Paranoid Rezurrection v11.9 – RELEASED!

Posted: November 26, 2012 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Hannnibal's Rants, Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, ZE Paranoid

Hi folks. Here I present the last version of Paranoid, the v11.9 (.6, .7 and .8 needed new fixes). I think now I’m officialy done with Paranoid. I fixed every bug we had written down and those reported these past days (and there were way more than I imaginedl). It was important to fix every bug and I didn’t add any new mode or weapon, the map is enough overloaded as it is and I didn’t want to risk its stability or generating new bugs and conflicts.

I made many fixes and changes (changelog bellow), but the most noticeable/importants are:

  • Antlion Guard and Giant Crab are now immune to speed changes; so freezing weapons, traps and labyrinth triggers have no effect on them; Antlion keeps being fast, Crab keeps being slow.
  • Giant Crab now automatically destroys projectiles of most weapons like those from the Annihilator, Rocket Launcher, Singularity Gun, Thundergun and Freezer.
  • Added new Coliseum Ending: Fight the Special Zombies. This will kill all normal zombies and allow you to fight the rest (from Zombie Jumpers to Balrogs and Titans, every zombie that picked a special knife).
  • Coliseum Mode “Fight the Titan” has been sightly changed. Now the zombies have 10 seconds to pick up the monster, when the time runs out every zombie will die but the one that picked the giant monster.
  • Reverse Mode has been reworked/improved. Now there are two new holds and you can walk into the portal area at the begging of the first labyrinth from the ground level.

I want to mention that both Antlion Guard and Giant Crab needed some love. Antlion Guard would become like any normal zombie after any “Slow Zombies”, “Freezer Projectile” and even an allied “Balrog Growl”. And Giant Crab… Well… The poor bastard was arguably worse than a normal zombie. XD

Now it’s time for me to continue with other things. Hammer Sources is promising, but I stopped working with it after starting my new job (Coding at home after 8 hours of coding? No thanks… Better mapping!). Last Man Standing (LMS) will be continued as soon I see my prefab tool working a bit.


The Crab green beam destroys the projectiles, making him a valuable member of the Zombie Team.

And now, courtesy from Kaemon, here you have the changelog from Paranoid V11.5 to V11.9:

DISCLAIMER: If something listed here isn’t working, let us know. Kaemon wrote the changelog, but was Hannibal who implemented the changes. Things could be wrongly listed, but shouldn’t be the case.

Paranoid V11.5 > V11.9 Changelog:

– Increased the Round Time to 9 minutes; in some occasions players needed some extra seconds on the Coliseum.
– Zombies are now able to break the wood planks in the holds between the 1st and 2nd labyrinths.
– Fixed a Nuke-Free spot in a secret place that usually contains a powerful Human Weapon.
– Fixed the East Door connecting 1st and 2nd labyrinth opening faster than the rest the doors.
– Reduced how much you can abuse the Builder’s blocks on the important Zombie Teleport destinations.
– Fixed a glitched place in the Core that allowed you to get stucked in there on purpose waiting for a good time.

Spawn & Selection:
– “Everyone can choose” occurs now 1/6 of the times instead of 1/4.
– Added “No one can choose”
– Modes take sightly longer to start breaking on their own, giving some extra time for the first bans.
– Modes break sightly faster once they start to randomly break on their own.
– Fixed the bugged-rounds that could occur some times when the mode selection failed.
– Fixed the Original Mother Zombie being too shootable on his Jail (his immortality should stay longer).
– The Original Mother Zombie now gets 20K HP given by the map (this also fixes the problem of incredible low-HP Mother Zombies when they were transformed from a human labeled as “Winner” from the previous round).
– The metal fences that could stuck people shouldn’t reappear anymore.
– The red energy field is now visible on all rounds, not only the first one.

