Junon advancing! Materias Info! Kanji Help?

Posted: March 28, 2013 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Junon

I won’t tell you that I have shut myself away and I won’t be doing anything until Junon is complete (because it would be a lie, mostly), and I have been still playing some ZE and other games when I felt like it; but I’m still very happy with how Junon has been progressing this past weeks.

However, the more I map it, the more far away from a release it feels… There is still a lot of work to be done, some of which I was apparently unaware of until I mapped the area next to it, but its getting there… Slowly but steady.
I’m not done with the layout yet, but I felt like working on the materias for a change and so I did. But before getting them done I asked for opinions on a couple of aspects; from the color scheme, to how powerful they should be, and how to make them in a more efficient way.

On this last matter Enviolinador helped a lot. I knew (because he kepts me updated) that he has been testing and learning with the AddOutput lines and how to abuse them for our benefit; and so with his advices I could make my materias cheaper and cleaner to understand from the editor (even if I need to write lots of lines for each >_<).

Anyway, for those interested, there are currently 11 Materias; not sure yet if all will spawn each round or some will prevent others with similar effects from spawning. Their default cooldown right now is 60 secs (1 minute), which is 10 seconds longer than the Hannibal ones, but this may get increased if I think its necessary. Their effects, overall, will be sightly less powerful (less duration/etc) than in Mako Reactor, and this could be futher reduced. I want the materias to help, and be somehow “necessary” to complete the map (specially on the hardest difficulties), but I don’t want that when everyone learns the best places/ways of using (and abusing!) them they make the zombies helpless.

The materias right now are: Fire , Water , Ice , Lightning , Earth , Gravity ◉, Time , Poison , Restore ◎, Barrier  and Wind . (Feel free to comment on the chosen colors).
I replaced both Electro and Heal with the “realFinal Fantasy VII names for those materias Lightning and Restore. So far Ultima (or equivalent) is out of the picture. May get added at some point, but I don’t think about it right now.

Those 11 materias will always be picked in the “Normal” or “Default” mode, pretty similar to the normal materias from Mako Reactor. For “leveling” them, unlike other maps where they level automatically with the difficulty (current Mako Reactor), or they level up as you pick more (old Mako Reactor), or you have to level yourself by winning rounds as humans (Minas Tirith); what you will have to do in Junon is to combine them with a <Support Materia> (scattered around in the map, like the rest of the materias). Pretty much like how it worked on Final Fantasy VII.

The are currently (and probably won’t add more) 6 Support Materias: All , MP Turbo , W-Magic , Final Attack , Fast Recovery and Cuadramagic .
Those materias, unlike the default ones, aren’t attached to pistols. They are more like “areas” that you need to reach while holding a normal materia (like Fire). Once a <Base Materia> reaches a <Support Materia> the support gets combined and removed (you can’t upgrade all materias using the same support).

So… If you have a <Base Materia> like Fire , and touch the <Support Materia> All you will get the <Combined Materia> Fire+All , wich, in this example, is Fire all around you in an increased area, instead of the default small frontal cone.
Take in mind that you can combine a materia ONLY ONCE, so if you picked ALL with FIRE, forget about picking anything else. You  won’t be able  to remove “ALL”to get a different support neither.

Basically, All will increase the area, MP Turbo  will make the materia more powerful (stay longer, ignite longer, etc…) but while also increasing its cooldown, W-Magic will give you an extra charge (think of Mako‘s Electro+) for a total of 2 charges, Final Attack will cast the materia again when you die or get zombified (without affecting or being affected by the cooldown), Fast Recovery  will reduce the cooldown of the materia, and Cuadramagic will automatically cast the materia 4 times in a row (instead of 1) within 3 seconds.

So that is pretty much it. There will be 11 base materias with 7 “forms” each (Default + 6 Combined). It sounds like a lot, but take in mind that half of the supports (Fast Recovery, W-Magic and Cuadramagic) are just the same attack with a differently working cooldown/spam; and that the others give the same effect (Area, Power o Cast-on-Death) to all the materias, so it will be very easy to understand what will happen when combining 2 materias, even if you never did that specific combo before.

So… Thats pretty much it. I was going to talk about some other things; but its getting late (this took longer to type than expected) and I have to go. Feel free to share your opinions, praises, worries and insults about the subject.
Also, I gave the Particle Editor a new try (was surprised to learn that they finally fixed it for CS:S), this time while following a tutorial so I kinda understand how it works now, but I still hate it… Will try to get someone to make the particles for me. So far I’m counting on Luffaren, but I’m not sure if he will be okay with that. XD

And one last thing… I want to add kanjis as part of the materias’ particles, so you see their symbos floating inside, like  for fire  or for water; but I have honestly no clue about those apart from some very basic ones (like Mountain, River or Tree) that a friend of mine taught me long time ago. I could try to use google translator or web-search for them, but I know some (like Earth) can have tons of meanings and I wouldn’t be 100% sure of which one would be the more fitting; so if you know (or know someone that does) about the subject and are willing to help me with those, it would be very much appreciated. I would basically need the Kanjis for the 11 base materias and… if they “feel right“, for the 6 supports ones.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I still think this is too complicated, but we’ll see how it turns out… And you should do your own particles, no excuses.

