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Posted: November 29, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Junon, ZE Paranoid

Apparently I stopped slacking on both mapping and posting! Who would have thought so?

So… Paranoid V11.9 has been running around for a little while now and we have spotted some minor bugs that don’t really need fixing… And the Juggernaut..
That metallic son of a <loving family> decided to go rampage on the glitchy department and now half of the time doesn’t remove invisibility or immunity to zombification when it breaks; and that really needs some fixing, since it can ruin the rounds for some minutes each time. Hannibal will make the most of it and fix the minor things as well. So once more, if you notice something broke, please let us know.

I don’t know when Hannibal will release the fix; he may take a while as he feels now like doing other things (like working on LMS, the Prefab Tool, or just taking a rest from fixing old maps); but there will be, at some point in the future, a new Paranoid version.

And about Junon… I’m really liking how it keeps advancing and how its looking, but boy there is still a lot of work to do and some pieces didn’t fit in the way I expected them to… By the way, I noticed some comments in a previous post where people mentioned not understanding the size of the map, so here are a couple of images that I did yesterday to give you a better idea of its dimensions:

Here you can see the size of some known locations compared to Junon.
All maps are at the same scale; but notice that most of Paranoid’s Tower is just Skybox

Even if its lacking its towers on the top and the walls, you can see the general size and shape of Minas Tirith incrusted into Junon.

So that’s it for today. I’m done cutting the pieces to make them fit into the Hammer Grid, and it sure looks odd… (The Cannon for example is cut into two pieces, and one of them is UNDER the city!). Now I’m trying to connect all the paths and rooms, while I also finish (even if very vaguely) some of the areas for doing such connections.

While I do all this Kaem has been helping me a lot, getting for me the models I need for the bosses. I have some of the fights written down already, and I sure hope they will turn out challenging, innovative and fun!

  1. Joris Ceoen says:

    Did the animations work out?

  2. Kaemon says:

    No, they didn’t. We will need to make them by hand.

  3. Metro says:

    oh thats a mess hope everything goes fine with Paranoid ;D

  4. Anonymous says:

    any aproximate release date πŸ˜›

  5. Kaemon says:

    Not really Anonymous. I stated previously that I wanted to try my best to release it this year, and I will still try it; but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t.
    Right now is too soon to say yet; once I advance more with the map I would be able to precise more accurately how close to completion (and hence release) it is.

  6. i miss mako says:

    I relay miss mako v3 it was mush better then v5 only mako fags play it they just stay in spectate tell ex2 and then play if they lose they rage so mush so I wish you didn’t update it or at lest add upgrade systeam

  7. Joris Ceoen says:

    @i miss mako

    I’m 100% sure Mako has always been this way, regardless of the version numbers ;P

  8. i miss mako says:

    Well since mako v1 was out there was no train. Kill you just run doors was open tell v1_4 and then udpate to v2 but there fps problem then makov2_2 get out tell now v5_3 all of them have upgrade system unlike now

  9. Kaemon says:

    The thing is that the ClassName filter was causing crashes; so only TargetName was usable; and Hannibal was forced to choose between filtering the materias or keep the leveling system.

    I kinda miss it as well (being able to level the materias), but I honestly think filtering them was a better use of the TargetName if forced to choose. Also, this way you are able to join a ungoing Mako Reactor and not ruining it for everyone by picking up a low level key materia, like Heal.

  10. -L- says:

    But players need challenges^^
    On most big servers are admins anyway (spammer).

    And add a pushtrigger to the walls …damn stacking, ruining rounds…thats y I dont play it so often anymore, its not really epic anymore when u win.
    But nevertheless I highly doubt he wants/is goning to change something ^^ Besides this, hs, paranoid and lms are probably more important right now.

    Btw I think 1+ month ago, somebody wrote about eddie and hypernova_v3….is this still happening?^^

  11. Moltard says:

    Hypernova isn’t like by player because this is not a level map (for all player now a good map is a level map :D), but if the mapper add levels, all players will love it ;). In hypernova this is the end that is very very very very […] beautiful. With the very beautiful effect of black hole

    And for Mako, thats right win extreme 2 is too simple, maybe cause of tutoriel of Tony Montana ?
    Fortunately there are players that make dificult to win extreme 2 with their yektima (ultima when door open)

  12. -L- says:

    The rare times hypernova gets played almost all the time particles are glitched…and thats so frustrating especially on maps like hypernova…

    You can also drop ultima down the bridge, that makes it difficult aswell.

  13. Moltard says:

    Before, when we played hypernova, all props were strange, they had a gravity and all props of maps played after had the gravity (i remember that on the bridge of Mines of moria, very strange)

  14. i miss mako says:

    Well makov3 was more then perfect because its relay hard and zm round then ex2 was perfect so people get upgrades that round when v3 was out I always play it in servers like cta,zombiemodcorp,i3d and now I play with servers that have high ping like korean that what be epic if you win

  15. Hyprer says:

    About of models.

    There is much that we can see in images or video Scorpion Guard in the CS:S?

    Or will have to wait for the released of the map?

  16. Hyprer says:

    PD: I need help to make models of CS:S player in 3DSMax I have several questions, Kaemon know where can I find help?


  17. Hackk* says:

    Contact with Kaem, I think that the it is helping with the models, I do not know K’STEAM, but Kaemon pass it to you πŸ™‚

    Course, I am also interested in seeing already some model XD

  18. Kaemon says:

    Well, Hyprer, I always forget from one time to the other how to make everything, and as you may know I got a new computer recently… Well, I had already forgotten, but reading this page (that I always use) step by step, allowed me to install everything to work with models again:

    The only thing outdated in that guide, is when it tells you to place something in sourcesdk/bin; now it needs to go on sourcesdk/bin/epi1/bin

    And yes, I will post some models screenshots, like the mentioned Scorpion Guard, but I won’t post all of them.

  19. Hyprer says:

    Kaemon, I don’t have any of those problems, I want to ask you the “Bomb” and “Kaktuar” models from Final Fantasy Crisis Core, and my problem is like put bones and try to animated them, is possible?

    PD: It is for my Fun Maps, i love this Models.
    PD2: If your going to use them in Junon, i look for others.


  20. Kaemon says:

    It is possible. But you need to do such things in 3DS. If you already know how to move them to 3DS and back, then you only need to look for “Add Bones” and “Animating” tutorials for 3DS.
    When you are done doing them, export them as Animations (instead of Reference models) and save them in the same folder you have the mdldecompiler.qc, etc…
    You will have to edit the .QC adding lines for those animations and what FPS to use on them.

    I had both of them in a picture I made as “Models I may add to Junon”, but so far I wasn’t thinking on adding them, and even if I were, that is not reason for you not using them.

  21. Hyprer says:

    Do you can send me the two models? (If you have) :S