pass” event on the top of the Core, creating a way down for Zombies and Humans with No-Fall Damage or Extra HP.
– Reverse Mode: Changed the entrance to the Portal that leads to the Spawn Area.
– Coliseum Carnage: Fixed being able to reach an un-intended place with Human Items on top of the monster’s door.
– Zombie Mode: Fixed the Zombie Room being Nuke-Free.
– Zombie Mode: Fixed being able to reach un-intended places with Human Items on top of the Coliseum’s Monster-Door, the Zombie Room’s Portal and the Spawn’s Spray-Screen.

Human Weapons:
– MG42 (Sand Bagged Weapon): Reduced push strength from 365 to 325.
– MG42 (Sand Bagged Weapon): Fixed the trigger push and effect staying forever.
– MG42 (Sand Bagged Weapon): Sand Bags are no longer solid; they didn’t help to cover against zombies and it was too easy to stuck team mates.

Zombie Weapons:
– Scary Zombie: Scare cooldown reduced from 45 to 27 seconds.
– Titan Monster: Increased HP from 18.500 to 25.500
– T-Rex: Increased HP from 13.500 to 19.000.
– Balrog: Increased HP from 22.500 to 32.500.
– Balrog: His Growl should now affect only Non-Monsters Zombies instead of everyone.
– Balrog: Attempted to fix the Particle Bug (both not being parented and showing as red crosses).
– Fixed the owners of Pyramid Heads and Balrogs being shootable by normal weapons in some cases.
– Fixed Titan, T-Rex and Balrog being unable to break the grates on both sides of the Core Entrances.
– Zombie Stopper: Sightly reworked to avoid an abusable glitch that allowed the Zombie Stopper to move retaining its invulnerabilities.
– Zombie Stopper: Now can only stay frozen a maximum duration of 5 seconds per use.

– The Bridges that appear as a shortcut to the doors leading to the Core now have a minimum light level so they don’t look black.
– Vulcan Minigun’s flash particle has been edited. It could look very annoying on some computers/settings.

– Balrog and T-Rex Trigger can’t damage/kill anymore when you chose an ending that doesn’t allow the Zombie Team to fight back.
– When “Fight the Monster” mode is selected, now a zombie will randomly be forced into the monster; solving the problems/bugs that can occur when two or more zombies get to it at the same time; or the fact that it was like “Chuck Norris” mode if no one picked the monster.
– Dogs (both Juggernaut and the animal) shouldn’t be killable anymore on the endings that don’t allow the Zombie Team to fight back.
– The Nukes to kill the Zombie Team shouldn’t reach the balcony with the buttons anymore, not killing humans that change back to terrorist team there.


On top of that Hannibal is thinking about the possibility of adding one or two songs and changing the Skybox; but this will be a fix-version mostly, as you can deduce from the list. Anyway… Logging off for today. See you soon!

  1. Anonymous says:

    – Silent Hill: Its activation secret is now closer to the starting areas
    maybe twili will stop going for it ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Kaemon says:

    Problem with Silent Hill is that is currently placed too far from the starting areas while also needing the switching walls to reach it… So most often than not, even if its open and you went for it, the walls may dissapear (after someone reached the 1st hold) before you are able to use them to reach it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hmm, also, is the untouchable trigger + jugger not fixed? i dont see it in the logs ;(. basically the jugger gets destroyed in 1 hit if the untouchable ct trigger is activated while someone has a jugger.

  4. Kaemon says:

    We didn’t had that one written down. Will inform Hannibal about it (or he will read your comment).

  5. Cuniczek says:

    Hello, Could Hannibal please change the map radar so it’s visible with cl_radaralpha 1? (it’s very nice transparent radar like you can see in this vid but however, you can’t see custom map radars) If so, I can tell you how to do it.

  6. Kaemon says:

    I haven’t personaly worked with Map Overviews a lot, since they are pretty much the very last thing you do on a map and I have yet to finish a poolished relaseable map that requires one… What are you talking about?
    Feel free to explain what is exactly your problem and suggested fix. Hannibal may know about this stuff, but I certainly don’t.

  7. Groov says:

    This update will definitely make the map a bit harder and more fun.

    A bug that was not mentioned in this update was when someone beats ZM they do not get the winner status in the next round.

    Another bug in Carnage is sometimes the buttons won’t activate and it will just become a survival round.

    During Selection mode, if certain modes like Massacre and Carnage are picked, the metal fences disappear and if you stand where the metal fence used to be, you will get stuck.

    If you !ztele while a mode is still being selected, you will not be able to pick up any zombie items.

