Quick update on Junon. Heads up for Paranoid “Tomorrow”.

Posted: November 25, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Junon, ZE Paranoid

I felt like posting some new screenshots to show the progress I did on Junon the past few days, so here they are!

On Junon...

Here is the common frontal view; you may be able to compare with the previous screenshots to notice its evolution.

...Ultima Materia...

I took this screenshot because I really like how the Shinra Tower turned out.
Not only I think it looks really cool and accurate to the “real” one, but the rooms inside fit better than expected.

...won't exist!

And on this one I decided to put some labels in case you want to start knowing the names of the areas.
If you played FF7 you may recognize most (or all) of them.

Basically I’m really happy with how Junon has been progressing lately. I know I have been with the map for a really long time (more than a year!) but I have slacked a lot, I had 2 computer crashes (never lost any data but each time I was left without computer for a month) and the first things I had to do with the map were the slower and harder ones (for me at least).

I wanted to make it as accurate as possible to the “real” Junon from the games, and that’s trickier than it sounds. First, I had to get the scale right, also in a way that was playable for CS:S Zombie Escape… Then I had to figure out a way to make it fit on the Hammer grid (since its Taller, Longer and Thicker than the grid!)… Then, if you looking at screenshots/videos from FFVII you will notice how big-headed the characters are, giving a fake feel on the sizes of the rooms… Then, the game wasn’t on 3D sometimes making it hard to understand the perspective of some area… And then, most of the time, the rooms were connected in impossible ways (the game basically ignores big areas from screen to screen or contradicts itself)… And when you see the cinematics they often look different over the gameplay images again…
I also took images/videos from FFVII: Crisis Core to help with some doubts or to get images from different angles/areas… only to find out that the areas are different in that game! Being a full 3D game it couldn’t follow the original design on many places…

(Notice that at some places the “final” Junon shown here looks different to the original FFVII Junon comparative screenshot from the previous post; I decided to take the Crisis Core dimensions/approach for some parts, since they fit and feel better in 3D enviromment like Counter Strike and suit better the rooms/paths)

Also a special mention to the “Red Submarine Dock“… It took me the longest time to figure out where this area was located… I wasn’t even sure if the screenshot I had (LINK) belonged to Junon at all! I searched on many playthroughs and it didn’t show in any of them… Finally I played the game again, and I finally figured it out (aswell as the reason why I didn’t recognize the area)… You can only get to this area IF YOU FAIL the previous mission! And I never did.. XD

Anyway, point is, I’m really happy with the results; and even if I will still need to add details to the skybox in the future; I know at last where every room and path will be placed, and I’m done changing the sizes or shapes of the main areas. I have many paths and rooms already done (even if not detailed) and I will start placing them on their final positions tomorrow; making is possible to walk the stages at last.

And speaking about tomorrow…. Hannibal will probably release the new Paranoid version tomorrow (well, later this Sunday… I should start going to sleep before the sun rises…).
Remember that its mostly a fix-version, so don’t expect anything new. If no important bugs are found while testing, Hannibal will post the release in the blog; and I will add the Changelog so those interested can read all the fixes and changes; and even test/check if they really got fixed/changed.
However don’t be surprised if a new (this time way faster) fix version is required in the following days; you know how Paranoid is, some glitches just won’t show until everyone is playing it on a couple servers…

  1. Moltard says:

    Very beautiful, this cannon Kaemon.
    I think Paranoid post will leave your post abandoned 😉

  2. Raven says:

    Sapphire Weapon incoming!@

  3. Spyro40k says:

    Valve should hire you to make their maps!

  4. Metro says:

    we tested paranoid and so far we feel closer and closer ;D