We all are working! Seriously!

Posted: November 22, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News, ZE FFVII Junon, ZE Paranoid

Ey, sorry once more for the delay between posts. At first I just wanted the Paranoid post to be the one on the front page so people would report bugs, and later I thought Hannibal was about to finish/publish it and I was waiting for him to post, but he got delayed by the new bugs reported on the comments and some other bugs appearing when fixing those bugs… XD

We tested Paranoid V11.6 yesterday on an online server with some guys, and a couple new major bugs were found. Hannibal is working on fixing them; but with a map like Paranoid you can’t just keep testing it for bugs until is clean (there are way too many combinations and abusable combos) so likely he will end publishing very soon (I would say this weekend, but we can’t know for sure) and people playing on the servers will probably manage to find some new bugs or things that we didn’t spot.

If you still know of a Paranoid bug that wasn’t listed or reported on the previous post, feel free to comment about it on this one.
So anyway… News about Junon! (And some bad quality screenshots! Yay!)


A comparison between the original Junon from Final Fantasy VII and the one I’m making.
Please notice that Junon is currently more advanced than the one shown in this screenshot.

I had been working a lot on Junon lately (as previously mentioned I will try to release it this year), and it has advanced a lot; however I can’t believe I’m still fitting rooms on the Skybox… Finally it looks like I will have to split the map into 5 different pieces that will require the Skybox to move/change when the action changes from one to the other (worry not, players won’t be able to notice those changes while playing). Those areas will be:

  • Spawn/Middle Area: Includes the Village of Junon, the Main Entrance, the Airport, the Main Streets right of the Cannon and the Red Submarine Dock.
  • Top Area: Includes the Climb to the Tower, the Shinra Tower, and the first half of Sister Ray (Junon Cannon).
  • Point of the Cannon: I needed to split the cannon in two pieces to make it fit… Also will do something special with it.
  • Left Side of the City: At the other side of the Cannon is half of the city, the Seaport is in this side.
  • Underground Area: Includes the Submarine Reactor and the Submarine Harbor.

Behold my mighty Paint-Skills once more!
(Seriously, this helps you understand how the map will be cut down)


And this is the reason why I split the map…
As you can see the map doesn’t fit in any dimension (the white walls are the size of the Hammer Grid; Minas Tirith fits in there).

I’m still unsure about how many stages will exist (since I may change my mind about some of them after seeing the whole map put together), but it will probably have 6 different ending-areas (all the” stages” will share the spawn area and first paths, but will end at different places); and I will probably make it so you only have to win 4 rounds to see “the final stage” (not forcing you to play all the stages every time since I feel that 4 stages to beat is quite a good number).


This Cargo Ship on the Seaport will be one of the 6-7 escape vehicles.
There is a Counter Terrorist visible on the Top-Left screen; that should allow you to get an idea of the dimensions.

A spanish modeler by the name of Kaem, (not to be confused with Kaemon, lol) is now helping me getting some models from “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core” for the bosses. I’m not sure yet which bosses exactly I will end using, or where you will fight them; but both the Red Scorpion Guard and Bahamuth from Mako Reactor will appear once more (both with new models).
On the Materia sector… I have written down all the materias I will end using; but I’m not sure if I will allow all of them every round or just randomize them (only making 1 of 2 with similar effects appear), since there are more than in Mako Reactor and I don’t want it to be all about spamming materias on the poor little zombies… Another solution may be making them really hard to get (like having to go back or waste a lot of time, making you an easy target for Zombies), so in the few occasions players manage to get them all, at least they will deserve it. (Also they will be sightly less powerful than the Mako Reactor ones).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(The purpose of this slideshow is so you can see/understand better the size of the tower and the map as a whole)
(And no, I didn’t know how to make the other four screenshots not to appear on it! XD)

So… Anyway, that’s it. I still have a lot of work to do, but we are getting there… Sorry for how bad the screenshots are (they are not really screenshots for showing, I made them to explain/show things to a couple fellow mappers); feel free to ask questions about Junon in the comments, and let’s all hope than the Paranoid fix version doesn’t has any important glitch or bug.