– Lords of Destruction & Face to Face: All Zombies appear now in the middle of the area, instead of only the Original Mother Zombie.
– Lords of Destruction (Face to Face Style) & Face to Face: The Portal to go from North to South shouldn’t work anymore.
– Face to Face: Improved the energy field so zombies can’t pass it with tricky movements.
– Ultimatum Mode: Removed the possibility of the Zombie Weapon being “Spy Zombie”. The item was no longer in the map and zombies were getting no special item on those rounds.
– Ultimatum Mode: Fixed the mode wrongly saying “Blocker” instead of “Healer” item.
– Ascension Mode: The whole thing starts sightly faster, reducing the dead time.
– Ascension Mode: The Last Bridges are now always present and instead blocked by an energy barrier. This avoids some people getting stuck on them when they appear.
– Silent Hill: Its activation secret is now closer to the starting areas.
– Silent Hill & No Wall Mode: Should now open the bridges leading to the Core doors.
– No Wall Mode: Fixed people in the 1st/2nd labyrinth not getting teleported to the coliseum.
– Reverse Mode: Fixed zombies getting out of their cage earlier than intended with the use of !ztele or !zspawn.
– Reverse Mode: Now has two extra holds, one on the “Teleport Room” at the coliseum’s corridor and one in the Core Bridge at the Core Entrance.
– Reverse Mode: Now has a couple of zombie teleports for the respawning zombies, including a final-teleport at the very end.
– Reverse Mode: Fixed Gandalf’s Staff enabling the “You cannot pass” event on the top of the Core, creating a way down for Zombies and Humans with No-Fall Damage or Extra HP.
– Reverse Mode: Changed the entrance to the Portal that leads to the Spawn Area, it can now be accessed from ground level.
– Reverse Mode should be now more responsible when asigning the “Winner” status to the surviving humans, but still not perfect.
– Reverse Mode & Ascension Mode: Zombies should have a sightly better time infecting humans before the round starts.
– Coliseum Carnage: There is now a hole leading to the top of the Monster’s Door to avoid item abuse for camping that area.
– Zombie Mode: Fixed the Zombie Room being Nuke-Free.
– Zombie Mode: Fixed being able to reach un-intended places with Human Items on top of the Zombie Room’s Portal and the Spawn’s Spray-Screen.
– Zombie Mode, Coliseum Carnage and Silent Hill now grant the “Winner” status to the surviving humans.

Labyrinth Triggers:
– It’s a Trap!: Fixed people falling into the pits around the Core not getting teleported to the white room.
– It’s a Trap!: Prevented monsters from doing lethal in the white room; now only zombifications should happen.
– It’s a Trap!: Fixed the exit teleport destination being in the wrong side of the labyrinth, making impossible to finish the map if only 1 side (few players) was open, or if it was triggered during Reverse Mode.
– Fixed Reverse Controls and Slippery Ground staying for the rest of the round if someone picked up the Ladder Item while they were going on.

Human Weapons:
– MG42 (Sand Bagged Weapon): Reduced push strength from 365 to 325.
– MG42 (Sand Bagged Weapon): Fixed the trigger push and effect never disappearing.
– MG42 (Sand Bagged Weapon): Sand Bags are no longer solid; they didn’t help to cover against zombies and it was too easy to stuck team mates.
– Juggernaut, Dog and VIP no longer get normally infested after the Invulnerable Humans trigger.
– Juggernaut, Dog and VIP no longer die by the damage caused from the Secret Orb for the Gravity Gun or the Annihilator’s Projectile.
– Zombies shouldn’t be able to use (or abuse) many special human items power ups (like the Speed-Pistol) while they are floating unpicked.
– Grenade Maker and Teleporter: Now have “Picked Up X” messages.
– Grenade Maker and the Builder: Improved their floating texts.
– The Secret Balcony of the Tower no longer has Annihilator on it, only the Holy Grenade.
– All weapons-based items are now attached to pistols; so no more items-combos or greedy humans not sharing the goodies.
– Changed the kind of pistols on the special items without any model to make easier to tell apart when on cooldown or during glitched particles (Sprint=Elites, Invulnerability=Deagle, Teleporter=Fiveseven , Invisibility=USP).
– Invulnerability Gun: Now makes you immune to the Holy Grenade and Minigun Overheat explosions.

Zombie Weapons:
– Scary Zombie: Scare cooldown reduced from 45 to 27 seconds.
– Titan Monster: Increased HP from 18.500 to 25.500
– T-Rex: Increased HP from 13.500 to 19.000.
– T-Rex: Sightly increased the size of his bite area.
– Balrog: Increased HP from 22.500 to 32.500.
– Balrog: His Growl should now affect only Non-Monsters Zombies instead of everyone.
– Balrog and Pyramid Head: Fixed being shootable by normal weapons in some cases.
– Pyramid Head: Has now more troubles trying to infect people (he should be killing them with his sword).
– Titan Monster, T-Rex and Balrog: Can now easily break the grates on both sides of the Core Entrances.
– Titan Monster, T-Rex and Balrog: Removed their Blood Emitters in an attempt to prevent particles from glitching or at least making it less annoying when it happens.
– Zombie Stopper: Sightly reworked to avoid an abusable glitch that allowed the Zombie Stopper to move retaining its invulnerabilities.
– Zombie Stopper: Now can only stay frozen a maximum duration of 5 seconds per use.
– Antlion Guard & Giant Crab: Are now immune to all speed changes, including those that completely freeze the zombies.
– Giant Crab: Now destroys most of the projectiles from the special weapons (Annihilator, Freezer, Rocket Launcher, Thundergun, Singularity), making him a valuable member of the Zombie Team.