    When you have gravity gun and the giant energy orb that kills any zombie that touchs it, if you are teleported, you will not have the giant energy orb anymore.

    Not sure if this is a glitch or not, but when a player gets Pyramid head, the player can just knife the human instead of using Pyramid Head’s special attack. This makes PH Over Powered. Though if it were up to me, I wouldn’t fix this because I like using Pyramid Head ๐Ÿ˜›

    Not sure if this is a glitch or not, but when a human tries to get the anhilator+holy nade combo, sometimes the “staff parking only” sign will not light up green and the human will be stuck in the cage indefinitely.

    If I find anymore bugs, I will post it here.

  8. Tony Montana says:

    @Cunizek, I use cl_radaralpha 1 because I only want the dots on the map, if you wish to have the map fully visible, set radaralpha to 255.

    A few bugs, may post more later;

    – The ‘It’s a trap’ trigger doesn’t teleport you if you jump down near the core doors when it goes off.
    – If you spam E and right click with knife while having Juggernaut, you can continuesly punch/charge without interuption.
    – On face to face and ultimatum mode, zombies can jump in the blue area (where humans need to go) at a specific angle and get bounced in. Make the push trigger reach out more.
    – Servers with extra jumps can reach the jukebox by climbing the edges and walking to the teleport trigger for the jukebox in order to get it early.
    – Doors leading to second maze sometimes open instantly (not sure if this is intentional).
    – Ultimatum mode still refers to the heal weapon as blocker (and the humans item will be… blocker!)
    – You don’t get winner status when winning silent hill, zm, or carnage mode.
    – You can use the secret orb to teamkill Juggernauts or other humans with dogs (the animal).
    – You can block the final zombie jail to core teleporter with builder, the zombies in jail have no chance of getting free unless someone helps them, same with ascension and reverse mode, really easy win if you get builder.
    – The antlions speed gets bugged easily by any speed modification triggers such as fast zombies, balrog, and the near-core trap.

  9. Moltard says:

    Problem to fix: human which won the preview round and which become mother zombie will have less hp.

    I have post about other problem in Paranoid in the previous topic but my 2 post were awaiting moderation.

  10. Kaemon says:

    To both Groov and Tony, thanks a lot for reporting those. I didn’t know about them but after reading them I completely understand why they happen.

    About not getting the “Winner” status, currently it happens on every round that doesn’t end with Humans getting teleported to the Coliseum. If you don’t hear that winning music, you won’t get labeled as a winner.
    I know Hannibal had that note written down at some point, but I think he didn’t atempt to fix that.

    The item on Gravity Gun… You will always lose it on a teleport, happens with all the items it can pick.
    And yes, Pyramid Head being able to zombify is a little of a bug. We tried a new way to make him unable to attack, but doesn’t work as intended when online.

    The Builder thing really needs to be looked at; just as easy as automatically destroying the walls in those places.
    And about the Antlions… Not sure if Hannibal will be able to fix (or thing its worth the effort) now that are Templates, but maybe a good solution would be making them inmune to slows… Or give them the speed multiple times at different timings when picking the knife.

    Moltard, I saw your awaiting moderation comments. I didn’t have a good computer until two days ago, and we were getting some stupid/insulting/trolling comments, so I increased the filters and you fell inside the banned area. You should be able to post normaly again from now on.
    Those comments are lost, however I think to remember that I didn’t understand your first comment, and that the second pretty much was asking how some items work, or how you get to some secrets… If you think you really posted an important glitch not covered by the Post, or Tony’s and Groov’s comments, please write it again and sorry for the trouble.

    And for your info, Scary Zombie does create the ilusion that you are a Titan and 2 Antlions, scarying the crap out of humans, making them drop their weapons.

  11. -L- says:

    – You cant use Anhilator as a dog otherwise u die like balrog/trex.
    I tryed to use the invulerability gun with a dog, I think its useless…died 3-5secs after it^^
    -stopper zombies cant survive holy nade , intended?
    -zombies can spam pistols 2ndmaze->core -location , infront of the zombiedoors and they gain the effects, this can be annoying/helpfull if u spam the speed weapon
    – Trex really feels sometimes hard 2 control, I wish it had such dmg like the balrog if u stand in it because the attack is pretty unprecise…sometimes humans(with enough health vip or healgun) win at core because they can hide in Trex’s.
    -same with the bugged speed thingy is with the anhilator once u get a fast ct trigger u walk normal after that…
    -I have sometimes the holy nade at core…with a 2nd pistol item…in order to throw the holy i have to drop the secundary weapon but i get instantly the zombiedetector right in my hand if it was dropped somewhere, so u either have to be very fast or u cant use it. I cant remember correctly maybe the same with the slowmotionweapon if u want to use the secundary gun. However thundergun works always if u press E with 2+ items , lol^^
    – u fixed the darkness trigger completly? It would stop silenthill/vuvu music aswell not only jukebox issue..

    btw I dont know why but I only see in the very first round the red energyfield at selectionprogress, is it the map or me?