Next post before the end of the week!

  1. Metro says:

    nice hope junon becomes better then mako ;D

  2. Spyro40k says:

    Junon is looking awesome! Can’t wait.

  3. Joris Ceoen says:

    Kaemon you forgot to mention me 😦

    After all I was the first one to show and tell you that I got a lot of models for FF xD
    Anyways, I’m happy Kaem is helping you out since I’m not sure I could fit the job as well! I just hope those animations will work out (with the .mot files if Kaem ever mentioned that to you)

    Good luck anyways!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seriously Kaemon. I love you πŸ˜€

  5. Mb says:

    Wow. gonna be waiting

  6. Kaemon says:

    To be fair Joris, NexXT was the first one to start talking (on the forum) about the FF7:CC models; but I was already aware of them, is just that I first I didn’t thought I was going to find people that could extract them for me.
    And you could fit the job as well; is just that Kaem has more free time and prefers/specializes to work with models, while you are more of a mapper and have your hands full with SSBB. XD

    BTW, it looks like we won’t be able to export the animations from Crisis Core; but Kaem is now trying to extract the animations from the original FF7 and use them into the Crisis Core models… Dude is insane. XD
    On the worst scenario he will help me animating some of the models on 3DS I guess, so not bad.

  7. Moltard says:

    Good news kaemon, i wait for your map.

    Otherwise a strange glitch in paranoid, we can take the juggernaut in zombie in the reverse mod.
    I explain when the metal door broken, i have lost my knife (i don’t know why, maybe i was to close to a zombie item) then i have see the juggernaut and jump on it, and i have take it !!!
    Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105763378 , on this screenshot you can see HP i had with it (9999 hp) and on the radar you see i was zombie (in red).
    But when i used power of the jugg i was repel and i lose about 1000 hp per charge i made.

    The very important problem of this glitch is when a zombie break the juggernaut (controlled by a zombie), the zombie owner of the jugg become invisible so after we can’t see it !!

  8. Kim says:

    Will we be seeing sephiroth once again, or is he a imprisoned soul in mako?
    I know he survived after the Mako Meteor Crash! XD

  9. Kaemon says:

    You will definitely see him again Kim, worry not πŸ™‚
    As with Bahamuth and the Red Scorpion Guard, Sephiroth will get a new model; since I believe his Crisis Core version looks better than the one from Kingdom Hearts that Hannibal used.

  10. Groov says:

    Is the Sapphire Weapon going to make an appearance in the map?

  11. Kaemon says:

    Groov, do you really want that kind of spoilers? XD

  12. Moltard says:

    Maybe the sword, that was planned for paranoid ?

  13. Kim says:

    Let him be trained, i am ready!

  14. eule says:

    CS:GO ports of your maps yay or nay? Someone already ported Helm’s Deep…

  15. Kaemon says:

    Moltard: Not for the moment. I thought about it, but so far I won’t be adding anything on top of the Materias.
    Kim: No, you are not. XD
    Eule: I believe someone ported Minas Tirith aswell, and it was apparently working Will remind him of the possibility of porting them. Junon will be for CS:S only, at least at first; while I keep adding stuff and doing fixes.

  16. -L- says:

    this map must be HUGE, cant believe it yet^^

  17. Magic says:

    I kinda cant get the huge scale of it from the screenshots, so im just waiting for actual testing. GET WORKING πŸ˜‰

  18. Searaphim says:

    The final stage will end at the mako cannon and it will most likely going to be a fight versus the sapphire weapon, I can tell! :3 Also, if you haven’t thought about it already kaemon, the canon could be used to fire a shot against the boss if you trigger a few buttons beforehand (kind of like how you can destroy the cowbells on mako to prevent bahamut from using materias :D)

  19. Searaphim says:

    Oh! and We’ve got to ride that dolphin!!!!

  20. Kaemon says:

    There are some Final Fantasy VII Fans around here… XD