– Now appears 100% of the Rounds (instead of 50%).
– Jukebox was still usable when you became Zombie. Now, in addition, you should be able to keep reading the song names after zombification occurs.
– Shouldn’t be stopped anymore by the Built-In musics of the map; once someone gets the Jukebox he becomes the only source of new music and songs.
– Replaced the song “Motorstorm – Apocalypse” with “Gangnam Style”.
– Is harder to pick it abusing higher jumps from the server settings or skins.

– Replaced the 2D Skybox.
– The Bridges that appear as a shortcut to the doors leading to the Core now have a minimum light level so they don’t look completely black.
– Vulcan Minigun’s flash particle has been edited. It look very annoying on some computers/settings.

–  Juggernaut, Dog and VIP shouldn’t be killable anymore on the endings that don’t allow the Zombie Team to fight back.
– Balrog and T-Rex can’t damage/kill anymore when you chose an ending that doesn’t allow the Zombie Team to fight back.
– “Fight The Titan” ending now has the monster placed in a more visible place.
– “Fight The Titan” ending now gives 10 seconds for the zombies to pick the giant monster before killing all of them (except the one picking the monster) to avoid them not picking it and becoming a “Chuck Norris” ending.
– The Nukes to kill the Zombie Team shouldn’t reach the balcony with the buttons anymore, not killing humans that change back to terrorist team there.
– Added a new ending: Fight the Monsters. This mode will kill every zombie that is not labeled as a “monster”, leaving you to fight those labeled as such, like the Zombie Boss, Zombie Jumper, Antlion Guard, Balrog, etc… (All the special zombie items).

DISCLAIMER: If you find something listed here is not working or still bugged/problematic, please let us know.

BTW, in case you missed it, there is a post under this one that was written less than 1 day ago with some screenshots and progress info about Junon on it.

  1. Metro says:

    total emptyness ;D

  2. Metro says:

    thx godness paranoid is over ;D

  3. Mad says:

    Downloadering and uploadering

  4. Jajajaj sorry for that… I needed to rewrite the entire post… it magically disappeared..

  5. Kaemon says:

    Yeah… Apparently Hannibal spent more than 30 minutes typing the post only for it to get eaten by the always hungry interwebs.
    I just edited his second rushed post to make it look better and I’m now proceeding to write the Changelog for those interested… It should be up in about half an hour.

  6. Anonymous says:

    – All weapons-based items are now attached to pistols; so no more items-combos or greedy humans not sharing the goodies.

    sad day ;(

  7. paranoid is overrated says:

    Finally paranoid is over!

    Now time for some real maps like LMS and Minas fix! 😀

  8. -L- says:

    Very nice update, thank you!

    Paranoid feels finished now, even if some modes are probably a bit more challenging now(reverse,lords of destruction).
    But I still need to see it on a full server.

    These jukebox thiefs, zombiecageshooter, bugged juggs and antilions, trolljuke(50%),particlebugged guns and the “weak” zombie monsters are all fixed.
    I didnt expect at the beginning that you would fix this all^^ gj

  9. TehBackstab says:

    Very nice work. It feels a lot smoother and less buggy. I appreciate all the work you have put into this map, and I have not found any bugs yet.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey, could you please update the submission on gamebanana too

  11. Kaemon says:

    Anonymous: I’m sorry you feel that way about the items combos being gone; but being honest, not only were they “buggy” (not being able to use some items without dropping others, etc) but also just made for the sake of it without thinking about how abusable some combinations were.

    Paranoid is Overrated: LoL at the name. XD Well; I’m also waiting for Hannibal to start working on LMS in a serious way; but the Minas Tirith Fix will probably take a while (if it happens). I need to make Hannibal check what Luffaren has been up to with his Secret Project in case he can borrow some ideas/techniques for LMS.

    L & TehBackstab: Very nice update indeed, even if its only fixes (and some balancing), it sure feels smoother; and it couldn’t have been otherwise. Adding weapons/monsters/modes would certainly created new buggs. I do personally love the new Reverse and Lords of Destruction modes compared to the v11.5 versions, which were, in fact, kinda bad.