    -vip bugs too with untouchable trigger I think…no dead-vip ending then

    – silent hill…if u are still in the 1st maze when the “teleportation in 20secs” trigger runs out, u will be teleported right to the silent hill ending in the zombie waiting area

    – the fast gate in 1st maze which opens immediately Idk correctly but I think its only the east gate,as an epic winner I was at the last trigger in 1 Minute this can screw over humans a little, because they have no time in 2nd maze..

    – I wish a zombieteleport in reverse mode..its completly useless 2 join in late. U cant make it to a human in time..maybe 15-20secs after the cade breaks to the first maze

    – at the core when u jump down theres an edge looks like a leak, when u jump correctly u could waste much time with a juggernaut there without having to trouble with zombies

    -some teleportissues with humans and zombies still in the mazes, while the round is already over …I think it was a game mode with the nowall trigger..cant u just nuke the whole world instead of only the colosseum after the colosseumtimelimit?If a human survives he doesnt get green anyway because he didnt win.

    mhh when I read now that its much easier 2 chose your mode as an epic winner I hope that low grav mode doesnt get spammed by them…U can pretty much solo win evry round then because u get supergrav+lowgrav
    If u couldnt play the previous mode that would be awesome…like a red frame around the old mode…so its always a different …and people wouldnt hate-rtv after 2 static^^

    -add gangnam style, all along the watchtower or B13A^^

    Not evrything I posted was a bug/glitch so dont take the other things I suggested 2 serious ^^

    Paranoid never gets 2 repitive so its the best map.

  12. -L- says:

    Ah now I remember something different when I look on Moltard’s post. Its possible to get pushed on the right side at spawn on the green wall and walk to the zombie cage during selection progress and shoot it from above it. If u want to make the zombie unshootable idk how…but theres a way from above also keep that in mind please^^

    If u solve the problem with green VIP’s get jukebox earlier u probably solve this the same time. If it only would be higher they cant get pushed to the side and land on it.

  13. Cuniczek says:

    Cl_radaralpha 1 does basically take away that ugly green radar colour. However you can’t see custom map overviews. Some time ago I’ve played a map where you can see radar even with alpha 1. It also looks much better, so could Hannibal make it in Paranoid? Look at those screenshots:

  14. Moltard says:

    Sometimes, the owner of the barricade gun can move so, this weapon can be as powerful than minigun.

    And i think, you must put a message when someone take the teleporter because, we don’t know always if we take it, and maybe you can also put a message for grenade maker.
    After, the Annihilator break the juggernaut, if used in the line where Juggernaut is.

    The stopper knife, make big lag for the owner, if you can fix it, it will be very good.

    When we have 2 special weapons, exemple: slower + bed or singulary + builder, we can’t use the weapon attached to a pistol except, we drop the 1st weapon to re-take it. So if you can fix this problem

    In VIP mode, the vip can’t use weapon (was posible on ultimate version), is it voluntary ?

    In static labyrinth, i think the way is always the same, it can be harder if you change the wall’s position. (I would like to keep it like that but I tell you though)

    In reverse mod, humans which arrive to the final point but which are killed by zombies, will be green in next round so they will have the big jump power.

    That all for the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. JorisCeoen says:

    Wasn’t there such a bug whereas one dropped the minigun, it would teamkill almost everyone? I would in any case like to see it removed as I’m not sure what it causes it, but it’s not really acceptable in my opinion

  16. Kaemon says:

    Thats not a bug Joris. Its made on purpouse. I already told Hannibal, 10 versions ago, to get rid of the Minigun overheat explosion or making it not affect Humans.
    Same story with the Holy Grenade, but at least that one is harder to get.

  17. -L- says:

    @ Moltard
    Grenade Maker has a big text with “grenade maker” above u, if u have it.

