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Posted: February 18, 2013 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News, ZE MGS Shadow Moses

So, as mentioned previously, Error17 is making a Metal Gear Solid Zombie Escape map based on Shadow Moses, the island where the original PS game (and part of others) takes place.

He has been working on the map for some time now, but as it happens sometimes to us mappers, he lost the inspiration/mood to keep mapping it and the project was stopped for several months. Now he is back on track and the map is looking really good.

For those of you that didn’t saw it here is a video he made half a year ago about what he had at the point:

Error17 wanted at first to make a 1:1 replica of the original game but later decided to allow himself some liberties, seeing how the original layout would be a little ridiculous and out of place for the Zombie Escape gameplay. You will still see a recognize the areas from the game, but some of the filler in between the main areas will be gone.

So that is basically it. The map, like everything posted on this blog, seems to not have a release date, and it will be done when its done. XD Here are, however, some bonus screenshots:

Tank Hangar. You can see the lasers area in the back.

Tank Hangar. You can see the lasers area in the back.

Disposal Facility. Humans will be forbidden of using weapons on this area, like in the original MGS.

Disposal Facility. Humans will be forbidden of using weapons on this area, like on the original MGS.

So that was it for today. Hopefully I will get back on track on both updating the blog and mapping Junon.
And about Hannibal… Talked to him (briefly) yesterday; he is getting some free time now and the prefab tools seems to be working pretty nice. Luffaren tested it and the only problem seemed to be that he was unable to upload his prefabs. After the tool is released he will probably go work full (free) time on Last Man Standing, which he is really looking forward to.

  1. K-LIFA10 says:

    Metal Gear Solid Zombie Escape map looks pretty cool !

  2. Anonymous says:

    any news on hypernova_v3?

  3. Anonymous says:

    hypernova v3 is a myth

  4. ŽΣŁ | Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    Hi all,
    For ppl who are interested, I totally done the Stage 1 (except the model boss, made by KAEM) and more half than Stage 2 (Boss battle included).

    Maybe next week I will send some screenshots for all seen (visible in my STEAM PROFILE).

  5. bing.de says:

    Nice map comes! I game this 2006 ago and I fun a lot. The tank Hangar looks very good. Nice work men

  6. Moltard says:

    Troll Hallucinogenic, i’m sure that your map Pokemon, will be fun and some of us will be nostalgic by playing it

  7. bing.de says:

    Hello Kaemon,
    Send new post about nulls’ map ? I love Zelda 😀

  8. Anonymous says:

    Check plaguefest.com null has WIP thread there with pictures.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Zelda is a null map

  10. Anonymous says:

    News about your maps ?