    Last Anonymous: I will remember Hannibal about doing so, specially now that (from what I had been told) Gamebanana uploading doesn’t bug so often.

  12. Moltard says:

    Good update but if there is a new uptade to fix new bug that appears (always little bug in paranoid ;)), i have an idea for the crab:
    He have a weapon under is body, so maybe he can use it to repel humans and to hurt them.

    And if there will an uptade of Minas tirith, can you fix the glitch with the nazgul at the first stage of the map: zombie owner of Nazgul just have to type !ztele, go into the zombie shop, then on a special item, he lose his knife but he have always his big speed, and about 10 secondes after he re-take a knife. With that glitch he is not kill by nuke that kill nazguls when zombies are teleported, and he can kill human very simple.

  13. Purpzz says:

    Gangnam style ugh, why.. :S, just thanks to that song it makes me go put paranoid on place 5 in my top 3 now …
    I do have to say its a nice map but though that music is in, i would not play it so often anymore

  14. Anonymous says:

    Yeah a working fix for Minas Tirith would be awesome. It’s my favourite map.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Gangnam Style? Really?

  16. [P]aaf_^ says:

    Hi !
    I have noticed 3 bugs yesterday :
    – We were in zombie boss mod. I activated the main door trigger in the first labyrinth and the doors opened directly. (Normally, it’s after 30s) It happened only once
    – We were in “Lord of Destruction” mod. You have removed the shortcut with the human gate but you can still use the one of the zombies.
    – We were in coliseum carnage mod. I activated the nuke as a human but all the zombies didn’t die directly. (Especially the ones next to the buttons). Finally, they died (after ~20s) but i’m not sure if it was because of the nuke.

    Anyway, very nice map and nice update !
    Good Job 😉

  17. Kaemon says:

    I noticed the problem with the doors, still unsure of what exactly is, but I would say that when Hannibal attempted to fix the East door opening too fast, he changed all the doors to open too fast under X circumstances.

    Yeah, we noticed the Lord of Destruction (Face to Face Style) and Face to Face… The Human portal was disabled, but the zombie one not… And unlucky enough it has the wrong destination at the other side of the map.

    And about the Coliseum Carnage… The Nuke was remade so it wouldn’t kill terrorist in the balcony and Hannibal probably forgot about that for Coliseum Carnage. I can see why it happens.

    On top of that you can’t reach the Holy Grenade balcony (and I kinda like it, I was getting sick of seeing the damn thing every other round), the Giant Crab doesn’t seem to eat projectiles as good as it should and, the most important one, Juggernaut seems to have go back to his previous status of many versions ago of “50% Chance of glitching, making the human still invisible and/or imposible to knife after the Juggernaut is destroyed”.

    Still, it plays better than V11.5 and I wouldn’t personally say that a fix version is needed so far, since its quite playable, let Hannibal take a remake-rest while people find some new bugs.

  18. Kaemon says:

    Going to sleep now, tomorrow I may post with this image:

    Comparation of Sizes

    If you read the comments, here you go, you get to see it before everyone else ;-P

  19. Moltard says:

    Omg the cannon is giant, the same size as minas tirith !?

  20. Majora's Mask says:

    About paranoid, if there will be a final fix…

    About jukebox, you removed motostorm apocalypse. If you cant add any new music, i think you can switch motostorm with the In Flames music because this one is never played (really, never!)

    About item (holy grenade, singu, slower, mg42), can’t you make them back to a p90 or mp5? :s The originality of the map was to have 2 different items at the same time. Ok this can look unfair or whatever you think, but you cant get 2 items everyround, you need a lot of chance to have a good combo and this may allow you to survive when team fails too much (it happens many time ^^). About the sharing of the items, between people who know the map, this often happen! People who don’t know the map are unable to know when/how to use item and they always rtv so… Why should we share item with them :s
    And if we have no item… Bah it’s the part of the game, this happens to everyone… Map is still fun even without item, everything can happen!

    And now just an example: if i have a rocket launcher or other bad item, i see a singularity, i will take it, i will drop my rocket laucher, no one will see it and no one will take it…. But during v11_5, we could have singu + rocket. Idk about other people,but i always dropped my bad item for my team which didn’t have a good item. Ok that can look nothing but that’s just to say that this new update is useless because now some objects will never get used after the end of 2nd laby.
    The other example is when i had mg42 + minigun, i kept the mg42 (yeah bug was cool :p) and i gave the minigun to a good mate (good = not troll ofc) and we could have nice win! Just to say that most of the really paranoid lovers aren’t bitches who don’t share item when they have 2…

    Yeah that’s the update i hate the most, and when i speak to people who like paranoid, they don’t like it too.
    You probably wanted to make the map more fair for everyone, that’s respectable, but people who didnt like v11_5 will never like v11_9 so…
    Think about it 🙂

    And i’ve noticed something about the trap. When zombies are out of the trap, they are teleported just in front of the wood planks of the north, is it normal?