    I guess u mean with Teleporter the green light, its the only weapon without a console messages..its only annoying when some people equip like sprint/invulerability the same time and u cant say if u have it now or not. But 2 make console messages in this case wouldnt make any difference.
    I would suggest that u would just take another type of the weapon not glock all the time. If u would see a deagle/elite, u would know its the green light.

    vip has like a cage around him, u can hear it when u knive…I think its probably for the cognizability that a zombie knived the vip, the weapon buttons are probably outside of this area and u can use it then. So try to take the chainsaw….
    I think its not a bug eventhough it was different in ultimate has to be protected and not to fight.

    making static random would be 2 much work or? and people would maybe fail even more then now…I really dont like static atm, I just wait sometimes in the zombiejail…

    I like the trollitems like the minigun…u can never be safe not to get killed anywhere, next to each corner death maybe awaits u…its paranoid!^^

  18. -L- says:

    ah nvm its only relevant if the server has particles bugged …green gun has green particles so u could say then what it is

  19. JorisCeoen says:

    Well I’m still not sure how the particles bug, but what I usually see on Paranoid are the massive X’s if one shoots the Balrog. There are that many particles that it becomes ridicilous at a certain time :-/

  20. Moltard says:

    We see particles as servers because I played a Mako on GFL server and all the explosions and even the effects of Materias were replaced by the red cross.
    I see often the particles when i play paranoid on pF server, i believe but i have never see these on hellz server.

    Otherwise someone can tell me how to disappear, the red and green in the zombie cage. I’ll get some time but I never know if I must knife the wall or press E.

  21. Dr.[H]OUSE says:

    Hey, just remember that the bugs of paranoid make the map interesting. I hope you wont fix all. Im a bit old school but i prefered your old mako version than the new one which is now really easy and repetitive.

    I dont have time to see what everyone write ther but here are some gameplay bug which need to get fixed

    -Zm radar, heal item and slower : You cant drop them because it go back in our hands in 1 sec. It’s annoying when you have 2 items (like slower and minigun) because it’s hard to use the minigun in that case (You have to drop slower, then minigun, take minigun back 1st, use it and take back the slower)
    -Juggernaut : Well, if you spam e and right knife, you can attack everytime without interruption and it’s hard for zm to kill him.
    -Reverse mode : If 1 zm !zspawn just before the round start he will get tele in the elevator and trigger it when human are still in spawn area : the problem is to get the ct item because zm are free to leave at this time :s
    -Green bonus : To make colliseum/zm and silent hill more interesting, if you can tele winners in colliseum to get green bonus that would be better!
    -No Wall trigger : People of 1st labyrinth arent teleported to colliseum in the end!

    Now about what you made (or going to) :
    “- Zombie Mode: Fixed being able to reach un-intended places with Human Items on top of the Coliseumโ€™s Monster-Door, the Zombie Roomโ€™s Portal and the Spawnโ€™s Spray-Screen.” : Just add more jumper or barnacle. If there are ladders, bed or builder during zm mode, i think it needs to be useful. Ok this is hiding but you cant reach those places every round and this is one of the challenge of zm mode. Btw there can be 1 or 2 holy grenade, and as zm gets no green bonus, everyone can team kill the hider. If you remove this, zm mode will be a bit more boring :s
    -Console bug : I didnt see you would fix it, but i hope so ๐Ÿ™‚ Hard if it happens during trigger madness/vuvuzela

    And about what i see:
    -Pyramid head knife : this isnt really a problem, it is slow and human can escape from it (the only problem is during silent hill but you are supposed to have at least a 2nd laby item able to push them)
    -Builder : If it can stuck zm that’s a good news, because you dont always have time to make stairs with it, let it like it was, it’s pretty much rare it happens btw cause even you stuck normal zm, titan can destroy it or zm with brain can help there mates if they arent stucked (rare but possible :D)

    That’s all for the moment, thx ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Moltard says:

    An old bug, i have post there is 1 month, if humans break the 2 last block in same time, we are stucked in spawn area,

    Sometime the trigger invert control crash and we must finish the round with all control inversed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    If one human active the trigger “no wall” in a face to face round, the wall that repel zombies doesn’t disapear and if zombies don’t know that they can go to the left or right, they are stucked then teleported to the coliseum (if humans win, of course).

    Fixe the bug with the VIP, sometimes he is zombiefied instead of killed (so nobody is teleported in the white room.

    One question: I don’t know if the invulnerability weapon can allow to survive of a minigun or holy grenade explosion, someone can ask me ?

    Thats all for the moment, ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if anyone posted it didn’t bother to read it all.
    You can use the builder to stay in the boost tunnel at begining..

  24. Moltard says:

    Yes but its useless because after you are teleported to the jail, its the same for the 2 side height (left and right)

  25. -L- says:

    How do u get the builder at spawn anyway?
    You can survive holy with invulnerability, minigun idk.