  2. -L- says:

    I asked Kyosuke if he can translate some of them, because he is a native japanese.

    barrier=盾 He didnt know the meaning at the beginning, so I compared it with ” shield” and thats the kanji for shield in both meanings theoretical and practical.

    Im not really sure about fire, probably u can use only 1 Kanji instead of both because it means everything fire more or less.

    He needs some more information what “time” materia does, cause its not the “actual time” and there are some different kanjis then.

    Would probably be better anyway to have a second person who can confirm this to be absolutely sure.

  3. Luffaren says:

    I don’t have a bigger issue in helping you out with the particles, although i feel like you should really try it out/learn it for future edits and projects.

    Also, i got a feeling that i’ll have to redo lots of smaller things for each particle until you’re fine with it. That’s my biggest and only concern really.

  4. -L- says:

    He just send me again some variations with only 1 kanji, u can see water looks like ice etc.
    It seems that even in the ff games they used just katakana for the foreign words instead of kanjis so there is no really 100% correctness anyway^^ but gravity is always with 2 kanji

    wind= 風 poison= 毒 earth= 土 ice= 氷

  5. Anonymous says:

    @ Luff, don’t let him slack. He’ll get accustomed to it and just leech everything terribly. If any, we should just help him with the basics and he should build his own things from there. Having all particles looking the same from being for the same mappers is terribly boring.

  6. Anonymous says:

    time = 時
    restore = 回復 or 癒

  7. Patator says:

    Guys ! When you go on Cs:go ! Cs: go needs a good mappers ! =)

  8. Captain_Jack says:

    You didnt talk about boss ? Did this map will have boss ?

    What Barrier , Time and Poisons materias do ??

    Thank you for all the time you spent for this map.

    – Captain Jack

  9. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    Hey guys, near to June, the LOTR Maps except Minas will be in CS:GO (Minas, Mako and Paranoid had some problems with the terrible CS:GO SDK) and with some differences (maybe).

  10. Kaemon says:

    Thanks for helping out with the Kanjis, I got them all right now.

    Patator, we aren’t planning on mapping or porting for CS:GO right now; however, some people, like Hallucinogenic Troll, are working, with permission, on porting the maps.

    Captain Jack, there will be bosses. But I won’t reveal the specifics.
    Barrier will create a barrier that zombies can’t pass. Similar to Earth, but not blocking humans.
    Time will grant the materia user extra speed for some seconds, the idea is that using this materia allows the humans to get faster to the locations to activate the doors/elevators/buttons/events faster.
    Poison will slow, damage and confuse the zombies.

  11. Kick.My.Ass!!! says:

    I come from China and I fairly know the meanings of each chinese characters deeply, which Kanjis originated from. so TRUST me,bro. I wish this would make great helps for your work : ).

  12. Anonymous says:

    Waiting for a “FFVII JUNON RELEASED” Aprils Fools joke.

  13. Kaemon says:

    I thought about it; but meh… We already did that with Minas Tirith, and we are not so active lately as to post an Aprils Fools joke. Also, this shit is really getting old on the Internet :-s

  14. Searaphim says:

    Just wondering, because you’re using “more complicated” materias, perhaps the “lvl up” could simply be the change in their abilities. Like the Time materia in FFVII had 3 abilities when it was fully lvled up. The first ability was Haste (makes your character faster), second was Slow(slows down the ennemy) and the third one was Stop (completely stops the ennemy).

  15. Kaemon says:

    Two things Searaphim: First of all, I already thought about Haste/Slow/Stop for Time Materia; but I decided on Haste because, being honest, there are already too many materias that slow/freeze zombies as it is; and I like the way how activating the button 4 seconds earlier is like stopping the zombies for 4 seconds, but not so annoying for them. Similar to how in Mako, even if used for the same purpose (having to hold the zombies less time) they all are different; while “Slow” or “Stop” wouldn’t be any different from Fire’s Ignite or Ice’s Freeze.
    And secondly, the materias “lvl up” in a specific way: they all gain the same effect with the support materia (area, power, an extra charge, less cooldown, casts four times in a row, casts on death), and so will Time. I won’t make Time level up in different ways.

  16. Ppl, i have 1 question: how can I skip the download in Cs:go LAN sv ? I tried to play the helms deep but for more transito two hours the “download” in CS:GO LAN sv.

  17. Kaemon says:

    I have no clue Hallucinogenic Troll. Not only I don’t play CS:GO, but I almost didn’t understand your question.

  18. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    In CSS, when you have the BOTS ON, if is for example, mako, appears a bar in the middle with download something (if is that 😐 ) but in CS:GO I had 8 times the BOTS OFF, but appears the same.

    This thing can break my CSGO and I had 10 fps witht that 😦

  19. Kaemon says:

    That bar is not “downloading” but loading/creating paths for the bots to walk on (so they know where they can stand/move and where not. Not a clue what is happening to you on CS:GO.