  21. Kaemon says:

    Well, I’m always like “Blame to Hannibal”, since its his map and he does the changes, fixes and fails that generate into new bugs; and he usually makes the decisions and always has the last word on whatever happens to the map…

    About the P90 weapons becoming pistols? That one you can blame on me: After seeing some comments (when we were asking you guys to report problems within the map) I saw a couple that agreed with my point of view of those combo being glitchy and/or unfair, so I recommended Hannibal once more to change them to pistols and, weird enough, he did. XD
    I can see your point, specially because carrying two special weapons, not only is and looks cool, but as you mentioned allows you to share them with others at times; I have done that myself a lot of times; but I have always disliked how Hannibal took the matter; because he didn’t put any thought on it, he just made a couple random weapons to be P90 without thinking about the possible combos or how those could be abused; and while playing there was never any way to use the weapon you preferred or anything…

    Will ask some people around what their opinion is (the ones I already talked to missed dual-wielding but saw it as a good change overall); and mention Hannibal about yours (in case he doesn’t read your comment, but being a post by him I guess he will, since WordPress tells him). Paranoid will indeed see a new fix version soonish, since the Juggernaut bug is quite game breaking (I personally like the fact that the Holy Grenade secret is bugged; too many people picking it every round).
    If he decides to put the Dual-Wielding back, I will convince him to change a couple things so 3 things happen: P90 Weapon will always be a Long-CD-Weapon, will always fire first when trying to use both, and the Pistol one will be usable while the P90 is in CD (ALL THIS ONLY IF DUAL WIELDING IS BROUGHT BACK; NO PROMISES).

    Will mention about no one playing that music; but right now the one that looks like will get removed is Gangnam Style. We don’t love or hate it; but we have seen lots of complains about it. Apparently many people despise it with all their heart, as it has been brought to my attention that the song itself has murdered many families… Or so it looks like. XD

  22. -L- says:

    Cant really support Majoars opinion, yeah it was great 2 have the dog with a car with the singularity cannon but if u imagine that u take singularity and minigun or thundergun….So many players always check the weaponspawns in the 2nd maze and only because u were the fastest there doesnt mean nobody would have picked it up.

    Not giving a few people more weapons means more teamwork is necessary…

    I can understand that something like chainsaw and car would still be a good combo with other weapons…or speed/invulnerability with a real gun
    but something mixed with holy,minigun,singularity,light,thundergun or even anhilator is pretty greedy.

    Havent played much the last days, so still need 2 play it some time on full server…but jugg glitch sounds a little annoying.

  23. Majora's Mask says:

    -L-, like i said this almost never happen to have 2 very good item at the same time. This only happen when 90% of the team is dead… So how do you want to win with only 1 singu or 1 thunder :s

    To be honest, i think i did more than 1000 rounds on v11_5, i only had 2 times the best combo ever which was dog + thunder + singularity. This looks overpowered but when you are alone since you enter the core, believe me it’s really what you need!

    And there are some other fun combo, mostly with slower: I did a solo slower + gandalf staff, no one of those weapon are overpowered but together, we have a chance to win!
    One other good combo was during an ultimatum invulnerability vs giant crab i think. I went for holy grenade, we survived till last time (not many people). We all had an invul, i used holy, we all used invul, all zombies died and we won! If this happen during v11_9, holy grenade guy is fucked =/

    The reason I want to get the combo item back is that we can win with every item (ok not with heal item or zombie radar ^^), and this is pretty fun!

    As you can see, i take care about the fact we can still solo/duo/trio win against lot of zombies. But if the goal of paranoid is still this, it needs the come back to dual items… Or 49% of the next solo win will be troll minigun, 49% with juggernaut, 2% with rest >_<

    Too bad for gangnam style, it was a fun idea =( By the way i don't think that 100% of the people like all the musics of the jukebox and they don't blame you to change it. Make a vote 🙂

  24. ... (Poney life) says:

    “- All weapons-based items are now attached to pistols; so no more items-combos or greedy humans not sharing the goodies.”….
    the dark side of this update :s

  25. Molli says:

    ze_Paranoid_Rezurrection: zr_infect_spawntime_max is too long.
    We usually have humans that startcage.