Luffaren’s ZE Secret Project is advancing as well.

Posted: December 8, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News, ZE Project L

Here we are once more.

For those of you that didn’t know (or remember), Luffaren, creator of Predator Ultimate and 60% guilty of that mess of a map that we call Serpentis (a map I will try to get into fixing after releasing Junon), has been working for a long time in a new ZE map.
So far he doesn’t want to reveal yet what it will be about (to avoid hype and to surprise people, I guess), but he is working hard on the map and spending lots of time in Hammer making it become a reality.

Luffaren is aiming for 15 stages; it could end being less or more than that… but so far he thinks that the map will have around 15 stages in total. Those stages will follow a progressive pattern, similar to Minas Tirith, where you start the next stage were you finished the previous one; so you can already figure out its going to be quite a journey. XD

What our fellow mapper has done so far is pretty much the 2 first stages and all the systems that he will be using within the map. Now that all his systems are done (he put a lot of time and effort on those) he basically “only” needs to do the remaining stages and adapt the systems to them… But you may be asking yourself “What does he mean by systems?“. Well… What we refer as systems are basically all (or most) of the entities that will be within the map. Those include things like Human Items, Zombie Powerups, Environmental Traps, Dynamic Objects, Boss Engines, etc…
Luffaren is not only attempting to make a huge map with lots of things (those 15 stages will probably have 15 different bosses) but he is also trying to make the map as dynamic as possible. For example: he won’t be adding static trees, but instead he will dynamically spawn trees that he made himself. Those will spawn in a pseudo-random fashion (they won’t be always in the same places) and they can be cut down or burn down, depending of what special items you use on them.
All this also goes for many other things, including environmental traps that can not only hurt humans and zombies… but also hostile NPCs that will be present as part of the map.

This “forest” was spawned out of nowhere. The “real map” doesn’t has any trees (nor traps) in there.

The same way that the trees in a forest can change places, same goes for many things… Traps, hold positions, NPCs… Luffaren is really trying to make the map as dynamic and changing as possible to make it feel sightly different between plays in an attempt to make people take longer to get “bored” of it.

And, forgetting about the “dynamic” part of the entities; the way he made them, all prepared to move and spawn were (and when) needed, allowed Luffa to dodge the famous and devious entity limitations of the Source engine, which is also a big reason why he had to make those “systems”. They include also (for example) all that is needed for the bosses: the moving and targeting system, the HP Bars, their different attacks, being able to Critical-Hit them with head shots, etc… Everything made in a really cheap and reusable way, so all bosses pretty much end sharing most of their entities as a common template.

And about the stages… If you are really worried about them being too much (not everyone wants to extend a map for 3 hours); we are thinking about possible methods/ways to use save points; allowing servers to save some progress between playthrough; like every 5 stages (for example). So, if this was the case, after beating Stage 5-9, it would get saved so next time the map would start directly on stage 5 instead of 1… Then again, this is just an example of the many possibilities we are looking for to avoid the need to extend for hours to complete the map.

I personally saw and played the 2 first stages, and even if they still need some polishing, they are looking good… But mostly because both of them have “special events” that are like nothing seen before on ZE; and those “events” have nothing to do which each other… And Luffaren will try to add even more unique events in the rest of the stages. I’m not sure how the map will play as a Zombie Escape map, but so far it sure its looking as a hell of an adventure.
(If we don’t mind the ugly home-made models for bosses and NPCs, XD)

  1. Magic says:

    i love news.

  2. Riperzz says:

    Cant wait for this!

  3. Moltard says:

    Good info, save level where we were on the server can be a good idea.

  4. Luffaren says:

    Nice post Kaemon, it covers up pretty much everything i’m planning for.

  5. Kaemon says:

    Sadly it doesn’t cover up… your face! πŸ˜›

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kaemon, back to mapping Junon. You’re fat and smelly.

  7. -L- says:

    ZE Project L – I get my own map …muhahaha

    This gonna be legendary.

  8. GRUDGE says:

    Can’t wait, good work Luff!

  9. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    Well, 3 super maps will be released (please release before 20 June).
    Good luck Luffaren with you super crazy map.

  10. Anonymous says:

    15 fucking stages?

