Slacking again…

Posted: May 13, 2013 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Junon, ZE Project L

So… 1 Month since the last rant, and Junon got stuck in limbo, as I slacked again.

Sometimes its just hard to force yourself to work on a map when you don’t feel like it, and that is pretty much what happened. Sometimes you don’t even feel like playing ZE (I bet that happened to most of you at some point), and I even joined the servers a couple of times to leave after 5 minutes. Mind you, the fact that almost the same month ago, on the update that moved CS:S to VPK, the Source SDK for CS:S was broken also helped stopping the mood and the mapping.

My first work around was to map for HL2 while waiting for a fix; and I thought that maybe not being able to compile and test it on CS:S would help me mapping more and losing less time testing (and trust me, I lose a lot doing so), but the truth is that after the two first time doing so, I lost motivation.

Enviolinador told me about a work around today, but I didn’t feel like doing it at the time, but if later I feel like it, I may give it a try, or move all my textures and models to HL2 (so I can see the whole map correctly while working on Hl2) and start compiling and testing on HL2 if I really need to walk on the map by time to time.

On the good side, Luffaren‘s SDK didn’t break (in fact, it seems it broke for around half the people only) and he kept advancing on his secret ZE map. We tested it two days ago, and it was the first time I really wanted him to release it so we could play it already. So yeah, its looking good.

The special weapons and others were improved (they were really bland at first) with new sounds and particles, and I couldn’t resist spamming one of the weapons (pew pew pew!). Also, he added some of the music already, and it fits and sounds amazingly well. I asked him if we could share a video of us two fooling around with some of the items while the music was playing, but apparently the music would give away what the map is based upon (as he already mentioned the map is based on something) so we didn’t.

He is almost done with what I believe is the 3rd stage (out of 12-15), but every time it takes less time for him to progress as he gets more (and more polished) prefabs, triggers and logics that are later used equally amongst all the stages. At one point testing he spawned many trees, rocks and even water sources to spice up the stage; and it did look really good. He wants many pieces of the stages to spawn randomly to give the map more replay value and make it sightly different from round to round, forcing people to react to what they see that round (from statics like rocks and trees to traps and enemy NPCs are included in the mix) rather than memorizing when and where everything is and occurs.

I guess I could convince him to share some of the latest screenshots, will edit the post later (or include them in the next one) if he agrees and provides.

Wish me luck for getting in the mapping mood again >_<

  1. Joris Ceoen says:

    “Sometimes its just hard to force yourself to work on a map when you don’t feel like it, and that is pretty much what happened. Sometimes you don’t even feel like playing ZE”

    Exactly what every mapper feels in my opinion xD

    I have had multiple times the same with SSBB, and with Cathedral (revamped version) at this moment. However, it’s the other way around at this moment. My SDK is broken and I can’t wait to map again for SSBB, and now I’m being hold off due to the update.

    And about playing ZE, I actually haven’t played it for quite a long time by now, I just connected here and there, but I mainly played Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, which is in my opinion one of the best online games that have been released from all times.

    Other than that I had mapped for the contest and the map is finally completely done after 4 versions, if someone is interested:

    Just do something else, I sometimes don’t even feel like going on the computer anymore, and then hanging out with friends or studying music is far more valuable at that time (it always is, but even more when you’re not feeling like… PC)
    I can wait all the time it needs 😉

  2. Luffaren says:

    You did indeed never, ever, ever stop spamming the pew pew item. >.>
    Good post, explained/cleared things up just perfect.

    I guess i’ll have to nag you about junon, or is it futile?

  3. Anonymous says:

    those unlikely feelings, are true.
    but anyway,
    luffaren is so revolutional, congrats man!

  4. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    Well, Luffaren is a lucky guy, like Cuniczek (I think his SDK didnt broke).
    I have a problem with CS:S SDK and I hope the update comes really fast.

  5. PUNI says:

    I have barely mapped anything significant for a year, no motivation!!