Junon for 2013 – 4 Screenshots

Posted: December 20, 2012 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Junon

Well, its official now, even if it was becoming pretty obvious. There is no way I can finish Junon this year.

I’m still proud of my current rate of progress with the map; mapping several hours everyday. However I’m a slow mapper, and sometimes I take many hours loading tests to check the changes I’m doing, specially if it needs to look in a particular way or if I feel like testing something.
Like the underwater path I made yesterday; I worked on this single corridor for about 6 hours; and I wasn’t even liking the results… but at the end I liked how it turned out and I could fake a pretty nice “underwater effect” and made several details already into props.

I worked for 6 hours non-stop on this corridor and I wasn't liking the results... Hopefully I managed to get the effect I wanted at the end.

I worked for 6 hours non-stop on this corridor and I wasn’t liking the results…
Hopefully I finally managed to get the effect I was looking for.

I had been working on the underwater part of Junon this past few days and it feels weird. Is very unconnected to the rest of the map (since its underwater) and I haven’t seen the cannon nor the rest of the city while working under the sea level… I feel like I’m mapping a completely different map.
For those that didn’t know, the Mako Reactor that Hannibal made is just one of many (in fact, that same city has 7 more mako reactors that you can see in the skybox) and Junon just happens to have an underwater one. I’m still not sure what exactly you will have to do on the reactor itself (and this may vary depending on the difficulty), but the underwater submarine dock that is near will provide you an escape vehicle in one of the stages.

This area is obviously still under construction.I really hope those submarines get a better shape before the release of the map. XD

This area is obviously still under construction.
I really hope those submarines get a better shape before the release of the map. XD

And since I noticed that the last post was the one with the 2 cannon screenshots, here are two more so you can compare. The first one shows the cannon in a more advanced status and with some reflections from doing a fast cubemap test. The second one Is located near the middle of the cannon (in front of those 3 cylinders near the floating black support), and I add it to help you understand once more the size of the cannon itself, and realize that it will have details on it; it won’t be just a straight run on an empty cylinder.

Even if its still not final, its getting really close.

Even if its still not final, its getting really close.


If you pay attention you will see some stairs and Luffaren standing near them.
This is the area where the combat between Angeal, Genesis and Sephiroth takes place in Crisis Core.

As a last piece of info, I recently got used to take F12 screenshots on CS:S, and I will try to keep doing them whenever I have some new area. Beware of spoilers, and just avoid the screenshots if you prefer not knowing what areas the map will have; but those that played FFVII or watched some videos will pretty much know what to expect.
You can check the screenshots on my Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kaemonarch/screenshots
However I will try to keep posting the most relevant on the blog anyway.

Let me know what you guys think!

  1. Anonymous says:

    really beautiful…blows the other maps out of the water

  2. Anonymous says:

    dat shark 😀

  3. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    Good work Kaemon. I will play the map only in March (I dont have the computer in school days 😦 )

  4. Anonymous says:

    looking very nice.

  5. Joris Ceoen says:

    Kaemon will include me as Ultimate for sure

  6. Metro says:

    cant u make Hobbit the movie map? ;D

  7. Searaphim says:

    So awesome I’d die T_T Perhaps your next FFVII project could be the Northern Crater? Or even the Shinra HQ :3

  8. Kaemon says:

    Joris: The what? XD

    Metro: I don’t think neither of us will do it, being as we are more than busy with our current projects.

    Searaphim: Funny that you mention that… When I decided into making a FFVII Zombie Escape map, because of how much I liked to play Hannibal’s Mako Reactor, I was deciding between Northern Crater, Shinra HQ, Nibelheim and Junon.
    If I manage to finish Junon and still have the willpower to make a new FFVII map, it probably will be Nibelheim.

  9. Searaphim says:

    Aren’t you tired of making mako reactors? xD

  10. Captain_Jack says:

    You do a very nice works. Thinks for spending time for offering us great maps !

  11. Joris Ceoen says:

    I haven’t been able to do anything on SSBB during December. I managed to finish my contest map however:


    Now SSBB will be resumed again

  12. Moltard says:

    I found a bug on Paranoid:

    If the stopper zombie, knife humans, these humans (becomed zombies) won’t be able to take a special item, like the Antlion, the Titan or other knife item.
    I’m sure that this bug works in all servers, but I discovered it in SupremeElite server.

  13. Kaemon says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure about that bug Moltard.
    You can’t pick a special item as zombie sometimes; but most of the time is because you joined late (from spectator) after picking an item the previous round; avoiding the spawn trigger (that gets disabled after X seconds) that removes your “Has Picked a Monster” tag that prevents you from picking many in a row.

    Still, will tell Hannibal to take a look in case his Stopping Trigger names players; but it sure has nothing to do with him knifing humans.

  14. Moltard says:

    On paranoid, some players who win Silent Hill mode, don’t become green (not all but some players), i believe its because, they enter in the room to late (they dont die if they were ct at the beginning if the round), or they enter in the room but they become terrorist (when all zombies die).

    This problem sometimes occur, after wining a round (teleported in the button room of coliseum).
    Today, i made an epic duo win on ultimate mode, after, me and the other player didn’t become green.

  15. Deathraver says:

    Add a slapping minigame on top of the Sister Ray.

  16. Mr Anonymous says:

    Fake Hannibal: http://steamcommunity.com/id/hannibalspa
    Fake Kaemon: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198072687919
    Fake Tony Montana: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198080162938

    I post these link if you can to block them on your maps

  17. Kaemon says:

    Moltard, I will let Hannibal know, but he may not be able to fix it. Many of those problems (like the Glitch Wins on Mako by Zombies) can’t be fixed easily because how the map is made.

    Deathraver, I highly doubt I will make that… But you never know. XD

    Mr Anonymous, you don’t need to report that kind of thing; but I will leave it in case anyone wants to check them and remove any from their friendlist.
    I can’t speak for Tony, but neither me nor Hannibal add people; so if you were added by any of us, it was a fake one.
    Also, notice that only the first account (the one that was already banned) has Counter-Strike on it. One has no game, and the other only one, a Dota 2 Beta, which is usually worth 0€.

    Will probably post something tomorrow and go back to Junon. Had been “busy” those 2 weeks with all the family dinners, friends gathering and what not.

  18. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    Well good luck Kaemon with your Junon. I am exciting to test him 😀

  19. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    Ppl, correct me if I’m not right, but I think there are 2 FAKE Kaemon, but i’m not sure if I’m right about that.

  20. Kaemon says:

    Too bad there aren’t 2 REAL ones. We might be able to finish a map 😛

  21. Hallucinogenic Troll says:


  22. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    If you need a server to test the first version, I have 1 with 32 slots to test (admins always online).

    The IP is

  23. Kaemon says:

    Still a long way until online tests.

  24. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    Bah, I dont care. For Junon, LMS and Luffaren Secret Project, I can wait a year or more (probably dont need to much xD)

  25. Waiting-Man for best map ever says:

    What news on your map, Kaemon

  26. Kaemon says:

    Not a lot. XD