Paranoid Rezurrection V11.9 GUIDE

Posted: December 2, 2012 by Kaemon in Guide, Kaemon's Rants, News, Special

So, once more, Tony Montana delights us with a new video-guide for one of our favorite maps: Paranoid. I know for a fact that he started with this video some time ago, but he was waiting for a stable version before releasing, since he didn’t want the guide to become obsolete the moment he uploaded it.

Now that Paranoid Rezurrection V11.9 is quite stable, and no new changes are scheduled (only a Fix-Version sometime in the future, mostly because of the Juggernaut/VIP/Dog bug where they can stay invulnerable to zombification), he finally finished and released it, so here it is, enjoy!

I hope some people will be able to learn more about how to play Paranoid and how use and react the many items they will encounter.
As a reminder you can also learn more about those on the Special Items Section of the Zombie Escape Wiki.

If you liked this guide, don’t doubt checking Tony’s Youtube Channel, where you can find his other guides on Mako Reactor and Minas Tirith; and other cool videos, like Welcome to Paranoid and Mako Reactor Extreme 2 Win Compilation, where you can see Mako Reactor being beaten on many servers. Is your favorite in there?
(As a special note, Highlights of Zombie Escape can be seen HERE, if you can’t see the Youtube version)

So that’s it. Will come back soon enough with news about either Junon, Luffaren’s Secret Project, or something else if Hannibal or someone wants something to be posted.
In a couple of days sounds good? ;-P

  1. Joris Ceoen says:

    Make sure to check out my youtube channel too!

    Because it’s awsome

  2. Moltard says:

    Big thank Tony, to don’t reveal secret 😉
    I learnt one thing: the light for zombie and maybe area of super triggers

  3. paranoid is overrated says:


  4. -L- says:

    **** german youtube, its already restricted …need 2 use proxys

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tony please upload this video on again, cause i can’t view this in my country.

  6. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    Really nice guide, Tony.
    The really funny in this is the FUCKING WINDOWS 98 (really thanks to dont show the secret xD)

  7. Metro says:

    hey hanni when u plan test Last man standing ;D

  8. Anonymous says:

    What about all the other secrets of this map, like how to remove the Windows 98 error. It is extremely unfair that he keeps most secrets to have a personal bonus on this map, cause Hannibal told them to him.

    Thats my opinion why paranoid sucks and is not worth to be called a ze map, until its fair to play for all people.

  9. -L- says:

    The secrets dont give you a significant better chance to win as a human.
    Especially now where the Holy nade is blocked/glitched in the new version.
    All items are randomlny placed except the holy/anniliator and jukebox.

    I just try to evade most humans and zombies and find my own weapons. <- thats the real secret, at least in the normal maze mode

  10. Moltard says:

    You can know secrets if you watch good players play. I have learn all the secret by watching other player (i was not in spec), after make an solo win on paranoid is simple, if you have the good weapon or item.

  11. Majora's Mask says:

    There is a secret to remove Windows 98??

    @Anonymous: There isn’t many secrets anymore because of the update. V11_5 was really fun with many bug that we could abuse, but now, most of the good ones are disabled…
    The only secrets left are where to get zombie monsters, holy grenade and annilator. The rest, everyone can find it very easily. And i won’t say what they are because paranoid without bug will be boring…
    So don’t worry map is more fair for everyone, it’s just less fun 😦

  12. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    I really agree to Majora’s. I think the last version of paranoid isnt so funny as the v11_5, because paranoid had very funny bugs in v11_5, and some stupid bugs, like the balrog roar , but in the v11_9 most of them are fixed and resolved. About the some bugs, for example, the BALROG ROAR, i thinks its good fixed them but the map its very boring without for example a Holy Grenade and a Annihilator in one person.
    The new version has bad sides, for example, the Holy Grenade weapon is now PISTOLS, and good sides, like the balrog roar fixed.

  13. -L- says:

    Its maybe easier to win a round with bugged weapons, but with the new version u can really count more on the weapon like before on previous versions…
    I think issues like the unacessable holy grenade or glitched jugg/vip-thingy are just the last most important things which should be fixed in the future…
    And maybe the possiblity to combo a little…but thats a fine tuning…

    Btw dont forget the deathball^^