    One thing I discoverd lately..zombie teleporter…somehow u can get in the maze again when u walk into a portal on the ground in the colosseum. If many zombies would follow it, its hard 2 kill them then.
    But idk correctly how the destination was the 2nd maze..there must be a glitched zombie teleporter there or? and a second zombieteleporter makes a portal and all are teleported to the 2nd maze instead to the zombieteleporter in the colosseum.

    Was probably a Ultimatum zombie teleporter and then nowall round … I cant imagine this working without a zombie still in the maze.

  26. Kaemon says:

    Thank again to everyone for reporting those bugs… However I must admit I wasn’t expecting so many; Hannibal will probably get mad. XD

    I’m not 100% sure that the Boost Tunel has Teleports/Hurts in it; so staying in there with the Builder could be a problem on Reverse and the modes that give the weapons at the Spawn.

    And -L-, about that issue you are mentioning… I’m not sure where the zombies get teleported if the Summoner got Killed or Disconnected. That could be it.

  27. Moltard says:

    I saw, nobody mention the most boring glitch, the windows 98 error that drop our weapon. If you can fix it, we can play more quietly.

  28. Dr.[H]OUSE says:

    Windows 98 isnt a “boring glitch” :s It’s very annoying but it’s the game! This just shouldnt happen anymore since we enter the core during trigger madness or vuvuzela, mostly when you see “Final door open in 4 seconds” and then… booom windows98! uziefoihuzvhbjzreh!!

    You can get builder at spawn during colliseum carnage, ok you can use it at spawn, but who cares you are teleported with zombie a few time later :s Builder doesnt need any fix!

    Just some more things about the trap:
    -I don’t know if that what you wanted but the ct infected in the trap keep the low gravity
    -In reverse mode, this just happened today, trigger happened and as you know it, we need to go south to finish reverse but trigger tele us to north :s

    And about trigger: if someone get ladder item (i think there is an other but im sure for ladder), slippery and reverse control, if it happen are bugged… for the whole round! If just 1 is bugged, it’s still playable, but both :s This is impossible to control anything.

  29. Metro says:

    gl fixing it hannibal ๐Ÿ˜‰ and have fun in ireland spain economy is fucked

  30. Jimmy says:

    Hey, there is bug on the SteamGamers zombie escape server, if the friction on Paranoid is all weird and the map changes, it will stay like that on the next map until the server is restarted, not sure if it’s the server or map.

  31. Jimmy says:

    This is what I mean (sorry for the quality) but as you can see, we just came from Paranoid and now everyone has really high speed.

  32. Kaemon says:

    Jimmy, that “bug” always existed. I mentioned to Hannibal the risks of using a console command that doens’t start with “MP” (the “MP” ones don’t get saved between map). SV_Friction will stays forever in the server if the map changes while friction is changed.

    This was really-really weird previously:
    – There was only 1 Friction Trigger.
    – It was located in the first labyrinth (the one more unlikely to finish the round).
    – It needed to be the Last Round.
    – Zombies needed to infect that last humans while under the Friction effects.

    But I can see now that the Triggers are more random, and that Vuvuzela Trigger exists, that Friction is more likely to be happening while the last human dies (by natural causes) in the Core while on the last round.
    The only way to “fix” this would be removing the Friction trigger. Will mention to Hannibal to see how he feels about it.

    However, I think the guys in charge of the server can easily add a line on their config to force the correct SV_Friction everytime a new map loads.

  33. -L- says:

    Ye, I played so often paranoid and it never happend…

    He cant fix evrything anyway and like already said, bugs make the map interesting aswell so keep a few.^^

    But I really hope u can fix the untouchable trigger

  34. Joris Ceoen says:

    Or perhaps (if possible) servers could change the config files on Paranoid that at the last 10 seconds before the end of a map (before mapchange) they force the friction to normal again?

  35. Anonymous says:

    @ Kaemon

    If we except the fact that usually servers force their settings at map change (like for gravity), I think it can be fixed using a trigger that detect if no human or no zombie is in the map and then set friction to normal.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to Luffaren for the 1st Price in the competition.

  37. Moltard says:

    The blue box trap make lose speed to antillion guard, so after he has the same speed than other zombie, fix it please.

  38. Magic says:


  39. Kaemon says:

    Moltard: this was fixed already before you posted. Antlion Guard got greatly buffed and is now immune to all speed changes (Freezer, Core Blue Trap, Balrog Growl, Slow Zombies, Fast Zombies…)

    Magic: Done. XD