  11. Moltard says:

    I have found an idea (maybe possible) to save our progress: make a password system.
    I explain: when we finish the 5 first levels, a password appear in the console, (that all players can see) and if we play the map an other day, one player can go in a room to write the password, to return to the level we were (There is always same players on a server, so always one player that played the map the day before).
    Of course the password write in the console must be change always (so random) like that there is no players that know all password and just play same levels without make first level.

    This idea can maybe work, and if you can’t save progress on server, you can probaly make the password system.

    Cordially πŸ™‚

  12. Mb says:

    Wow, can’t wait for This awesome map, good job Luffa! And also, I’m waiting for Junon, and lastly, for my community’s ze server.

    @Moltard pretty good idea, and not everyone knows the password, right? but if anyone knows the password and he enters it, then I’m pretty sure almost every map play(several months after release) they can jump to level 10 or something, it’s just about people’s decision, level 1 or 5 or 10.

  13. Kim says:

    Keep up the good works!

  14. Moltard says:

    @Mb: yes, but if there is a system that give password that can work just one time, or for 1-2 day, there will have no abuse.
    It will be like an old game, where there was no save but password to return at the level we were.
    And if this is a rotation of 100-200 password, nobody will know all of them (except crazy :D).

    Imagine: one player go in this room, he write a good password, a door open and behind this door there is a button that change the level.
    If there will have 15 levels, its will have 15 door: 200 password/15 door =13.33333 so there will have 13-14 password by door.
    One of 13 password (for 1 door) work by day, or by 2 day, and players can know it just the day before.

    If the player don’t write the good password, he is teleported at the outside of the room.

  15. Joris Ceoen says:

    Wow, this project is even more amazing than I thought!
    The dynamic system is already something not-seen before in ze… If it’s only for that, I already love this map beforehand ;D

    Why a passwrod system lolz… Couldn’t we just use buttons that make use start at every level at choice, so that admins just remember where we left and then the next time activate the stage at level X…

    The problem I see in this however, is the more we progress, the more will be unlocked, and players who never played the map once and then enter in like level 15… That would be kind of a big spoiler, and they wouldn’t understand one tiny bit of it…

  16. Moltard says:

    Yes its right but admin are not always on the server.

  17. Anonymous says:

    @ Joris Ceoen
    Also what might happen is the following:
    After they have played/won the first stages some players just gonna want to play the final few or just stage 15 for its level of “epicness”. So there might be admins who wil arbitrary abuse that button system. Of course also the password system wont help versus server-hoppers but at least servers are forced to play all the 15 stages. That button system might be added like a year after the map is released when most players know the stages (and since there is a dynamic system, maybe there will be a long time till you know everything about a stage).
    Alos, great Work Luff

  18. Kaemon says:

    L: I’m pretty sure you know the L stands for Luffaren, and I just call it like that until I’m allowed to reveal its real name. XD

    Anonymous: Yeah, 15 fucking stages, or at least that is what Luffaren is kinda aiming at the moment, it could be more, it could be less.

    Moltard: You truly are unaware of how hammer works and its limitations… That kind of password (and using console to write it no less) can’t be done; and even if it was possible (in a room) it would take lots of entities.
    Not to mention how easily it would be to decompile the map the very first day and tell everyone on every server that “REDRUM” is the password for Stage 15. Just no.

    JorisCeoen: I don’t think it would be too much of a problem for new players starting on an ungoing Stage10-15. Its like joining Predator or Mako on Ultimate/Extreme2… Yeah, there are a couple extra things going on, but the items/whatevers are pretty much the same. Now instead of on a Jungle are on an Alien Space Ship, but no biggie imo.

    As far as I know, Luffaren will probably go with the “From Stage 1 to 15 in a row, no savepoints” for the first release (but its still a long way to go, he might change his mind when we get there) which I kinda agree which, since when the map is new I don’t see problems over extending it a little or replaying the first stages.
    Those first versions will most likely have the usual Button-Room for admin in case the stage needs to be changed because of some bug/glitch or to test things in other stages, but who knows? We will see when we get there.

  19. Spyro40k says:

    Great work!
    Only problem I see is that the map may be to long, and that can be bad for some servers, and be quite a drain.
    But this does look very good and I am very excited! πŸ™‚

  20. Magic says:

    Luffaren, MORE PICTURES πŸ™‚